Top 10 Greatest Oman Movies of All Time

Top 10 Greatest Oman Movies of All Time. You should check out these Oman Movies. These Oman Movies will give you a lot of fun and practice.


Oman Movies

1. Zayana (2019)

Oman Movies

Director: Khalid Abdulrahim Al-Zadjali

The film explores significant women’s issues prevalent in Oman and Asia, with a particular emphasis on Oman and India, and examines how these are perceived and addressed within a conservative Omani society. It is a compelling narrative that blends elements of drama and road movies, taking the audience on a journey of self-discovery. – Oman Movies

2. Arts of the Monsoon (2016)

Oman Movies

Director: Dodge Billingsley

Before Picasso’s time, artistic pursuits along the Indian Ocean were deeply ingrained in the daily lives of many. Single-masted dhows were skillfully crafted and sailed, facilitating trade that thrived for centuries, resulting in the cultivation of interwoven, distinctive treasures of music, art, and ornamentation. This is a voyage of numerous voices uniting to impart their personal narratives of connections that are not easily discernible. These universal depictions comprise the Arts of the Monsoon, intended to be passed down to future generations. – Oman Movies

3. Nahal – From the Hives of Oman (2021)

Oman Movies

Director: Aditi Kumar

This documentary short, narrated by a tour company owner, offers a personal glimpse into the lives of four Omani beekeepers. Through their stories of family, business, and cultural heritage, viewers gain insight into a burgeoning industry that thrives under the intense desert heat. The film is accompanied by a delectable serving of Omani bread and honey, adding to the sensory experience. – Oman Movies

4. Aseel (2012)

Oman Movies

Director: Khalid Abdulrahim Al-Zadjali

Aseel, a nine-year-old, is the daughter of the sheik of her village, who specializes in training camels for racing. Unfortunately, the influx of tourists has led to a natural calamity that has adversely impacted the local populace. Tragically, Aseel’s father falls victim to this disaster, and as a result, Aseel is forced to relinquish her beloved camel, shattering her aspirations. – Oman Movies

5. The Dawn (2006)

Oman Movies

Director: Khalid Abdulrahim Al-Zadjali

The film is set in a coastal town renowned for its fishing and boat-building industries. Unfortunately, these professions have experienced a decline in recent times, resulting in a significant number of young local men leaving the town to seek employment in the capital.

They believe that the sea’s resources have been depleted and that a single container of fish is insufficient to fulfill their aspirations and ambitions.

Sheik Ibrahim, a wealthy and wise member of the community, played a crucial role in the migration of the workforce. His significant investments are the subject of much discussion, yet the identity of his Omani and foreign partners remains unknown.

He has offered to purchase old fishing boats and homes located near the coast from the locals, and has encountered little resistance, except an elder man in his fifties named Nokhithah (Captain) Salem “Abu Zahir.”

Abu Zahir has a deep connection to the sea, having grown up around it, and is waiting for his son Zahir to return from a fishing trip. In the meantime, he is raising Noor, a girl who is betrothed to Zahir. – Oman Movies


6. Raneen (2011)

Oman Movies

Director: Maitham al Musawi

A precocious juvenile residing in a medical facility encounters an ailing female who assists him in comprehending the reason for his prolonged hospitalization. – Oman Movies


Oman Movies

Director: Noor Arnaoot

A lighthearted wedding comedy about two very different families that are compelled to meet, communicate, conflict, and ultimately discover ways to get along with one another because they are married. – Oman Movies


Oman Movies

Director: Maysoon Pachachi

Our River…Our Sky is a fictional account of a small Baghdad neighborhood struggling to maintain some semblance of normalcy and hope in the face of serious sectarian conflict and is set in 2006.

Sara is an author and a single mother. She is unable to write as her daughter Reema snores fitfully amid the nearby sound of gunfire and mortars.

She searches the internet for information about the city’s death toll while being surrounded by trauma and disaster, trying to keep track of the attacks.

Sara starts to resist and regain her sense of defiance when her closest friend and neighbor, the Christian former actress Sabiha, is made to leave. – Oman Movies

9. AMREEKA (2009)

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Director: Cherien Dabis

A story of a woman, Muna, and her son, Fadi, who immigrated to America in the early 2000s from Palestine. A well-educated lady who recently got divorced, Muna works hard to make sure she can afford to send her son to a private school.

Even though the Iraq conflict has caused problems in her area, Muna drives her son two hours to school every day while dodging soldiers and checkpoints. Muna and Fadi relocate to the United States when the chance arises so that Fadi can pursue an education there.

Even though Muna had ten years of expertise in the financial sector in Palestine, she can only find work at the nearby White Castle. They move in with Raghda, Muna’s sister, and her doctor husband. Despite being a Palestinian Christian family, they are frequently seen as possible Muslim terrorists.

Fadi becomes resentful of his new environment as he observes the students’ ignorance and fear. After the boy’s mother slipped at work and damaged her back, he gets into a fight with a classmate. – Oman Movies

10. ASHMAN (2021)

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Director: Abbas Al-Yousefi

The scientist who picked Bashar pretended to be an ash dealer when he was a scientist. The scientist created a liquid concoction to turn Bashar into a superhero and enable him to battle the evildoers and their entire gang.

He will soon find himself defending the world from the schemes of the corrupt after practicing and learning to handle his newly discovered skills. an exciting, entertaining, thrilling, and humorous series of events. The entire family can enjoy this film. – Oman Movies