Top 10 Greatest Zimbabwe TV Series of All Time

Top 10 Greatest Zimbabwe TV Series of All Time. You should check out these Zimbabwe TV Series. These Zimbabwe TV Series will give you a lot of fun and practice.


Zimbabwe TV Series

1. Wadiwa Wepa Moyo (TV Series 2020)

Zimbabwe TV Series

Director: Derby Bheta

Tawanda and Biko, two young boys hailing from the gritty streets of Harare, share a common aspiration of playing for Manchester United in the United Kingdom. However, their dreams take an unexpected turn when Tawanda finds himself enamored with Nokuthula. – Zimbabwe TV Series

2. Lions Behaving Badly (TV Series 2005)

Zimbabwe TV Series

Director: Willem van Heerden

In the pristine African plains, two dominant beasts reign supreme – buffalos and lions. While the former exerts its dominance through sheer bulk, power, and aggression, the latter rules through fear and tenacity.

Surprisingly, the hunting lessons imparted by lion mothers to their young are not what one would typically anticipate. Rather, the young lions are taught to wrestle their prey to the ground and commence feeding even before the hapless animal has succumbed to its injuries. – Zimbabwe TV Series

3. Rhodes (TV Series 1996)

Zimbabwe TV Series

Director: David Drury

This 8-part drama series chronicles the life of Cecil Rhodes, a prominent British businessman of the 19th century who rose to become the wealthiest individual in the Western world.

The series delves into his journey from a teenage arrival in South Africa to his success in the gold and diamond mining industry, and his pivotal role in the colonization of vast regions of Africa.

Additionally, the series highlights his founding of the nation of Rhodesia, which is now known as Zimbabwe. – Zimbabwe TV Series

4. Cecil: The Legacy of a King (TV Series 2020)

Zimbabwe TV Series

Director: Peter Lamberti

The filmmaker brings attention to Cecil, a large lion residing in Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe, who was under the observation of Oxford researchers before being unlawfully killed by Walter Palmer, a dentist.

Despite the attempts of the hunting industry and Palmer to rationalize their actions, it is important to note that while they are preoccupied with their justifications, competitors may have already taken over their territory and eliminated their offspring. The weaker individuals who were once unable to challenge the dominant lion now reign over the kingdom. – Zimbabwe TV Series

5. How I Got Here (TV Series 2022)

Zimbabwe TV Series

Director: Zeyad Alhusaini

A group of young adults embark on a 10-day journey with their immigrant parents to their country of origin, creating a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Amidst breathtaking scenery and delectable local cuisine, these pairs revisit the sacrifices and circumstances that shaped their families’ journeys and ultimately led them to their current circumstances.

This dynamic travel program features young adults embarking on a 10-day journey of a lifetime with their immigrant parents to their country of origin. Amidst breathtaking scenery and delectable local cuisine, these parent-child pairs will revisit the sacrifices, challenges, and dramatic events that shaped their family’s journey.

Join us for an unforgettable experience that celebrates the power of reconnecting with one’s heritage, fostering confidence, and strengthening familial bonds. – Zimbabwe TV Series


6. Walkabout (TV Series 1999)

Zimbabwe TV Series

Director: Charles Chauvel

The series is structured as a road movie, chronicling the travels of two presenters as they journey through various countries across the globe.

The primary objective was to capture the authentic experiences and impressions that one encounters when exploring foreign lands and interacting with local communities.

The program deliberately eschews the conventional focus on tourist attractions and travel-related information. – Zimbabwe TV Series

7. Battle of the Chefs Harare (TV Series 2015)

Zimbabwe TV Series

Director: Stephen Hyde

Each episode of the program comprises three challenges that are specifically designed to evaluate the chefs’ culinary technique, creativity, and knowledge of food and flavor.

The panel of expert judges, consisting of three members, assesses the chefs’ performance throughout the episodes. At the conclusion of the competition, the chef who receives the highest score is awarded either an advantage or a prize, while the chef with the lowest score is deprived of their chef’s jacket.

The Technical Challenge requires the chefs to prepare their version of a fundamental dish. In the Innovation Challenge, they are presented with a basket containing three essential ingredients that they must incorporate into their most innovative dish. In the Set Recipe Challenge, the chefs are given a relatively intricate recipe to follow. – Zimbabwe TV Series

8. Being Braydan (TV Series 2019)

Zimbabwe TV Series

Director: Braydan Heart

Being Braydan is a reality show that centers on the lifestyle of Braydan Heart and his circle of friends. As a 25-year-old resident of Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, Braydan is on a journey of self-discovery while pursuing a career in the creative industry.

Alongside his friends, he faces daily challenges and experiences personal growth, which often leads to conflicts within the group. Despite their relatable struggles, Braydan and his friends possess a unique perspective on the world, and they view their city as a playground for exploration and adventure.

In addition to showcasing the drama and excitement of their lives, Being Braydan also serves as a platform for highlighting other young, talented individuals, as well as various destinations and spaces throughout Bulawayo and Zimbabwe. – Zimbabwe TV Series

9. Manhounds (TV Series 2020)

Zimbabwe TV Series

Director: Denise Edwards

Four acquaintances become embroiled in a human trafficking syndicate upon the return of their friend, Tawanda, who unwittingly brings chaos and danger with him.

Tawanda, under the false impression that he has escaped Rufus, the leader of a human-trafficking ring in South Africa, is unaware that Rufus’ younger brother, Cobra, is on his trail and seeking him out in Zimbabwe.

Upon reuniting with his childhood friends, Kumbi, now a doctor, Tamuka, an accountant, and Jason, a charismatic personal trainer, Tawanda is welcomed back into their lives.

However, Cobra’s intrusion into their once-normal existence creates turmoil and tension among the group when he demands payment from Tawanda. As a result, the friends find themselves unwittingly drawn into Cobra’s illicit business of trafficking humans.

Jason, in particular, becomes entangled in an affair with Christine, who he later discovers is Cobra’s wife. Unfortunately, it is too late for the four friends, who find themselves in over their heads and struggling to extricate themselves from the dangerous situation. – Zimbabwe TV Series

10. Yellow Card (film 2000)

Director: John Riber

A young football star is forced to face the harsh realities of unprotected sex. Junior in high school, Tiyane has a bright future. He has a solid family, is an excellent student, and is quickly rising to the top of the football world.

However, he is also growing older and taking on adult responsibilities, which he might not be able to manage. Due to Tiyane’s tomcatting with Linda, unintended consequences may arise that could damage his relationship with Juliet, the woman he truly loves. – Zimbabwe Movies