Top 10 Greatest Haiti Animation Movies of All Time

Top 10 Greatest Haiti Animation Movies of All Time. You should check out these Haiti Animation Movies. These Haiti Animation Movies will give you a lot of fun and practice.


1. Approved for Adoption (2012)

Haiti Animation Movies

Directors: Laurent Boileau

Jung, a 42-year-old cartoonist, self-identifies as having both European and Asian heritage. Despite his official age being recorded as 42, Jung personally considers his life to have begun at the age of 5 when he was discovered wandering alone on the streets of Seoul by a police officer.

As one of the 200,000 adopted Koreans dispersed worldwide, Jung has decided to embark on a profound journey to South Korea. His purpose is to reconnect with his cultural roots, immerse himself in the atmosphere of his home country, and potentially uncover any traces of his biological mother.

This captivating documentary-style expedition of self-discovery and reconciliation with his heritage prompts Jung to delve into his life story through the medium of animation. – Haiti Animation Movies

2. 2012: Time for Change (2010)

Haiti Animation Movies

Directors: Joao G. Amorim

The documentary film presents a set of strategies aimed at converting our unsustainable society into a regenerative planetary culture. This objective can be achieved through a dual approach that involves a personal and global shift in consciousness, as well as the systemic implementation of ecological design. – Haiti Animation Movies

3. My Life as a Zucchini (2016)

Haiti Animation Movies

Directors: Claude Barras

The 9-year-old boy possesses a captivating moniker, Courgette, which adds to the intrigue surrounding his persona. However, his extraordinary journey encompasses a wide range of experiences.

In the wake of his mother’s sudden disappearance, Courgette forms a friendship with Raymond, a police officer, who subsequently brings him to his new foster home, where he resides alongside other children of similar age.

Initially, Courgette encounters challenges in assimilating into this distinctive and occasionally unwelcoming environment. Nevertheless, through the unwavering support of Raymond and the companionship of his newfound friends, Courgette gradually learns to place his trust in others. In doing so, he may just discover genuine affection and love, thereby transforming his life for the better. – Haiti Animation Movies

4. Alice (1988)

Haiti Animation Movies

Directors: Jan Švankmajer

A remarkable and surreal cinematic rendition of Lewis Carroll’s literary masterpiece, “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland,” features a solitary human actor alongside a diverse cast of intricately crafted stop-motion animated characters.

While the storyline remains largely faithful to the source material, aficionados of the director’s prior oeuvre will not be taken aback by the occasional foray into the realm of Svankmajer, replete with animate slabs of meat. – Haiti Animation Movies

5. No Dogs or Italians Allowed (2022)

Haiti Animation Movies

Directors: Alain Ughetto

The Ughetto family’s ancestral village, Ughettera, was situated in northern Italy during the early 20th century. Over time, the living conditions in this area had become increasingly challenging, prompting the Ughettos to yearn for a more prosperous life elsewhere.

It is said that Luigi Ughetto, driven by this desire, bravely crossed the formidable Alps and embarked on a new journey in France, thereby significantly reshaping the trajectory of his cherished family’s destiny. Now, several generations later, his grandson embarks on a poignant voyage through time, retracing their ancestral roots and delving into the rich tapestry of their past. – Haiti Animation Movies


6. The Masters of Time (1982)

Haiti Animation Movies

Directors: René Laloux

Mike, an advanced interstellar transmitter bestowed upon him by his father, Claude, serves as the sole lifeline for Piel, a young individual trapped on Perdide, an arid planet infested with colossal predatory hornets, to maintain communication with the external realm.

To endure the inhospitable celestial terrain, Piel must exhaust all available resources to establish contact with Jaffar, a courageous space adventurer and close associate of Claude, promptly upon the transmission of a distress signal by Mike. This represents Piel’s only chance of survival amidst the perilous environment. – Haiti Animation Movies

7. Deep 2 (2017)

Haiti Animation Movies

Directors: Julio Soto Gurpide

In the year 2100, following the departure of humanity from Earth, a remarkable colony of exotic animals has managed to endure in the depths of the ocean. Amongst them are Evo, an erudite yet clumsy angler fish, and Alice, a neurotic deep-sea shrimp, who have formed an unwavering bond.

In this vast underwater realm, the Kraken, revered as the guardian of the abyss, will entrust Deep and his companions with a perilous mission to find a new habitat after their current one is tragically destroyed.

Accompanying them on this arduous journey will be Maura, a voracious moray eel, as they embark on an extraordinary expedition that will take them to awe-inspiring locations such as the sunken metropolis of New York, the legendary Titanic, and the icy Arctic. Along the way, they will encounter formidable adversaries and encounter amusing circumstances. – Haiti Animation Movies

8. The Swallows of Kabul (2019)

Haiti Animation Movies

Directors: Zabou Breitman

The story follows various characters as they attempt to escape a life of persecution and suffering in the rubble of a deeply pessimistic metropolis during the reign of the Taliban in 1998 in the city of Kabul. Mohsen, a young in-love couple, hopes for a brighter future with Zunaira, while Atiq, a hopeless prison warden, can only devote his prayers to his terminally ill wife, Mussarat. – Haiti Animation Movies

9. Seven Crystal Balls and the Prisoners of the Sun (1969)

Haiti Animation Movies

Directors: Eddie Latest

A group of seven archaeologists have become the subjects of a longstanding Inca curse following their discovery of an ancient Inca temple. Each day, they awaken simultaneously in Europe, having experienced vivid hallucinations of the Inca god after falling asleep one by one.

The sixth archaeologist is rendered unconscious by a crystal ball thrown into his car by Indios, a character introduced earlier in the story. The remaining archaeologists, along with Tintin and Haddock, find themselves in Moulinsart when a lightning strike causes a power outage.

Taking advantage of the darkness, the Indians use this opportunity to put the final archaeologist to sleep and apprehend Professor Tournesol, who has revealed himself as a desecrater of the sanctuary by wearing the Inca god’s bracelet.

Tintin and Haddock, accompanied by their fellow archaeologists, embark on a journey to Peru, traversing through snow and forest to reach the temple of the sun. However, they are soon captured and left with the grim decision of choosing the day they will perish from sunburn.

Through his quick thinking, Tintin can utilize a solar eclipse to their advantage. As a result, the archaeologists are freed from their curse and Tournesol is granted forgiveness, ultimately leading to a happy conclusion. – Haiti Animation Movies

10. Yuku and the Flower of the Himalayas (2022)

Haiti Animation Movies

Directors: Arnaud Demuynck

Yuku embarks on a journey to locate the Himalayan Flower, a plant native to the highest peaks of the Himalayas. In her quest to find the flower and present it to her grandmother, she encounters sewer rats, avian intruders, a magical forest, and a mischievous wolf. – Haiti Animation Movies

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