Top 10 Greatest Gambia Movies of All Time

Top 10 Greatest Gambia Movies of All Time. You should check out these Gambia Movies. These Gambia Movies will give you a lot of fun and practice.


Gambia Movies

1. The Mirror Boy (2011)

Gambia Movies

Director: Obi Emelonye

A mysterious voyage through Africa is depicted in the film as viewed through the eyes of 12-year-old Tijan. Tijan’s mother chooses to take him back to their home country of Gambia following a street brawl in London that results in the injury of a local boy.

When they go to Banjul, Tijan sees an odd apparition: a boy who is smiling at him in a mirror before vanishing. The following day, Tijan runs into the same boy in a crowded street market, which starts a series of events that end with him getting lost.

Tijan is left alone with the mysterious Mirror Boy, who appears to be solely visible to him, while his distraught mother searches desperately for her son. The Mirror Boy leads Tijan on a mystic journey after a painful spiritual rite of passage, but not everything is as it seems. – Gambia Movies

2. Jaha’s Promise (2017)

Gambia Movies

Director: Kate O’Callaghan

The life and activism of Jaha Dukureh, an activist against female genital mutilation from the Gambia who returned to her nation to speak out against the terrible tradition that she and 200 million other women and girls throughout the world have endured. A young lady goes back to her hometown to fight the barbaric female genital mutilation practices that nearly cost her life.

A documentary focusing on the life and activism of Jaha Dukureh, an activist against female genital mutilation from the Gambia who returned to her nation to speak out against the destructive practice that she and 200 million other women and girls around the world have endured. – Gambia Movies

3. Kings of the Gambia (2010)

Gambia Movies

Director: David Vogel

The Gambia, where “King Kora”‘s ten-member kora player and vocalist Lamin Jobarteh is from, is the first stop on their tour. The band spends nine days on a boat on the “Gambia” River, performing in eight coastal towns and villages before performing three major concerts at the seaside. But sometimes what they discover in this nation falls short of their aspirations. – Gambia Movies

4. Gambia: Take Me To Learn My Roots (2019)

Gambia Movies

Director: Bacary Bax

The mission of a single mother to teach her sons of mixed race about their West African heritage is the subject of the movie. This movie is about buddies who get separated and then reunite. aim of a single mother to teach her two mixed-race sons about their West African heritage. 4,000 miles away from home, a story that has been 30 years in creation, spanning three generations, is brought to life by a very particular song. – Gambia Movies

5. Welcome to the Smiling Coast (2016)

Gambia Movies

Director: Bas Ackermann

The story of 15 young Gambian workers in the country’s sun, safari, and sex industries centers on their everyday battles with the black market economy. A documentary that depicts the daily challenges of 15 young people working in the informal sector of the sun, safari, and sex industries in the Gambia. – Gambia Movies


6. Hand of Fate (2013)

Gambia Movies

Director: Ibrahim Ceesay

The story of the movie centers on a young woman who was forced to wed a man she didn’t love, which destroyed her future. A parent forces a minor girl to leave school and get married to a stranger. She works to overturn her father’s wishes and inform others about forced child marriages alongside her mother. – Gambia Movies

7. Amelia (2009)

Gambia Movies

Director: Mira Nair

An examination of the life of renowned American pilot Amelia Earhart, who went missing in 1937 while attempting to fly around the world and was last seen flying over the Pacific Ocean. At age 23, Kansas native Amelia Earhart learns the excitement of flying.

Within 12 years, she advances to receiving the Distinguished Flying Cross for becoming the first woman to fly a plane across the Atlantic by herself. She embarks on an effort to circumnavigate the globe at the age of 39, an expedition that propels her into aviation lore.

The final leg of Amelia Earhart’s round-the-world voyage is being flown by her navigator, Fred Noonan. Her life over the previous ten years is gradually revealed, starting with vignettes from her early years, when Earhart was mesmerized by the sight of an airplane passing overhead on the Kansas prairie where she grew up. – Gambia Movies

8. Sex on the Beach (2020)

Gambia Movies

Director: Gussy Sakula-Barry

Stories of older British women hooking up with younger Gambian men have recently made headline news, ranging from one-night encounters to hastily arranged marriages. – Gambia Movies

9. Roots (TV Series 2016)

Gambia Movies

Director: Mario Van Peebles

A young Mandinka man named Kunta Kinte hails from Jufureh in the Gambia region of West Africa. Kunta and other Mandinka adolescents are brought into the jungle one day as part of their preparation to become warriors.

Kunta discovers a man’s dead body in a canoe while being forced to sprint through the forest in a set amount of time as part of a test. The opposing Koro family is subsequently spotted by Kunta in another set of canoes searching for slaves to sell to European slave traffickers.

When Kunta gets home, he tells his teachers about what he saw, and they determine that Kunta’s training must terminate in light of this revelation. Kunta informs his father that he wants to attend a university in Timbuktu after enduring an initiation ritual and becoming a warrior.

When his father disagrees, Kunta flees into the woods where he meets up with his lover, Jinna. The Koro family, who want to return Kunta to his family as ransom, suddenly surrounds the two. Kunta succeeds in escaping, killing a member of the Koro family in the process, and is then apprehended. Later, the Koro family decides to sell Kunta and Jinna to the British slave ship Lord Ligonier’s crew. – Gambia TV Series

10. Countdown to Life: The Extraordinary Making of You (TV Series 2015)

Gambia Movies

Director: Naomi Austin

The first eight weeks of our lives within the womb are described in detail by Michael Mosely. When our heart beats for the first time and the duration of our lives may be determined, everything about who we are hangs in the balance at this time. – Gambia TV Series