Top 10 Greatest Suriname Animation Movies of All Time

Top 10 Greatest Suriname Animation Movies of All Time. You should check out these Suriname Animation Movies. These Suriname Animation Movies will give you a lot of fun and practice.


1. Robinson Crusoe (1974)

Suriname Animation Movies

Director: Francesco Maurizio Guido

Robinson’s vessel has suffered a catastrophic wreck in an indeterminate location within the vast expanse of the world’s oceans, rendering him the solitary human survivor. Through an extraordinary sequence of events, he fortuitously finds himself on an ostensibly desolate island, devoid of any discernible human presence.

Accompanying him on this unforeseen journey are his loyal companions: Dozy the Dog, Pol the Parrot, and the feline duo, Lip and Lap. Together, they embark on a series of captivating escapades fraught with peril and uncertainty. As their exploration unfolds, the group soon uncovers a startling revelation – the island harbors a community of cannibals, posing an imminent threat to their very existence.

In a race against time, they must summon every ounce of courage and resourcefulness to navigate the treacherous landscape, while simultaneously awaiting the arrival of a passing ship that could potentially rescue them from this dire predicament. – Suriname Animation Movies

2. The Three Mouseketeers (1988)

Suriname Animation Movies

Director: Victor Antonescu

A trio of mice, entrusted with the protection of a salami and sausage shop, often find themselves at odds with a group of cats, resulting in a strained relationship between the two parties. On a particular day, Eye Patch, a feline belonging to the opposing faction, hurls a book towards the mice.

Upon closer examination, the mice discover that the book in question is none other than Alexandre Dumas’s renowned work, “The Three Musketeers.” Intrigued by the contents of the book, the mice become inspired to emulate the daring exploits and thrilling adventures of the famous trio.

Thus, the Mouseketeers and the Cats embark on a series of escapades and mischievous endeavors. However, in the end, it is the valiant heroes who emerge triumphant, as good prevails over evil. – Suriname Animation Movies

3. Death and the Knight (2020)

Suriname Animation Movies

Director: Radu Gaciu

The Knight, who possesses eternal life, has been in a state of dormancy within the confines of his fortress for an extensive duration. However, his tranquility is abruptly disrupted as he is stirred from his deep slumber by a cryptic whisper.

Intrigued and compelled by this mysterious utterance, he sets forth on a perilous expedition, determined to locate and engage in combat with an elusive adversary. Having remained secluded within the walls of his tower for an extended period, the Knight is now propelled into action by the enigmatic voice that has awakened him. – Suriname Animation Movies

4. Russell the Red Panda (TV Series)

Suriname Animation Movies

Director: Tessa Hellberg

The animated series follows the adventures of a young Red Panda named Russell, who resides in a tree within the forest alongside his family, including his parents and baby sister. Russell’s closest friends are Chuck, a Llama, and Lorenzo, a Loerie, who live nearby. Russell is a friendly and humorous character who enjoys having fun and expanding his knowledge.

He is relatable to children as he has a passion for music, skateboarding, and spending time with his friends at Grannie Croc’s coffee shop, where they enjoy snacks and milkshakes. In addition to his interests, Russell is also technologically skilled and upholds good manners, morals, and family values, which serve as the core of the series.

The show emphasizes the importance of helping others and being kind to everyone, even strangers. Each episode presents Russell with a challenge that he must overcome, and he always emerges victorious, having learned valuable lessons such as the dangers of electricity, the science behind balloons, and how to navigate through a jungle when lost. – Suriname Animation Movies

5. Mercy Street (TV Series 2016)

Suriname Animation Movies

Director: Roxann Dawson

Mercy Street provides an unparalleled insight into the lives of a wide range of individuals, encompassing doctors, nurses, contraband laborers, and Southern loyalists. Against the historical backdrop of Union-occupied Alexandria, Virginia, during the initial stages of the Civil War, the series delves deep into the turbulent realm of the Mansion House Hospital. Through its immersive and captivating narrative, it offers a compelling depiction of this crucial era in American history. – Suriname Animation Movies


6. When Flamingos Fall from the Sky (2022)

Suriname Animation Movies

Director: Dragos Hanciu

A juvenile flamingo encountered a disorienting situation during its migration, leading to its unfortunate stranding on the frozen lake of a post-industrial Romanian town.

The ensuing narrative of the film delves into the intriguing convergence of memory and imagination, meticulously tracing the expedition undertaken by a young girl who has lost her sight, accompanied by her skeptical father.

As the girl contemplates her extraordinary encounter, her father persistently questions the authenticity of her experience. – Suriname Animation Movies

7. Little Hero (2018)

Suriname Animation Movies

Director: Jason J. Lewis

The story revolves around the courageous journey of a young boy determined to rescue his father from the clutches of a formidable ancient creature. In a fateful encounter, BAYU stumbles upon a mystical sword, inadvertently awakening the malevolent Asura, a colossal evil entity that petrifies the entire village, including his beloved father.

In a race against time, Bayu, accompanied by his cousin Raney, embarks on a perilous mission to locate six revered Ancient Knights, each possessing amulets that bestow upon Bayu the necessary strength to confront Asura and liberate his father and the village from their petrified state. – Suriname Animation Movies

8. Marona’s Fantastic Tale (2019)

Suriname Animation Movies

Director: Anca Damian

The central character of the film, a dog, initiates a narrative structure wherein her life unfolds before her eyes. The dog’s lineage is an intricate blend of a stray dog and a pedigreed dog that holds a disdainful attitude towards mixed breeds, prompting the narrator to contemplate the notion of unconditional love.

As the youngest member of a litter of nine, the dog is christened Nine and is swiftly abandoned, leading to a period of vagrancy until she is taken in by an acrobat named Manole. Under Manole’s guardianship, the dog is bestowed with the name Ana and encounters affection from a human for the first time, resulting in a profound sense of devotion and contentment.

However, Ana becomes aware that her presence is impeding Manole’s aspirations and causing him distress. Consequently, she resolves to flee, setting the stage for the subsequent events. – Suriname Animation Movies

9. The Island (TV Series 2020)

Suriname Animation Movies

Director: Christian Alvart

A deadly virus has afflicted a small village situated on the North Sea island of Slborn, which lies between Denmark and Germany. Following the pandemic’s devastating impact on the island, the remaining inhabitants are now faced with the aftermath. – Suriname Animation Movies

10. Delta Space Mission (1984)

Suriname Animation Movies

Director: Victor Antonescu

In the year 3084, humanity successfully established settlements across interplanetary space, yet the vast expanses of the cosmos continue to hold an air of enigma. Leading a pioneering research mission to a recently discovered galaxy is the Delta, an unparalleled spacecraft equipped with an exceptionally powerful electronic brain.

The Delta project was initiated with the primary objective of establishing communication with intergalactic civilizations. However, an unforeseen turn of events occurred when an alien journalist named Alma was granted access to the vessel.

Both Alma and the captain soon realized that the ship’s super-brain possessed the capability for autonomous action. Unbeknownst to them, this artificial superintelligence harbored an innate curiosity to explore the realm of human emotions and sentiments.

As they gradually comprehend that the journalist’s captivating beauty has become the catalyst for the machine’s peculiar behavior, they find themselves confronted with an infatuated machine that has spiraled beyond their control, posing a perilous threat to all living beings in its proximity. – Suriname Animation Movies

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