Top 10 Greatest Oman Animation Movies of All Time

Top 10 Greatest Oman Animation Movies of All Time. You should check out these Oman Animation Movies. These Oman Animation Movies will give you a lot of fun and practice.


1. The Knight and the Princess (2019)

Oman Animation Movies

Director: Bashir El Deek

This narrative follows the journey of Mohammed Al Kassim, a brave and determined fifteen-year-old. In the seventh century A.D., pirates roamed the seas, driven by their pursuit of wealth and indulgence. However, our protagonist, Al Kassim, endeavors to challenge the pirates’ reign through his youthful energy, swordsmanship skills, and idealistic innocence.

During one of his battles, he fortuitously rescues Princess Lubnah, a young woman hailing from Sind. The tale unfolds as “The Knight and The Princess” embark on a romantic relationship. Al Kassim encounters numerous obstacles in his quest for justice.

His actions provoke the ire of King Daher, the oppressive ruler of Sind. Al Kassim is determined to put an end to the various injustices and atrocities for which Daher is responsible. Additionally, Daher seeks to eliminate Al Kassim, as his sorcerer prophesies that a young man named Mohammed will invade Sind and overthrow him.

To prevent Al Kassim from reaching Sind, the sorcerer, under King Daher’s orders, employs two mischievous jinn figures. These supernatural beings are tasked with diverting Al Kassim’s path. The power struggle between these opposing forces escalates into a conflict involving battle-hardened elephants, numerous horses, and the clash between good and evil. – Oman Animation Movies

2. Another Dream (2019)

Oman Animation Movies

Director: Tamara Shogaolu

The enthralling and authentic love story of an Egyptian lesbian couple is vividly portrayed in Another Dream, a unique combination of an animated documentary and a VR game.

The couple’s journey to seek asylum and acceptance in the Netherlands, following the persecution of the LGBTQ community in post-revolutionary Cairo, is brought to life in this remarkable production. Additionally, a companion installation provides viewers with an opportunity to reflect on their VR experience.

Another Dream is part of the Queer in a Time of Forced Migration transmedia project, which chronicles the experiences of LGBTQ refugees from Egypt, Sudan, and Saudi Arabia as they navigate different countries and cultures, starting from the 2011 Revolutions in the Middle East and North Africa to the present day. – Oman Animation Movies

3. Kaleem Allah (2013)

Oman Animation Movies

Director: Ahmed Hassan

The television program in question is a cartoon that chronicles the life of the esteemed Prophet Moses and the divine message that he conveyed to the world on behalf of God. The narrative of the show is primarily focused on the life and times of the Prophet Moses, may peace be upon him. – Oman Animation Movies

4. The Legend of the Winged Guardian (2021)

Oman Animation Movies

Director: Kirollos Rizk

The animated film centers around a valiant warrior who suffered betrayal from his monarch and was subsequently incarcerated.

Following a period of confinement, the warrior was liberated by a malevolent extraterrestrial and his accomplices from the evil league, who endowed him with the power to manipulate darkness in addition to his already formidable strength.

Driven by fury over the loss of his spouse, the warrior exacted revenge by slaying the king and queen, inciting a large-scale conflict on his planet that culminated in his re-incarceration and eventual demise. – Oman Animation Movies

5. Bombay Rose (2019)

Oman Animation Movies

Director: Gitanjali Rao

The blossoming affection between two individuals driven by their aspirations is confronted with challenges arising from their obligations and divergent religious beliefs within the vibrant and intricate urban landscape.

Salim, an orphan compelled to navigate life independently following the tragic loss of his parents during a conflict, encounters Kamala, a young Hindu flower vendor, during their initial encounter in a bustling marketplace in the captivating city of Bombay. Despite their contrasting religious backgrounds, a profound love begins to flourish between them. – Oman Animation Movies


6. Waves 98 (2015)

Oman Animation Movies

Director: Ely Dagher

Omar’s exploration leads him to the epicenter of the city as he becomes disillusioned with his existence in the segregated outskirts of Beirut. Eventually, he becomes disoriented and struggles to preserve his connections and sense of belonging as he navigates a realm that is simultaneously proximate and distant from his actuality. – Oman Animation Movies

7. Bilal: A New Breed of Hero (2015)

Oman Animation Movies

Director: Ayman Jamal, Khurram Alavi

A young individual with a fervent desire to become a formidable warrior was abducted alongside his sister and transported to an unfamiliar land a millennium ago. Bilal, upon being thrust into a society where unfairness and avarice are commonplace, summons the fortitude to vocalize his dissent and instigate transformation.

This is the account of a bona fide hero who has secured his position in the annals of time and history. The narrative is grounded in factual occurrences. Bilal ibn Rabah, an illustrious hero, summons the courage to denounce injustice in the year 632 CE, following his escape from a life of servitude. – Oman Animation Movies

8. The Unlucky Hamster (2019)

Oman Animation Movies

Director: Abdulaziz Khashabi

The story of a hamster who exhibited remarkable patience while awaiting adoption at a pet store. Despite numerous individuals passing by his enclosure without acknowledging him, the hamster remained optimistic that someone would eventually take him home. Eventually, a prospective buyer approached Fluffy, an endearing hamster, and purchased him, thereby transforming his aspiration of a new abode into a distressing experience. – Oman Animation Movies

9. Hope (2020)

Oman Animation Movies

Director: Abdulla Al-Janahi

The short film revolves around the remarkable journey of Aqua, a newly hatched sea turtle. Throughout his expedition, Aqua confronts a multitude of obstacles, ranging from human-induced pollution to predatory threats.

Demonstrating remarkable intelligence and unwavering bravery, he successfully surmounts each challenge, ultimately achieving his desired destination. Prior to embarking on his aquatic adventure, Aqua bears witness to a transformative scene that profoundly impacts his existence. Nevertheless, he fearlessly rises above this encounter, undergoing personal growth and development. – Oman Animation Movies

10. 1001 Days (2017)

Oman Animation Movies

Director: Aisha Al-Jaidah

Sheherezade, an audacious female storyteller, valiantly safeguarded her fellow female townspeople from the malevolent fury of their monarch. This lesser-known chronicle highlights her remarkable courage and unwavering commitment to shielding her community. – Oman Animation Movies

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