Top 10 Greatest Qatar Animation Movies of All Time

Top 10 Greatest Qatar Animation Movies of All Time. You should check out these Qatar Animation Movies. These Qatar Animation Movies will give you a lot of fun and practice.


Qatar Animation Movies

1. Liyana (2017)

Qatar Animation

Director: Amanda Kopp

A unique African story about a girl on a perilous mission is concocted by five Swazi children using their imaginations. A young Swazi girl sets out on a perilous mission to save her infant twin brothers.

The five orphaned youngsters in Swaziland who created this animated African fairytale worked together to tell a tale of tenacity that was inspired by both their darkest memories and their most optimistic ambitions.

A genre-defying celebration of collaborative storytelling is created as the journey of their fictional character is linked together with poetic and observational documentary moments. – Qatar Animation

2. Kahlil Gibran’s The Prophet (2014)

Qatar Animation

Director: Paul Brizzi

Mustafa, an exiled poet, and artist, travels home with his maid and her daughter. The group must avoid detection from the authorities, who worry that Mustafa’s words could spark an uprising. Kamila, a widowed mother, serves as Mustafa’s domestic in this historical fiction novel set in Ottoman-era Lebanon.

Mustafa is a foreign poet, painter, and political activist who is being put under house imprisonment. Halim, a soldier, who guards Mustafa harbors a secret crush on Kamila.

Almitra, Kamila’s young daughter, has stopped speaking as a result of her father’s passing, and she has developed into a troublemaker who routinely steals from neighborhood businesses. Almitra’s only pals are seagulls, and she even appears to be able to communicate with them by making bird-like noises. – Qatar Animation

3. Sea Level (2011)

Qatar Animation

Director: Aun Hoe Goh

The pup finds human poachers raiding his reef for eggs. He will enter the perilous realm of humans as he exits the ocean to save the eggs. Pup, a bamboo shark, and his pals are playing in the ocean until they come across some egg sacs.

Pup decides to protect his family after he witnesses humans stealing the eggs from his reef. He will demonstrate that he is not too little to save his family when he exits the sea and enters the lovely but perilous world of people. – Qatar Animation

4. Birds Like Us (2017)

Qatar Animation

Director: Amela Ćuhara

The residents of Birdabad tolerate Kondor and his carrion crew’s egg-eating tyranny as the price of safety in a world ravaged by Horror. They unconsciously exchange their eggs for fruit while gathered in a raucous daily ritual around the enormous Egguilibrium machine, which is looked after by the silent owl Hasan.

Hupu, a charming and impulsive young bird, challenges Kondor and upsets the system with the aid of her spouse Hasan and a magical seed in an effort to save her egg from this dreadful fate. Hupu, Hasan, Kondor, and Mi, a small agitator, are thrown out of Birdabad and into the Horror’s jaws during the ensuing frantic chase.

This mismatched group, which is terrified, perplexed, and homicidally enraged at one another, reluctantly forms an alliance with a rather odd guide who offers to assist them return home in exchange for helping him reach the Sun. Only Hupu is aware of the guide’s blindness.

Our unusual heroes, who are always being chased by the Horror, cheat, lie, double-cross, and leave each other as they journey from a big modern city to the summit of a volcano, down the treacherous slope of a glacier, or across the wide empty sea.

They are eventually forced to work together to overcome their dread of the Horror and prevail to a joyful conclusion that actually takes off through a series of amusing and terrifying adventures. – Qatar Animation

5. Bombay Rose (2019)

Qatar Animation

Director: Gitanjali Rao

The burgeoning love between two dreamers is put to the test by duty and religious differences amidst the bustle of a captivating and complex city. Salim, an orphan who must now fend for himself, lost his parents during the battle. The young flower vendor Kamala, who is Hindu and he is Muslim, falls in love with him when they first meet in a market in the lively city of Bombay. – Qatar Animation


6. A Visit from Mascot Verse (2022)

Qatar Animation

Director: Ahmed Al Baker

This is a trip to the Mascot-verse, a world created by humans out of their thoughts and dreams that exists in parallel to our own and is where all the Mascots originate. – Qatar Animation

7. Waves 98 (2015)

Qatar Animation

Director: Ely Dagher

Omar’s discovery draws him into the heart of the city when he grows disenchanted with life in the segregated suburbs of Beirut. He ultimately loses track and finds himself trying to maintain his relationships, and his sense of home because he is immersed in a world that is both close to and remote from his reality. – Qatar Animation

8. The Unlucky Hamster (2019)

Qatar Animation

Director: Abdulaziz Khashabi

The tale of a hamster who patiently waited in a pet store in the hope that one day someone would take him home. Before someone approaches him and decides to buy him, many people pass by his small tank without recognizing him. A person approaches Fluffy, a charming little hamster in a pet store, and decides to buy him, turning his hope of a new home into a nightmare. – Qatar Animation

9. Hope (2020)

Qatar Animation

Director: Abdulla Al-Janahi

The journey of Aqua, a newborn sea turtle, is the subject of the short film “HOPE”. He encounters numerous challenges on his voyage, including pollution caused by people and other predators. By applying his intellect and courage, he overcomes each challenge until he reaches his goal. Before diving into the water, he sees a scene that would change his life, yet he valiantly overcomes it and develops as a person. – Qatar Animation

10. 1001 Days (2017)

Qatar Animation

Director: Aisha Al-Jaidah

A brave woman who protected her female townspeople from their king’s terrible wrath. The little-known tale of Sheherezade, a brave female storyteller who shielded her female townspeople from their king’s terrible wrath. – Qatar Animation