Top 10 Greatest Seychelles Movies of All Time

Top 10 Greatest Seychelles Movies of All Time. You should check out these Seychelles Movies. These Seychelles Movies will give you a lot of fun and practice.


Seychelles Movies

1. Thunderbirds (2004)

Seychelles Movies

Director: Jonathan Frakes

The youngest son of Jeff Tracy, a former American astronaut, teenager Alan Tracy was transferred to a faraway boarding school. Jeff, a widower, founded International Rescue and raised his boys to serve as a covert, volunteer agency that uses cutting-edge technology to save lives all around the world.

Lady Penelope and her butler/chauffeur Parker work alongside Jeff and his older sons John, Virgil, Scott, and Gordon, who like Alan were named after the Mercury Seven astronauts. Their cutting-edge equipment is mostly the creation of a brilliant scientist by the name of Brains, who resides at the International Rescue base on Tracy Island, which is located somewhere in the Pacific. – Seychelles Movies

2. Stander (2003)

Seychelles Movies

Director: Bronwen Hughes

The true story of André Stander, a South African homicide/robbery police commander who rose to prominence as one of the nation’s most infamous bank robbers. After taking part in a terrible killing during a riot while on duty, Stander made the bold decision to rebel against the system he was a part of.

He went on a spree of bank robberies during his lunch break and then returned to the murder scene to head up the investigation. He was finally apprehended by his police force, imprisoned, and later became friends with Allan Heyl and Lee McCall.

The “Stander Gang” carried out numerous robberies that gradually became more daring after a risky jailbreak. They became the most well-liked anti-heroes in South Africa because of their open disdain for authority. But in fact, Stander and his crew were the most wanted criminals in the nation. – Seychelles Movies

3. A Grain of Sand (2009)

Seychelles Movies

Director: Joseph Richard Johnson Camí

British citizen Brendon Grimshaw served as editor of some of Africa’s most significant newspapers. But in 1972, he abandoned everything to move to and live on Moyenne Island, which he had paid 10,000 pounds for.

Brendon and his buddy Rene Lafortune have created an island of great beauty that is now valued at 34 million euros in the 36 years that they have lived there.

They have planted sixteen thousand trees, constructed 4,8 kilometers of nature trails, and brought and reared 109 huge land tortoises. Join us on this adventure to learn why an 82-year-old man worries that his island will someday be destroyed. – Seychelles Movies

4. Emmanuelle (1974)

Seychelles Movies

Director: Just Jaeckin

Jean, her diplomat spouse, and Emmanuelle travel to Bangkok together. She says she didn’t have any other partners while she was in Paris in response to his question. Marie-Ange, a gorgeous young girl, approaches Emmanuelle after she swims in her undies. Later, Marie-Ange pays Emmanuelle a visit.

She finds herself sleeping, so she takes use of the opportunity to feel her body. When Emmanuelle awakens, Marie-Ange asks her whether she has any pictures of herself and Jean having sex as they walk outdoors. Marie-Ange grabs a French magazine with a picture of the actor Paul Newman and starts masturbating in front of Emmanuelle after she says she doesn’t.

Emmanuelle admits to Marie-Ange that although she didn’t have extramarital affairs in Paris, she did have extramarital affairs with two strangers on the journey to Bangkok. Emmanuelle recounts the tryst while starting to masturbate. When she discusses Marie-Ange’s lack of shame with Jean at night, Jean encourages her to keep the friendship going. – Seychelles Movies

5. Tarzan the Ape Man (1981)

Seychelles Movies

Director: John Derek

The Tarzan tale is seen through Jane’s eyes. Jane Parker travels to Africa to see her father, joining him on an expedition. She had a few brief experiences with Tarzan and develops a (sexual) bond with him. Tarzan saves the expedition after it is taken hostage by primitives.

The legendary white ape-man is said to prowl the dark forest, so the great explorer Professor James Parker sets off into the depths of Africa in pursuit of this creature.

He also hopes to find the fabled elephant graveyard. Soon after, Jane, Parker’s estranged daughter, who has pale skin and blue eyes and is a blonde beauty, attracts the attention of an elusive savage who coexists with wild animals there in the thick of the tangled green domain. – Seychelles Movies


6. Pirates (1986)

Seychelles Movies

Director: Roman Polanski

The iconic elderly English pirate Thomas Bartholomew Red, also known as Captain Red, and his ship’s adolescent cabin lad Jean-Baptiste, sometimes known as “Frog,” are stranded on a raft in the seas in the year 1659 in the Atlantic seas.

Fortunately, Captain Red and Frog are taken aboard the Spanish galleon Neptune as it sails for Spain. Red and Frog are imprisoned after being thrown into the brig, where they encounter the cook of the ship, Boomako.

Boomako is accused of poisoning Neptune’s captain Linares in an alleged effort to steal the golden throne, which is being discreetly transported in the galleon’s hold and was stolen from the Aztec King Catapec Anahuac. Taking the crown for himself becomes Captain Red’s obsession. – Seychelles Movies

7. Elementa (2020)

Seychelles Movies

Director: Richard Sidey

A black bear with white fur, locally referred to as Moksgm’ol, is a rare, unusual, and rarely seen mammal that resides deep within Canada’s Great Bear Rainforest. Local legend holds that the creator Raven commanded the black bear to have one in ten of its pups be white as a memory of the Great White Time when the earth was completely covered in ice.

In this creative, environmental, and global film, ice, fire, earth, air, and aether combine, demanding that each viewer materialize their own story, visually guided by arresting cinematography from our wildest areas.

Discover the untamed expanse of the white continent, the storied strength of the world’s oceans, and volcanic volcanoes. A visual meditation on the elements and the wilderness, Elementa is in black and white. – Seychelles Movies

8. Save Angel Hope (2007)

Seychelles Movies

Director: Lukas Erni

The “Angel Hope” is a made-up nun who works in a made-up hospital in the South Pacific. She is similar to Mother Teresa, but younger and more attractive. The hospital is destroyed by a hurricane in the third made-up part, which sparks a fundraising effort to reconstruct it. Naturally, there are no more plans to construct a new hospital than there were for the hospital that already existed. Things start badly, with love and faith getting in the way of good, honest greed. – Seychelles Movies

9. Kristel

Seychelles Movies

Director: Lou Di Giorgio

She engages in a shady desire for material gain while using her feminine cunning. This cautionary story calls into question what is morally acceptable in terms of pursuing one’s objectives as well as questions of boundaries. – Seychelles Movies

10. Amore libero – Free Love (1974)

Seychelles Movies

Director: Pier Ludovico Pavoni

Francesco Ferraro, a young engineer, is dispatched to Smeraldo Island in the Seychelles to supervise the testing required to dig a silver mine. But Francesco also has to learn what happened to his predecessor, who mysteriously vanished. – Seychelles Movies