The 40 Best Angola Movies You Should Watch

The 40 Best Angola Movies You Should Watch. You should check out these Kuwait TV Series. These Kuwait TV Series will give you a lot of fun and practice.


1. Nzinga, Queen of Angola (2013)

Director: Sérgio Graciano

A warrior woman, Njinga, fought for the liberation of her people. After witnessing the death of her son and the humiliation of her people by Portuguese colonizers, Njinga becomes a queen and continues to fight for her people’s freedom. The story of Njinga is set in 17th-century Angola. After her son is murdered her people are maltreated by Portuguese colonizers. – Angola Movies

2. Sambizanga (1972)

Angola Movies

Director: Sarah Maldoror

Domingos, a member of an African liberation movement, was unjustly apprehended by the Portuguese secret police on suspicion of involvement in a revolutionary group following violent incidents in Angola. Despite his steadfast loyalty to his comrades, he was subjected to brutal torture while in custody, ultimately resulting in his untimely demise. Tragically, his wife was unaware of his passing and tirelessly searched from one detention center to another in a futile attempt to locate him. – Angola Movies

3. Serpentarius (2019)

Angola Movies

Director: Carlos Conceição

A young man seeks the spirit of his mother as he wanders through a ravaged Africa. A young man searches for his mother’s spirit in a ravaged Africa after a disaster. – Angola Movies

4. Air Conditioner (2020)

Angola Movies

Director: Mario Bastos

When the air conditioner stops working in Luanda, the housemaid and security guard are on a mission to get their boss’ air conditioner back. One day in Angola’s capital, Luanda, the air conditioners stopped working in all the buildings. Matacedo, the security guard, is asked to get his boss’ airco unit back by the end of the day, and he goes on a mission to meet the crazy owner of the electronics store. – Angola Movies

5. Our Lady of the Chinese Shop (2022)

Angola Movies

Director: Ery Claver

When a Chinese businessman brings a strange plastic representation of Our Lady to a neighborhood in Luanda, a grieving mother seeks solace, a devoted barber forms a new sect, and a stray child seeks vengeance for a lost friend. – Angola Movies

6. O Grande Kilapy (2012)

Angola Movies

Director: Zézé Gamboa

In the mid-70s, on the brink of Angolan independence, a cynical, disaffected individual engaged in a fraudulent scheme to extort funds from the Portuguese colonial government. This sardonic drama follows the protagonist, played by Game of Thrones’ Pablo Escobar, as he attempts to perpetrate a fraudulent scheme. – Angola Movies

7. Order of the Dragon (2018)

Angola Movies

Director: David O’Connor

Domingos, a member of an African liberation movement, was unjustly apprehended by the Portuguese secret police on suspicion of involvement in a revolutionary group following violent incidents in Angola. Despite his steadfast loyalty to his comrades, he was subjected to brutal torture while in custody, ultimately resulting in his untimely demise. Tragically, his wife was unaware of his passing and tirelessly searched from one detention center to another in a futile attempt to locate him. – Angola Movies

8. The Hero (2004)

Angola Movies

Director: Zézé Gamboa

If a proficient assassin experiences a challenging day on the job, it can have a profound impact on her overall sense of stability. Furthermore, the individual she has been tasked with targeting may conceal a multitude of mysteries beneath the exterior. – Angola Movies

9. Hollow City (2004)

Angola Movies

Director: Maria João Ganga

The Hero chronicles the intertwined lives of four individuals residing in Luanda in the aftermath of the Angolan Civil War. Vitório, a war veteran who was left disabled by a landmine, is in search of employment. Manu, a ten-year-old boy, is on a quest to locate his father, who has been missing for four years. Joana, a second-grade teacher, serves as a mentor to Manu. Lastly, Judite/Maria Barbara, a prostitute, embarks on a romantic relationship with Vitório. – Angola Movies

10. Dias Santana (2016)

Angola Movies

Director: Maradona Dias Dos Santos

In the past, Matias Santana, at the age of six, bore witness to the heinous murder of his parents, including his unborn brother, Dias, who was still in his mother’s womb.

Presently, both brothers have pursued careers in serving their country, with Dias leading an elite police force and Matias holding the rank of general in the military. Upon discovering that Ferreira, Angola’s top crime boss, is the same individual responsible for their parents’ deaths, one brother seeks revenge while the other seeks justice.

