The 10 Best Zambia TV Series You Should Watch

The 10 Best Zambia TV Series You Should Watch. You should check out these Zambia TV Series. These Zambia TV Series will give you a lot of fun and practice.


Zambia TV Series

1. Supa Team 4 (TV Series 2023)

Zambia TV Series

Director: Dave Osborne

The narrative centers around four adolescent females residing in a futuristic iteration of Lusaka, Zambia. These young women are approached by a retired covert operative, who enlists their aid in a mission to safeguard the planet.

Despite limited resources, the former agent remains steadfast in his commitment to global preservation. As the girls transition from ordinary students to clandestine superheroes, they coalesce into a formidable unit known as Supa Team 4. Their exploits involve thwarting nefarious adversaries and navigating the challenges of adolescence. – Zambia TV Series

2. Mpali (TV Series 2018)

Zambia TV Series

Director: Frank Sibbuku

A wealthy and influential polygamist has taken another wife, much to the surprise of his existing wives and numerous offspring. Mpali delves into the distinctive familial dynamics inherent in a polygamous household, as well as the intricate and dramatic complexities that accompany such a lifestyle. Following a supernatural assault by his arch nemesis Chilubanda, Nguzu is compelled to draw upon his inner strength to stand up and resume his position as the leader of the Nguzu family. – Zambia TV Series

3. Tikula (TV Series 2022)

Zambia TV Series

Director: Harringtone Namunji

The drama portrays the story of three adolescent girls residing in Nairobi, who confront the daily challenges of societal pressure, sexual harassment, bullying, and a crisis of self-identity.

Despite their diverse backgrounds, these girls are influenced by one another, leading to both constructive and destructive decisions.

The series, authored by Davina Leonard and directed by Enos Olik, aims to explore the lives of teenagers, inspiring them to make healthy choices and undergo behavioral transformation. – Zambia TV Series

4. Africa Dreaming (TV Series 1997)

Zambia TV Series

Director: Palesa Ka Letlaka

A collection of six poignant short films, each set in a distinct African nation and centered around the overarching theme of “love in Africa.” Following her husband Naftali’s long-awaited employment, the protagonist returns home with the hope of rekindling her familial bonds.

However, she soon realizes that her prolonged absence has resulted in her sister Selna assuming her role in the hearts of both her offspring and spouse. – Zambia TV Series

5. My Kitchen Party (TV Series 2017)

Zambia TV Series

Director: Michie Malambo

This reality television program chronicles the journey of a bride, documenting her unique experience as she participates in a culturally rich Zambian traditional bridal shower. – Zambia TV Series


6. City on Fire (TV Series 2017)

Zambia TV Series

Director: Wyclif Mwamba

Following the unfortunate incident of Samantha Yeung being shot in Central Park, New York City, the ensuing investigation uncovered a significant correlation between a sequence of enigmatic city-wide fires, the downtown music scene, and a prosperous uptown real estate family grappling with the burden of their concealed truths. – Zambia TV Series

7. Love Games (TV Series 2012)

Director: Fred Muthandeni Phiri

Love Games is a television series that centers around the topics of reproductive health and HIV/AIDS and their impact on individuals. The show features thirteen eligible bachelors vying for the affections of three “bad girls.”

Through a series of challenges, the bachelors compete for the coveted title of “trophy winner,” which grants them privileges such as the ability to select dates, immunity from elimination, and exclusive time with a “bad girl.” Elimination takes place at the “Bad Girls VIP Room” located at a local club, where each of the three “bad girls” selects a bachelor they deem to be reckless or lacking interest.

The bachelors then have the opportunity to plead their case to the “bad girls” as to why they should remain in the competition. Ultimately, the “bad girls” deliberate and choose which bachelor will be eliminated from the show. – Zambia TV Series

8. Touching Lives (TV Series 2007)

Director: Eddie Edwards

The program offers an opportunity for individuals in need to achieve their lifelong aspirations with the assistance of the show’s hosts. Viewers submit requests for support in realizing their dreams, and the presenters share stories of perseverance, generosity, and resilience exhibited by individuals residing in rural regions.

The program culminates in the fulfillment of these aspirations. The narrative follows journeys to remote areas of India, where technology has transformed the lives of the people. It chronicles the experiences of those who have charted a new course for themselves, breaking free from the cycle of poverty and helplessness with the aid of ISRO.

Shedding light on the numerous small-scale revolutions taking place across the country, the book takes us on a journey from Jhabua to the hinterlands of Karnataka, from the Sundarbans to Chamoli in Garhwal. It is an opportunity to connect with ordinary people and their everyday lives. – Zambia TV Series

9. My Family Wahala (TV Series 2022)

Director: Grace Rumsey

When the unambitious husband of a successful lawyer leaves her for a younger woman, yet again, what ensues are tears and a display of resilience, culminating in laughter in the comedic production, My Family Wahala. – Zambia TV Series

10. Zambia Untamed (TV Series 2018)

Director: Gina Mellotte

Nestled within a mystical region of Zambia, lies an exceptional valley where Africa’s most captivating wildlife coexist harmoniously.

This captivating series chronicles the captivating tales of the inhabitants who call this place their abode, ranging from the challenges faced by a juvenile elephant to the plight of a baboon born on the fringes of society.

Through the lens of a diverse and captivating cast of creatures, both big and small, this untamed African paradise is brought to life in a manner that is both engaging and thought-provoking. – Zambia TV Series