Top 10 Greatest Kiribati Movies of All Time

Top 10 Greatest Kiribati Movies of All Time. You should check out these Kiribati Movies. These Kiribati Movies will give you a lot of fun and practice.


Kiribati Movies

1. Anote’s Ark (2018)

Kiribati Movies

Director: Matthieu Rytz

The documentary drew some criticism from Kiribati’s present administration, which contended that Rytz did not adhere to proper journalistic ethics in producing it. Rytz argued in opposition that the criticism was merely a component of the present administration’s efforts to restrict press freedom in the nation.

The low-lying Pacific island of Kiribati needs to find a new way to ensure the survival of its citizens as the harsh realities of climate change approach. Anote’s Ark ties two moving stories together with spectacular cinematography.

The charming president of the island, Anote Tong, scrambles to find solutions, campaigning in global climate talks and even looking into the construction of underwater communities. Sermery, a young mother of six, is friendly and witty and approaches every challenge with laughter.

She must choose whether to leave the island and the only culture she is familiar with to start over in New Zealand. The next stage of the dynamics of climate change is captured in Anote’s Ark, where global treaties, technology, and border issues are vital and have the potential to alter daily life as we know it. – Kiribati Movies

2. The Anthropologist (2015)

Kiribati Movies

Director: Seth Kramer

The Anthropologist examines Earth’s future from the viewpoint of an adolescent American. She journeys with her mother, an anthropologist who spends five years researching the effects of climate change on indigenous people.

The story of humanity’s battle with change, whether it be environmental, societal, or personal, is interwoven throughout the movie. Siberia, the South Pacific, the Andes, and the Virginia coast of the Chesapeake Bay are among the places Susie and Katie visit. – Kiribati Movies

3. Sands of Iwo Jima (1949)

Kiribati Movies

Director: Allan Dwan

John Stryker is hated by his comrades because of his gruff demeanor and demanding training schedule. However, as the Pacific War goes on, they grow to respect Stryker’s cynical approach to conflict and his tough training regimens since they have helped them prepare for the harsh realities of combat. If they want to survive the Battle of Iwo Jima, which will turn out to be one of the bloodiest encounters of the war, they will need to use every one of Stryker’s battle strategies. – Kiribati Movies

4. Gung Ho!: The Story of Carlson’s Makin Island Raiders (1943)

Kiribati Movies

Director: Ray Enright

The actual story of Carlson’s Raiders’ invasion of Makin Island during World War II. The 2nd Marine Raider Battalion is formed by volunteers seven weeks after Pearl Harbour with the mission of raiding Japanese-controlled islands. The men chosen share a hardness despite coming from various backgrounds.

They receive combat training in all conceivable guises under the direction of the Colonel. Then, following a dangerous submarine journey, they are faced with a challenging first mission: a protracted fight scenario to obliterate the considerably bigger Japanese force on Makin Island. – Kiribati Movies

5. Tarawa Beachhead (1958)

Kiribati Movies

Director: Paul Wendkos

Tom Sloan sees his platoon leader, Lt. Brady, shoot one of his soldiers during the Guadalcanal War. Sloan remains silent despite thinking the shooting was murder but being unable to prove it. Sloan meets Ruth, the widow of the shooting victim, while on leave in New Zealand, and they end up falling in love. He does, however, learn that Brady is dating Ruth’s sister, perhaps to obtain the family’s riches. – Kiribati Movies


6. Pacific Destiny (1956)

Kiribati Movies

Director: Wolf Rilla

A cadet joining the colonial service finds life in the Pacific to be odd and unsettling. The irritable resident commissioner, who had hoped for an experienced man, swiftly expresses his displeasure. The real-life account of novice District Officer Cadet Arthur Grimble, who travels to a distant Pacific island with his wife Olivia to begin a career in the Colonial Service.

He struggles to earn the respect of his superior, the Resident Commissioner, who had anticipated a guy with more experience. Things seem to go wrong the more Grimble attempts to appease him, and he soon finds himself exiled to a smaller neighboring island. But unlike her husband, Olivia is not as readily demoralized by the circumstance. She offers support in a way that gradually wins the islanders’ approval. – Kiribati Movies

7. Up Periscope (1959)

Kiribati Movies

Director: Gordon Douglas

A sudden order to report for duty without giving Lt. Kenneth Braden, a recently trained U.S. Navy frogman, the chance to tell his new love, Sally Johnson. He finds out that she is a Navy intelligence officer who recently verified his moral integrity and suitability for a particular task.

Braden is directed to travel to the island of Kusaie to snap pictures of a code book at a Japanese radio station by submarine captain Stevenson, whose crew’s morale had been damaged recently by the needless loss of a crew member.

Braden completes his secret mission while Stevenson waits in Lelu Harbour. Stevenson narrates a letter when Braden gets back, condemning himself for putting his submarine and crew at risk to facilitate Braden’s mission. – Kiribati Movies

8. Hangs Upon Nothing (2014)

Kiribati Movies

Director: Jeremy Rumas

The film follows the lives of several surfers, including Chuck Corbett, who found himself in the remote atolls of Kiribati, the Jones brothers, Mikala and Daniel, who travel to all corners of the Indonesian archipelago, and a local group of young surfers growing up in Bali. – Kiribati Movies

9. With the Marines at Tarawa (1944)

Kiribati Movies

Director: Louis Hayward

The pivotal Battle of Tarawa Atoll, which was part of Operation Galvanic, was the first American offensive in the critical central Pacific region. The US Marine Corps engaged Japan for four days of combat. Nearly a thousand valiant American Marines perished in the hard conflict, and another two thousand were injured.

The island’s defenders suffered close to 4,700 losses, and only 17 Japanese soldiers gave themselves up. This Academy Award-winning documentary includes real, previously unreleased material as well as some of the most horrific and gruesome images of conflict ever captured by combat cameramen. – Kiribati Movies

10. Before the Flood (2016)

Kiribati Movies

Director: Fisher Stevens

An analysis of how climate change affects our environment and what society can do to stop the extinction of endangered species, ecosystems, and indigenous populations around the world. Leonardo DiCaprio, an actor and United Nations Messenger of Peace uses his notoriety to raise awareness of the subject of global warming, one of the most crucial and urgent challenges of our day.

He travels the world to observe firsthand the repercussions of an impending environmental catastrophe. DiCaprio uncovers a serious situation and the world’s reliance on fossil fuels by traveling to historic melting glaciers and decimated Indonesian tropical forests, even going so far as to interview President Obama in person. – Kiribati Movies