The 50 Best Malaysian Movies You Should Watch

The 50 Best Malaysian Movies You Should Watch. You should check out these Malaysian Movies. These Malaysian Movies will give you a lot of fun and practice.


Malaysian Movies

1. Mr. Grey (2018)

Director: Muhammad Riza Baharuddin

Fendy Bakry and Nisa Ardina Eyra Hazali made the decision to enter into matrimony, however, this decision caused heartache for two individuals, namely Datin Musalma and Ilham Arsyad, who had harbored feelings for Nisa for a considerable period of time.

Despite Nisa’s newfound happiness, Gray ultimately left his spouse to return to his mother, who had never approved of Nisa. This separation may potentially lead to Ilham rekindling his relationship with Nisa, or perhaps Gray will come to the realization of his mistake and endeavor to reclaim his place in Nisa’s heart. – Malaysian Movies

2. Sumpahan Malam Raya (2023)

Director: Razak Mohaideen

Misha, Adam, Syawal, and Tania operate a homestay establishment from a bungalow bequeathed to Syawal by his deceased father on Pulau Carey. Syawal and Tania are currently in a state of concealment from certain urban gangsters whom Syawal has previously crossed paths with. However, their predicament takes a turn for the worse as the corpses of their guests begin to surface on a daily basis, rendering their efforts to evade the gangsters a secondary concern. – Malaysian Movies

3. Hani (2022)

Director: Fazli Yasin

Hani, a budding manga artist at the junior level, has recently returned to Malaysia. However, she is currently facing a challenge with her latest assignment, which revolves around a haunted doll. – Malaysian Movies

4. Rentap (2014)

Director: Simon Long

The film centers around two siblings who participate in a Parkour competition, a sport that utilizes movements derived from military obstacle course training, necessitating self-discipline and teamwork.

The film emphasizes positive virtues such as bravery, companionship, and allegiance, presenting a romantic action-comedy that educates young individuals on the significance of self-assurance. – Malaysian Movies

5. 7 Minggu Sebelum Kahwin (2022)

Director: Eyra Rahman

Syifa has been dreaming of getting married since she was a kid, and she’s always wanted a wedding that would be beautiful and full of life. But when she met Amar, her dream guy, at the wedding reception, it made her even more determined that this wedding should be perfect.

From the shape of her dream ring to making sure that his waist was the right size and that his best guys were all the same height. Things got even crazier when Rafi printed the wedding invitation cards the wrong way. Every issue that comes up has taken away their trust and love for each other. – Malaysian Movies

6. Suatu Malam Kubur Berasap 2 (2014)

Director: Ernie Chen

Amir and Nayan, renowned reality TV personalities, were presented with an opportunity to feature in a horror film. However, they realized that their forte lay in comedic roles, as they did not subscribe to the notion of supernatural entities. In a bid to enhance their acting skills, the duo decided to return to their hometown and seek out the expertise of Tok Mat, a revered medicine man. Tok Mat’s daughter, Julia, would also play a pivotal role in their quest for spine-chilling experiences. – Malaysian Movies

7. Janet: Sumpah Terlarang (2021)

Director: Azhar Khalid

Julia, a Sarawakian woman, traveled to Kuala Lumpur to arrange her wedding with Farid. However, unbeknownst to her, she inadvertently utilized a hairpin that belonged to Janet, a victim of a ritual sacrifice during the construction of a bridge. – Malaysian Movies

8. Viman (2022)

Director: Kishok

Venkat Prabu, hailing from a middle-class family, has had a tumultuous upbringing marked by conflicts. His strained relationship with his father, who has remarried, has led him to distance himself from his family.

However, he is grateful for the love and support of his mother and shares a unique bond with his stepbrother, Kabilan. Venkat’s romantic feelings for Shalini prove to be a source of frustration as he struggles to make the relationship work.

In a moment of desperation, Venkat inadvertently discovers a mysterious power that upends his entire life. Driven by a desire for wealth and love, he seeks to harness this power but finds himself pursued by both the police and dangerous gangsters who are also after the source of his newfound abilities. – Malaysian Movies

9. Bebel (2016)

Director: Adam Zainal

This collection of intersectional narratives explores the relationships between individuals and their diverse culinary experiences in Malaysia, ultimately fostering a sense of unity through the shared appreciation of food. – Malaysian Movies

10. Silou: A Tale of an Orang Asli (2019)

Director: Yazan Al Assadi

A Tale of an Orang Asli is a brief documentary that chronicles the lives of a community of indigenous people who were among the earliest inhabitants of Malaysia and continue to reside in Taman Negara, one of the world’s oldest forests. – Malaysian Movies

11. 7 Perhentian (2004)

Director: A. Razak Mohaideen

Amir, the CEO of a courier company. He gets into trouble when an item in his courier worth RM150,000 went missing. This has caused Amir a big loss and the company he started with his wife falls into their share partner. It gets more frustrating when his wife never gives him moral support but belittles him instead and always tries to find a reason to fight.

