Top 10 Greatest Tuvalu TV Series of All Time

Top 10 Greatest Tuvalu TV Series of All Time. You should check out these Tuvalu TV Series. These Tuvalu TV Series will give you a lot of fun and practice.


1. Rebelde Way (TV Series 2002)

Tuvalu TV Series

Director: Martín Mariani

The narrative centers around four adolescents, each possessing distinctive lifestyles and personalities, enrolled in a renowned independent institution. Nevertheless, they all share a mutual passion for music. – Tuvalu TV Series

2. Muñeca brave (1998)

Tuvalu TV Series

Director: Víctor Stella

The grand estate of the Di Carlos, aptly named “Solitude,” boasts not only the opulence within its walls but also the splendor of its surroundings. The family’s dining room serves as the venue for their evening meals, while the corridors remain hushed, and the elderly lady’s bedroom echoes with the sound of her footsteps in the morning.

Federico and Luisa’s union was primarily motivated by two factors: to restore the family’s financial stability following their bankruptcy and to safeguard Luisa’s reputation. The burden of this clandestine arrangement falls upon only a select few individuals, who must grapple with its implications and ramifications. Milagros, a mischievous resident of the convent, bears a striking resemblance to a young boy and harbors a fervent passion for soccer.

The parish priest, an ardent supporter of the Boca football club, affectionately refers to her as “Cholo,” in homage to a renowned Argentine footballer from the 1960s. Despite her occasional tendency to kick her opponents during a match, Milagros displays a natural talent for sports and relishes the opportunity to dance, often sneaking off to attend local balls with her friends.

Dancing is a paradise for her – she can’t stop dancing! And that’s how she meets Ivo – a guy who doesn’t know the difference between a bubbly, beautiful girl and a guy who sells sodas on the street and stamps stamps. Ivo’s dad runs a construction company. One Saturday morning, he and Bobby go to a football field to watch a match. Ivo asks a guy who is selling sodas if he’d like a drink. – Tuvalu TV Series

3. Apache: The Life of Carlos Tevez (TV Series 2019)

Tuvalu TV Series

Director: Israel Adrián Caetano

This meticulously authentic portrayal of the remarkable ascent of Argentine football prodigy Carlos Tevez traces his path to fame amidst the challenging surroundings of the Fuerte Apaches region in Argentina. – Tuvalu TV Series

4. El marginal (TV Series 2016)

Tuvalu TV Series

Director: Alejandro Ciancio

Juan Minujin, a former Argentine police officer, has been incarcerated by a judge with a specific mission – to uncover the identity of the individual responsible for his daughter’s abduction. In return for this favor, Minujin must navigate the treacherous prison environment.

Adopting the alias of Pastor Peña, he endeavors to gain the trust of his fellow inmates to survive. Within the confines of the prison, a complex web of power dynamics unfolds.

The Superintendent, Gerardo Romano, a seasoned social psychologist, along with Martina Gusmán, and Claudio Rissi, a highly influential inmate who wields control over the prison’s operations, are all integral members of a vast criminal organization. – Tuvalu TV Series

5. The Kingdom (TV Series 2021)

Tuvalu TV Series

Director: Marcelo Piñeyro

Following the tragic assassination of his esteemed running mate, a renowned televangelist, despite facing a tarnished reputation, assumes the solemn responsibility of assuming the presidency in Argentina. However, it becomes evident that his character lacks the virtuous qualities typically associated with such a position. – Tuvalu TV Series


6. Carmel: Who Killed Maria Marta? (TV Series 2020)

Tuvalu TV Series

Director: Alejandro Hartmann

This documentary series examines the events that occurred before the death of Argentine woman María Martínez García, a case that has become one of the most discussed criminal cases in Argentina. – Tuvalu TV Series

7. Santa Evita (TV Series 2022)

Tuvalu TV Series

Director: Marcela Guerty

Eva Perón’s embalmed remains underwent a 22-year journey that mirrored the events of her life. Her body lay unburied for three years while a large burial site was planned but never built. When the military took power in 1955, her remains were kept secret for 19 years to prevent them from being used as a tool against the Peronists.

Eva Perón had been a powerful political leader for six years and had shaped Argentine politics for more than two decades. Her death became the focus of a strange story that has become a part of Argentine folklore.

For the military regime, Eva Perón had become a greater threat than she had been when alive. The thought of her body wandering without a resting place filled everyone with dread. This is the enduring legend of Eva Perón’s remains. – Tuvalu TV Series

8. Signos (TV Series 2015)

Tuvalu TV Series

Director: Daniel Barone

Antonio, a medical professional, embarks on a quest for retribution in a small town by adopting the persona of a serial killer who meticulously arranges his murders by the twelve astrological signs of the Zodiac. Meanwhile, his sister Monica, a law enforcement officer, and her ex-husband Pablo investigate the gruesome killings. – Tuvalu TV Series

9. Entre hombres (TV series-2021)

Tuvalu TV Series

Director: Pablo Fendrik

The narrative unfolds in 1996 within the southern region of the Argentine metropolis, Buenos Aires. Against the backdrop of a lively gathering infused with alcohol, drugs, and the presence of transsexual guests, a tragic incident occurs the untimely demise of a Senator.

Remarkably, the entire occurrence is captured on a VHS tape, leaving all attendees in a compromising situation. Consequently, driven by the urgent need to eliminate any trace of this heinous act, a relentless pursuit ensues among the partygoers, plunging them into a relentless cycle of retribution, violence, and disregard for the law. – Tuvalu TV Series

10. El amor después del amor (Serie de TV 2023)

Tuvalu TV Series

Director: Felipe Gómez

Fito Paez esteemed and adored rock icon of Argentina, takes center stage in a biographical series meticulously tracing his remarkable journey and illustrious career. This compelling series serves as a poignant reminder of the profound significance of unwavering love, asserting that it is an indispensable force that no individual can thrive without. – Tuvalu TV Series

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