Top 40 Greatest Uzbekistan Movies of All Time

Top 40 Greatest Uzbekistan Movies of All Time. You should check out these Uzbekistan Movies. These Uzbekistan Movies will give you a lot of fun and practice.


1. I am not a terrorist (2021)

Top 40 Greatest Uzbekistan Movies of All Time

Director: Muhammad Ali Iskandarov

Islam and terrorism don’t have anything to do with each other. Young people are drawn to terrorism because they don’t feel like they have a purpose in life. The movie’s main purpose is to show people the other side of what it’s like to be an ISIS fighter. – Uzbekistan Movies

2. Scorpion (2018)

Top 40 Greatest Uzbekistan Movies of All Time

Director: Muhlisa Azizova

Timur Saliev, an Uzbek special services agent, is on a mission to take down the Scorpion terrorist group when he finds out that his brother, who he thought was dead, is still alive and is a member of this same terrorist group.

Saliev risks his life and career to follow his brother into a country where chaos reigns supreme and war is the order of the day. He is suspected of high treason and faces a decision that will not only cost him his life but also the peace of the entire region. – Uzbekistan Movies

3. Uzbek Qazi (2023)

Top 40 Greatest Uzbekistan Movies of All Time

Director: Akbar Bekturdiyev

In the spring of 1943, on the Kalinin Front, girls snipers got their first taste of fire. After completing the shooting school, the graduates make their way to the front. One of them, Jamila, is 18 years old and from Uzbekistan. – Uzbekistan Movies

4. 2000 Songs of Farida (2020)

Top 40 Greatest Uzbekistan Movies of All Time

Director: Yalkin Tuychiev

The film follows the life of Kamil, a man in Turkestan, and his three wives, as they are disrupted by the arrival of a fourth wife. At the same time, changes occur in the family, which appear to be nothing more than a result of a historical event that disrupts traditional family customs. The film combines a variety of motifs and imagery, with the main focus being on the polygamous family and the civil war between the whites and the Chinese.

Horizontal and vertical images are used to illustrate the relationship between the characters and the history of the family, while images of the building interiors illustrate the contrast between the characters and the exterior scenery. The film also foresees the onset of violent events against a background of static static. As a rare film in Central Asian film history, it demonstrates the transformation of women’s lives in the face of patriarchy and war. – Uzbekistan Movies

5. Solntse na vkus (2023)

Top 40 Greatest Uzbekistan Movies of All Time

Director: Tatyana Sulyayeva

The Moscow-born family is on their way to Tashkent in a hurry. The parents explain to their 12-year-old hero that they are in such a hurry because they need to help their grandfather in Uzbekistan with a business.

They have only met him once when the boy was very young, but he remembers that encounter with the eccentric relative very well. – Uzbekistan Movies

6. Ilhaq (2020)

Top 40 Greatest Uzbekistan Movies of All Time

Director: Jahongir Ahmedov

After Zulfiya’s husband passes away, she has five sons and one daughter to look after. World War II starts and Zulfiya’s five sons all go to the frontline.  – Uzbekistan Movies

7. Behind the Peace (2018)

Top 40 Greatest Uzbekistan Movies of All Time

Director: Akbar Bekturdiyev

This is the story of how a young man hopes to become a pilot, how he falls in love, and how he finds balance in his life. – Uzbekistan Movies

8. Colorless Dreams (2020)

Top 40 Greatest Uzbekistan Movies of All Time

Director: Ayub Shahobiddinov

Kashmira comes home to her Homeland after 17 years of being locked up. Inside her house, it’s all quiet and peaceful, and it always will be.

She doesn’t want to change anything in the house she’s always wanted, but when she does, things start to happen that she wasn’t expecting and wasn’t prepared for. – Uzbekistan Movies

9. A Faraway Land (2021)

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Director: Veronica Velasco

In the Faroe Islands, a married woman encounters a journalist who is producing a documentary on overseas Filipino workers, leading to the development of a complex romantic narrative. – Uzbekistan Movies

10. Peter Pan & Wendy (2023)

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Director: David Lowery

The story of Peter Pan and Wendy is based on J.M. Barrie’s novel, Peter and Wendy, and the 1953 animated film adaptation. The story follows a young girl, Wendy, who, against her parents’ wishes, decides to go to boarding school.