One day Amir decided to leave home to find peace of mind. Amir is driving alone from Kuala Lumpur to Johor Bahru passing through 7 stops at the highway. At the first stop, he met a beautiful lady named Sue. In a short period of time, he falls in love with her, because she has qualities that his wife doesn’t.

However, something happened when he almost reached the seventh stop. Amir finally found out that Sue, the lady he was in love with had passed away, two days ago. – Malaysian Movies

12. My Ba’s Radio (2017)

Director: Victor Yee Fei Chen

A father who is suffering from an illness and is living in isolation, has been able to maintain a connection with his deceased wife through a small radio. However, his adult son, who has returned from the city to care for him, disapproves of this practice. – Malaysian Movies

13. Save Me! (2017 TV Series)

Director: Kim Sung-soo

A juvenile female, accompanied by her family, relocates to a diminutive town. Subsequently, she becomes embroiled with a religious sect due to unfortunate circumstances. – Malaysian Movies

14. Biasan (2015)

Director: Sandosh Kesavan

Harris is a conscientious and well-educated young adult who has been raised with great care by his affectionate parents, whom he regards as his primary source of guidance. He aspires to emulate his parents’ contented life together.

During his college years, Harris encounters Aishah, who appears to be his ideal match. However, their blissful days together are short-lived, as Aishah begins to distance herself from Harris.

Upon discovering that Aishah has been unfaithful to him with another man, Harris experiences a profound emotional upheaval that gradually leads him to a state of madness. – Malaysian Movies

15. Liar Land (2020)

Director: Ananth Subramaniam

The narrative is premised on the hypothetical scenario of Bonnie and Clyde having offspring. Set in the untamed hinterlands of Malaysia, the plot unfolds in the aftermath of a heist, during which the outlaw duo opts to leave their progeny, Maya, and J, in a secure location and flee.

Unacquainted with their environment and yearning for a reunion with their guardians, Maya and J elect to chart their own course. As the tale advances, the youngsters emulate the conduct and unrestrained conduct of their progenitors in a bid to draw near to them. – Malaysian Movies

16. Gantung (2018)

Director: Shamyl Othman

When four of the most influential students in the school enter into an agreement to abstain from having a committed romantic relationship, one of them violates the pact, leading to a series of peculiar events. – Malaysian Movies

17. Nigoodam (2023)

Director: Shalini Balasundaram

Upon Acchamma’s illness, her children convened to contend for her assets. To their dismay, they uncovered that she had posed a danger to her own life, resulting in allegations and treachery among the family members. – Malaysian Movies

18. Heistdilfitri (2023)

Director: Zizan Razak 

This narrative chronicles the journey of three seasoned thieves who have yet to partake in the festivities of Aidilfitri. However, this year, they intend to commemorate the occasion in a novel manner. – Malaysian Movies

19. Highland Tower (2013)

Director: Pierre Andre

The story of Highland Tower follows Shima, who is a presenter for a TV show. He wanted to make a documentary about the supernatural, so he picked Taman Hillview in Hulu Klang, Malaysia, which was the site of the Highland Towers disaster that happened.

The filming was done at night, and Shima was taking pictures of the area for his documentary. He didn’t know it, but his camera zoomed in on a mysterious object and all sorts of weird stuff happened. – Malaysian Movies

20. Harry Boy (1991)

Director: A.R. Badul

Harry Boy is a student enrolled in a private college who yearns for the affection of his parents. In search of love and attention, he seeks solace outside of his familial circle. Harry Boy’s outlook on life is influenced by Julia’s independent lifestyle.

Concerned for his well-being, his parents reported him missing to the authorities when he failed to attend class and return home. Subsequently, Harry Boy falls in love with his fellow college student, Haryati, and undergoes a transformation into a diligent scholar.

