The 50 Best Latvia Movies You Should Watch

The 50 Best Latvia Movies You Should Watch. You should check out these Latvia Movies. These Latvia Movies will give you a lot of fun and practice.


Latvia Movies

1. Blizzard of Souls (2019)

Latvia Movies

Director: Dzintars Dreibergs

At the age of sixteen, the romantic narrative of Arturs is disrupted by the onset of World War I. After the death of his mother and the destruction of his home, Arturs sought solace in joining the Russian Imperial Army, the first time national battalions were permitted in the Russian Empire.

However, the war is not what Arturs had in mind; there is no glory or justice, but only cruelty and suffering. His father and brother are killed in the war, and he is left alone.

Despite the promises of a quick resolution and a speedy return home, Arturs is unable to find the strength to fight the final battle. Ultimately, he returns home to begin anew, just as his homeland did when he was born. – Latvia Movies

2. Spider (1992)

Latvia Movies

Director: Vasili Mass

The artist is looking for a model for his painting of the Virgin Mary. The pastor suggests 18-year-old Vita. As Vita spends more time with the evil-looking painter, she becomes more and more convinced that she is in a web of mysterious networks and is being chased by a spider.

The spider appears in Vita’s dreams and even on the wall in her bedroom. The doctor tells Vita’s mother to send her to the country to calm her down but the spider follows Vita there and the terrible visions keep coming. – Latvia Movies

3. Baltic Tribes (2018)

Latvia Movies

Director: Raitis Ābele

The Baltic tribes are the last of the pagan peoples of Europe. Along with the main protagonist, the Danish spy Lars, you will live a pagan life in 13th-century Europe. You will participate in religious rituals and cruel expeditions. You will get high during the summer solstice.

You will be enslaved by Cours and you will fight against the Crusaders at the battle of Saele. The documentary debuts the myth that the Baltic people are only peaceful farmers and asks how much we know about our blood. – Latvia Movies

4. Samuel’s Travels (2021)

Latvia Movies

Director: Aik Karapetian

Lost in Eastern Europe’s most remote regions, Sam is an expatriate looking for his birth father in the Land of the Lost, where a minor traffic accident brings him into contact with the daughter of a pig breeder who kidnaps him and turns him into a slave on her farm. – Latvia Movies

5. Midsummer Madness (2007)

Latvia Movies

Director: Aleksandrs Hāns

The Latvian holiday of Janu Nakts is celebrated as a time for family and friends to gather around a bonfire, barbecue, and drink.

It is said that lovers and those seeking love can search the forest for the mythical ‘ magic fern’ on this night, which serves as the focal point and focal point of six stories in the film.

The magic fern is a recurring motif in the film, as it is a metaphor for love in both the film and the real world. The question that the film poses is whether or not a quest for love can ever be successful. – Latvia Movies

6. Sisters (2022)

Latvia Movies

Director: Linda Olte

Anastasia and Diana, who are residents of the orphanage and teenage sisters, learn that an adoptive American family is interested in adopting them, prompting their biological mother to return to their lives. – Latvia Movies

7. Jelgava 94 (2019)

Latvia Movies

Director: Jānis Ābele

This is a film that is a combination of a coming-of-age story and a depiction of the cultural unrest that occurred in ex-communist countries during the 1990s. It serves as a poignant reminder of the legacy left behind when border states such as Latvia regained their autonomy. The novel, based on the same name, was a 2014 winner of the EU Prize for Literature. – Latvia Movies

8. The Mover (2018)

Latvia Movies

Director: Dāvis Sīmanis

During the occupation of Latvia by the Germans during World War II, Latvian dock laborer, Mr. Lipke, rescues sixty Jewish individuals by hiding them in a bunker beneath his residence and transporting them to a haven with the assistance of his family and acquaintances. – Latvia Movies

9. January (2022)

Latvia Movies

Director: Viesturs Kairiss

The story follows an ambitious young filmmaker as he struggles to find his identity in the context of the Latvian Revolution. The atmosphere of the film is dark yet romantic. – Latvia Movies