She and her two younger brothers embark on a magical journey to the magical land of Neverland. Along the way, they meet a boy who won’t grow up, a tiny fairy, and a pirate captain. Together, they embark on an adventure that is both dangerous and exciting, far from the comfort and safety of home and family. – Uzbekistan Movies

11. Fotima va Zuxra (2005)

Top 40 Greatest Uzbekistan Movies of All Time

Director: Bahrom Yaqubov

When Fatima’s brother Zuhra didn’t show up for school one day, she started to worry. She went out looking for him, but he wasn’t there. Then some street criminals took her away and raped her. Eventually, she killed herself. – Uzbekistan Movies

12. Parizod (2012)

Top 40 Greatest Uzbekistan Movies of All Time

Director: Ayub Shahobiddinov

The physician, known as Jonibek, is a humble, compassionate, and kind individual who meets a woman of exquisite, seductive beauty. Upon learning that she is alone and has no place to go, Jonibek decides to transport her to his village, thus becoming involved in the intricate intrigues and religious beliefs of the inhabitants. – Uzbekistan Movies

13. Legends of Uzbek Dance (2021)

Top 40 Greatest Uzbekistan Movies of All Time

Director: Ruslan Saliev

Uzbek Dance is an internationally renowned cultural phenomenon. It has captivated audiences around the world with its graceful and expressive style. This documentary examines the history and myths associated with one of the most remarkable oriental dances in the world. – Uzbekistan Movies

14. Submergence (2017)

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Director: Wim Wenders

A hydraulic engineer has been taken captive by jihadist terrorists in Somalia under suspicion of espionage on behalf of the British government. Meanwhile, Danielle ‘Danny’ Flinders is engrossed in an ambitious endeavor to explore the most profound regions of the ocean, aiming to substantiate her hypothesis regarding the genesis of life on our planet.

A year ago, James and Danny encountered each other and developed a deep affection while residing along the coastline. However, circumstances have led to their separation, and now Danny embarks on a treacherous descent into the depths of the Greenlandic ocean, plagued by uncertainty regarding James’ well-being.  – Uzbekistan Movies

15. Dreams by the Sea (2017)

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Director: Sakaris Stora

Ester leads a mundane existence on an isolated island, faithfully abiding by the religious values instilled by her parents. Nevertheless, the arrival of the rebellious Ragna in their community signifies a pivotal moment in their lives. Together, they spend their summer evenings contemplating a future that is unique and filled with greater potential. – Uzbekistan Movies

16. Snayper (2019)

Top 40 Greatest Uzbekistan Movies of All Time

Director: Ozod Shams

This film follows a young soldier, a “Sniper”, who undergoes a covert service program. This individual attempts to infiltrate a group of militants, ultimately foiling the plans of those who wish to perpetrate a terrorist act.

Despite sacrificing his life, this individual ensures the safety of his nation. This film is in honor of the law enforcement personnel who have sacrificed their lives in the pursuit of peace in Uzbekistan in the face of terrorism. – Uzbekistan Movies

17. Barbara (1997)

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Director: Nils Malmros

Upon his arrival in the Faroes to take on a role as a benefactor, the young vicar, Paul, meets Barbara, a young maiden who has been married twice to vicars who have since died. Despite the warnings of the local inhabitants and his religious beliefs, Mr. Paul gives in to Barbara’s seductive yet paradoxical mixture of purity and wickedness. The arrival of Mr. Paul’s benefactor, the charming and noble Andreas Heide, in Thorsshavn, presents the final obstacle to their union. – Uzbekistan Movies

