Top 20 Greatest Armenia TV Series of All Time

Top 20 Greatest Armenia TV Series of All Time. You should check out these Armenia TV Series. These Armenia TV Series will give you a lot of fun and practice.


Armenia TV Series

1. Tnpesa (TV Series 2013)

Armenia TV Series

Stars: Shushanna Tovmasyan, Shushanna Tovmasyan

Koryun Anushavanich informs Manuk that he is at liberty to return home. They mutually decide that shortly, Manuk should facilitate an introduction between them and his parents.

However, their plans are unexpectedly disrupted when Koryun’s childhood acquaintance, Vilen, pays him a visit accompanied by his son, David, who has been residing overseas for the past 15 years.

Upon encountering Koryun, David experiences a change of heart and defers the proposed meeting with Manuk’s parents. – Armenia TV Series

2. Pomegranate Seed (TV Series 2017)

Armenia TV Series

Stars: Agnesa Shahnazaryan, Ruzan Mesropyan

Sophia, a young woman, experiences a devastating turn of events when she learns of her boyfriend’s passing. He was a brave soldier and a hero, and his loss leaves Sophia shattered.

Adding to her grief, Sophia’s father has also taken his own life, leaving her with shattered dreams and plans. To pay off her husband’s debts, Sophia’s mother has sold off nearly all of their possessions and has been forced to give her two younger children to an orphanage due to the lack of adequate living conditions.

To make ends meet, Sophia and her mother begin working as servants in the governor’s house. It is there that Sophia encounters the main antagonist of the story, who is responsible for her boyfriend’s death and the destruction of her life. – Armenia TV Series

3. Purgatory (film 2017)

Armenia TV Series

Stars: Silvia de Satkliff, Sergey A

Mariya becomes disoriented in the forest and, under inexplicable circumstances, finds herself in a purgatory plagued by demons, malevolent doppelgangers, and apparitions of her transgressions. – Armenia TV Series

4. Domino (TV Series 2015)

Armenia TV Series

Stars: Sos Janibekyan, Mher Khachatryan, Narek Baveyan

Mika, Norik, and Garik decided to establish their own business venture. After parting ways with their previous employer on unfavorable terms, they sought financial assistance from a bank.

However, the loan amount granted was insufficient, prompting the trio to take a gamble with their funds, which unfortunately resulted in a complete loss. Left with no other option, they were compelled to return to their former jobs, endure an unsympathetic boss, and work overtime to repay the loan.

These challenges were further compounded by their personal lives, including a spouse who scrutinizes her husband’s income, a fiancée whose family eagerly anticipates their wedding, and a budding new romance. – Armenia TV Series

5. Full House (TV Series 2014)

Armenia TV Series

Stars: Ani Yeranyan, Mihran Tsarukyan, Marjan Avetisyan

Five individuals, comprising three men and two women, have been deceived by an unscrupulous real estate agent into leasing the same apartment. Each of them is making concerted efforts to force the others to vacate the premises, resulting in a series of comical situations. – Armenia TV Series

6. Kargin Haghordum (TV Series 2002)

Armenia TV Series

Stars: Hayk Marutyan, Mkrtich Arzumanyan

This particular comedy show stands out as one of the most widely acclaimed and prosperous productions in the history of post-independence Armenia. Its format comprised brief, yet engaging sketches that often explored themes such as infidelity among married couples, societal issues prevalent in Armenia, football, and World War II, among others. – Armenia TV Series

7. Golden School (TV Series 2017)

Armenia TV Series

Stars: Vache Tovmasyan, Sergey Sargsyan, Anna Grigoryan

During his escape from the police, Robert Tovmasyan, a known robber, concealed stolen gold at a construction site. Upon his release from prison five years later, he discovered that a school had been erected on the very location where the gold was buried.

In an attempt to locate the hidden treasure, he assumed the role of a teacher at the school. However, his plans were derailed when he developed romantic feelings for an English teacher, leading to a significant shift in the direction of the series. – Armenia TV Series

8. Armenian soap operas (TV Series 2000)

Armenia TV Series

Stars: Arthur Sarkissian, David Sargsyan

The serials have been subject to widespread criticism for purportedly promoting aggression, domestic violence, misfortune, and a lifestyle characterized by hardship. These themes are believed to have a detrimental effect on a significant portion of Armenia’s population, with critics expressing particular concern over the potential psychological impact on young viewers. – Armenia TV Series

9. The Voice of Armenia (TV Series 2012)

Armenia TV Series

Stars: Nazeni Hovhannisyan, Sona, Sofi Mkheyan

A quartet of coaches are on a quest to discover the most exceptional vocal talents in Armenia, with the aim of nurturing and guiding these individuals towards becoming accomplished artists. Ultimately, it will be Armenia’s discerning judgment that will determine which singer is deserving of the coveted grand prize. – Armenia TV Series

10. Kargin Serial (TV Series 2010)

Armenia TV Series

Stars: Hayk Marutyan, Mkrtich Arzumanyan

The Kargin Serial was a sitcom broadcast on the Armenia TV channel. Numerous individuals have drawn parallels between the Kargin Serial and the American sitcom Two and a Half Men. During an interview, Mko acknowledged that the format of the Kargin Serial was inspired by another television program, but also emphasized that it was adapted to reflect the Armenian reality. – Armenia TV Series


11. The Azizyans (TV Series 2016)

Armenia TV Series

Stars: Hayk Marutyan, Ani Lupe, Boris Baghdasarov

Hayk Marutyan portrays the role of Garnik Azizyan, a sole provider for his family, working as a clothes store vendor. Unfortunately, Mrs. Azizyan is not inclined toward fulfilling her responsibilities as a homemaker, leaving Garnik to shoulder the burden alone.

