Top 10 Greatest Gabon Movies of All Time

Top 10 Greatest Gabon Movies of All Time. You should check out these Gabon Movies. These Gabon Movies will give you a lot of fun and practice.


Gabon Movies

1. Nas covek u Gabonu (2014)

Gabon Movies

Director: Zelimir Zilnik

After the dissolution of Yugoslavia, seasoned businessman and entrepreneur Momcilo Radunovic stayed in Gabon. In the movie, he brings up recollections of past achievements and teamwork from the non-alignment era. – Gabon Movies

2. The Cage (1963)

Gabon Movies

Director: Robert Darène

David returns to his native Gabon to provide medical care for his countrymen after studying medicine in France. He runs across Oyana, his former love interest, and they both make fun of the archaic customs.

The young doctor is sent to the bush to immunize the inhabitants, who are a little apprehensive. When he meets Rispal, a white guy, he learns that folklore, witches, and superstitions are widespread in his own culture, which he ignores. The most amazing thing is that this bitter man has a wife named Isabelle who is a stunning wanderer. – Gabon Movies

3. Le grand blanc de Lambaréné (1995)

Gabon Movies

Director: Bassek Ba Kobhio

An intriguing revisionist viewpoint on Albert Schweitzer, the Nobel Peace Prize laureate and secular saint of the colonial era, is offered by Cameroonian filmmaker Bassek ba Kobhio. This movie starts to reinterpret colonialism’s history from the perspective of the colonized.

However, a sincere regret for a lost chance, for a cross-cultural meeting between Africa and Europe that never took place, rather than a cheap exercise in iconoclasm.

The movie suggests that colonialism’s greatest tragedy may have been its failure to recognize and cherish the colonized as independent, creative human beings. Ironically, a famous statement made by Schweitzer himself serves as the movie’s epigraph. – Gabon Movies

4. Le divorce (2008)

Gabon Movies

Director: Manouchka Kelly Labouba

Magloire and Florence were legally wed in a religious ceremony with the blessing of their families. They experience a significant problem in their marriage three years later and decide to file for divorce. However, it must still be done with their family’s permission. – Gabon Movies

5. L’ombre de Liberty (2006)

Gabon Movies

Director: Imunga Ivanga

The death of his son Ika and his inability to discover a cure are weighing heavily on Captain Ekumu, who is also worried about his wife Ezéni. The president of Baby Zame is interrupted in mid-sentence by an enigmatic radio program.

It mentions a golden mango tree, an upcoming day, and the poets’ independence. From its hiding place in a truck, Liberty rules over the airways it plunders for fifteen minutes at a time.

Colonel Paturau is instructed to declare a reward for anyone who can capture pirate Liberty. However, how can you restrain a voice that is only a voice? There must be a culprit. This might be the answer to Ekumu’s family’s misery. – Gabon Movies


6. Les tam tams se sont tus (1972)

Gabon Movies

Director: Philippe Mory

Young artist Abraham struggles to comprehend how his environment is changing. He develops feelings for his uncle’s younger wife while visiting the village. They start dating, but when their relationship is found, Abraham runs away to the city. – Gabon Movies

7. The Rhythm of My Life: Ismael Sankara (2011)

Gabon Movies

Director: Franck Onouviet

A former rapper from Miami travels to visit family in Africa, and the film follows his journey in an unusual way. He had no idea that the project of his dreams would be delivered to him in Libreville, Gabon.

Unexpectedly, the synergy between him and two local beatmakers would result in the creation of a possible debut album. The movie, which was written and directed by Marc A. Tchicot and Franck A. Onouviet, shows glimpses of wonderful interactions and musical moments among people from different backgrounds who share a passion for music.

The rhythm of my life set a different route for filmmaking in Gabon and Africa, which is deeply rooted in the line of guerrilla-style, independently produced, non-formatted projects. – Gabon Movies

8. Maléfice (2009)

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Director: Fernand Lepoko

The narrative of Solange, as told by Chimène Akendengue, believes that a curse on her family is to blame for the deaths of her first two children. Because of this, she will attempt to save the life of her final son Kumi, despite the hesitation of her husband Guillaume, played by Olivier Messa, who is torn between his love for his family and his fear of his father Mounkal, a very strong sorcerer with a variety of mystical powers.

Solange consults a healer, who will reveal to him William’s dark and sick secret of being under the occult control of his father Mounkal, while William, acting under the orders of his father Mounkal, leads the boy to his death.

She will then go out on a quest to find the treatment that will prevent her son from dying the predetermined death. Solange, a beaten lady, has no idea that at the end of the path he will make a revelation that will change his life forever. In the last conflict between the forces of good and evil, she will have to decide between preserving her son Kumi and losing Guillaume, her husband. – Gabon Movies

9. Dialemi (2013)

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Director: Nadine Boucher

A stone bust of Mbigou is being laboriously carved by a sculptor in a home near the sea. He overcomes his lack of motivation thanks to an unexpected visit from a fascinating young woman. – Gabon Movies

10. M-001 (2017)

Gabon Movies

Director: Franck A. Onouviet

A cyberactivist named Edji 07 criticizes dishonest African leaders. He gets a message regarding embezzlement one day. After publishing the material, he is abducted. He criticizes the shortcomings of African politicians every day.

One day, he gets a message from a man going by the name “Free Afrika” informing him that a Minister has been embezzling money. He releases the information despite some hesitations, and a government-affiliated secret police then kidnaps him. To force him to expose his sources, a stern official with no sense of compassion is given the order. – Gabon Movies