18. Aldangan Ayol (2011)

Top 40 Greatest Uzbekistan Movies of All Time

Director: Hilol Nasimov

A trusting young woman becomes seduced by religious fundamentalists and abandons her family to become a radicalized terrorist. – Uzbekistan Movies

19. Aral: Death of a Sea (2008)

Top 40 Greatest Uzbekistan Movies of All Time

Director: Dimitri Udovicki

The Aral Sea was once one of the world’s most prosperous inland seas, with a thriving fishing industry. However, in the 1960s the Soviet government, in pursuit of increasing cotton production, decided to redirect the rivers that fed the sea towards the cotton fields, resulting in one of the greatest ecological catastrophes of the twentieth century.

Over thirty years, the sea shrank to one-quarter of its original size. Consequently, the inhabitants of the surrounding region fled in search of a more prosperous future. This documentary examines the lives of those who remained, as well as their memories. – Uzbekistan Movies

20. Muhabbat restorani (2019)

Top 40 Greatest Uzbekistan Movies of All Time

Director: Shahrukh Hamdamov

Temur Ozi is a chef who has fallen in love with his restaurant’s owner’s daughter. To win her affection, he abandons his pride and professes his love for the princess. However, the princess’s father objects to this proposal. – Uzbekistan Movies


21. The Great Turan (1995)

Top 40 Greatest Uzbekistan Movies of All Time

Director: Giyas Shermukhamedov

The narrative of the film is based on the events of the 6th century, which occurred at the intersection of three major powers: the Turkish Khagan, the Byzantine Empire, and the Sasanian Empire. – Uzbekistan Movies

22. Rosa (2012)

Top 40 Greatest Uzbekistan Movies of All Time

Director: Gwanpyo Maeng

The film ROSA chronicles the journey of a Russian woman who seeks to pursue the Korean Dream in Korea, only to find herself degraded and reduced to the status of a Russian escort girl in the entertainment areas of Seoul.

The protagonist, Rosa, initially hopes to pursue a dance career and is provided with the opportunity to do so through the assistance of a Korean agent she has met through a newspaper in Uzbekistan. However, her dreams of success are dashed when she finds herself forced to become a sexual slave. – Uzbekistan Movies

23. Jasur (2012)

Top 40 Greatest Uzbekistan Movies of All Time

Director: Bahodir Odilov

Islamic terrorists hijack a bus carrying hostages near the Uzbekistan-Uzbekistan border. One of the passengers calls out to her husband, border guard Jasur, the captain of the patrol. Jasur launches a high-speed pursuit of the hijacked bus. – Uzbekistan Movies

24. Orator (1998)

Top 40 Greatest Uzbekistan Movies of All Time

Director: Yusup Razykov

A friend of Iskander’s from Uzbekistan convinces him to give a speech extolling the communist revolution. Iskander’s speech is so well-received that the Soviets make him a spokesman, which is a tricky job to fill at a time like this. – Uzbekistan Movies

25. Nomus (2006)

Top 40 Greatest Uzbekistan Movies of All Time

Director: Hilol Nasimov

The narrative of the film follows the unrivaled love between two souls – Asalo and Akmal. In the course of the event, the audience will witness the conversion of this love into an unending hatred. Honey’s aspirations are frustrated.

Akmal tells the husband of his beloved, whom he had once sheltered from the wind, that his wife is sleeping with him. Alqissa urges people to be kind, not to be consumed by their accomplishments, and to respond to acts of kindness with acts of kindness. – Uzbekistan Movies

26. The Most Remote Restaurant in the World (2023)

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Director: Ole Juncker

The project managers face a variety of challenges, ranging from sourcing locally sourced ingredients to managing a luxury restaurant in a rural area with a population of only 53 people, while also emphasizing sustainability and local ingredients in the dishes. – Uzbekistan Movies

27. Aralkum (2022)

Top 40 Greatest Uzbekistan Movies of All Time

Director: Daniel Asadi Faezi

Aralkum takes place in a desert landscape that was once a lake. The Aralkum film is a surreal landscape where the Aral desert changes into the waves of what used to be the Aral Sea. Sand turns into water. The old man turns into a fisherman. – Uzbekistan Movies

