The 20 Best Bavaria Movies You Should Watch

The 20 Best Bavaria Movies You Should Watch. You should check out these Bavaria Movies. These Bavaria Movies will give you a lot of fun and practice.


Bavaria Movies

1. The Girl Rosemarie (1996)

Bavaria Movies

Director: Bernd Eichinger

Rosemary’s Baby is a 1950s drama based on true events. The plot follows the protagonist, Rosemary Nitribitt, who is released from a detention center, escapes from her foster family, and finds employment as a barmaid in a nightclub in Frankfurt, Germany.

In exchange for tape recordings of her sexual encounters with German high-rollers, a wealthy French businessman proposes to arrange a trap for her. – Bavaria Movies

2. Run & Jump (2013)

Bavaria Movies

Director: Steph Green

The story follows Vanetia Casey, a spirited and optimistic family member, as she works to bring her husband, Conor, back to life after a rare stroke alters his personality.

Ted Fielding, a Tweety American doctor, arrives to stay with the Casey family for two months, aided by his research grant, which provides the family with vital financial support.

Although Vanetia is a dynamic individual, she is feeling overwhelmed by the presence of two young children and two adult men in the home and initially objects to Ted’s study of Conor.

However, she begins to appreciate Ted’s calming presence in the family, and in turn, he enjoys their joyous lifestyle. This leads to an emotional collision between Vanetia and Ted. – Bavaria Movies

3. Bandits (1997)

Bavaria Movies

Director: Katja von Garnier

Emma, Luna, Angel, and Marie, four convicts, form a rock band while they’re in jail. They get a chance to perform at a police ball, but instead of going out on stage, they run away.

At the concert for the ball, they get the chance to escape and become famous and popular as outlaw musicians. A record label exec sees them escape on the news and drops their EP, which was previously rejected and uses their mug shots for a campaign. – Bavaria Movies

4. Time of the Wolf (2003)

Bavaria Movies

Director: Michael Haneke

An undefined period passes in which the environment has been destroyed, the water has become contaminated, and the animals have all been incinerated. Georges Laurent embarks on a journey from the city to his cabin in the countryside, accompanied by his wife, Anne Laurent, their daughter, Eva, and their son, Ben.

Upon their arrival, they discover that intruders have breached the house and one of the intruders has killed Georges Laurent. Anne, Eva, and Ben travel through the village, seeking refuge and supplies for their friends, but the locals refuse to assist them.

Eventually, they reach an abandoned barn, where they spend the night. The following morning, they encounter a teenage boy, and together they journey to a railway station, where they encounter other survivors. They wait for the train, expecting to depart to a better world amidst the chaos. – Bavaria Movies

5. Stalingrad (1993)

Bavaria Movies

Director: Joseph Vilsmaier

The plot of the film begins in the summer of 1942 in Italy, where a group of German soldiers are enjoying a leisurely day of card playing, swimming, and drinking. As the movie progresses, the group hears music and realizes that they have arrived late for their formation, and rushes to rejoin their comrades.

All of the soldiers are commended for their bravery in the battle of Africa, and they are awarded medals of honor for their victory. However, they are also reprimanded for their lateness.

The soldiers are informed that they are ready to embark on their next engagement, and so they board a train and depart. On board the train, the new leader of the platoon, Lieutenant Hans Von Witzland, writes a love letter to his beloved. The men realize that this is their first time on the front. – Bavaria Movies

6. Code Unknown (2000)

Bavaria Movies

Director: Michael Haneke

Jean, a young farm boy, seeks refuge from his domineering father; he flees to Paris to be with his elder brother Georges, who is away covering the Kosovo war. In a fit of rage, he tosses a bag of partially eaten pastry into the lap of a beggar, Amadou.

Amadou berates him, and the police arrive, apprehending Amadou and expelling the beggar. When Georges returns from the war, Anne’s relationship with her brother is strained, and the two separate lives come together for a brief moment around the pastry bag.

We follow each of them as the consequences of the incident unfold. The film is narrated by deaf children, who pantomime words, emotions, and situations. – Bavaria Movies

7. The Harmonists (1997)

Bavaria Movies

Director: Joseph Vilsmaier

The story begins in 1927 in Berlin, Germany, where a poor but talented musician, Harry Frommerman, is writing his compositions and dreaming of achieving great success.