However, Ferreira operates his criminal activities from Cape Town, which is beyond their jurisdiction. To bring Ferreira to justice, Dias and Matias must illegally cross into South Africa without being detected and eliminate the perpetrator. The only obstacle in their path is each other. – Angola Movies

11. Monangambé (1968)

Angola Movies

Director: Sarah Maldoror

The maltreatment perpetrated by Portuguese slave traders in their Angolan colony is exemplified by the torment inflicted upon a single captive, stemming from a lack of knowledge and understanding. – Angola Movies

12. Mutu Mbi (2022)

Angola Movies

Director: Levis Albano

After murdering his wife out of greed, Otchaly Hanji, a successful visual artist, brings a curse upon his family, leading to a wave of secrets and mysteries that transform Hanji’s life into a true living hell. – Angola Movies

13. O Recado das Ilhas (1989)

Angola Movies

Director: Ruy Duarte de Carvalho

MOIA is more than just a dramatic fiction; it is a poetic exploration of the characteristics of a Creole identity that is deeply rooted in African, Atlantean, and Lusophone dynamics.

The protagonist’s profile and journey converge with various components that have the potential to disrupt and reorganize the foundations of an identity that transcends political, geographical, and historical categories.

The insular circumstances and volcanic exuberance of Cape Verdean land and expression provide a platform for personalized concerns regarding psychological and social insularity, which convey the echoes of an Africa that takes the Shakespearean confrontation between Prospero and Caliban to its ultimate consequences.

A cinematic exploration of such emotions could not do without the use of the fantastic, delirium, and poetic daring. This is what any future is made of – the translation of mestizaje into plans. Ruy Duarte de Carvalho. – Angola Movies

14. Freaks (2017)

Angola Movies

Director: Michael Crabtree

Chloe Lewis, a seven-year-old girl, has been confined to a dilapidated house her entire life with her father, Henry, who restricts her from venturing outside, citing the threat of being harmed by “the bad men”.

Despite her father’s warnings, Chloe yearns to explore the world beyond her home and craves a maternal presence in her life, having never met her deceased mother, Mary.

To provide Chloe with a semblance of normalcy, Henry endeavors to teach her about general social norms, with the ultimate goal of enabling her to pass as a member of the neighboring Reed family.

Chloe bears witness to peculiar happenings within the house, including Henry’s inexplicable bleeding from his eyes and sightings of a woman in her closet. – Angola Movies

15. Nelisita (1982)

Angola Movies

Director: Ruy Duarte de Carvalho

Hunger dominates the world, leaving only two men and their families alive. One of them sets out in search of food and discovers a warehouse where certain spirits guard vast quantities of food and clothing. He takes what he can carry and returns later with his neighbor.

The neighbor, however, betrays their location to the spirits, resulting in the imprisonment of everyone except for a pregnant woman, whom the spirits intend to use to acquire another living being. Nelisita is born, having generated himself.

He outwits the spirit that comes to take him and his mother, who is ultimately taken away. Nelisita sets out to find her and presents himself to the king of the spirits to claim her.

The king attempts to persuade Nelisita to join the side that monopolizes the food, but Nelisita resists. He undergoes several trials, but with the help of his animal allies, he emerges victorious. – Angola Movies

16. El Último País (2017)

Angola Movies

Director: Gretel Marín

This is the account of a man’s arduous journey in coming to terms with the birth of his child with physical abnormalities while navigating the complexities of his relationships with his wife, mistress, and mother. – Angola Movies

17. Quem Faz Correr Quim (1991)

Angola Movies

Director: Mariano Bartolomeu

This is the narrative of a man’s arduous journey in coming to terms with the birth of his child with physical abnormalities while navigating the complexities of his relationships with his wife, mistress, and mother. – Angola Movies

18. Vontade de Vencer (2015)

Angola Movies

Director: André Banza

This documentary delves into the life and career of Anselmo Ralph, a prominent artist in Africa. His music transcends geographical boundaries and has garnered a global following, including in his native Angola where he is hailed as the foremost singer and performer of his generation.

The film captures Anselmo’s journey, from his travels on the road to his creative process in the studio, as well as his interactions with fans and visits to his Angolan roots. Through various perspectives, the documentary offers a unique insight into the reality of Anselmo’s life and artistry. – Angola Movies

19. Kimpa Vita: The Mother of the African Revolution (2016)

Angola Movies

Director: Ne Kunda Nlaba

Kimpa Vita was a courageous 22-year-old woman who was burned alive on July 2, 1706, in Mbanza Kongo, Kongo Kingdom. Kimpa Vita’s unwavering commitment to the abolition of slavery and her fight for her country’s freedom is a testament to the resilience and bravery of the African people during a time when their rich history was interrupted by slavery, genocide, and deportation.