The family patriarch’s struggles do not seem to affect his three children, including his daughter, who is heavily reliant on the internet and actively engaged in various social media platforms.

Additionally, his eldest son remains unemployed and lacks direction, while his youngest son is still a student. – Armenia TV Series

12. Fort Boyard (TV Series 1990)

Armenia TV Series

Stars: Leslie Grantham, Christopher Ellison, Geoffrey Bayldon

The program bears resemblance to the British game show, The Crystal Maze, which was developed by Antoine as an alternative format for Channel 4 in the United Kingdom. This was due to the unavailability of the fortress for filming, as it was undergoing refurbishment at the time (in 1989).

In both programs, contestants are required to complete challenges to win prize money. However, The Crystal Maze offers a wider variety of game types, while Fort Boyard primarily focuses on physical and endurance challenges.

Although Fort Boyard was a pioneer in the realm of game show fear and adventure, subsequent programs such as Fear Factor have pushed the boundaries even further, necessitating Fort Boyard to respond and adapt with new twists and games. This includes a couple of seasons in which contestants spent the night in the Fort. – Armenia TV Series

13. ArmComedy (TV Series 2012)

Armenia TV Series

Stars: Narek Margaryan, Sergey SargsyanIveta

ArmComedy is a satirical news program that provides coverage of both local and international politics. The show adopts a conventional news format, but with a humorous twist, injecting much-needed levity into what can often be a dry and unengaging subject matter. – Armenia TV Series

14. Vitamin Club (TV series 2010)

Armenia TV Series

Stars: Vache Tovmasyan

Vitamin Club is a televised Armenian stand-up comedy program that has been airing on the Shant TV channel. The program features a group of seasoned performers, including Garik Papoyan, Aram Mp3, Vache Tovmasyan, Armush, Charents, and Tiko, who have been regular fixtures on the show for some time. The program is hosted by Garik. – Armenia TV Series

15. Sur Ankyun (TV series 2023)

Armenia TV Series


The innovative team behind “Sharp Angle” has recently introduced a new segment. This segment will feature the most significant and impactful cases presented by credible witnesses, supported by factual evidence. Additionally, select episodes will be dramatized for enhanced engagement. – Armenia TV Series

16. The Last Father (TV Series 2015)

Armenia TV Series

Stars: Vardan Hovsepyan, Guzh Manukyan

Ruben’s mother tragically took her own life and left behind a letter for her son, instructing him to locate his father. However, upon following her wishes, Ruben discovers that his father has been incarcerated for the past 12 years on a murder charge. – Armenia TV Series

17. Ancient Kings (TV Series 2016)

Armenia TV Series

Stars: Anna Grigoryan, Murad Janibekyan

Ruben’s mother tragically took her own life and left behind a letter for her son, instructing him to locate his father. However, upon following her wishes, Ruben discovers that his father has been incarcerated for the past 12 years on a murder charge. – Armenia TV Series

18. Restart 2020 (TV Series 2016)

Armenia TV Series

Stars: Mkrtich Arzumanyan, Hasmik Babayan

Following an enigmatic occurrence, Andranik finds himself as the sole surviving human inhabitant in Yerevan, Armenia. He is compelled to commence a new existence, regardless of the challenges that may arise. – Armenia TV Series

19. Stone Cage (TV Series 2015)

Armenia TV Series

Stars: Emil Galstyan, Garik Papoyan

A brilliant young scientist has developed a time machine and intends to demonstrate its functionality before the esteemed Scientific Committee.

However, his indolent and financially troubled friend, who happened to be present in the laboratory under certain circumstances, inadvertently activates the device.

As a result of this mishap, he is transported to the Stone Age and must coexist with a primitive tribe due to the machine’s malfunction. This event marks the beginning of a harrowing ordeal in the Stone Age, which the protagonist dubs the Stone Agony. – Armenia TV Series

20. Veradardz (TV Series 2010–2011)

Armenia TV Series

Stars: Sos Janibekyan, Samvel Sarkisyan

Miloš is a partially retired adult film actor who resides in Belgrade with his spouse, Marija, and their six-year-old offspring, Petar. His sibling, Marko, is a dishonest law enforcement official who covets Miloš’s lifestyle and harbors a sexual attraction towards Marija.

Marija is inquisitive about her husband’s sentiments regarding his previous profession and is apprehensive about the family’s financial stability. – Armenia TV Series