The 10 Best Mayotte Movies of All Time

The 10 Best Mayotte Movies of All Time. You should check out these Mayotte Movies. These Mayotte Movies will give you a lot of fun and practice.


Mayotte Movies

1. L.A. Confidential (1997)

Mayotte Movies

Director: Curtis Hanson

The 1950s Los Angeles environment serves as a backdrop for this complex noir-style story of police misconduct and Hollywood corruption. Three different police officers, each with their own unique set of motivations, pursue the truth.

Ed Exley is the “golden boy” of the Los Angeles Police Department, who is willing to do anything to make money, except for selling out. Bud White is a cop who is willing to go to any lengths to achieve justice, yet is unable to control his excessive violence.

Finally, Jackie Vincennes is a celebrity-hungry cop who is eager to make a quick buck, until his conscience forces him to join Exley on a journey to uncover the true nature of Los Angeles crime. – Mayotte Movies

2. Mississippi Burning (1988)

Mayotte Movies

Director: Alan Parker

Three Civil Rights workers who were running a clinic to register voters in Jessup County, Mississippi, go missing. The FBI sends Agent Rupert Anderson and Agent Alan Ward to investigate, but they’re met with hostility from the local police and other men.

This sparks a media firestorm, with Mayor Clayton Townley claiming that Jessup County is an “Anglo-Saxon democracy” that has stood the test of time despite the push for integration and total exclusion of Jewish, Papist, Turkish, Mongol, Oriental, Asian, and Negro people.

Even though there are differences in investigative tactics between the two agents, Ku Klux Klan, with the help of the police, targets the scared African-Americans, torturing them and burning their homes. Since the whole local community, black and white, won’t talk about what happened, the FBI has to look for other ways to find out what happened. – Mayotte Movies

3. Death on the Nile (1978)

Mayotte Movies

Director: John Guillermin

Poirot, a highly skilled Belgian detective, is on a luxurious cruise down the Nile when he comes across the body of an arrogant, newly married millionairess in a pool of her own blood. Each of the eclectic passengers aboard the SS Karnak has a motive for wanting the wealthy heiress dead.

Poirot sets about hunting down the murderer, using his patience and determination to uncover the truth behind the death. Surrounded by evidence that is hidden in plain view, Poirot is determined to solve the mysterious case of the Nile death before another is killed. – Mayotte Movies

4. Evil Under the Sun (1982)

Mayotte Movies

Director: Guy Hamilton

Poirot has been called in to look into a case for the insurance company after a woman’s body was found on a moat, and then a valuable diamond sent to them to be insured turned out to be fake.

He finds out that the diamond belonged to a woman called Arlena, who had been bought for her by the insurance company. Arlena and her husband are on their honeymoon, staying at a hotel on a Mediterranean island.

When Poirot joins them, he finds that everyone around them is starting to turn against Arlena, for all sorts of reasons – she won’t do a show, she’ll stop a book – and she’s even having an affair with another guest, Patrick, in front of his wife’s face. So when Arlena shows up dead and strangled, Poirot has to find out who she is. – Mayotte Movies

5. Malena (2000)

Mayotte Movies

Director: Giuseppe Tornatore

A young boy, Renato, in the Sicilian city of Castellcuto, is presented with three significant events: Italy’s entry into the Second World War; he is presented with a new bicycle; and he is presented with the most desirable young woman in the city, Malèna.

Malèna’s husband, a soldier in the African campaign against the British, is away in the war zone, and she is left to fend for herself.

Her beauty and loneliness make her a target for all the men in the city, and she is hated by all the women in the town. She takes care of her elderly father, who lives by himself, until he receives an anonymous letter defaming her, leading to his rejection of her. – Mayotte Movies


6. I Could Never Be Your Woman (2007)

Mayotte Movies

Director: Amy Heckerling

Rosie is a forty-year-old, divorced mother who produces the unsuccessful television comedy series “You Go Girl”. The show’s ratings have suffered due to her boss’s refusal to allow the show to explore any controversial topics.