The film highlights the impact of the West’s invasion on powerful African Kingdoms, including The Great Kingdom of Kongo, and the lasting legacy of Kimpa Vita, who is revered as The Mother of the African Revolution throughout her Kingdom. – Angola Movies

20. Festa de Quintal: The Angolan Home Theatre (2012)

Angola Movies

Director: Ademir Cavalcanti

The Festa de Quintal – The Angolan Home Theater is a comprehensive study of the performance and performativity of individuals at house parties. This documentary features a group of Angolan artists, critics, theater directors, and social science experts who share their personal experiences of the social spectacles in fiestas de Quinta or backyard parties. The interviews are accompanied by captivating displays of Angolan music, dance, and social culture. – Angola Movies


Angola Movies

21. Festa de Quintal (2012)

Angola Movies

Director: Ademir Cavalcanti

The quintal, commonly referred to as the backyard, serves as a platform for a diverse range of characters to showcase their attire, execute lively dances, and exude performative behaviors. – Angola Movies

22. Beyond My Steps (2019)

Angola Movies

Director: Kamy Lara

A group of five dancers delves into the complex concepts of tradition, culture, memory, and identity. Through their performance, they explore the transformation and deconstruction of these themes in their own lives, questioning the impact of these changes.

Hailing from various provinces of the country, the dancers bring with them a wealth of memories and traditions, which they must reconcile with the fast-paced and unpredictable reality of the capital.

To integrate into this new environment, they must partially relinquish their former identities and create a new one, while reflecting on the aspects of themselves that remain true and original. – Angola Movies

23. Nayola (2022)

Angola Movies

Director: José Miguel Ribeiro

A 25-year-long civil war has affected three generations of women: Lelena, Nayola, and Yara. The story weaves together past and present as Nayola searches for her missing husband during the height of the conflict. Despite the country’s eventual return to peace, Nayola never returns.

Yara, now a rebellious teenager and subversive rap singer, causes concern for Lelena who fears police intervention. One night, a masked intruder wielding a machete breaks into their home, leading to an unexpected encounter. – Angola Movies

24. Blood Diamond (2006)

Angola Movies

Director: Neil Gelinas

Sierra Leone was plagued by a civil war that caused widespread devastation. Rebel groups, including the Revolutionary United Front (RUF), frequently terrorized rural areas, instilling fear in the Mende community and enslaving many to extract diamonds that financed their increasingly successful war campaign.

Solomon Vandy, a resident fisherman from Shenge, was taken captive. Although his family managed to flee, Vandy was conscripted into a labor force under the supervision of Captain Poison, a merciless warlord. – Angola Movies

25. Rubber (2010)

Angola Movies

Director: Quentin Dupieux

This story follows a tire that becomes obsessed with a mysterious woman in a desert town after it finds out it has a powerful psionic ability. – Angola Movies

26. Sweepers (1998)

Director: Keoni Waxman

Christian Erickson, played by Dolph Lundgren, was a highly experienced demolition expert. His career was interrupted by the death of his son in a mine explosion, prompting him to retire.

However, he is recalled from retirement to assist Michelle Flynn, played by Claire Stansfield, in the demining of minefields in an aid-driven minesweeping mission in Angola.

As a result, Erickson uncovers the presence of new mines that are being planted to target individuals in the vicinity. – Angola Movies

27. Tommy Guns (2022)

Director:  Carlos Conceição

In 1974, following a prolonged period of conflict, the Portuguese and their descendants were compelled to depart the country as Angolan revolutionaries reclaimed their territory. Against this backdrop, a tribal girl embarks on a journey of love and peril upon encountering a young Portuguese officer.

Meanwhile, a cohort of Portuguese soldiers stationed within an impregnable fortress must navigate a treacherous escape as the ghosts of the past emerge to exact their long-awaited retribution. – Angola Movies

28. Letters from War (2016)

Director: Ivo Ferreira

This work is a compilation of correspondence authored by a young soldier, physician, and aspiring writer to his spouse during his deployment in Angola from 1971 to 1973. The letters are based on António Lobo Antunes’s novel and chronicle the Portuguese Colonial War, a conflict between Portugal and its former overseas territories. – Angola Movies

29. Angola Do You Hear Us? Voices from a Plantation Prison (2022)

Director: Cinque Northern

The “Peculiar Patriot” is a play by Liza Jessie Peterson that was shut down in 2020. It was performed at Angola Prison in Louisiana, which is considered to be the largest prison in the United States. The movie follows the story of this play and its performance at Angola Prison. – Angola Movies

30. The Recce (2018)

Director: Johannes Ferdinand Van Zyl

The movie was erroneously declared deceased while operating behind enemy lines. Despite being abandoned by his superiors, Henk’s determination to survive and reunite with his loved ones drives him to push his mental and physical limits as he navigates the perilous Angolan war zone. With his life on the line, Henk must rely on his extensive training and resourcefulness to evade the enemy and make his way back home. – Angola Movies

Angola Movies

31. Will Our Heroes Be Able to Find Their Friend Who Has … (1968)

Director: Ettore Scola

Fausto Di Salvio, a prominent Roman businessman, has grown weary of his monotonous and lackluster lifestyle. His desire to break free from this “imprisonment” is sparked by the news of his brother-in-law’s passing.