10. Putin’s Witnesses (2018)

Latvia Movies

Director: Vitalij Manskij

The narrative of the film begins on the night of December 31, 1999, when Russia was introduced to its new President, Vladimir Putin. The story is based on the unique and strictly documented accounts of the actual events and repercussions of the “Successor” operation, which ultimately resulted in the current President of Russia. The main characters of the film are, respectively, Mikhail Gorbachev and Boris Yeltsin; Vladimir Putin; and the Russian people, who, as always, remain silent witnesses to their fate. – Latvia Movies

11. City on the River (2020)

Latvia Movies

Director: Viesturs Kairiss

A Latvian tragedy, The Sign Painter follows the life of a young artist as he witnesses the tumultuous political events of World War II. Through the passage of time, the artist’s homeland, village, people, and heart become entangled in the turbulent currents of history. – Latvia Movies

12. Mona (2012)

Latvia Movies

Director: Inara Kolmane

A tale of a man and woman, a city and a countryside, a future and a past. A story of animals and their killers. A tale of deep and brief passion and an ancient secret of women. A tale of visions and a bright smile. A tale of a traditional love triangle and a transformation into animals. A tale of love as a misunderstanding, and misunderstandings caused by passion. – Latvia Movies

13. Neon Spring (2022)

Latvia Movies

Director: Matīss Kaža

As her family disintegrates, Laine is introduced to the underground raves of Riga, where she finds love and gradually loses touch with reality. – Latvia Movies

14. Paradize 89 (2018)

Latvia Movies

Director: Madara Dišlere

When nine-year-old Paula visits her cousins’ home in late 1980s Latvia, amidst political unrest and the dissolution of her family, she discovers that family values are more important than ever, regardless of the future of the country. – Latvia Movies

15. Soviet Milk (2023)

Latvia Movies

Director: Inara Kolmane

The story follows a young and promising doctor who finds herself in conflict with the oppressive Soviet regime, resulting in the loss of her career, passion for life, and even her maternal instinct to deny her baby breast milk. Her adult daughter becomes her sole advocate, attempting to alleviate her depression and help her adjust to life in the Soviet Union. The story is set in the occupied state of Latvia from 1945 until the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1989. – Latvia Movies

16. Cilveka berns (1992)

Latvia Movies

Director: Janis Streics

The story of the life of the Pavulans family in Latgale and the customs and beliefs that are passed down through the generations. Young Bonuks are taught to cultivate relationships with their family and others, as well as with God and the environment. – Latvia Movies

17. The Last Soviet Movie (2003)

Latvia Movies

Director: Aleksandrs Petukhovs

Dear Aleksandr, we are all on the same train, but there are only a few seats available. I am going to leave the train so that you can sit in my place. These words, spoken by the late director Kieslowski, inspired the director to create the film The Last Soviet Movie. John F. Romanov, a Brooklyn-based writer, reveals the true history of his family, who were prominent figures in the Russian Revolution. – Latvia Movies

18. The Pit (2020)

Latvia Movies

Director: Dace Pūce

After his neighbor’s daughter makes derogatory comments about his deceased father, a ten-year-old boy imparts a harsh lesson to the girl, thus incriminating himself in the minds of the people around him. – Latvia Movies

19. The Soviet Story (2008)

Latvia Movies

Director: Edvīns Šnore

The Soviet Story is a first-of-its-kind documentary film directed by Edvins Snorem. It chronicles the Soviet regime and its role in aiding Nazi Germany in the creation of the Holocaust.

Recent archive documents reveal this, while interviews with ex-Soviet Military intelligence officials reveal even more shocking details.

