The 10 Best Montserrat Movies of All Time

The 10 Best Montserrat Movies of All Time. You should check out these Montserrat Movies. These Montserrat Movies will give you a lot of fun and practice.


Montserrat Movies

1. Treasure of the Aztecs (1965)

Montserrat Movies

Director: Robert Siodmak

Count Bismarck’s physician, Dr. Karl Sternau, who spent a lot of time in Mexico as a kid, is sent back there during the occupation of the country by French troops under the command of the Austrian Emperor Maximilian.

He’s got an encouraging letter from US President Lincoln to Benito Juarez, which is good news, but he’s got no money – both men are wondering if it’s in the Aztec treasure, which an old priest just revealed to the Aztec heiress.

Meanwhile, they’re looking for – promised – help from the biggest landowner in Mexico, whose workers are all Aztec – Count Don Fernando de Rodriguez y Sevilla, and whose son and heir, Conde Alfonso, is a gambler. – Montserrat Movies

2. Who Killed Johnny R.? (1966)

Montserrat Movies

Director: José Luis Madrid

A presumed-dead mobster wants to pin the blame for his crimes on an innocent man so he can slip away from his enemies and get away with it. In the wake of Captain Conroy’s family’s death, a fire erupts, resulting in a showdown between law enforcement and Johnny Ringo’s band of outlaws.

Although Ringo is believed to have been killed in the blaze, Conroy doesn’t believe it and goes looking for the shooter. In the meantime, as Sam Bodie works as a gun dealer, he hires a fast-shooting gunslinger named Clyde Smith to show off his weapons.

Clyde Smith is so good a shot that people start to think he is the infamous Johnny Ringo who escaped the fire that supposedly killed him. Ringo’s girlfriend Bea is the only one who knows who he is, but she’s not saying. – Montserrat Movies

3. Star Troopers (2006)

Montserrat Movies

Director: Paul Verhoeven

The 23rd-century Earth is ruled by the UCP, which is a meritocratic government made up of veterans after democracy and science drove civilization to the edge of destruction.

You can only become a citizen by serving in the UCP, and they give you certain rights – like voting and breeding – that ordinary people don’t have. Humans are now spacefarers, and they’re going on missions all over the galaxy, but they run into trouble with a bunch of super-advanced bugs called Arachnids or, as the kids call them, Bugs.

Johnny Rico, a teenage jock, wants to stay close to his spaceship pilot girlfriend Carmen, so he joins Military Intelligence. Carmen ends up breaking up with him because their careers are too different, and Rico accidentally transfers Isabelle, who’s in love with him, into his squad. Rico gets promoted to squad leader during training, but then makes a mistake and gets flogged. – Montserrat Movies

4. Bruc, the Manhunt (2010)

Montserrat Movies

Director: Daniel Benmayor

The Napoleonic Army was defeated for the first time in 1808 by a single man – a drummer boy! He used the mountains of Montserrat to sound his drums, forcing the enemy to retreat in a panic.

When the news got back to Napoleon, he was so angry that he ordered the captain of the imperial guard to hunt down the young hero responsible. The captain gathered his best and deadliest men and began the hunt for the boy who was about to become a legend. – Montserrat Movies

5. King’s Rhapsody (1955)

Montserrat Movies

Director: Herbert Wilcox

The story is about after his father, Finlay Currie, died, Prince Richard of Laurentia was called out of exile and taken to Monte Carlo with his new girlfriend, Anna Neagle. He was asked to marry Cristiane, daughter of Patrice Wymore, and produce a successor to the throne. Richard is in love with Anna Neagle, but he soon finds himself falling in love with Cristiane. – Montserrat Movies


6. The Evil Forest (1952)

Montserrat Movies

Director: Carlos Serrano de Osma

The story is about two soldiers who seek refuge from enemy bombing in an abandoned church, where they find a manuscript from the fifth century describing the destruction of the Spanish countryside by barbarian hordes.

The text relates the story of Roderico, a warrior who opposed war and unnecessary bloodshed, who was killed by Klingsor. The widow of the deceased flees to the Holy Mountain, where Klingsor holds the Holy Spear and the Grail.

She dies, but her young son Parsifal survives and grows up free from worldly temptation, evil, and cruelty. During his stay at the Holy Mountain, Parsifal meets Kundry, Klingsor’s daughter, and they fall in love. His father orders Kundry to capture Parsifal, which she does, but the knight of the Grail can resist.

Parsifal promises to get the Holy Spear back, and Klingsor attempts to use his daughter again to dissuade him, but this does not work. Klingsor also attempts to trap him in the Evil Forest, where the Seven Deadly Sins are found, but Parsival triumphs and gets the Sacred Spear. Finally, he is allowed into the cave containing the Holy Grail. – Montserrat Movies

7. Sendas marcadas (1959)

Montserrat Movies

Director: Juan Bosch

Following a thrilling pursuit through the mountains, a dangerous criminal is apprehended. As darkness falls, the Inspector, a gendarme, and the criminal are forced to retreat to a mountain shelter where they encounter other individuals in similar circumstances. – Montserrat Movies

8. Out on Parole (1976)

Montserrat Movies

Director: Roberto Bodegas

The story follows a young delinquent male and a bookseller at home delivery who occasionally resort to prostitution as a result of her job, as they attempt to live together based on a system of mutual freedom. – Montserrat Movies

9. Ignasi M. (2013)

Montserrat Movies

Director: Ventura Pons

Ignasi M is a documentary that follows an HIV-positive, gay Catalan man as he goes about his day-to-day life with a sense of humor. He hangs out with his friends and family and talks to them about everything from politics to sex to art and so much more. – Montserrat Movies

10. Baixant de la Font del Gat (1927)

Montserrat Movies

Director: Gastón A. Mantua

Ramon and Pauet pretend to be Marieta. When the Liberals assume power and the military enters Morella, the two men come face-to-face. The play is based on a traditional Catalonian folk song and is directed by the author. – Montserrat Movies