At an audition, she encounters Adam, a young, attractive, spontaneous, and single actor aged twenty-nine. She manages to cast him, which revitalizes the show’s ratings, and she dates him.

However, her pathological insecurity, which is centered around their age difference, threatens to jeopardize their relationship. This culminates in her suspicion of Adam’s infidelity with the star of the show, leading to the studio granting the two of them their own sitcom. – Mayotte Movies

7. Johnny English Reborn (2011)

Mayotte Movies

Director: Oliver Parker

The story follows the exploits of Johnny English, an unlikely intelligence officer and accidental secret agent who has never known fear or danger. In the years following his disappearance from the UK’s top spy agency, he has been practicing his skills in a remote area of Asia.

However, when his agency superiors discover an attempt on the life of the Chinese Premier, they are forced to hunt down the highly unconventional agent. Now, with the world in need of his services, Johnny English is brought back into action.

With one chance to redeem himself, he must use the latest in cutting-edge technology to uncover a network of conspiracy that spans across the CIA, FBI, and MI7.

With only a few days to go before the Heads of State Conference, Johnny English must use all of his skills to safeguard us all. Disaster may be an option for Johnny English, but failure is never an option. – Mayotte Movies

8. The Consolation (2017)

Mayotte Movies

Director: Magaly Richard-Serrano

Flavie is a 40-year-old television presenter who struggles with dizziness and vertigo, including on set. Her psychiatrist, her last resort, suggests she bring a photo album of her childhood, which she describes as a “perfectly normal childhood”.

The film then cuts to a flashback of a period between 13 and 15 years old, featuring a happy holiday by the seaside, a father whose attention she seeks to win, but who is under the control of his domineering wife.

An exasperated and unhappy mother, faced with a beautiful blonde daughter, decides to transform her into the young woman of her dreams.

She follows strict diets, alternating between physical abuse and admiration for her daughter’s physical appearance, and turns her into the prey of older men, preferably of a somewhat famous type, in order to fulfill her own vicarious dream.

The young girl, Poupette, who loves the smile her mother has brought to her face as they stroll down the Champs-Elysees, is allowed to be displayed as a trophy. – Mayotte Movies

9. The Exchange Student (1967)

Mayotte Movies

Director: Jean Girault

Bosquier is a French comedy actor playing the role of the dictatorial director of a French boarding school. His son, Philippe, is sent to England as an exchange student after failing his exams, leaving him embarrassed and unable to enroll in his summer school.

Michonnet, a fat nerd, is sent to the United Kingdom using his name to save Philippe’s sailing plans with his friends, but his presence is discovered by his father, who spies on them. This leads to Michonnet’s indigestion, which causes his perfect record to be tarnished.

Charles Bosquier expects his spoiled son Gérard to accompany his friend, MacFarrell’s daughter, Shirley, as a chaperon, but Gérard ends up getting all French boys excited and joins his friend. The director then chases the yacht of the children, incognito to avoid scandal, and is soon joined by his colleague. – Mayotte Movies

10. Murder in Martigues (2016)

Mayotte Movies

Director: Claude-Michel Rome

The body of a man wearing a diving suit has been discovered on a beach outside Martigues by a district attorney and a police officer. The man’s death is being investigated as a possible homicide.

The man’s identity is unknown at this time. Jean-Claude Saint-Floret is Pierre’s son and Jean-Charles is Pierre’s father. Jean-Claude runs a fuel transportation company outside Martigues and Pierre runs a fishing company.

Pierre is married and has a divorced wife, Catherine, who runs a restaurant. Little by little, Elizabeth Richard, the district attorney, and Paul Yansac, the police officer, are piecing together Pierre’s life.

The people who had dealings with Pierre are: Michel LeCroix, a talkative man who ran a diving company Simon Chasteling, another fisherman from Martigues Matthieu Bidard, a drug dealer Gwendoline dos Santos was heckled and walked out of the church at Pierre’s funeral. – Mayotte Movies