Top 10 Greatest Saudi Arabia Animation of All Time

Top 10 Greatest Saudi Arabia Animation of All Time. You should check out these Saudi Arabia Animation Movies. These Saudi Arabia Animation Movies will give you a lot of fun and practice.


Saudi Arabia Animation Movies

1. The Knight and the Princess (2019)

Saudi Arabia Animation

Director: Bashir El Deek

This voyage follows Mohammed Al Kassim, a courageous fifteen-year-old. Pirates plunder ships in the seventh century A.D. in search of wealth and sin, but our hero Al Kassim tries to stop the pirates’ rule with his youthful vigor, skill with the sword, and idealistic naivete. He occurred to save Princess Lubnah, a young woman from Sind, during one of his battles.

The romance between “The Knight and The Princess” is depicted. Al Kassim experiences various difficulties as he pursues justice. He infuriates Sind’s oppressive King Daher. Al Kassim wants to put an end to the various injustices and atrocities that Daher is to blame for. He also wants to demolish Al Kassim because, according to his sorcerer, a young man named Mohammed will invade Sind and vanquish Daher.

The sorcerer tries to manage two entertaining yet naughty jinn figures on the orders of his King Daher to keep Al Kassim away from the country of Sind. The power struggle between the two parties intensifies into a conflict with battle-proven elephants, numerous horses, and good and evil. – Saudi Arabia Animation

2. Another Dream (2019)

Saudi Arabia Animation

Director: Tamara Shogaolu

The captivating genuine love story of an Egyptian lesbian couple is brought to life in Another Dream, a hybrid animated documentary and VR game. They flee Cairo in search of asylum and acceptance in the Netherlands after experiencing post-revolutionary persecution against the LGBTQ community. A companion installation enables viewers to consider what they have experienced in VR.

Another Dream is a piece of the animated transmedia project Queer in a Time of Forced Migration, which follows the tales of LGBTQ refugees from Egypt, Sudan, and Saudi Arabia as they travel across countries and cultures from the 2011 Revolutions in the Middle East and North Africa to the present day. – Saudi Arabia Animation

3. Kaleem Allah (2013)

Saudi Arabia Animation

Director: Ahmed Hassan

A cartoon that narrates the life of the prophet Moses and the message that God gave through him to the universe. The plot of the television show is centered on the life of the Prophet Moses (peace be upon him). – Saudi Arabia Animation

4. The Legend of the Winged Guardian (2021)

Saudi Arabia Animation

Director: Kirollos Rizk

A brave warrior who was betrayed by his monarch and imprisoned is the subject of an animated film. After some time, the warrior was set free by a universally evil alien and his evil league allies, who also gave him the ability to control darkness in addition to his incredible strength.

The warrior killed the king and his wife out of rage over the death of his wife, starting a massive war on his world that was only resolved by his being imprisoned once more, which ultimately led to his demise. – Saudi Arabia Animation

5. First Fingerprint (2017)

Saudi Arabia Animation

Director: Mohamed Mowafi

The video is a compilation of 10 separate stop-motion shorts that each utilized images taken by children with disabilities who were coping with the same issues daily. This short is a group effort made up of ten microfilms that were created by special education students with disabilities using the (Image-by-Picture Animation) approach. The pupils use animated tools in their daily schoolwork. – Saudi Arabia Animation


6. The Silent Bee (2018)

Saudi Arabia Animation

Director: Mohamed Mowafi

Honey had never buzzed before now because of the holes in her wings. She believed she was of little value until something occurred that caused the others to realize how loud Honey was even though she was a silent bee. – Saudi Arabia Animation

Saudi Arabia Animation Series

7. Bakkar (TV Series 1998)

Saudi Arabia Animation

Director: Mona Abu El-Nasr

An Egyptian animated sitcom called Bakkar recounts the exploits of a young Nubian boy named Bakkar, his pet goat Rashida, and Bakkar’s companions. The plot of the show centers on Bakkar, a young Nubian-Egyptian kid, his pet goat Rashida, and his friends.

Amr Samir Serif wrote the script, and Mona Abul-Nasr served as the director. Famed Nubian-Egyptian singer Mohammed Mounir’s opening and closing songs were composed by Kawthar Mostafa, a longstanding collaborator. One of the composers is Sherif Nour. – Saudi Arabia Animation

8. Yahya and Knouz (TV Series 2022)

Saudi Arabia Animation

Director: Mohamed Adly

A historical cartoon series that examines many significant historical events from ancient Egypt the era of ancient secrets in its episodes. The series took around eight months to compose, according to Mohamed Adly, the work’s creator, who also noted every fact in the episodes.

Adly stated exclusively to Al-Masry Al-Youm that the creators of “Yahya and Konooz” encountered numerous difficulties, including the necessity to present the ancient Egyptian civilization in a way that is appropriate for all audiences, not only youngsters. Adly expressed delight that the series had veteran performers who had an impact on the characters by lending their voices to them. – Saudi Arabia Animation

9. Bassant and Diyasty (TV Series 2008)

Saudi Arabia Animation

Director: Ahmed Amin

In a village in Upper Egypt, a man named Diyasty runs a tiny business and works with his wife, Bassant, to try to persuade the locals of his acts of bravery. One of the first ever Egyptian 3D series, produced by The Nile Network under a government program to increase the production of Arabic 3D series. – Saudi Arabia Animation

10. Qasas El Ayat fil Qur’an (TV Series 2015)

Saudi Arabia Animation

Director: Mostafa El Faramawy

When Safi Al-Din, the judge’s grandson, learned to use a bow and arrow, he hit a dead pigeon at its foot. The judge then learned the message and realized that the letter was written in a foreign language, and it became clear to the judge that the letter contains the most accurate information about the kingdom and its inner workings.

A session involving the caliph, the emir Khaled, the judge, and the chief of police is called to clarify the message’s ambiguity because it concerns people’s lives and the fact that it was transmitted by a spy to the leader of foreign troops. The judge starts by telling his grandkids the stories of the great Companions as justification for why particular verses of the great Qur’an were revealed. – Saudi Arabia Animation