Filmed over two years in various locations around the world, the documentary was compiled by Snorem over more than a decade, providing a unique perspective on recent Soviet history from the perspective of those who experienced it first-hand. – Latvia Movies

20. Dream Team 1935 (2012)

Latvia Movies

Director: Aigars Grauba

It is 1935 in Geneva, Switzerland, and Europe is striving to reunite as one nation, despite the efforts of the United Nations to promote the idea of a unified Europe. American missionaries have been attempting to introduce the European people to a new sport, basketball, since the 1920s.

The inaugural European Championship is about to begin, and the national teams are set to compete for the title. Each team is vying for the honor of becoming the inaugural champion.

Meanwhile, in Latvia, Coach Baumanis believes he can assemble the team and bring them to Geneva. On the way, Baumanis quickly learns that victory and failure are not exclusive to the game, and he is met with unexpected assistance from those close to him. – Latvia Movies

21. Family Instinct (2010)

Latvia Movies

Director: Andris Gauja

The film explores the concept of incest, which is a criminal act, a social taboo, and a breach of religious laws. The protagonist, Zanda, is a young woman twenty-eight years old, exhausted by her labor.

She is living in a poverty-stricken village in Latvia, surrounded by her two children. Her suffering can be attributed to her involvement with her brother, Valdis, and when he is sent to prison, the local society forces her to choose between her brother and her children.

Despite her misfortune, she can demonstrate her affection for the children and still hopes to salvage her family’s situation. The film provides a tragic yet realistic view of the current state of the Latvian rural landscape. – Latvia Movies

22. Gorbachev. Heaven (2020)

Latvia Movies

Director: Vitaliy Manskiy

One man brought about changes that reverberated around the globe. A film that sums up the life of the man who changed the 20th century: Gorbachev. Gorbachev’s brief time in power saw the collapse of the Soviet empire.

He was the architect of the two great reforms of the Soviet Union: Glasnost and Perestroika. They offered the citizens of what Ronald Reagan called “the Evil Empire” the opportunity to be free.

The Soviet empire crumbled beneath his feet, and he was denounced by his people. With the weight of the past on his shoulders, the lonely old man lives out the twilight years in an empty house on the outskirts of Moscow. – Latvia Movies

23. The Chronicles of Melanie (2016)

Latvia Movies

Director: Viestur Kairish

On the morning of the 14th of June, 1941, according to the orders of Stalin, more than 40,000 people from the Latvian, Estonian, and Lithuanian communities were arrested, put in cattle cars, and sent to Siberia to live in permanent exile.

Among them was journalist Melanie with her 8-year-old son, Andrejs, who had been separated from her husband and father, Aleksandr. In Siberia village women, unaware of their husbands’ fate, were placed in ill-constructed barracks and were forced to work as slaves.

Melanie kept herself alive for the sake of her son and her husband, to whom she wrote several hundred love letters, which were never sent, as his address was unknown.

She maintained her integrity despite hunger, hard work, and illness. After 16 years of confinement, Melanie was released and returned to Riga. She learned that her husband, Alexander, had passed away in 1942 in the camps. – Latvia Movies

24. The Foundation of Criminal Excellence (2018)

Latvia Movies

Director: Oskars Rupenheits

Con Artists, a Gun, and a Stolen Mutt – This Crime Comedy Follows Imants Veide on His Journey to Criminal Excellency. Imants Veide is a writer who is working on a script about a con artist and their tricks. He is working on the script with his friend Hariyans Kuharjonoks.

He is trying out the tricks for real to make it more authentic. However, he gets caught up in real criminal plans. More colorful characters keep popping up in the script. But Imant’s main enemy on his journey to criminal excellence is his neighbor, a real iron lady with more balls than all of them put together. – Latvia Movies

25. My Father the Spy (2019)

Latvia Movies

Director: Gints Grūbe

A young Soviet student, Ieva had no idea that a holiday trip to New York City to visit her father, a double agent working in the Soviet Mission at the United Nations, would irrevocably tear her life apart.

She was caught up in a sinister spy game, and would never see her mother or return to her native Latvia. This dramatic tale of a daughter’s relationship with her double agent father unfolds in the backdrop of events that occurred more than four decades ago.

