The 30 Best Tibet Movies You Should Watch

The 30 Best Tibet Movies You Should Watch. You should check out these Tibet Movies. These Tibet Movies will give you a lot of fun and practice.


Tibet Movies

1. Prince of the Himalayas (2006)

Tibet Movies

Director: Sherwood Hu

The story unfolds in the remote Himalayan region of ancient Tibet, where the young prince, Lhamoclodan, has returned to the Kingdom of Jiaobo following the mysterious death of his father.

His grief is compounded by the fact that his mother has remarried, and he vows to discover the truth behind his father’s demise. His obsession with vengeance consumes his soul and obscures his love for Odsalaang.

When the new king draws his sword on the young prince, Nanm finally reveals to her son the truth about his uncle’s true identity. In the effort to confront his fate and confront his demons, the birth of a new king takes place. – Tibet Movies

2. Tharlo (2015)

Tibet Movies

Director: Pema Tseden

The protagonist, Tharlo, is an orphan who has grown up and earns a living as a shepherd in the village. His hair has grown into a ponytail, which has earned him the nickname “Ponytail” as no one remembers his real name. He has a remarkable memory, remembering many things, but not his name.

He is in his 40s and has yet to meet his first wife. He visits the town to take a photograph of his identity card and meets a girl in a barber’s shop. He then embarks on a journey to discover his true self.

In order to do so, he sells all the sheep and those entrusted to him by other villagers for care and uses the proceeds to go out with the girl. However, he finds himself deceived and deceived by her. In the process, he loses his sense of self, as he sees in the mirror that his ponytail has been cut off and he is now bald. – Tibet Movies

3. Dreaming Lhasa (2005)

Tibet Movies

Directors: Ritu Sarin

Karma is a New York City-based Tibetan woman who travels to India to make a documentary film documenting the lives of exiles who have escaped from Tibet.

During one of her interviews, Dhondup reveals that his deceased mother had promised him that he would deliver an antique charm box to a Tibetan exile named Loga.

He enlists Karma’s assistance in locating Loga, who is believed to have been dead for the past 15 years. As Karma and Dhondup embark on a journey to uncover the mysterious circumstances surrounding Loga’s disappearance, they are both seduced by Dhondup’s charm, leading them to explore the world of exiled Tibetan society in India. – Tibet Movies

4. Paths of the Soul (2015)

Tibet Movies

Director: Zhang Yang

The documentary drama follows a troupe of Tibetans as they embark on a trek to the sacred capital of Tibet, Lasa. The trek, which covers a distance of 1,200 kilometers, is characterized by the repeated practice of kneeling on the ground throughout the duration of the journey. Over a period of 10 months, viewers are exposed to the intricacies of interpersonal relationships and the complexities of family, hardship, and resolution. – Tibet Movies

5. Mountain Patrol (2004)

Tibet Movies

Director: Lu Chuan

A self-appointed outcast group dedicated to eradicating the illegal killing of vulnerable Tibetan Antelope by impoverished peasants from the local area and beyond, the Tibetan Mountain Patrol engages in an intimate dialogue with a half-Tibetan journalist from Beijing, in a bleak portrayal of human behavior on the outskirts of Kekaeli. – Tibet Movies

6. Windhorse (1998)

Tibet Movies

Director: Paul Wagner

Windhorse is a 1996 documentary film about three young Tibetans who are fighting for their freedom from the Chinese Communist regime. The film was shot in secret locations in Tibet and Nepal and was the first-ever digital feature film to be filmed. It was edited on an avid camera with digital finish and color correction at the RolandHouse facility in Washington, D.C. – Tibet Movies

7. The Climbers (2019)

Tibet Movies

Director: Daniel Lee

In May 1960, the Chinese Everest Climbing Commando were attempting to climb Mount Everest’s highest peak, the second step beneath the cliff. This was their fifth attempt at the task, and their initial four unsuccessful attempts had depleted their physical strength. Eventually, the force of the wind and snow caused the gap between the two steps to close. – Tibet Movies

8. The Captain (2019)

Tibet Movies

Director: Andrew Lau

The movie is based on the true story of an incident that occurred in May 2018 when the cockpit windshield of an Air Sichuan flight malfunctioned while the aircraft was at an altitude above the Tibetan plateau. As a result, the cockpit copilot was partially extracted from the cockpit, while passengers began to succumb to hypothermia due to the reduced pressure. The director of the film is Andrew Lau. – Tibet Movies

9. The Cup (1999)

Director: Khyentse Norbu

While the football World Cup is taking place in France, two Tibetan refugees arrive at an Indian monastery/boarding school, where they are living in exile.

