Top 10 Greatest Burundi TV Series of All Time

Top 10 Greatest Burundi TV Series of All Time. You should check out these Burundi TV Series. These Burundi TV Series will give you a lot of fun and practice.


1. Sahara (TV Series 2002)

Burundi TV Series

Director: Sachin Khot

The narrative centers around the Sahni family, comprising six siblings, and primarily focuses on the profound bond between Manav, his stepfather, and Jayashree, his stepmother.

The story unfolds shortly after the demise of the family’s patriarch, Mr. Sahni when their uncle Omkar deceitfully deprives them of their wealth and forces them out of their residence.

Despite Mrs. Sahni’s valiant efforts to safeguard her family, her own sons succumb to the allure of joining their uncle in his illicit activities.

In this challenging situation, Manav assumes the responsibility of providing support to his stepmother and embarks on the arduous task of rebuilding their lives from scratch. – Burundi TV Series

2. Airwolf (TV Series 1984)

Burundi TV Series

Director: Donald P. Bellisario

The narrative centers around Stringfellow Hawke, a seasoned helicopter pilot, who undertakes a mission in collaboration with an intelligence agency to locate his brother, who has gone missing.

His employers are none other than “The Firm,” the esteemed CIA organization renowned for their expertise in intelligence operations.

While Hawke’s assignments typically revolve around gathering vital information, his personal aspiration lies in locating his brother, St. John, who was tragically lost in action during the Vietnam conflict. – Burundi TV Series

3. Witness (TV Series 2012)

Burundi TV Series

Director: David Frankham

The convergence of drug trafficking, poverty, gang activity, corruption, and ethnic strife has given rise to some of the most perilous locations on the planet. Witness, a documentary series, chronicles the journeys of contemporary photojournalists as they venture into these conflict-ridden areas, including Mexico, Libya, Brazil, and South Sudan.

Over the course of four installments, war photographers offer an intimate glimpse into the human experience of individuals caught amid these conflicts. We gain insight into the motivations that drive photojournalists to pursue their craft, and why they are willing to risk their safety to capture the essence of these events. – Burundi TV Series

4. Promesas de arena (TV Series 2019)

Burundi TV Series

Director: Joaquín Llamas

The narrative revolves around a young female protagonist who embarks on a journey from her place of origin to contribute her services to a non-profit organization operating within a hospital in Libya. This captivating tale draws its inspiration from the renowned literary work authored by Laura Garzón. – Burundi TV Series

5. SAS: Rogue Heroes (TV Series 2022)

Burundi TV Series

Director: Tom Shankland

During the Second World War, the young officer David Stirling found himself confined to a hospital in Cairo after sustaining injuries during a training exercise. While recovering, he became increasingly dissatisfied with the conventional war tactics being employed and began to conceive a radical strategy.

Despite facing numerous obstacles, Stirling persevered in his efforts to assemble a clandestine force comprised of the most courageous, resourceful, and intelligent individuals. His team, consisting of individuals who were more akin to rebels than soldiers, possessed a complex and flawed nature, yet were incredibly brave and heroic in their actions. – Burundi TV Series


Burundi TV Series

6. Deutschland 86 (TV Series 2018)

Burundi TV Series

Director: Florian Cossen

Martin Rauch, who had been exiled to Africa for his transgressions in 1983, has been redeployed to the field. The documentary series, narrated by Nay, delves into the various business ventures undertaken by the East German state to generate hard currency.

These include the sale of arms to South Africa’s apartheid government, despite their purported status as enemies; smuggling arms to both sides in the Iran-Iraq war; exploitation of forced labor in prisons; theft of antiques and contents of safe deposit boxes from citizens for sale abroad; and the sale of untested blood abroad, potentially contaminated with HIV. – Burundi TV Series

7. The Last Train (TV Series 1999)

Burundi TV Series

Stars: Christopher Fulford, Dinita Gohil

A heterogeneous assembly of individuals, including a law enforcement officer, a fraudster, a maternal figure accompanied by her offspring, and a scientist, become entangled in a railway mishap that results in the release of cryogenic gas within their respective compartments.

Upon regaining consciousness, the perplexed group embarks on a perilous yet captivating journey through a devastated landscape, with the ultimate destination being the Ark Throughout their odyssey, they come across fellow survivors whose intentions span from friendly to antagonistic. – Burundi TV Series

8. The Owl Service (TV Series 1969)

Burundi TV Series

Stars: Dorothy Edwards, Gillian Hills

Alison, an adolescent who has recently undergone the loss of a cherished individual, accompanies her stepbrother to a tranquil retreat in the Welsh Valleys, which is owned by a relative, for the summer season.

During her stay, Alison becomes cognizant of a scratching noise emanating from the roof of the residence. Upon investigation, she stumbles upon a collection of vintage dinner plates embellished with a floral owl motif, situated in the attic.

This revelation prompts her to question the correlation between the plates, the enigmatic gardener, the irritable housekeeper, and the legend of the former village sorcerer, who created a spouse from flowers and subsequently transformed into an owl after her treachery. – Burundi TV Series

9. A Family at War (TV Series 1970)

Burundi TV Series

Stars: Colin Douglas, Barbara Flynn

The Ashton family, hailing from the lower middle class of Liverpool, adeptly manages the trials and tribulations of life on the domestic front during the Second World War. – Burundi TV Series

10. Cribb (TV Series 1980)

Burundi TV Series

Stars: Alan Dobie, William Simons

The investigations pertaining to Detective Sergeant Cribb’s cases, which transpired during the Victorian era, were diligently undertaken by the recently instituted Criminal Investigation Department of Scotland Yard. – Burundi TV Series