While visiting a local store to listen to new records, he is so captivated by the melodies that he does not even realize that the store’s young employee, Erna, is in love with him.

When he finds himself in a situation where he is barely able to afford the cost of his parrot’s food, he decides to take action.

He publishes a newspaper advertisement looking for a company to form a singing group, in which he meets with the renowned Italian composer, Roberto Biberti. Four other fellows are soon found, and a concept is formed and rehearsals commence. – Bavaria Movies

8. Voyager (1991)

Bavaria Movies

Director: Volker Schlöndorff

Walter Faber has recently endured a harrowing airplane crash and is now embarking on his next journey via ship. During his voyage, he encounters the captivating Sabeth, with whom he engages in a fervent romantic relationship.

The two embark on a journey to Sabeth’s homeland in Greece, however, the pragmatic Faber remains unaware of the unforeseeable consequences that may arise from his past actions. – Bavaria Movies

9. Rosalie Goes Shopping (1989)

Bavaria Movies

Director: Percy Adlon

The story follows a German-American woman, Rosalie, who lives the American dream in a small town in Arkansas. Or, at least, her version of the American dream. She spends her hard-earned money through credit card scams, forged checks, stealing, and all kinds of other shady stuff.

Most of the time, she uses these schemes to take advantage of her family. Her husband, Ray, (Brad Davis) loves her and is proud of how devoted she is to her family. But when the locals start to figure out what Rosalie is up to, even her family starts to take a hard look at her. – Bavaria Movies

10. Into Great Silence (2005)

Bavaria Movies

Director: Philip Gröning

The Grande Chartreuse, located in the picturesque French Alps, is home to the oldest Carthusian monastery in the world, having been established over nine hundred years ago.

As the most ascetic monastery in the Catholic Church, the Carthusians are known for their silent contemplative practices. In 1984, a German filmmaker, Philip Groning, contacted the Carthusian monastery to request permission to film their activities.

After sixteen years, the monks granted Groning permission, but with strict conditions: no narration, no crew, and no artificial lighting. Groning spent six months in the monks’ living quarters, recording their daily prayers, assigned tasks, rituals, and recreational hikes once a week. – Bavaria Movies


11. The Man Without a Past (2002)

Bavaria Movies

Director: Aki Kaurismäki

A Man is ambushed by three younger males. The assault is brutal and the first victim is robbed and rendered unconscious. The victim staggers to a hospital, where he is believed to have been lost and abandoned by the medical personnel.

However, he jumps up and leaves the hospital. The victim is robbed of their boots whilst lying prone by water. Fortunately, the victim is accepted by people who care for him and do not mistreat him.

As the victim slowly recovers, he gradually loses his memory and thus spends the remainder of the movie unable to do anything more than survive through the relative assistance of others. – Bavaria Movies

12. The Odessa File (1974)

Bavaria Movies

Director: Ronald Neame

Peter Miller, a journalist, receives a diary from Solomon Tauber (an elderly man who has recently committed suicide), which chronicles Tauber’s imprisonment at a concentration camp in Riga.

Miller is particularly interested in the activities of the camp commander, Eduardo Roschmann (whom he learns has disappeared after the war). His inquiries with the police do not go unnoticed, and he is cautioned to exercise caution, which he takes seriously after being pushed in front of an oncoming train.

He is informed that there is a clandestine organization known as the O. D. E. S. S.A. which aids former S. S. personnel in obtaining new identities and evading the authorities. This organization has infiltrated a wide range of German society and appears to be willing to go to any lengths to protect its personnel.

The Israeli intelligence services are also interested in infiltrating this organization. Satisfied that Miller is not a fraud, they help him to go undercover as an ex-S. S. camp guard in need of assistance. – Bavaria Movies

13. Last Exit to Brooklyn (1989)

Bavaria Movies

Director: Uli Edel

The 1950s were a wild time in Brooklyn, with union corruption and violence aplenty. A hooker falls in love with a customer, and a disturbed man finds out he’s gay. In one of the most controversial novels of the era, a group of characters are struggling with their lives and backgrounds.

