Top 10 Greatest Suriname TV Series of All Time

Top 10 Greatest Suriname TV Series of All Time. You should check out these Suriname TV Series. These Suriname TV Series will give you a lot of fun and practice.


1. World’s Greatest Natural Icons (TV Series 2022)

Suriname TV Series

Director: Peter McAllum

This documentary series provides an exploration of some of the most renowned natural landmarks and remarkable natural phenomena in the world. It takes viewers on a journey to discover some of the most remarkable natural wonders that have been created by the forces of nature.

The world is full of amazing natural wonders, from Mount Everest to the Russian Volcanoes, from the desert in the Middle East to the Fjords in Norway. Each one has its unique ecology and culture, and the World’s Greatest Natural Icons show how these wonders were created by the forces of nature. They show how these icons affect life and humanity. – Suriname TV Series

2. Welcome to Earth (TV Series 2021)

Suriname TV Series

Director: Rod Blackhurst

Will Smith embarks on a journey of exploration and discovery, journeying to the most remote corners of the globe, from the most active volcanos to the depths of the ocean. – Suriname TV Series

3. The British Tribe Next Door (TV Series 2019)

Suriname TV Series

Director: James Harrison

A British family embarks on a four-week journey to Namibia, where they will be hosted by a remote tribe. The family, led by Scarlett Moffatt, will be housed in a state-of-the-art replica of their traditional terraced home in the center of a tribal village, which is inhabited by a group of approximately one hundred Himba cattle shepherds who adhere to a highly traditional lifestyle. – Suriname TV Series

4. The Gambler (TV Series 2022)

Suriname TV Series

Director: Ryan Doll

The Gambler is a black comedy about an English professor who takes a loan from a villainous gangster to cover up his gambling debts. He has to deal with his mom’s disapproval and his crush on a young student. It’s a tale of a skilled gambler and two criminals who have been set up to take him out. – Suriname TV Series

5. Sake (TV Series 2020)

Suriname TV Series

Director: Olzhas Nurbay

The series is about Crime a corrupt mayor in a fictional city who is so scared of getting arrested that he resorts to illegal activities. Crime drama unfolds about a corrupt mayor who is corrupt in a fictional city, driven by a fear of getting arrested that leads him to illegal activities. – Suriname TV Series


6. Zombety (TV Series 2020)

Suriname TV Series

Director: Daniyar Bolotbekov

The plot of the story is set in 2021, shortly after the onset of the global pandemic. As scientists attempt to develop a vaccine against the virus, they inadvertently create a new form of zombie that induces aggression and destroys the mind. However, there are survivors, and this is the story of how these individuals managed to survive the zombie apocalypse. It is a tale of survival, relaxation, and camaraderie. – Suriname TV Series

7. Sanzhar men Qaysar (TV Series 2012)

Suriname TV Series

Director: Akhat Ibraev

Kazakhstan’s inaugural children’s sitcom will chronicle the misadventures of two young siblings, renowned for their penchant for concocting outlandish ideas and conducting laboratory experiments that often lead to mischief within their academic and familial spheres.

Viewers will be introduced to an array of eccentric characters, including a father who, despite his aspirations as a scientist, consistently falls short in his experimental endeavors. Additionally, a mother, whose culinary creations are consistently subpar, surprisingly excels as a writer for a prominent magazine.

The cast further includes a zealous design student, an older sister, and a grandmother who possesses the unique ability to communicate with apparitions and ethereal beings. – Suriname TV Series

8. Catherine the Great (TV Series 2019)

Suriname TV Series

Director: Igor Zaytsev

The protagonist of the television series, The Sniffer, exhibits an exceptional olfactory prowess that enables him to effectively investigate criminal cases by detecting minuscule traces of various substances. Working alongside him is Viktor Lebedev, a childhood friend and an agent affiliated with the esteemed Special Bureau of Investigations.

The Sniffer is an individual of a reserved nature, who takes great pride in his extraordinary sense of smell and possesses an uncanny ability to discern information about individuals that they may not be cognizant of.

His investigative aptitude is genuinely unparalleled, as he is capable of locating even the most elusive pieces of evidence and extracting the truth from individuals involved. However, his heightened olfactory sense serves as both a gift and a burden, presenting unique challenges in his pursuit of justice. – Suriname TV Series

9. Happy Together (TV series 2006)

Suriname TV Series

Director: Aleksandr Anurov

The Bukin family currently resides in a modest building located on the highest level, serving as their temporary residence. The neighboring unit is occupied by the Stepanovs/Polenos.

The living space of the Bukins bears a striking resemblance to the Bundy household, albeit with a few notable differences. These differences include the absence of a cellar and rear entrance, a separate structure for parking vehicles, and a balcony in place of a garden.

At present, Bukin’s apartment is in a state of disarray due to ongoing renovations. The presence of a nearby construction site has posed a challenge, as it has allowed uninvited guests, including the family dog Baron, to enter and exit the premises through the balcony. – Suriname TV Series

10. Omir (TV Series 2021)

Suriname TV Series

Director: Dmitriy Kyrykbayev

The storyline centers around an 11-year-old child who, despite their tender age, is resolute in their quest to restore their younger sibling’s health, commence a fresh start, and prove their worthiness of joy to the world. This endeavor necessitates confronting the obstacles of existence, including the efforts of the guardianship authorities to separate them and the reluctance of the school administration to assume accountability for their welfare. – Suriname TV Series

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