Top 20 Greatest Bavaria TV Series of All Time

Top 20 Greatest Bavaria TV Series of All Time. You should check out these Bavaria TV Series. These Bavaria TV Series will give you a lot of fun and practice.


1. Der Bulle von Tölz (TV Series 1996)

Bavaria Tv Series

Director: Wigbert Wicker

The protagonist of the film is Chief Inspector Benno Berghammmer, who is still residing with his mother. However, this does not impede his ability to solve criminal cases. With the assistance of his co-worker Sabrina Lorenz, he can uncover the answers to all of his murder cases. – Bavaria TV Series

2. The Empress (TV Series 2022)

Bavaria Tv Series

Director: Katharina Eyssen

The six episodes of the series will be set in the early 19th century, focusing on the initial months following the arrival of Sisi at the court. The main focus of the narrative is the relationship between Elizabeth and Franz.

The story will be told from the perspective of a young woman who is up-to-date with the rules of the time and meets Franz, a ruler with many facets who had a major influence on the development of modern European history.

Through the lens of jealousy, intrigue, and power struggles within the court of Habsburgs, as well as the growing issue of human liberty, the audience will be taken into a surreal world where young Sisi must struggle for both her place at court and the right to be more than a mere representative of the crumbling empire. – Bavaria TV Series

3. Die Rosenheim-Cops (TV Series 2002)

Bavaria Tv Series

Director: Jörg Schneider

A group of inspectors are investigating homicides in and around Rosenheim, a small town in Upper Bavaria. They still have time to explore the beautiful countryside, stay in fancy pre-Alpine villas, and dine on delicious Bavarian food with beer. – Bavaria TV Series

4. Besa (TV Series 2018)

Bavaria Tv Series

Director: Dusan Lazarevic

Uros Peric is a proprietor of a small enterprise based in Belgrade. Regrettably, he was involved in a vehicular accident that resulted in the demise of the daughter of an Albanian organized crime leader. To safeguard his family, he was coerced into engaging in criminal activities on behalf of the mafia. – Bavaria TV Series

5. The Little Drummer Girl (TV Series 2018)

Bavaria Tv Series

Director: Park Chan-wook

A suitcase bomb detonates in the home of an Israeli representative in West Germany, prompting a team of Israelis to take action against the escalating number of attacks, all orchestrated by a mysterious and elusive Palestinian.

An exasperated English actress is identified by the Israelis and recruited into their agency, where, with their assistance, she gradually gains the trust of the terrorist network until they accept her as their own. – Bavaria TV Series

6. Königlich Bayerisches Amtsgericht (TV Series 1969)

Bavaria Tv Series

Director: Ernst Schmucker

The period in which the show is set is pre-1914; the country is ruled by the Prince Regent, Luitpold because King Otto was in a state of heavy moods. An atheist tries to persuade others that man is descended from monkeys, a parasitic “prayer-brother” sneezes on people’s food to win a free meal, or someone accuses the local pharmacist of being a “poisoner” because he became ill from a medication that was meant for someone else. None of these trials is meant to be serious, although it’s easy to imagine that most are based on actual cases from this period. – Bavaria TV Series

7. Oktoberfest: Beer & Blood (TV Series 2020)

Bavaria Tv Series

Director: Hannu Salonen

In the year 1900, a wealthy individual with a questionable background arrived in Munich to make a grand entrance at the local Oktoberfest by establishing his brewery. However, when his daughter develops romantic feelings for the successor of a competing brewery, a series of violent events ensue, jeopardizing the future of both families. – Bavaria TV Series

8. Kommissarin Lucas (TV Series 2003)

Bavaria Tv Series

Director: Thomas Berger

A crime series set in the city of Regensburg, located in the state of Bavaria. Ellen Lucas assumed command of a task force tasked with locating the perpetrator of the murder of a five-year-old girl. Subsequently, a second young female disappeared. – Bavaria TV Series

9. Forsthaus Falkenau (TV Series 1989)

Bavaria Tv Series

Director: Andreas Drost

Following the untimely passing of his wife, Matthias Rombach (Martin Rombach) decides to pursue his lifelong ambition of becoming a forester. His children are not pleased with this decision, and Stefan (Stefan Rombach) is heartbroken due to the loss of his family due to Sonya’s suicide.

However, Wolfgang and Joseph (Joseph and Marianne) can avoid feeling the same way by being among the many local inhabitants affected by an outbreak. The most pressing issue in the village, and possibly the source of the leak, is a water-works pipe, which Stefan suspects to be an old pipe.