The monastery’s atmosphere of peaceful meditation is suddenly disrupted by a football fever, initiated by a young student, Orgyen, who is a fan of the competition.

Due to various circumstances, Orgyen is unable to watch the final match on television in his village, so he arranges for the monastery to rent a television set.

The venture proves to be a source of solidarity, ingenuity, and camaraderie for the students, whilst the Lama, the leader of the monastery, ponders the difficulties of teaching the Buddha’s word in an ever-evolving world. – Tibet Movies

10. Himalaya (1999)

Director: Éric Valli

The story of the last stand of an aging chief, the lessons he has taught the new one, and the educational journey of a new chief-in-training are played out against the elements in Dolpo, Nepal.

After his son’s death on his return from the salt lakes of Tibet, Tinle accuses Karma, his friend, of withholding his blessing for the new chief. Karma, in turn, arranges for a caravan to transport the salt to Lower Nepal to be exchanged for grain.

A few of the old men, the widow of the deceased son, the grandson, and the second son of a monk embark on the long journey.

Fearful of storms, Karma leads his caravan from the village prior to the day the lamas have ordained for the celebration, Tinle’s party intercepts Karma’s caravan before the pass, and the two obstinate men lock in a battle of wills while the grandson of Tinle watches. – Tibet Movies

11.  The Way Back (2010)

Tibet Movies

Director: Peter Weir

In 1940, three individuals attempt to escape from the Soviet Union, escaping from the Siberian Gulag. This film follows the story of their escape, as well as that of four other individuals who have escaped with them, as well as the story of a teenage girl who joins them on their flight.

The leader of the group, Janusz Weizzczek, is a Pole who has been falsely accused of torturing his wife. He has spent much of his childhood outdoors and is well-versed in the ways of life in the wilderness.

The other individuals are Mr. Smith, a cynical American, Valka, a Russian thug, a comedic accountant, Zoran, a pastry chef, a pastry chef who draws, and a priest, Andrejs Voss.

Kazik, a Polish who has night blindness, is also part of the escape attempt. Throughout the journey to freedom, the protagonists face freezing nights, a lack of food or water, mosquitoes, a seemingly endless desert, and the Himalayas. – Tibet Movies

12. Kundun (1997)

Tibet Movies

Director: Martin Scorsese

The term ‘Kundun’, which translates to ‘The Presence’, is a term used by Tibetans to refer to the spiritual leader. In 1959, the Dalai Lama was forced to flee his native country of Tibet when Communist China invaded and imposed an oppressive regime on the nation of peace-loving Tibet. He subsequently fled to India and has resided in exile since then in Dharamshala. – Tibet Movies

13. The Darjeeling Limited (2007)

Tibet Movies

Director: Wes Anderson

One year after their father’s untimely passing, three brothers, each afflicted with depression, embark on a train journey across India. The eldest brother, Francis, has planned the excursion. The brothers quarrel, muddle through, and eventually come to an understanding with one another.

The youngest brother, Jack, who has lost his girlfriend, falls in love with one of the passengers on the train. Peter, who has abandoned his pregnant wife, purchases a poisonous snake. After several days, Francis reveals their unexpected and disturbing destination.

In a strange environment, will the brothers be able to reconcile their differences? The narrative follows a series of events that culminate in the reconciliation of the brothers, including a funeral, a meditative session, a mountain ritual, and a Bengal Lancer. – Tibet Movies

14. Bulletproof Monk (2003)

Tibet Movies

Director: Paul Hunter

For sixty years, a mysterious monk without a name has traversed the globe to safeguard an ancient scroll, a scroll that contains the key to limitless power. Now, the Monk must search for a scorekeeper, and Kar is an improbable candidate. Kar is a young, street-smart individual whose only concern is his own well-being.