The remarriage of his father nearly destroyed his parents’ union, but Harry Boy’s newfound maturity led him to choose Haryati as his life partner. – Malaysian Movies

21. Enam (2018)

Director: Syed Fariz

A family opted for a weekend retreat and upon arrival, they checked in and settled in before venturing out for dinner. However, unbeknownst to them, they encountered difficulty in navigating their way out of the hotel premises, resulting in an unexpected overnight stay. – Malaysian Movies

22. Mulut Masin (2020)

Director: Razaisyam Rashid

A group of five cousins, who are perceived as unruly, are convinced that their late grandmother has cursed them for losing her last will. To prevent the curse from tearing their family apart, they must locate the will. – Malaysian Movies

23. Hingga Hujung Nyawa (2004)

Director: A. Razak Mohaideen

Nora, a young woman hailing from a financially disadvantaged family, was granted admission to a college to pursue her studies. It was there that she encountered Kamil, the son of a wealthy man. Ashamed of her humble background, Nora assumed the guise of a wealthy individual, flaunting her supposed affluence and constantly requesting money from her mother.

She was deeply influenced by Kamil’s wealth and was unwilling to acknowledge her impoverished roots, fearing that it would jeopardize her relationship with him. Nora and Kamil eventually tied the knot and were blessed with a son named Aniq.

One day, Kamil discovered Nora’s true background and subsequently expelled her from their home, separating her from their son. He was disappointed that she had not been forthcoming about her family’s financial situation.

Despite her depression, Nora persevered and continued to lead her life. Fifty years later, she still harbors regret over her past actions. Her son, Dr. Aniq, who has been treating her at the hospital, has since learned of her true background. – Malaysian Movies

24. Ceritaku Ceritamu (1979)

Director: Kenji Ouchi

Hasnah, also known as Ana, is a driven young woman hailing from a rural area, who possesses exceptional skills and knowledge in the fashion industry. Seeking to secure a brighter future, she aspires to migrate to Kuala Lumpur in search of better job opportunities.

However, her departure was met with disapproval from a young man in her village who held a keen interest in her. Upon arriving in the city, Ana encounters a married man with a child of the same age as herself, and they develop a relationship that causes the man to neglect his responsibilities. As a result, Ana returns to her village, hoping that her former lover will accept her back. – Malaysian Movies

25. The Cloud Is Still There (2020)

Director: Mickey Lai 

In the face of her grandfather’s terminal illness, Xiao Le, a resolute young Christian woman, is confronted with a pivotal decision regarding whether to intervene in her family’s customary Taoist rituals.

Given her close relationship with her grandfather, Xiao Le believes that her Christian faith is essential to his survival. Motivated by a desire to save his soul, she commences clandestine bedside prayers, despite her mother’s objections.

Upon discovering her daughter’s deception, Xiao Le’s mother is deeply saddened and distressed, leading to a confrontation where theological convictions and familial values intersect. – Malaysian Movies


26. 7 Hari: Kisah Cinta Langkawi (2019)

Director: Anwardi Jamil

Adira is a popular online vlogger who frequently provides advice to those struggling with romantic issues. She has even published a book titled “How to Win A Man’s Heart in Seven Days”.

In the novel, the protagonist, Joe, is a man in the city of Langkawi, and he decides to prove his theory by winning the heart of his friend Ben.

Adira accepts this challenge, but it does not go unnoticed as another of Joe’s friends, Nik decides to interfere with his plan. At the same time, Adira’s father forces the son of his business partner, Zul, to travel to Langkawi in order to win her heart. – Malaysian Movies

27. Undercover Rascals 2 (2022)

Director: V. Nagaraj

Venkat is diligently working towards dismantling the most prominent drug syndicate in the nation. However, his efforts are impeded by the unexpected release of Aditya Sharma from incarceration, who is now determined to exact his retribution. – Malaysian Movies

28. Pujaan Hati Kanda (2018)

Director: Eoon Suhaini

Narrating the events of playboy Danny’s wedding day, he was presented with an unexpected gift – a baby, accompanied by a greeting card and a birth certificate, left at the foyer of the mosque.

With the wedding day called off, Danny was compelled to seek a caregiver for the child, Rizqi, while he embarked on a quest to ascertain the identity of Rizqi’s mother and establish if the child was indeed his own. Eventually, Tiara was appointed as Rizqi’s nanny, and to Danny’s surprise, a romantic connection blossomed between them. – Malaysian Movies

29. Kan Cheong (2022)

Director: Noor Azlan Shah

Ayu, a solitary resident, received word of four mental patients who had absconded from the asylum. Shortly thereafter, a gentleman named Aman arrived to deliver a package of treats that had been requested by someone named Nurul.

Ayu informed Aman that no such individual resided at her address, but inclement weather compelled him to remain at her residence for a time.

