Top 10 Greatest Chad TV Series of All Time

Top 10 Greatest Chad TV Series of All Time. You should check out these Chad TV Series. These Chad TV Series will give you a lot of fun and practice.


1. The Azizyans (TV Series 2016)

Chad TV Series

Stars: Hayk Marutyan, Ani Lupe, Boris Baghdasarov

Hayk Marutyan embodies the character of Garnik Azizyan, a diligent provider for his family, employed as a vendor in a clothing store. Regrettably, Mrs. Azizyan displays a lack of inclination toward fulfilling her duties as a homemaker, thereby placing the entire burden on Garnik’s shoulders.

Despite the challenges faced by the head of the household, his three children, including his daughter, exhibit minimal concern and instead heavily rely on the internet, actively participating in numerous social media platforms. Furthermore, his eldest son remains without employment and lacks a clear sense of direction, while his youngest son continues his education as a student. – Chad TV Series

2. Fort Boyard (TV Series 1990)

Chad TV Series

Stars: Leslie Grantham, Christopher Ellison, Geoffrey Bayldon

The program shares similarities with the British game show, The Crystal Maze, which was created by Antoine as an alternative format for Channel 4 in the United Kingdom. This decision was made due to the unavailability of the fortress for filming, as it was undergoing renovations at the time (in 1989).

Both programs require contestants to complete challenges in order to win monetary prizes. However, The Crystal Maze offers a wider range of game types, while Fort Boyard primarily focuses on physical and endurance challenges.

Although Fort Boyard was a trailblazer in the realm of fear and adventure game shows, subsequent programs such as Fear Factor have pushed the boundaries even further. This has necessitated Fort Boyard to respond and adapt by introducing new twists and games. Notably, there have been a couple of seasons in which contestants spent the night in the Fort. – Chad TV Series

3. ArmComedy (TV Series 2012)

Chad TV Series

Stars: Narek Margaryan, Sergey SargsyanIveta

ArmComedy is a satirical news program that offers comprehensive coverage of both local and international politics. The show effectively employs a traditional news format, while ingeniously infusing it with humor, thereby introducing a much-needed element of lightheartedness to an otherwise mundane and uninteresting subject matter.

ArmComedy has emerged as the pioneering satirical news program in Armenia, characterized by its infusion of political humor and wit, offering a distinct perspective on reporting the actual news. Each episode of ArmComedy is meticulously crafted and presented by esteemed Armenian comedians, Narek Margaryan and Sergey Sargsyan. – Chad TV Series

4. Vitamin Club (TV series 2010)

Chad TV Series

Stars: Vache Tovmasyan

Vitamin Club is a renowned Armenian stand-up comedy program that is broadcast on the Shant TV channel. The show boasts a talented group of seasoned performers, namely Garik Papoyan, Aram Mp3, Vache Tovmasyan, Armush, Charents, and Tiko, who have been regulars on the program for a considerable period. The program is skillfully hosted by Garik. – Chad TV Series

5. Sur Ankyun (TV series 2023)

Chad TV Series

Stars: Sergey SargsyanIveta

The dynamic team responsible for the creation of “Sharp Angle” has recently unveiled a novel addition to their repertoire. This latest segment aims to showcase the utmost noteworthy and influential cases, presented by highly reputable witnesses, substantiated by irrefutable evidence. Moreover, certain episodes will be skillfully dramatized to further captivate and engage our audience. – Chad TV Series


Chad TV Series

6. The Last Father (TV Series 2015)

Chad TV Series

Stars: Vardan Hovsepyan, Guzh Manukyan

Ruben’s mother, regrettably, succumbed to a tragic fate by taking her own life and leaving behind a poignant letter for her son. In this letter, she implored Ruben to undertake the task of locating his father.

However, as Ruben dutifully embarked on this journey, he was confronted with the disheartening revelation that his father had been confined within the walls of a correctional facility for the past twelve years, facing charges of murder. – Chad TV Series

7. Ancient Kings (TV Series 2016)

Chad TV Series

Stars: Anna Grigoryan, Murad Janibekyan

The cinematographer responsible for capturing the visual essence of the series is Hrach Manucharyan. Additionally, the series was broadcast on Armenia TV until the 26th of January, 2018. The narrative unfolds in diverse locations throughout Armenia. – Chad TV Series

8. Restart 2020 (TV Series 2016)

Chad TV Series

Stars: Mkrtich Arzumanyan, Hasmik Babayan

Andranik finds himself as the sole surviving human inhabitant in Yerevan, Armenia. He is compelled to commence a new existence, regardless of the challenges that may arise. After experiencing an enigmatic event, Andranik discovers that he is the only surviving human resident in Yerevan, Armenia. Despite potential challenges, he is motivated to embark on a new life. – Chad TV Series

9. Stone Cage (TV Series 2015)

Chad TV Series

Stars: Emil Galstyan, Garik Papoyan

A promising young scientist has successfully created a time machine and plans to showcase its capabilities before the esteemed Scientific Committee. Unfortunately, his financially struggling and idle friend, who was present in the laboratory under certain circumstances, unintentionally triggers the device.

As a consequence of this mishap, the friend is transported to the Stone Age and must adapt to life with a primitive tribe due to the machine’s malfunction. This occurrence initiates a challenging experience in the Stone Age, which the protagonist refers to as the Stone Agony. – Chad TV Series

10. Veradardz (TV Series 2010)

Chad TV Series

Stars: Sos Janibekyan, Samvel Sarkisyan

Miloš is a semi-retired adult film actor currently residing in Belgrade with his spouse, Marija, and their six-year-old child, Petar. Meanwhile, his sibling, Marko, holds a position in law enforcement but unfortunately lacks integrity, as he secretly desires to emulate Miloš’s lifestyle and harbors an inappropriate attraction towards Marija. Marija, being naturally curious, seeks to understand her husband’s emotions concerning his past profession, while simultaneously expressing concerns about the family’s financial security. – Chad TV Series