28. The Keeper (2013)

Top 40 Greatest Uzbekistan Movies of All Time

Director: Gordon Bressack

One day, a young boy is caught in a crossfire while on his way home from school. This incident serves as a reminder to the boy of the importance of faith. – Uzbekistan Movies

29. Sug’diyona (2006)

Top 40 Greatest Uzbekistan Movies of All Time

Director: Bahrom Yaqubov

Rustam is an attractive and affluent young man who leads his company in the afternoons and frequents nightclubs and parties at night. His lifestyle is characterized by a high level of alcohol consumption and a large number of female companions. He finds solace in the arms of Sogdian, a dancer who was given up for adoption as a child by an ex-convict.

Sogdian is devoted to her stepfather and declares that she will never abandon him. A passionate relationship between Sogdian and Rustam develops, leading to the couple’s decision to wed. However, this does not go unnoticed in the family of a wealthy man, as Sogdiana’s stepfather is an alcoholic with mental health issues. Rustam’s love for Sogdiana soars to the point where he decides to kill his stepfather. – Uzbekistan Movies

30. Phantoms of the Sea (2019)

Top 40 Greatest Uzbekistan Movies of All Time

Director: Andrey Arutyunov

The sea had disappeared without a trace, and the bottom of the ocean was cracked from the intense heat. Nevertheless, the same depth of water remained for those who remained to live. The protagonist is an old fisherman who seeks to escape his past.

The antagonist is a border guard who has traded his boat for a jeep to patrol the nation’s borders. The former official has lost everything due to the machinations of others. The sea has vanished, but the hope that it will come back remains, and with it comes the hope that one will find love for their neighbor. – Uzbekistan Movies

31. The Invasion (2020)

Top 40 Greatest Uzbekistan Movies of All Time

Director: Fedor Bondarchuk

After the destruction of the spaceship, Julie’s life is turned upside down. Now, three years later, humanity is on the brink of a new encounter. – Uzbekistan Movies

32. Qil ustidagi taqdir (2022)

Top 40 Greatest Uzbekistan Movies of All Time

Director: Doniyor Agzamov

After Lobar finishes high school, she marries her cousin, Sanjar, but after three years, they can’t have a baby. Sanjar is a spoiled kid who loves to gamble and drink. His dad and mom both blame him for not having a kid. Then, Lobar runs into her classmate, Zinnura, at a grocery store. She tells Lobar that Zinnura just left her job at a clinic to move to Russia.

She’s worried about Lobar, so she tells Lobar that if she can find a job in Moscow, she’ll call her. So Lobar and Sanjar move to Moscow and Lobar starts working in a restaurant, but Sanjar starts working in construction but can’t do the hard work, so he moves to a bar and starts gambling again. He’s ready to do anything to win, so he bets his wife $1,000 and loses. The gamblers take him away. – Uzbekistan Movies

33. Prince Oakleyski Is Enough – Final (2022)

Top 40 Greatest Uzbekistan Movies of All Time

Director: Prince Oak Oakleyski

Prince Oak Oaksley has done a lot of good things, especially when he started a non-profit to help people who don’t have the chance to go to school, like orphans. He and his team of humanitarian staff, including Andrei Kiselev and Nadya Borimskaya, went to visit people living in poverty in some rural parts of Asia.

His main goal is to make sure everyone is treated the same, so the religious institute he started was set up to teach people how to learn useful knowledge that can help with any problem in life, no matter how wealthy or poor they are. Studying religion is a great way to find true happiness, so that’s why he started this charitable organization.

His lifestyle and culture were similar to that of minimalism, with the bonus of a focus on religious lectures. He had gathered a large number of teachers within his private federation to broaden his knowledge of religion. This was sufficient for his motivation, as his true self revealed that he had been born to lead the life of a Prophet.