However, when he inadvertently rescues the bulletproof Monk from being captured, the two companions become part of a plan to protect the world from a powerful individual who is relentlessly pursuing the scroll. Full of visual effects and martial arts combat, the Monk and Kar, along with a seductive Russian mob princess named Bad Girl, must find, confront, and battle the ultimate enemy. – Tibet Movies

15. Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow (2004)

Tibet Movies

Director: Kerry Conran

In New York City in the year 1939, an adventurous journalist connects the events she is covering, such as the mysterious disappearances of renowned scientists around the globe, with the recent robotic invasion of the city. Desperate to find a solution to these events, she enlists the assistance of her former friend, the captain of a mercenary fleet of pilots. While investigating the case, the robots once again invade the city. – Tibet Movies


16. Seven Years in Tibet (1997)

Tibet Movies

Director: Jean-Jacques Annaud

Austrian climber Heinrich Harrer was forced to become a hero for Nazi propaganda. In order to escape, he left Austria and embarked on a trek to the summit of Mount Everest. After a series of events, he and his compatriot, Peter Aufschaiter, became the only two foreign nationals in the Tibetan capital of Asha. This experience marked the beginning of a remarkable transformation in Harrer’s life, as he gained the trust of the Dalai Lama as a close friend. – Tibet Movies

17.  2012 (2009)

Tibet Movies

Director: Roland Emmerich

Adrian Helmsley, a member of a global geophysical research team examining the impact of radiation from an unprecedented solar storm on the Earth’s core, discovers that the Earth’s crust is becoming increasingly unstable.

He conveys this information to the President of the United States, Thomas Wilson, and warns that, without adequate measures to protect a small fraction of the global population, the entire human race will be destroyed. Meanwhile, the author, Jackson Curtis, comes across the same information.

As the world’s leaders attempt to construct “arks” to evade the impending disaster, Curtis struggles to locate a way to rescue his family. Volcanic eruptions and quakes of unprecedented magnitude continue to affect the globe. – Tibet Movies

18. Samsara (2001)

Tibet Movies

Director: Pan Nalin

Samsara is a narrative tale of spiritual love and devotion, set in the picturesque Himalayan region of Ladakh. It follows the journey of one man to achieve spiritual enlightenment by abandoning the world, and the journey of a woman to maintain her enlightened love and existence in the world. However, their journey is filled with unexpected twists and turns, leading to a captivating conclusion. – Tibet Movies

19. The Horse Thief (1986)

Tibet Movies

Director: Tian Zhuangzhuang

Norbu is an ostracized horse-stealing individual who seeks to purify his tribe of his past misdeeds. Upon the delivery of his first child, Norbu feels remorseful and resumes his horse-stealing activities. However, when his second son is born, Norbu finds himself compelled to continue the horse-stealing activity. – Tibet Movies

20. Ama Khando (2019)

Tibet Movies

Director: Dhondup Tsering

Khando, a 26-year-old woman of 26 years of age, is an illiterate and impoverished individual who toils in the fields of other people’s farms to earn a living by selling buckwheat. This necessitates her leaving her seven-year-old son, Dhondup, unattended for most of the day.

Dhondup has been excluded from the village school, and Khando fears that he will be educated at a lower level than she is, so she seeks out a benefactor who will provide him with a better education than she is able to afford.

When a local monk finds a suitable guardian in the metropolis, she joins a group of winter migrants on an arduous journey to a lower altitude to bring Dhondup back to his native land. Throughout the journey, the characters from a variety of remote mountain communities interact with one another, creating an atmosphere of intrigue and conflict. – Tibet Movies

21. Jinpa (2018)

Tibet Movies

Director: Pema Tseden

A truck driver driving along an isolated road through the vast, inhospitable plains of Tibet comes across a young man seeking a ride. After colliding with a sheep, the driver notices that the young man is wearing a silver dagger attached to his leg, and realizes that his companion is seeking revenge on a man who has wronged him in the past. As the truck driver dismounts at a junction, he is unaware that their brief encounter has altered their lives and that their fates are bound together. – Tibet Movies

22. Milarepa (2006)

Tibet Movies

Director: Neten Chokling

Milarepa tells the story of a young man who, after the untimely death of his father, is thrust into a world filled with grief and betrayal. Hopeless and desperate, he embarks on a journey to master black magic and exact vengeance on his enemies.