Oreste Sabbatini, also known as “Titino”, had been residing in Africa at the time of his death. Accompanied by his trusted employee, Ubaldo, the firm’s accountant, Fausto embarks on a journey to Angola in search of Ticino.

This expedition will span several months and entail numerous adventures as they follow Titino’s trail. Despite their efforts, Titino remains elusive.

Through conversations with individuals who have encountered him, they discover that Titino is a man of many talents who has left a lasting impression on those he has met. However, he has also left behind individuals who feel wronged by him and seek retribution. – Angola Movies

32. The Legend of Rita (2000)

Director: Volker Schlöndorff

In a missive addressed to her confidante Tatjana, Rita Vogt, a fugitive member of the Red Army Faction, chronicles her life story. Throughout the 1970s, Rita and her cohorts engaged in a series of armed robberies, kidnappings, and other violent acts in West Germany, all in the name of their armed struggle against the capitalist regime.

While visiting Paris, Rita was approached by a local police officer who requested her identification. In a moment of panic, Rita fled the scene, prompting the officer to pursue her into a parking garage, where she ultimately shot and killed him. – Angola Movies

33. April Captains (2000)

Director: Maria de Medeiros

A young conscript soldier named Daniel bids farewell to his girlfriend Rosa before embarking on a train from Lisbon to his Army base located in Santarém. Both individuals are apprehensive about the possibility of Daniel being deployed to fight in the Portuguese Colonial War.

Subsequently, Rosa travels by tram to Antónia’s residence to babysit her daughter, Amelia, feeling dejected and tardy. Upon Daniel’s return to his base, he remains oblivious to the impending coup.

Captain Salgueiro Maia takes the base commander into custody at gunpoint and instructs the soldiers to gather on parade in the middle of the night.

He urges them to accompany him to Lisbon to overthrow the government. While Maia’s erudite but cynical and cautious colleagues Major Gervasio and Lieutenant Lobão refuse to participate. – Angola Movies

34. A Reasonable Man (1999)

Director: Gavin Hood

In rural South Africa, Sipho stands accused of the murder of an infant. In response, lawyer Sean Raine offers to represent him, arguing that the youth believed he was killing a malevolent entity known as a “tikoloshe.” As an expatriate returning to South Africa after a prolonged absence, Sean has a personal investment in the case, driven by his feelings of culpability stemming from a past incident during his time as a soldier. – Angola Movies

35. Catch a Fire (2006)

Director: Phillip Noyce

Derek Luk is a black man from South Africa who works in an oil refinery. After a brutal attack by a government terror group, he decides to become an anti-apartheid fighter for the African National Congress. He goes on a series of daring solo missions against the apartheid government, even when a cop tries to get in his way. – Angola Movies

36. Língua – Vidas em Português (2003)

Director: Victor Lopes

This documentary explores the Portuguese language and its global speakers. A documentary exploration of the Portuguese language and its speakers worldwide. – Angola Movies

37. Fair Game (2010)

Director: Doug Liman

Valerie Plame, a CIA operative, investigated the potential existence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Regrettably, her covert status was compromised after her husband’s authorship of a contentious article regarding the sale of uranium. – Angola Movies

38. American Eagle (1989)

Director: Robert J. Smawley

Two decades ago, Vietnam served as a transformative experience for three American youths, who emerged from the conflict as men. However, amidst the harrowing circumstances, Johnny Burke succumbed to the pressure. When his comrades, Max and Rudy, intervened to prevent him from inflicting harm upon an innocent Cambodian girl, he turned on them with a fiery rage, consumed by a deep-seated hatred and a vow for retribution. – Angola Movies

39. Plot for Peace (2013)

Director: Mandy Jacobson

The film chronicles the pivotal role played by Jean-Yves Ollivier, a distinguished French entrepreneur, in facilitating the resolution of the South African Border War and the subsequent transition to a multiracial democratic system in South Africa. – Angola Movies

40. Samsara (2011)

Director: Ron Fricke

Over nearly five years, Samsara was filmed in twenty-five countries across five continents, utilizing seventy-millimeter film. This cinematic masterpiece takes viewers on a journey through diverse landscapes, including sacred grounds, disaster zones, industrial complexes, and natural wonders. – Angola Movies