To uncover the truth behind the game she was involved in, Ieva embarks on a journey into the past, uncovering family secrets, deceit, and treachery. – Latvia Movies


26. Bille (2018)

Latvia Movies

Director: Ināra Kolmane

A captivating, optimistic, and emotional narrative of the development of a human child and their relationship to the world in Latvian society in the late 1930s. – Latvia Movies

27. Mellow Mud (2016)

Latvia Movies

Director: Renārs Vimba

Loneliness, disappointment, and first love are explored through the eyes of the protagonist, Raya, a seventeen-year-old girl who lives with her grandmother and younger brother, Robis, in rural Latvia. A series of unexpected events change their lives, and Raya is forced to make decisions that even a mature woman would struggle with. – Latvia Movies

28. Gulf Stream Under the Iceberg (2012)

Latvia Movies

Director: Jevgeņijs Paškēvičs

The story of Adam’s first wife, Lilith, is found in various Oriental legends, Talmud, and medieval books of the Cabala. It is believed that she was not made from the rib of Adam, as Eve was, but from clay, similar to his own.

Nevertheless, Lilith was not accepted as his equal by Adam and, after a disagreement, she left him and journeyed to the pre-Adamite city of Babylon. Lilith has no soul and is immortal. She can take on different names, alter her physical appearance, and possess men without their consent.

Once she has done so, she leaves them forever, either spiritually or physically, and her actions are not of Good or Evil but are made of something entirely different. – Latvia Movies

29. Shoal (2022)

Latvia Movies

Director: Toms Harjo

The story follows three young couples as they attempt to experience love in their unique way. The Green couple is attempting to experience love for the first time, the Yellow couple is resisting and the Red couple is experiencing the last moments of their life together before getting divorced. – Latvia Movies

30. Defenders of Riga (2007)

Latvia Movies

Director: Aigars Grauba

The film chronicles the events of November 11, 1919, a pivotal day in the struggle for the independence of Latvia. One year after the formal cessation of World War I, a rebellious German general and his troops remained in the vicinity of the capital city of Latvia. The Latvian militia, composed primarily of inexperienced volunteers, was able to overcome a larger, more heavily armed German and Russian mercenary force. – Latvia Movies

31. One Ticket Please (2017)

Director: Matīss Kaža

For over 25 years, an Indian-American woman living in New York City, known as Nicki Cochrane, has been the world’s most devoted theatergoer. She has been attending at least one play each day for the past two decades, always bringing her large bags with her.

Nicki is determined to acquire free tickets to any show that is worth her time and has developed a variety of ingenious methods to do so.

When her small talk with box office managers does not result in a free ticket, she will stand outside the theater entrance with a sign that reads “One Ticket Please,” hoping that someone will have an additional ticket to spare.

Despite her dedication to the art, Nicki is often reprimanded by theater personnel for her behavior. As she travels from theatre to theatre in Manhattan, we will learn more about her character and the decisions she has made to enable her to live at the theatre. – Latvia Movies

32. Liberation Day (2016)

Director: Morten Traavik

Under the guidance of an elderly fan who has become a director and cultural diplomat, Laibach, a former Yugoslavian cult band, makes history as the first foreign rock band to play in the all-powerful nation of North Korea.

In the face of rigid ideology and cultural barriers, the band faces the challenge of getting their songs through the censorship net before they can be released to an audience that has never experienced alternative rock ’n ’ roll before. Meanwhile, loudspeakers are being erected at the border between North and South Korea and a countdown is being signaled for war to begin. – Latvia Movies

33. Upurga (2021)

Director: Uģis Olte

The protagonist, Andrejs, is an adventure guide with a fear of true adventure. However, this fear is aroused when his influencer sister goes missing in a wild river valley, accompanied by a vegan sausage advertising team.

Facing the age-old forces of nature, the protagonist’s inner fears come to the surface as he embarks on a fruitless search that tests his physical and mental endurance.