He must battle with his forestry colleague and supervisor to ensure that the necessary equipment is used. A female veterinarian passing by encounters Stefan in an unfortunate situation, yet they become friendly. – Bavaria TV Series

10. Heiter bis tödlich: München 7 (TV Series 2004)

Bavaria Tv Series

Director: Franz Xaver Bogner

The German police drama television series “Munchen 7” is created and hosted by Franz Xaver Bogner, and is set in the fictional police station of Munich, Germany. The main characters of the show are Franz Bartl and Felix Kandler, the two new members of the team, who serve as the sheriffs of the station. The title of the show is derived from the German word for police station. – Bavaria TV Series


11. SOKO München (TV Series 1978)

Bavaria Tv Series

Director: Bodo Schwarz

SOKO is a police procedural television series originally broadcast on the German television channel ZDF. The title of the show is derived from the German word for special investigative team, “SOKO”, which translates to “Special Investigation Team”. – Bavaria TV Series

12. Tatort (TV Series 1970)

Bavaria Tv Series

Director: Hartmut Griesmayr

A team of law enforcement officers is actively searching for criminal activity in various German areas. These investigators are tasked with investigating homicides, drug-related offenses, and abductions. – Bavaria TV Series

13. Der Millionenbauer (TV Series 1979)

Bavaria Tv Series

Director: Georg Tressler

The German economy was booming in the late 70s, so there was a lot of land speculation. Josef Hartinger, a farmer, made a lot of money selling his land, so he decided to give up farming and live off the millions he had made. He decided to help his kids out, so he bought out their lives.

His youngest son Martin became a beverage distributor, and his oldest daughter Monica got a hairdressing job and opened her salon.

But his eldest son, Andreas, was a farmer, so he emigrated to Canada with no land to farm. But without knowing it, Josef’s dad bought him a farm. The second series focuses on Josef becoming a local politician and running for mayor. – Bavaria TV Series

14. Monaco Franze – Der ewige Stenz (TV Series 1983)

Bavaria Tv Series

Director: Franz Geiger

The protagonist of the story, Franz Muenchinger, is a married man with the name “Monaco”. However, he is unable to resist the temptation of young girls and, as a police officer, frequently frequents the establishment of the ‘Fahndung’. Mani Kopfeck is often present at this time, also a police officer, and is always hopeful that one of the young women he courts will remain with him. – Bavaria TV Series

15. Tierarzt Dr. Engel (TV Series 1998)

Bavaria Tv Series

Director: Werner Masten

Doctor Quirin Engel is a German television series about a divorced veterinarian, his daughter, and his son. He is very dedicated to his profession, but he also has issues of his own.

His main adversary is Dr. Molfenter, whose only goal is to get in the way of Dr. Engel. The series was first broadcast in 1997 and was later moved to the prime time slot after 5 years. – Bavaria TV Series

16. Zwei am großen See (TV Series 2004)

Bavaria Tv Series

Director: Walter Bannert

For a long time, Regina Lechner had been living with Justus Haslinger and running his household. She was convinced that when he passed away she would be the only one to inherit his beautiful lakeside villa. So she buys a fancy condo before he passes away. – Bavaria TV Series

17. For Heaven’s Sake (TV Series 2002)

Bavaria Tv Series

Director: Andi Niessner

The satirical comedy follows a group of nuns as they evade the mayor’s attempts to seize control of their monastery to exploit its resources for the benefit of his political allies. The film is only available in German. – Bavaria TV Series

18. Agathe kann’s nicht lassen (TV Series 2005)

Bavaria Tv Series

Director: Helmut Metzger

The Austrian and German television series “Miss Marple” is a comedy detective series based on the works of Agatha Christie. – Bavaria TV Series

19. Life After Life (TV Series 2022)

Bavaria Tv Series

Director: John Crowley

One night in 1910 Ursula Todd passes away before she can take her first breath. The very next night, on the same night, Ursula gives birth and survives. – Bavaria TV Series

20. $NOB (TV Series 2021)

Bavaria Tv Series

Director: Redi Treni

In an endeavor to preserve her significant other’s life, a girl from a lower socioeconomic background is compelled to attend an exclusive gathering hosted by affluent youths without an invitation. This leads to the revelation of a more extensive scheme involving the privileged adolescents and their influential kin. – Bavaria TV Series

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