Top 10 Greatest Sri Lanka Animation Movies of All Time

Top 10 Greatest Sri Lanka Animation Movies of All Time. You should check out these Sri Lanka Animation Movies. These Sri Lanka Animation Movies will give you a lot of fun and practice.


1. The Legend of Shankhadhar (2016)

Sri Lanka Animation Movies

Director: Sanyukta Shrestha

Shankhadhar observed two porters excavating sand from the river in the early hours of the morning. Upon inquiring about their destination, they informed him that they were headed to Bhaktapar. Intrigued by their response, he extended an invitation for them to deposit the sand at his residence and procure another batch from the river, which they acquiesced to.

The narrative centers around a woman who is unable to settle her debt with a merchant in Kathmandu, resulting in her being subjected to public humiliation on the street, in full view of the populace.

The spectacle of this ignominy left an indelible impression on Shankhadhar’s psyche, and he was unable to shake off the memory. Simultaneously, a renowned astrologer, Sidhuwant Joshi, prophesied that the sand from the Bistnumati River would transmute into gold at a specific propitious moment. – Sri Lanka Animation Movies

2. Planes (2013)

Sri Lanka Animation Movies

Director: Klay Hall

Dusty, a crop duster pilot hailing from Minnesota, is employed in a cornfield situated near Propwash Junction. In his leisure time, Dusty dedicates himself to honing his aerobatic skills and harbors aspirations of attaining professional racing status.

Regrettably, his boss Leadbottom, and his acquaintances, the forklift and mechanical companion Dottie, do not share his fervor for racing. However, Dusty finds solace in the companionship of Chug, his fuel truck counterpart, who shares his passion.

Together, Chug and Dusty engage in rigorous training for the Wings Around the World Rally Qualifier. On the eve of this momentous event, Skipper Riley, a seasoned naval aviator of advanced age, extends an offer to instruct Dusty in the art of effective flying.

Nevertheless, Skipper’s offer is met with refusal. Despite this setback, Dusty manages to secure a place in the Qualifier, albeit through a technicality resulting from the disqualification of one of the participating aircraft. The disqualification was imposed due to the unauthorized utilization of a fuel intake system. – Sri Lanka Animation Movies

3. Monsters, Inc. (2001)

Sri Lanka Animation Movies

Director: Pete Docter

Monstropolis is an urban center inhabited by creatures, overseen by a corporate entity known as Monsters, Inc. The narrative revolves around a toddler named Boo, who inadvertently infiltrates the realm of monsters alongside her loyal companion, Sulley, an immense azure behemoth.

The imperative task at hand is to promptly repatriate Boo to her authentic reality, ensuring her presence remains clandestine from all parties, including their adversaries.

Amongst these adversaries are the primary rival, Randall, a proficient scorer capable of morphing his dermal pigmentation, and their superior, Mr. Waternoose, the esteemed chairman and CEO of Monsters, Inc. – Sri Lanka Animation Movies

4. Tomorrow (2019)

Sri Lanka Animation Movies

Director: Mohammad Shihab Uddin

Ratul currently resides with his father in the southern region of Bangladesh. Recently, he had a dream where an elderly gentleman imparted a vision to him, highlighting the detrimental effects of global warming on the planet.

The vision showcased two contrasting scenarios, one where Bangladesh was submerged due to the rising water levels, and the other where it had successfully transitioned from fossil fuels to renewable energy, resulting in a prosperous nation.

Ratul’s father is aware of the perils of nature and is visited by the same old man in his dream. The old man presented two visions, one depicting the catastrophic consequences of global warming on Bangladesh, and the other portraying a thriving nation that had embraced renewable energy.

In the dream, Ratul was motivated to take action and prevent the impending disaster, and he succeeded in his endeavors. – Sri Lanka Animation Movies

5. My Father Mujib (2021)

Sri Lanka Animation Movies

Director: Sohel Mohammad Rana

The film chronicles the life and political odyssey of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the revered founding father of Bangladesh, as he matures and embarks on his political voyage. The narrative of the film draws inspiration from Sheikh Mujib’s memoir, penned by his daughter, Sheikh Hasina, the incumbent Prime Minister of Bangladesh.

In this literary work, the author eloquently portrays the transformative journey of Sheikh Mujib, heralding him as the preeminent figure in the annals of Bangladeshi history. – Sri Lanka Animation Movies


6. Moon Fairy (2009)

Sri Lanka Animation Movies

Director: Rezwan Shahriar Sumit

A moon fairy possesses the ability to sprout wings solely upon receiving heartfelt praise from an individual. In the town of Promptville, amidst a gloomy and tempestuous night, it proves arduous to encounter individuals who exhibit the necessary courtesy to bestow such admiration.

Should an individual genuinely admire the moon fairy, will she indeed acquire the capacity to grow wings? It becomes imperative for her to locate this person before the night crawlers retreat to their abodes. – Sri Lanka Animation Movies

7. Surviving 71 (2021)

Sri Lanka Animation Movies

Director: Wahid Ibn Reza

The narrative chronicles the experiences of three apprehended individuals who valiantly fought for freedom during the 1971 Bangladesh Liberation War. In their contemplative moments, they delve into the motivations that propelled them to partake in the conflict, while simultaneously bracing themselves for the inevitable demise that awaits them, as they are mercilessly shot from behind and subsequently discarded from a moving train. – Sri Lanka Animation Movies

8. Murgi Keno Mutant (2011)

Sri Lanka Animation Movies

Director: Nayeem Mahbub

The film’s narrative revolves around a collective of culinary experts who find themselves compelled to embark on a mission to eradicate menacing avian creatures, with the ultimate aim of preserving the accessibility of poultry in Bangladesh.

The film’s backdrop is firmly rooted in Bangladesh, a nation where card games continue to enjoy widespread popularity, and the principal roles are portrayed by actors who possess a remarkable aptitude for their respective characters. However, it is worth noting that the transitions between scenes were frequently marred by a lack of fluidity.

The central protagonist, skillfully portrayed by Rubel, exhibits exceptional prowess in both combat and dance. Undoubtedly, the central motif of the movie centers around the significance of chicken. – Sri Lanka Animation Movies

9. Chilekothar Shepai – The Smoker (2021)

Sri Lanka Animation Movies

Director: Ragib Mohmud Safayet Shah

This brief film is an animated silent production that addresses the perils associated with smoking. The protagonist is a youthful bachelor endeavoring to ignite a cigarette, yet he encounters considerable difficulty in doing so.

After numerous attempts, he eventually succeeds in lighting it towards the conclusion of his day. Regrettably, the very cigarette that provided him immense pleasure ultimately becomes the cause of his demise. The animation showcased in this short film is of exceptional quality. – Sri Lanka Animation Movies

10. Shahana and Her Friends (2015)

Sri Lanka Animation Movies

Director: Mohammad Shihab Uddin

The campaign titled “Stop Child Marriage in Bangladesh” has been the subject of six television documentaries produced by the United Nations Food and Food Programme for Pakistan. The central protagonist, Shahana, collaborates with a close-knit circle of companions in their endeavor to combat the practice of child marriage. – Sri Lanka Animation Movies

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