Along the way, the protagonist encounters local inhabitants, such as a mysterious cabbage fermenter, and a strange brotherhood of hunters, who speak a language entirely of their own.

These inhabitants are the guardians of a remarkable natural phenomenon, both mysterious and aesthetically pleasing. Andrejs is unaware that each path in this mysterious forest leads to the exact destination – but to find it, he must first become lost. – Latvia Movies

34. Oleg (2019)

Director: Juris Kursietis

A Latvian butcher embarks on a journey to Brussels in pursuit of a higher salary, but a series of unfortunate events consign him to the clutches of a Polish criminal. – Latvia Movies

35. Mother, I Love You (2013)

Director: Jānis Nords

Raimonds is a 12-year-old boy who becomes involved in a series of minor crimes while attempting to avoid his mother’s disapproval. – Latvia Movies

36. Keep Smiling, Mom! (2022)

Director: Elza Gauja

Three sisters, financially ruined and separated, travel across Europe with their deceased mother on the roof of their caravan. – Latvia Movies

37. Klases Salidojums (2019)

Director: Andrejs Ekis

Nils is invited to a 25-year reunion for his student years with his two best friends. He is given the responsibility of delivering the keynote address. This invitation comes at a difficult time for Nils, as he is struggling with self-doubt, poor vision, hemorrhoids, and the effects of age. – Latvia Movies

38. Homo Novus (2018)

Director: Anna Viduleja

Riga in the 1930s was characterized by a wild bohemian lifestyle, which was the norm for all artists of the period. A young man, from the countryside, who is poor but ambitious arrives in the capital city, Juris Upenaiys, hoping to make a name for himself in the artistic world.

On the first evening of the bohemian party, he meets his beloved. What follows is a series of events, full of ambiguities and misunderstandings, which are simultaneously humorous and heartbreaking. – Latvia Movies

39. Red Spot (2008)

Director: Marie Miyayama

The boy does not have the opportunity to urinate before the commencement of the penultimate race of the swimming lessons of the semester, yet he does not dare to withdraw from such a stressful situation. The situation is further complicated when he finds out that when the pool water comes into contact with urine, a red stain appears. In the face of such a challenge, the boy is forced to become a man. – Latvia Movies

40. The Man in the Orange Jacket (2014)

Director: Aik Karapetian

The plot follows a young man who has been fired from his position at a seaport and has begun to pursue his employer and his attractive wife. Following a traumatic experience, the young man attempts to escape from his past by immigrating to a luxurious mansion that was formerly owned by his employer.

The young man attempts to disguise himself and lead a lavish lifestyle, but nothing could have prepared him for an unwelcome visit from a stranger. After this disturbing encounter, the residence will no longer remain a refuge, but will instead become a vicious and dangerous trap inhabited by evil spirits. – Latvia Movies

41. Crime Solving for Beginners (2022)

Director: Armands Zvirbulis

The country has achieved several successes during this period, including the election of a parliament, the restoration of the country’s international reputation, and the agreement between the country and Russia for the withdrawal of Russian military forces from the country.

Nevertheless, the residual influence of the Russian armed forces remains unseen. The shadow network of the Russian Intelligence Service remains active and capable of acting at any time. Foreign investors frequently visit the country, which can easily deceive novice government leaders.

Russia is gradually regaining its influence in the newly established democracy of Latvia. This presents a peculiar conundrum. Previously, the country was still behind the Iron Curtain, which was imposed on it through the violence of the Soviet Union.

Now, the country is in an entirely different situation, where it has the freedom and the right to govern itself, yet the legacy of the Soviet Union remains in a new democracy. – Latvia Movies

42. Van Goghs (2018)

Director: Sergei Livnev

The protagonist, Mark Ginzburg, is a 52-year-old talented artist who has a history of depression. Despite his talent, he has been unable to achieve either personal or professional success.