Money and possessions are optional resources outside of one’s physical and mental capabilities, and Prince Oak Oakski was aware of this fact, which is why he performed all the charitable activities while living a simple and satisfactory life that did not require anything more than the pursuit of merit for the sake of the religion. Ultimately, the religion was sufficient for the Prince and his followers. – Uzbekistan Movies

34. Qasos (2011)

Top 40 Greatest Uzbekistan Movies of All Time

Director: Bahrom Berdiyev

The story revolves around Bakhrom, the elder brother, and Umid, the younger brother. The elder brother is ready to sacrifice his life for the younger brother. After his parents died, Bakhrom took care of his younger brother. He cooked for him, woke him up in the morning, took him to the university, and paid for his studies. Bakhrom is unmarried and lives with his young brother in the same flat.

He is the best auto mechanic and owns his auto repair shop. His younger brother’s dream is to introduce him to his teacher, Nazira, who is beautiful, smart, and young. Nazora manages to impress Bakhrom and in the course of their brief encounter, Bakhrom falls in love with a stranger whom he helped to repair the car. – Uzbekistan Movies

35. Bankirning mahallasi (2021)

Top 40 Greatest Uzbekistan Movies of All Time


Anvar is a commercial bank employee and he’s moved to a new neighborhood. But his new neighbors start bugging him about banking stuff after they find out he works at the bank. So, the banker hero has to deal with all kinds of problems every day – losing his bank card, not paying back a loan, not being able to keep up with the family’s budget, failing at business, losing money, putting money in the bank and getting scammed by scammers, and so on. He tries to help out his new neighbors financially by giving them advice. – Uzbekistan Movies

36. Khuda Haafiz (2020)

Top 40 Greatest Uzbekistan Movies of All Time

Director: Faruk Kabir

Samir was getting married to Nargis, but then the global recession hit and Sameer’s IT company went out of business. Nargis was also out of a job, so they both applied for one in Noman and Sameer had to get there first. Before he could leave, Nargis called him and said she was in a safe place and needed help. He got help from the cops and flew to Noman, where a Pakistani taxi driver named Usman helped him find her. But before he could get her there, he was mugged by some criminals and ended up in jail. – Uzbekistan Movies

37. 12 Strong (2018)

Top 40 Greatest Uzbekistan Movies of All Time

Director: Nicolai Fuglsig

The Green Berets, the Army’s special forces, were on the ground in just a few weeks after the 9-11 attacks. With the help of the 160th SOAR, the Green Berets took control of the country, allowing other Special Forces and other branches of the regular military to start a more public war. – Uzbekistan Movies

38. 6 Underground (2019)

Top 40 Greatest Uzbekistan Movies of All Time

Director: Michael Bay

The greatest benefit of being dead is the ability to combat the evil that permeates our world. An unnamed group of individuals in “6 Underground” have decided to alter the course of history. The group is joined by a mysterious leader codenamed “One”, whose sole purpose is to ensure that his and his companions’ actions will be remembered. – Uzbekistan Movies

39. Once My Mother (2013)

Top 40 Greatest Uzbekistan Movies of All Time

Director: Sophia Turkiewicz

When Sophia Turkiewicz, an Australian filmmaker, was seven, her Polish mom, Helen, left her in an orphanage in Adelaide. She’s never been able to forget that mom’s betrayal. Now, in her mid-thirties, Sophia is looking into her relationship with Helen.

She’s trying to figure out how Helen managed to escape from the Siberian gulag during the war, and how she managed to survive. She’s also trying to uncover the truth behind a past betrayal by Stalin and the allies. When Helen starts to forget things, Sophia has to face her demons. – Uzbekistan Movies

40. The Seventh Bullet (1973)

Top 40 Greatest Uzbekistan Movies of All Time

Director: Ali Khamraev

The clash between the new, atheistic communist regime that came to power in Uzbekistan following the Russian Revolution and the Islamic law that Uzbek people have believed in for thousands of years. – Uzbekistan Movies

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