The 20 Best Granada TV Series You Should Watch

The 20 Best Granada TV Series You Should Watch. You should check out these Granada TV Series. These Granada TV Series will give you a lot of fun and practice.


Granada Tv Series

1. The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (TV Series 1984)

Stars: Jeremy Brett, David Burke

In the late 1800s in London, the renowned consulting detective Sherlock Holmes and his trusted colleague Dr. Watson were tasked with investigating a scandal in Bohemia.

The case involved several perplexing elements, including the enigmatic Irene Adler, chalk drawings of dancing men, the identity of a corrupt individual, a missing naval treaty, a mysterious follower of a solitary cyclist, the dangers of a speckled band, and the discovery of a blue carbuncle in the crop of a goose.

Utilizing his exceptional powers of observation, deduction, and vast knowledge of relevant subjects, Holmes was able to solve the case with ease, a feat that would have stumped most other detectives. Dr. Watson provided invaluable assistance throughout the investigation. – Granada TV Series

2. Crown Court (TV Series 1972)

Stars: Joseph Berry, Richard Colson

In the crown court of the fictional town of Fulchester, a typical court case would span three afternoons, each consisting of 25-minute episodes. The prosecution case was usually presented in the first two episodes, followed by the defense in the third, although there were some later variations of brief duration.

Crown Court differed from other legal dramas in that it presented cases from a relatively neutral perspective, with the action confined to the courtroom itself and occasional glimpses of waiting for areas outside.

While the actors played the roles of those involved in the case, the jury was composed of members of the general public from the immediate Granada Television franchise area, selected from the electoral register and eligible for real jury service.

The verdict was solely determined by this jury, and contemporary production publicity noted that, for almost all of the scripts, two endings were written and rehearsed to accommodate the jury’s independent decision, which was delivered for the first time during the program’s recording, akin to a real court case. – Granada TV Series

3. Coronation Street (TV Series 1960)

Stars: Helen Worth, Barbara Knox

Numerous topical issues have been addressed on Coronation Street, encompassing subjects such as rape, including male and marital, historical sexual abuse, underage pregnancy, transgender issues, the right to die, racism, coercive control, cancer, homosexuality, domestic abuse, child grooming, and suicide, among other pertinent topics. – Granada TV Series

4. Réquiem por Granada (TV Series 1991)

Stars: Manuel Bandera, Delia Boccardo

The Kingdom of Granada, a stronghold of Islam in Spain, boasts a rich and complex history that spans eight centuries. During this time, the kingdom’s art, science, and culture flourished, rivaling the great civilizations of Greece, Egypt, and the Roman Empire.

However, the kingdom now finds itself under siege by Christian crusaders. The political machinations of Emir Muley Hassan, who becomes enamored with Isabel, a Christian, and the ensuing confrontation with Kings Catcos, who welcomes the arrival of the visionary adventurer Col, all serve as the backdrop for the intrigue, adventures, and battles that defined the life of Boabdil, the last ruler of Granada. – Granada TV Series

5. Sam (TV Series 1973)

Stars: Alethea Charlton, James Hazeldine

The series is grounded in reality, featuring Sam’s upbringing in Featherstone. Its initial setting was in the coalfields of Yorkshire during the inter-war period, but it eventually transitioned to the contemporary era of that time. Interior scenes were captured at Granada’s studios in Manchester, while numerous exterior scenes were shot in Lancashire. – Granada TV Series

6. Hard Times (TV Series 1977)

Stars: Timothy West, Rosalie Crutchley

Thomas Gradgrind, a prosperous retired merchant residing in the industrial city of Coketown, England, is a staunch advocate of rationalism, self-interest, and fact. He instills these values in his eldest children, Louisa and Tom, and forbids them from indulging in fanciful or imaginative pursuits.

Hard Times stands out in several respects. It is notably the shortest of Dickens’s novels, comprising only a quarter of the length of those written immediately before and after it.

Additionally, unlike all but one of his other works, Hard Times lacks both a preface and illustrations. Furthermore, it is the only novel of his that does not feature scenes set in London.

Instead, the narrative unfolds in the fictional Victorian industrial town of Coketown, a generic Northern English mill town that bears some resemblance to Manchester, albeit on a smaller scale. Coketown may have been partially inspired by 19th-century Preston. – Granada TV Series

7. The Last Train (TV Series 1999)

Stars: Christopher Fulford, Dinita Gohil

A diverse group of individuals, comprising a police officer, a swindler, a mother and her daughter, and a scientist, find themselves entangled in a rail accident that unleashes cryogenic gas into their compartments.

Upon awakening, the bewildered group embarks on a harrowing yet captivating expedition through a ravaged terrain, en route to the Ark. Along the way, they encounter other survivors whose motives range from amicable to hostile. – Granada TV Series

8. The Owl Service (TV Series 1969)

Stars: Dorothy Edwards, Gillian Hills

Alison, a teenager who has recently experienced the loss of a loved one, accompanies her stepbrother to a serene abode in the Welsh Valleys, owned by a relative, for the summer.

While residing there, Alison becomes aware of a scratching sound emanating from the roof of the house. Upon investigating, she stumbles upon a collection of antique dinner plates adorned with a floral owl design, located in the attic.