Along the way, he encounters sorcerers, demons, a mysterious teacher, and an unexpected mystical power. However, it is in facing the repercussions of his rage that he gains the most insight.

Based on oral traditions that date back centuries, the story of Milarepa serves as a provocative reminder of the cycle of vengeance and violence that permeates contemporary life. Shot in the picturesque Lahaul and Spiti region of northern India, the story offers a glimpse into the life of a man who was destined to become the greatest saint in Tibet. – Tibet Movies

23. Balloon (2019)

Tibet Movies

Director: Pema Tseden

The family is confronted with the competing forces of nature, religion, politics, and individual autonomy. – Tibet Movies

24. Looking for a Lady with Fangs and a Moustache (2019)

Tibet Movies

Director: Khyentse Norbu

A Buddhist monk is sent to seek spiritual guidance by a skeptical entrepreneur following a series of visions in which the monk predicts his own death unless he is able to locate a female demon with fangs. – Tibet Movies

25. Tian Lai Meng Xiang (2017)

Tibet Movies

Director: Zhang Wei

The story follows the journey of three Tibetan children, Thupten and Droma, and their elderly companion Sonam, as they embark on a journey to Shenzhen, in Southern China, with the intention of performing as a group on television. The remarkable aspect of the journey is that all three children are unable to see. – Tibet Movies

26. Old Dog (2011)

Tibet Movies

Director: Pema Tseden

A family in the Himalayan region comes to realize that their canine companion is of great value to them, however, the cost of selling it is prohibitively expensive. – Tibet Movies

27. Karma (2006)

Tibet Movies

Director: Tsering Rhitar Sherpa

The story takes place in a convent in the Mustang high desert mountains, where a beloved abbess passes away, leaving behind signs that she is to be reborn in the sacred human form.

The nuns must perform prayers and rituals to aid her consciousness in its next rebirth, however, the nunnery’s finances are depleted. The senior nuns determine that the only solution is to recover the money loaned by the convent.

A mysterious loan is made out to a mysterious individual known as Mr. Tashi, who visits the senior nun during her final days. The nuns are suspicious of Mr. Tashi, believing that he abused her while she was dying.

Two nuns, Karma, a liberated nun, and Sonam, a textbook-type nun, embark on a journey from the secluded world of the mountains to the distant cities of sin, in search of the mysterious Mr. Tashi. – Tibet Movies

28. Sound of Silence (2017)

Tibet Movies

Director: Bijukumar Damodaran

The narrative follows the plight of a mute boy in a picturesque Himalayan valley, who is deprived of his mother and father after the latter’s untimely death. When his father is sent to prison, the boy faces a life of solitude and despair.

However, he is aided by an elderly Buddhist monk, who helps him to distance himself from his voiceless torment and to recognize the connection between each creature and the natural world. With no other option, the boy joins a Buddhist monastery, even as he struggles with his own feelings of love. – Tibet Movies

29. One and Four (2021)

Tibet Movies

Director: Jigme Trinley

The manager of a mountain cabin is frequently visited by a succession of individuals in a snowy mountainous region where poaching activities are rampant. On a snowy mountain, where poaching is prevalent, a mountain cabin manager is repeatedly accosted by a succession of men. – Tibet Movies

30. Once Upon a Time in Tibet (2010)

Tibet Movies

Director: Wei Dai

At the start of the Second World War, an American pilot, Robert Smith, was engaged in a mission to assist China in its struggle against Japanese forces. On a liaison cargo flight from Indochina to China, Robert’s cargo plane malfunctions in Tibet, resulting in his survival.

After regaining consciousness, Robert attempts to navigate back to his unit, but is overcome by the elements and eventually falls into a state of hypnosis in the snowstorm. Following the footprints of humans, Robert eventually reaches the tribe, where he is greeted by the fair-haired Yongcho, who views him as a monster.

As the arrival of an outsider is seen as a further negative omen, Yongcho is obligated to care for Robert and send him away after his recovery. Yongcho has been cast out by her tribe since her earliest years, as she is considered a cursed woman. – Tibet Movies