The 10 Best Northern Mariana Islands Movies of All Time

The 10 Best Northern Mariana Islands Movies of All Time. You should check out these Northern Mariana Islands Movies. These Northern Mariana Islands Movies will give you a lot of fun and practice.


Northern Mariana Islands Movies

1. Oba: The Last Samurai (2011)

Northern Mariana Islands Movies

Director: Hideyuki Hirayama

The Japanese Army’s Saipan Garrison put on their last-ditch Banzai charge at the Battle of Saipan, where almost no one survived. Out of 4,000 Japanese who had taken part in the charge, only one survived – Yutaka Sakae.

Oba played dead at first, but then he was found by a small group of survivors who had made it back to the jungle. As the highest-ranking officer still alive, Oba assumed command of the 46 Japanese soldiers and 200+ Japanese civilians who had managed to get away from the Marines and fight a guerilla war even after the Americans declared the island secure.

The USMC commander, Colonel Pollard, was furious at Oba’s defiance and launched an all-out effort to capture him, which the Marines nicknamed “The Fox”. After Pollard failed to capture Oba, he was relieved of his command and replaced by a mild-mannered colonel, Wessinger.

Wessinger decided to take a less aggressive approach and sent in Captain Lewis, who was fluent in Japanese and had a strong grasp of Japanese culture. Lewis was able to persuade Oba to surrender. – Northern Mariana Islands Movies

2. Hell to Eternity (1960)

Northern Mariana Islands Movies

Director: Phil Karlson

Following the attack on Pearl Harbor, the young Chicano adoptee is sent to the internment camp of Manzanar with his Japanese-American adoptive family.

During the war, the young man’s command of Japanese and his ability to speak the language enable him to become a Marine hero, enlisting in the Marine Corps and enlisting in the battle for Saipan Island.

In the aftermath of the island’s capture, the young man persuades eight hundred Japanese to surrender, despite the fact that their general has committed suicide. – Northern Mariana Islands Movies

3. Anatahan (1953)

Northern Mariana Islands Movies

Director: Josef von Sternberg

A group of twelve Japanese sailors finds themselves stranded on an uninhabited and forgotten island, referred to as Ana-Ta-han, for seven years. They are the only occupants of the island, who are the overseers of the deserted plantation and a beautiful young Japanese maiden.

The former warrant officer is the one who represents discipline, but his reign comes to an end when he experiences a catastrophic loss of face. Subsequently, discipline and common sense are supplanted by a battle for dominance and the attention of the maiden.

Power is exemplified by the discovery of two pistols in the debris of an American aircraft, an incident so significant that five men sacrifice their lives to regain control of the island. – Northern Mariana Islands Movies

4. Gehenna: Where Death Lives (2016)

Northern Mariana Islands Movies

Director: Hiroshi Katagiri

A group on a business trip visits Saipan in search of a suitable location for their new resort. Upon finding what they believe to be the ideal location, they discover a hidden area on the property which is revealed to be a World War II-era Japanese Bunker, and decide to investigate.

However, upon meeting the inhabitants of the Bunker, each member is confronted with their own demons and the mysteries of the Bunker, leading to a shocking conclusion. – Northern Mariana Islands Movies

5. Windtalkers (2002)

Northern Mariana Islands Movies

Director: John Woo

When the Americans needed a secure way to communicate during World War II, they came up with a code using the Navajo language. They recruited Navajos to be code talkers and assigned them to each unit.

They would use the code to communicate with each other so that even if the enemy could hear them, they wouldn’t know what they were talking about. To make sure the code was safe, they assigned men to protect it no matter what it took. One of those men was Joe Enders.

Joe had an injury that made him unfit for service, but he managed to avoid it. He was told he had a job to do and that the person he was supposed to protect was Ben Yahzee! At first, there’s a lot of tension between the two men, but eventually, they get along. – Northern Mariana Islands Movies


6. Daijōbu, My Friend (1983)

Northern Mariana Islands Movies

Director: Ryū Murakami

Peter Fonda is a space alien who falls out of the sky and gets the help of some Japanese people to stop a group of bad guys from coming after him. – Northern Mariana Islands Movies

7. Target Tokyo (1945)

Northern Mariana Islands Movies

Director: William Keighley

The movie is called Target Tokyo, and it’s about the first mission of the bombers. It follows the crew as they train in Nebraska before being sent to Saipan, an island in the Pacific that was used as an air attack launch point. From there, they make their way to Japan, where they make their first bombing raid.

The movie was made by the U.S. Air Force in 1945 and was narrated by Ronald Reagan, the future President of the United States. – Northern Mariana Islands Movies

8. …ing (2003)

Northern Mariana Islands Movies

Director: Eon-hie Lee

The protagonist is Gang Min-a, a girl whose life could end at any moment, and who is passionate about ballet. Her dream is to travel to Europe and watch a live performance of ballet.

Her life is very complicated and she has no friends. She has a dream of finding the perfect man in her life. Her mother is a very devoted mother who always tries her best to make her daughter happy. Min-a finds a boy downstairs.

On the way to school, she meets a man who has lost his love. He has lost his girlfriend in front of the high school. He helps the school girls cross the road. Min-a hears from the teacher that this man lost his girlfriend on a rainy day. In the rain, the man cries for his lost love. – Northern Mariana Islands Movies

9. The Insular Empire: America in the Marianas (2010)

Northern Mariana Islands Movies

Director: Vanessa Warheit

The Mariana Islands are made up of two parts: the island of Guam and the island of the Commonwealth of the Pacific. Guam was given to the United States by Spain back in 1898 after Spain lost the Spanish-American War.

The Commonwealth of the Pacific was taken by the United States from Japan in WWII. As a political entity, the two islands have a few things in common: they’re ruled by Washington, they’re U.S. residents, a lot of them serve in the military, but they don’t vote in presidential elections, and they don’t have a representative in congress who can vote on legislation. – Northern Mariana Islands Movies

10. Murder in Martigues (2016)

Northern Mariana Islands Movies

Director: Claude-Michel Rome

The body of a man wearing a diving suit has been discovered on a beach outside Martigues by a district attorney and a police officer. The man’s death is being investigated as a possible homicide.

The man’s identity is unknown at this time. Jean-Claude Saint-Floret is Pierre’s son and Jean-Charles is Pierre’s father. Jean-Claude runs a fuel transportation company outside Martigues and Pierre runs a fishing company.

Pierre is married and has a divorced wife, Catherine, who runs a restaurant. Little by little, Elizabeth Richard, the district attorney, and Paul Yansac, the police officer, are piecing together Pierre’s life.

The people who had dealings with Pierre are: Michel LeCroix, a talkative man who ran a diving company Simon Chasteling, another fisherman from Martigues Matthieu Bidard, a drug dealer Gwendoline dos Santos was heckled and walked out of the church at Pierre’s funeral. – Northern Mariana Islands Movies