Years ago, he had relocated from his hometown of Riga, Riga, to Tel Aviv to escape from his domineering father, Victor, who continues to financially support him.

Victor is a renowned conductor, and his work is his livelihood. He has never been concerned with his son’s feelings and has attempted to shape him into his mold.

The highs and lows of their lives have long since become intertwined, and their relationship has evolved into one of hate rather than love.

The son’s childhood nickname, Birdie, has become an anathema to the father, and the son’s frequent references to his father, Your Majesty, have further inflamed the relationship.

After Victor’s diagnosis of a terminal illness, the protagonist embarks on a journey from hatred to love. – Latvia Movies

43. Firstborn (2017)

Director: Aik Karapetian

In a psychological suspense novel set in the mid-twentieth century, the protagonist is an intellectual who, while attempting to rehabilitate his reputation with his wife, inadvertently commits a homicide. As the narrative progresses, the protagonist begins to perceive a connection between the deceased person, the fact that his wife is pregnant, and a mysterious figure who is compelling him to take action against his will. – Latvia Movies

44.  Sarkanais Mezs (2019)

Director: Normunds Pucis

The plot of the “Red Forest” series will unfold in 1949, when the English Secret Service, MI6, attempts to gain knowledge of developments in the Baltic States, which were then under the control of the Soviet Union.

As a Latvian, Wittold works hard in his day-to-day life, but his sister, Velt, is a nurse. He and his sister dream of emigrating to the United States, where they would be able to save money, plan a wedding, and secure the necessary documents due to the strict selection of emigrants by the US government. However, Vitold is determined to participate in the Mission and the prospect of altering history changes his life. – Latvia Movies

45. Klases Salidojums 2 (2020)

Director: Andrejs Ēķis

Three best friends must attend a funeral, plan a stag party, and make it to the wedding on time, all while dealing with personal issues and tight deadlines. – Latvia Movies

46. Emily. Queen of the Press (2021)

Director: Gints Grube

The film follows the story of Emilija Benjamini, the renowned “Queen of the Press” of interwar Latvia whose wealth and unfortunate fate have become iconic. It chronicles the period from the inception of her magazine, Atputa, to her imprisonment and eventual death on a train bound for Siberia.

The most significant clairvoyant from the period, Eugene Fink’s prediction that she would starve to death in a foreign country, is woven through the narrative like a red thread.

Through the story of this courageous woman, the film showcases the wealth of Latvian society and provides viewers with the chance to meet many renowned historical figures. – Latvia Movies

47. Tempestade (2021)

Director: Jazeps Podnieks

Despite bad omens, the fisherman goes out to sea and does not return. The fisherman’s wife is plagued by hallucinations as she searches for the “storm whisperer” who can bring the fisherman back home. – Latvia Movies

48. Hong Kong Confidential (2010)

Director: Maris Martinsons

The film follows six individuals whose lives are intertwined in some way or another, as they spend a week in Hong Kong, one of the most captivating and beautiful cities in the world. On the day of their encounter, Amaya, a young woman from India, meets Paul, an attractive Englishman. This encounter radically alters Amaya’s understanding of her culture and her identity. – Latvia Movies

49. The Land of Blue Lakes (2021)

Director: Arturs Latkovskis

A group of five friends embark on a kayaking excursion to the ancient lakes of Latvian history, intending to document the journey on their respective social media platforms. However, they are unaware of the dangers that await them upon their arrival. – Latvia Movies

50. Lovable (2022)

Director: Stanislavs Tokalovs

Matiss, an elderly and affluent partner, and Paula, the mother of his 10-year-old daughter, suffer a sudden and unexpected death. This is a devastating blow to Paula, and presents Matiss, a young and charming bailiff assistant and unfaithful companion, with the opportunity to upgrade his social standing with Agates’ luxurious residence. Matiss and Paul are stranded together as they attempt to locate Agate’s missing brother, a journey that will leave an indelible mark on both of them. – Latvia Movies