Subsequently, a stranger named Saiful arrived seeking to use the telephone due to his vehicle having broken down. Upon discovering that the phone line had been severed, accusations were exchanged between the parties, ultimately resulting in multiple homicides. – Malaysian Movies

30. 3 Doors of Horrors: 1 2 3 (2015)

Director: Zeacth Liew

Mako, a secondary school student, initiated a children’s game inspired by a horror novel, which resulted in the summoning of a spirit. In order to emerge victorious and conclude the game, Mako sought the assistance of Hui Ting, the author of the aforementioned story. – Malaysian Movies

31. Balun (2017)

Director: Bob Singah

Hassan made the decision to return and establish residency in Kampung Putra due to a number of outstanding issues and concerns that required his attention. One such matter pertained to the mortgaged land that belonged to his deceased father, Mustafa, which was situated on Seman Rich Man prior to his return. – Malaysian Movies

32. Kayangan (2007)

Director: Raja Ahmad Alauddin

Kayangan is the story of a girl from the countryside and a prince. The story begins with Tengku Amir, the leader of the corporate world in Kuala Lumpur, and Masiera, a student who is caught up in his ambition. – Malaysian Movies

33. Isteri Untuk Dijual (2015)

Director: Eyra Rahman

Bella is a part-time model who gained widespread recognition after gracing the cover of Reza’s latest magazine. Their initial encounter was marked by an instant attraction, leading to their eventual union in matrimony.

However, their marital bliss was short-lived, as they soon found themselves embroiled in frequent disputes and disagreements. In a desperate bid to end the tumultuous relationship, Reza enlisted the help of his friend Adi to seduce Bella and prompt her departure. – Malaysian Movies

34. Shun Pong O (2018)

Director: David Thian

Shinny Tan, a young girl hailing from a southern fishing village in Malaysia, has a deep admiration for Korean culture. She often retreats into her own world of dreams to escape reality. However, her life takes an unexpected turn when she meets Park Ji Hoon, a Korean boy.

His presence has a profound impact on her, gradually transforming her over time. A mysterious incident leads to an unforgettable love story, strengthening their bond and deepening their love for each other. Suddenly, Park Ji Hoon disappears without a word, leaving Shinny devastated. Driven by her love for him, she embarks on a quest to find him and express her feelings. – Malaysian Movies

35. Detik 12 Malam (1980)

Director: S. Sudarmadji

Erma experienced mental health challenges following the forced removal of her son by her ex-husband. Her condition persisted until she made the decision to resign from her teaching position. Doctor Mustaffa provided treatment for Erma at his residence.

Unfortunately, Doctor Mustaffa’s fiancée, Farah, misinterpreted their relationship, and Remie took advantage of the situation to pursue Farah.

During a visit to Farah’s home, Erma unexpectedly encountered her ex-husband and subsequently discovered that Farah was the child she had been searching for. Erma was disappointed to learn that Farah was unwilling to acknowledge her as her biological mother. – Malaysian Movies

36. Hantu ke Lima (2021)

Director: Azhari Mohd Zain

Auni endeavors to safeguard her opulent ancestral abode from falling into the possession of unsuitable individuals. However, her stepmother harbors divergent intentions, culminating in ghastly occurrences. – Malaysian Movies

37. Aku, Kau & Dia (2012)

Director: Mohd Pierre Andre

Pierre Andre’s romantic drama depicts the story of Mia, a young woman who tragically loses her fiancé Ilhan in a car accident. In an effort to cope with her grief, Mia composes a heartfelt song dedicated to Ilhan.

However, following her own car accident and subsequent two-week coma, Mia awakens with no recollection of the song she wrote for her beloved.

Despite her best efforts, Mia is unable to recall the lyrics or melody of the song and decides to revisit the site of her accident in hopes of triggering her memory. It is there that she encounters Izlan, a street musician who happens to be playing Ilhan’s favorite tune. – Malaysian Movies

38. Ah Beng Returns (2001)

Director: James Lee

This experimental work of anti-cinema draws significant inspiration from the works of Jean-Luc Godard. It delves into the complex themes of betrayal, disillusionment, and the absence of love, as experienced by a group of Chinese Communist gangsters. – Malaysian Movies

39.  Ada Apa Dengan Dosa (2020)

Director: Rahila Ali 

Experiencing immense pressure upon discovering her true identity, Aurora, a 19-year-old individual born out of wedlock and raised in Europe by her non-Muslim adoptive family embarks on a journey to Malaysia in search of her birth parents.

Accompanied by Khaliq, a young man who aids her in her quest, Aurora’s reunion with her biological parents proves to be a challenging one.

Despite being a renowned Islamic preacher named Ustaz Aariz, Aurora’s birth father refuses to acknowledge her as his daughter in order to safeguard his status. Meanwhile, Aurora’s birth mother, Siti Zahrah, continues to grapple with the repercussions of her past transgressions. – Malaysian Movies

40. Antoo Fighter (2008)

Director: Azizi Adnan

A cohort of eerie entities hailing from a bygone era, under the leadership of Drakulat Van Listerooy, have resurfaced with the intention of liberating one of Satan’s progeny – Lord Sharon.

