Top 10 Greatest Serbia Animation Movies of All Time

Top 10 Greatest Serbia Animation Movies of All Time. You should check out these Serbia Animation Movies. These Serbia Animation Movies will give you a lot of fun and practice.


Serbia Animation Movies

1. Brother Bear (2003)

Serbia Animation

Director: Robert Walker

Kenai, a guy who hates bears since one of them killed his older brother in a fight, gets transformed into a bear so he can view things differently. The ghost of his older brother appears to him and informs him that he must go to the Northern Lights or the location where the lights contact the Earth if he wants to be transformed back into a human.

Hope-filled, Kenai embarks on his arduous trek. Along the way, he meets Koda, a younger bear who is chatty and full of joy. Koda is attempting to return to the Salmon Run, which, ironically, is close to the location where the lights touch the Earth. When Koda and Kenai band together, Denahi, Kenai’s other brother, hunts them because he thinks the bear has also killed Kenai.

The two bears make new acquaintances along the trip, including two moose, a few rams, and a few mammoths, with whom they share a ride. While Koda sees humans as monsters with their long spears, Kenai learns that he enjoys being a bear and understands that humans are generally terrified of all animals. Kenai decides to take a course of action that will forever alter his worldview. – Serbia Animation

2. Technotise: Edit & I (2009)

Serbia Animation

Director: Stevan Djordjevic

A smart, gorgeous, but bored and aimless female student named Edit is having difficulty with her final examinations because of a pervy teacher in the futuristic city of Belgrade, Serbia. She chooses to purchase an illegal chip from her drug-dealing pal since her friends and boyfriend are potheads and slackers, her parents hover too much, and she’s mentally fatigued.

The chip can be put into the bloodstream to multiply one’s memory power by 10. She takes care of a teenage guy with autism who is nonverbal in her free time. When she sees the lad after passing the test and he unexpectedly tells her she’s going to get a call, she panics.

An elderly scientist who is also her boss and the boy’s carer answers the phone. He extends an invitation to observe his top-secret research project, which, if finished, could foretell the future. When she gets there, she starts feeling sick and notices a peculiar man that no one else notices. She soon develops superhuman agility and tries to talk to the unidentified man. – Serbia Animation

3. Life of a Mutt (2021)

Serbia Animation

Director: Tanja Brzakovic

The true, personal, and authentic tales in “Life of a Mutt” are told from the viewpoint of stray dogs. Giving our silent heroes a voice by fusing documentary footage with hand-drawn animation, voiceover, and genre-crossing fiction and animation techniques.

The stories from ancient India, Russia, and Britain served as inspiration. From birth to birth again, seven episodes are combined into one life story in which we see their honorable struggle for survival. Existential issues, such as those involving marginalized groups, nature, and the environment, are also touched with, and exemplary virtues like love, friendship, and trust are highlighted. – Serbia Animation

4. The Final Adventure of Kaktus Kid (2018)

Serbia Animation

Director: Dorde Markovic

The well-known animator Aleksandar Zograf unveils a peculiar band from the Second World War. Cactus Kid, a tiny cactus who is imprisoned in his pocket, is his hero. Intrigued, Zograf starts an investigation into the life of Cactus Kid, a lesser-known Veljko Kockar artist. – Serbia Animation

5. Bunda za 50 eura (2022)

Serbia Animation

Director: Mihailo Ilic

When a stranger unexpectedly enters Mixer’s souvenir business one day and begins to harass him, Mixer realizes that he had been storing a priceless item in the store the entire time for this insane customer. – Serbia Animation


6. Clever Brenda (2017)

Serbia Animation


Clever Brenda tells the tale of a bright girl who teaches young children about fundamental ideas like how our bodies work and how recycling and the water cycle work. Clever Brenda teaches kids fundamental ideas like how our bodies work and how recycling and the water cycle work. Children are urged to follow Brenda’s example and investigate topics linked to science. – Serbia Animation

7. A Tomb for Boris Davidovich (2011)

Serbia Animation

Director: Aleksandar Kostic

The book “A Tomb for Boris Davidovich” by Danilo Kis and actual historical occurrences that deal with themes of political deception, treachery, and murder in Eastern Europe during the first half of the 20th century served as inspiration for the movie. – Serbia Animation

8. Radiovizija (2016)

Serbia Animation

Director: Milos Tomic

Young artists have brought to life nine tales that Ivo Andric, Isidora Sekulic, Mirko Kovac, and other notable historical and cultural luminaries of 20th-century Serbia and Yugoslavia have narrated. An animated documentary called Radiovision unearths tales from Radio Belgrade, one of the continent’s first public radio stations.

The creative team perused the audio interview archives from the 1950s through the 1990s and discovered amazing tales that highlight the enduring messages of love, honesty, and dedication. Young Serbian illustrators, animators, and visual artists have visualized nine tales that were written by some of the finest authors, painters, and intellectual minds to have lived in Serbia and Yugoslavia over their 40-year history.

Ivo Andric describes his early “thirst for books,” Isidora Sekulic inspires young people around the world, Mirko Kovac recalls his time spent in Belgrade’s Cinamateque, Borislav Pekic muses on the idea of immortality, Rahela Ferrari shares a startling true story from World War II, Timothy J. – Serbia Animation

9. Kosmonaut Lutalica (2009)

Serbia Animation

Director: Marija Milanović Lazarevski

The dog Laika was the first living thing to exist in the universe, according to this fake documentary. Laika is a name that almost everyone has heard of, but few are aware of her true story. – Serbia Animation

10. Daljine su savladane (2016)

Serbia Animation

Director: Jelena Milunovic

We can listen to Isidora Sukulic, a well-known Yugoslavian author, speak to the young generations of Yugoslavia and the entire world in her final audio recording, which was recorded just a few months before she passed away.

She informs them of the great mission and great service that await them and explains why it is necessary to establish a “zone of wisdom.” The message, which was recorded more than 60 years ago, is still relevant today. – Serbia Animation