They include an unhappy married union strike leader, a jaded prostitute in love with a young sailor, a union negotiator trying to end the strike while trying to hide his communist leanings, and a factory worker’s family who can’t handle their teenage daughter being pregnant. – Bavaria Movies

14. Smilla’s Sense of Snow (1997)

Bavaria Movies

Director: Bille August

A young boy tragically falls from the rooftop of a Copenhagen apartment building, resulting in the death being ruled an accident. However, Smilla, a specialist in ice and snow travel, deduces from the boy’s tracks that he was fleeing from an unknown perpetrator. Smilla’s investigation leads her to form an uneasy alliance (and possibly a romantic relationship) with a mechanic neighbor. Her investigation leads her to a mysterious corporation that has conducted several mysterious missions to Greenland. – Bavaria Movies

15. Caché (2005)

Bavaria Movies

Director: Michael Haneke

Anne Laurant and her husband, Georges, live in a book-filled Paris townhouse with their teenage son Pierrot, a member of the swim team, a successful career in publishing, and a high-profile talk show. The couple’s dinner parties are lively, but there is a lack of communication between them.

Anne may be in a relationship with a family friend, while Pierrot is a monotone and spends much of his time with friends.

The tension is further heightened when they receive recordings of their home being monitored, accompanied by drawings of a child and blood. This disturbs Anne, and Georges is uncertain of what part of his past he has kept private. – Bavaria Movies

16. Mostly Martha (2001)

Bavaria Movies

Director: Sandra Nettelbeck

The plot follows Chef Martha Klein in a German restaurant, where she is the de facto boss of the kitchen staff. Any customer who criticizes her cooking is met with scorn. Her life revolves around her cooking, which she obsessively obsesses over.

Despite being ordered to receive therapy, she continues to talk about her work and her ironclad control over her life. This all changes when her sister is killed in a car crash, leaving her 8-year-old daughter Lina alone. Martha adopts her niece and, while enquiring about her absent father, struggles to provide for this stubbornly willful child.

At the same time, a new chef, Mario, is hired at Martha’s restaurant, and she feels intimidated by this unusual arrival. The combination of her professional life and her personal life creates a situation that will challenge her attitudes and life decisions, while these intruders begin to subtly alter her life. – Bavaria Movies

17. Enemy Mine (1985)

Bavaria Movies

Director: Wolfgang Petersen

Amid a conflict between humanity and the alien reptilian race known as the Drac, a spaceship pilot, Willis Davidge, played by Dennis Quaid, is stranded on a planet populated by both humans and Dracs. He is accompanied by an enemy fighter, known as the Shigan, who is also a Drac.

Although both Willis and the Shigan can inhale air, the planet and its inhabitants are inhospitable, necessitating the two to collaborate to survive. Over time, Willis and Shigan become unlikely companions, though their relationship is not without its difficulties. – Bavaria Movies

18. Sunshine (1999)

Bavaria Movies

Director: István Szabó

The narrative follows the three successive generations of the Sonnenschein family, a Hungarian Jewish-immigrant family that originated from the time when Hungary was part of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire, adopted the name Sors to survive the occupation of the country by the Nazis, and now confront the consequences of the post-war communist regime. – Bavaria Movies

19. Luther (2003)

Bavaria Movies

Director: Eric Till

The sixteenth-century priest, Martin Luther, is the originator of the Christian Reformation and a pioneer in the exploration of faith.

The film follows his journey from the moment he pledges to become a monk to the present day, as he struggles to balance his desire for holiness with his growing revulsion for the decadence and immorality of the hierarchy of the Church.

Ultimately, he is accused of heresy and must stand before the reigning Cardinals and Princes to exhort them to make the Bible accessible to the public and to lead the Church towards faith through justice and fairness. – Bavaria Movies

20. Nowhere in Africa (2001)

Bavaria Movies

Director: Caroline Link

A Jewish family emigrated to Kenya shortly before the outbreak of World War II. Initially, the family moves to Kenya to establish a farm, however, not all of the family members agree with the new lifestyle. Soon after the family immigrated to Kenya, the situation in Germany rapidly changed, and it appears that a return to Germany is out of the question. Consequently, the family must adapt to the new lifestyle in a new continent. – Bavaria Movies