This discovery leads her to question the correlation between the plates, the peculiar gardener, the irate housekeeper, and the fable of the former village magician, who fashioned a wife from flowers and subsequently transformed into an owl after her betrayal. – Granada TV Series

9. A Family at War (TV Series 1970)

Stars: Colin Douglas, Barbara Flynn

The Ashton family, belonging to the lower middle class of Liverpool, navigates the challenges of life on the home front amidst the Second World War. – Granada TV Series

10. Cribb (TV Series 1980)

Stars: Alan Dobie, William Simons

The cases of Detective Sergeant Cribb during the Victorian era were investigated by the newly established Criminal Investigation Department of Scotland Yard. – Granada TV Series


11. The Jewel in the Crown (TV Series 1984)

Stars: Tim Pigott-Smith, Geraldine James

This sweeping drama delves into the complex dynamics between the ruling and ruled classes of WWII India, as they grapple with the profound changes unfolding around them, fully aware that their lives will never be the same again.

Against the backdrop of the British Raj, a sense of impending change looms over thoughtful English men and women, who recognize that their time in India is drawing to a close.

The narrative commences with an unjust arrest for rape, the repercussions of which reverberate throughout the series. Against the backdrop of war and personal intrigue, the story delves into themes of identity and personal responsibility. – Granada TV Series

12. Cold Feet (TV Series 1997)

Stars: James Nesbitt, Robert Bathurst

The television program chronicles the experiences of three couples in their thirties, namely Adam and Rachel, Pete and Jenny, and David and Karen, as they navigate the complexities of love and life in Manchester.

The series is characterized by moments of both humor and heartbreak, as it delves into the intertwined lives of these couples at various stages of their relationships. Initially, Adam and Rachel are a new couple, while Pete and Jenny are adjusting to parenthood, and Karen and David are grappling with the possibility of their marriage falling apart. Subsequent seasons follow their journeys over a decade. – Granada TV Series

13. Jeeves and Wooster (TV Series 1990)

Stars: Stephen Fry, Hugh Laurie

The narrative follows the escapades, both amorous and otherwise, of the impeccably attired Bertram Wooster, a well-meaning and affluent idler, who frequently finds himself in predicaments. Fortunately, his astute and resourceful valet, Jeeves, is always on hand to extricate him from these situations. The series is replete with lively banter, as well as unforgettable, foolish, and idiosyncratic personalities. – Granada TV Series

14. Brideshead Revisited (TV Series 1981)

Stars: Jeremy Irons, Anthony Andrews

Captain Charles Ryder, who had become disillusioned with the Army, was tasked with relocating his company to a new Brigade headquarters at a confidential location.

To his surprise, he discovers that the location is Brideshead, the former residence of the Marchmain family, where he had previously experienced both pleasant and distressing visits.

At Brideshead, Charles is introduced to Sebastian’s younger sister Cordelia and his elder brother Brideshead.

Sebastian, with Charles in tow, accepts an invitation to Venice extended by his father, Lord Marchmain, and they travel third class to reach their destination. While in Venice, they meet Lord Marchmain’s mistress Cara, and embark on a two-week itinerary of extensive sightseeing. – Granada TV Series

15. The Royle Family (TV Series 1998)

Stars: Caroline Aherne, Craig Cash

This British sitcom portrays the daily routine of a working-class family residing in Northwest England, encompassing activities such as television viewing, smoking, drinking, and engaging in petty arguments. – Granada TV Series

16. World in Action (TV Series 1963)

Stars: Brian Armstrong, Chris Kelly

The World in Action team sought to procure aerial imagery of an aircraft in flight to supplement a story. Despite reaching out to several airline companies, none were able to accommodate their request within the given timeframe.

Subsequently, the team contacted TWA’s UK office to inquire if they possessed any relevant footage. Although TWA initially responded in the negative, they offered to investigate the matter further.

Within a few hours, the World in Action office received a canister of film from TWA, which was provided as a gesture of goodwill.

It transpired that TWA had promptly dispatched a cameraman and arranged for a pair of passenger planes to capture the desired footage in response to the team’s request. – Granada TV Series

17. Band of Gold (TV Series 1995)

Stars: Cathy Tyson, Barbara Dickson

Engaging in the profession of working amongst prostitutes, pimps, clients, and law enforcement officials poses significant risks. Gina Dickson, a young mother residing in Yorkshire, is compelled to resort to prostitution to settle her debts.

Carol, a single mother with an unstable mental state, is at risk of self-destruction due to her involvement in the profession. Rose, who manages the lane, is losing her grip on the situation. Tracey, a young runaway addicted to drugs, seeks the love she never received at home.

Anita, a naive woman, seeks companionship, whether it be with a married man or her friends. Despite Carol’s warnings, Gina experiences the worst that can happen to a woman working on the lane, prompting Carol and her associates to abandon the profession, establish a legitimate business, and seek revenge against the loan shark.

However, the transition from the lane to legitimacy entangles the women in a perilous game as their past lives continue to haunt them. – Granada TV Series

18. Murder City (TV Series 2004)

Stars: Amanda Donohoe, Kris Marshall

This British police drama centers on two detectives with contrasting personalities who diligently investigate intricate cases throughout London. – Granada TV Series

19. The Mrs. Merton Show (TV Series 1995)

Stars: Caroline Aherne, Craig Cash

This British police drama centers on two detectives with contrasting personalities who diligently investigate intricate cases throughout London. – Granada TV Series

20. Vincent (TV Series 2005)

Stars: Suranne Jones, Joe Absolom

Vincent Gallagher, a former law enforcement officer who has transitioned into the private investigation industry, leads a team of skilled investigators who are committed to resolving any case that is presented to them, employing all necessary measures to achieve success. – Granada TV Series