Dracula and his spectral cohorts have instilled fear in Kuala Lumpur as they scour the city in pursuit of the chosen individual, who possesses an exceptional lineage of abilities, rendering her the ideal sacrificial offering. – Malaysian Movies

41. Kasut Bola Pink (2017)

Director: Shamyl Othman

Nina, a 12-year-old blogger who specializes in makeup and fashion, experiences a life-altering event when she unexpectedly switches identities with Rafiq, the star football player at her school.

With only two weeks remaining until the school play and the state team football tryouts, Nina and Rafiq embark on a quest to find a solution to their predicament, even seeking the assistance of a quirky scientist. As their search progresses, the two gain insight into each other’s respective worlds. – Malaysian Movies

42. Suara Kekasih (1986)

Director: Ida Farida

This is the tale of a pub singer who is romantically involved with the son of a wealthy family. However, the family does not approve of the relationship as they fear it may bring dishonor to their name. Additionally, they have already selected a bride for their son and expect him to marry her. – Malaysian Movies

43. Halimun (2022)

Director: Muzzamer Rahman

The idyllic existence of a contentedly wedded pair is disrupted when the expectant wife begins to experience apparitions that could be linked to her distressing upbringing. – Malaysian Movies

44. Kelibat (2014)

Director: Eyra Rahman

The narrative depicts a family’s relocation to a new residence, which becomes the site of eerie occurrences attributed to a mysterious supernatural entity named Kelibat. The haunting extends beyond physical manifestations, encompassing emotional and spiritual disturbances experienced by the family. – Malaysian Movies

45. Hanya aku cinta kau seorang (2012)

Director: Ahmad Rusli

This narrative follows the journey of Murni, a woman in search of her soulmate. Encouraged by her closest friends, Mukhlis and Stacy, Murni reluctantly joins the online dating platform “Meet Soulmate” to find a boyfriend.

Despite her initial skepticism towards the authenticity of online connections, Murni agrees to give it a try at the insistence of her friends. Murni harbors romantic feelings for Mukhlis but is under the impression that he is homosexual and in a relationship with Ayim.

This causes her great frustration and confusion. With the unwavering support of Mukhlis and Stacy, Murni eventually meets Iqwal, with whom she feels a sense of comfort and ease. However, a misunderstanding leads Murni to believe that Iqwal is also homosexual. – Malaysian Movies

46. Warkah (2019)

Director: Opie Zami

Following the recent loss of his wife, a gentleman experiences a further setback as he becomes paralyzed due to a car accident. As a result, he is now reliant on his two children and brother for support. Despite the challenges he faces, he endeavors to improve his circumstances and overcome adversity. – Malaysian Movies

47. The Art of Wong Shun Leung: A Ving Tsun Journey (2016)

Director: John Little

In this captivating documentary, John Little, a renowned filmmaker and Bruce Lee historian, takes the audience on a journey to delve into the legacy of the late Ving Tsun legend, Sifu Wong Shun Leung.

Through the lens of one of Sifu Wong’s most distinguished students, Malaysia-based instructor David Peterson, viewers gain a unique insight into the history of Sifu Wong Shun Leung’s personal interpretation of Wing Chun Gung-fu.

The documentary offers a detailed examination of the forms, techniques, and concepts of this remarkable system, providing one of the most comprehensive explorations of this branch of Chinese martial arts to date. Shot on location in China and Malaysia, this documentary is a must-see for anyone interested in the rich history and evolution of Wing Chun Gung-fu. – Malaysian Movies

48. Petaka (2021)

Director: Azhari Mohd Zain

Sham has been employed to transport merchandise via lorry from the Thai border to Haziq’s establishment in Alor Setar. Despite being instructed not to scrutinize the contents of the cargo, Sham proceeded to do so. – Malaysian Movies

49. Pada suatu cinta dahulu (2013)

Director: Hashim Rejab

Zainal, a gentleman experiencing pressure and discontentment in his present marital situation, reflects on his past as a mischievous student who had fallen in love with Azura, a kindred spirit whom he had betrayed. – Malaysian Movies

50. Surf This Love: Gelora Juara (2018)

Director: Wan Hafiz

Aspiring to emulate his brother’s success and achieve his own championship status in surfing, a young man seeks the guidance of a retired surfing champion who had to withdraw from the sport due to a foot injury. Despite facing formidable opponents, the young man perseveres and ultimately earns a place in the final surfing competition. – Malaysian Movies