The Best 20 Macau Movies You Should Watch

The Best 20 Macau Movies You Should Watch. You should check out these Macau Movies. These Macau Movies will give you a lot of fun and practice.


Macau Movies

1. Now You See Me 2 (2016)

Macau Movies

Director: Jon M. Chu

The Four Horsemen reunite for a return show in an attempt to uncover the criminal activities of a rich tech magnate. The individual responsible for their spectacular escape is none other than Mr. Mabry, a one-of-a-kind technological genius. Fearing their ability to carry out their most daring heist to date, the Horsemen resort to one last extraordinary act to clear their names and uncover the perpetrator of their crime. – Macau Movies

2. The Man with the Golden Gun (1974)

Macau Movies

Director: Guy Hamilton

Scaramanga is a multi-million dollar contract killer who charges a fee of one million dollars for his services. He is connected to the murder of a scientist who was working on a high-tech solar cell. James Bond is dispatched to investigate the incident. As he seeks Scaramanga out, he realizes that the killer has a great deal of respect for him, which will serve him well in the final confrontation. – Macau Movies

3. Johnny English Reborn (2011)

Macau Movies

Director: Oliver Parker

The story follows the exploits of Johnny English, a highly unconventional intelligence officer with no fear or danger, as he attempts to thwart a plot to eliminate a global leader and plunge the world into chaos. After a long period of inactivity, Johnny has been practicing his craft in a remote area of Asia.

When his agency superiors discover an attempt on the life of the Chinese Premier, they are forced to track down the highly unconventional agent.

Now, with the world in need of his services, Johnny English finds himself in a situation where he must use the latest in high-tech technology to uncover a network of conspiracy that stretches from the General Intelligence Directorate to the Central Intelligence Agency.

With only a few days to go before the Heads of State Conference, Johnny English must use every resource available to protect the nation. Disaster may be a possibility, but failure is never an option. – Macau Movies

4. Game of Death (1978)

Macau Movies

Director: Bruce Lee

The plot of the original film revolves around Lee, a retired master martial artist, who is ambushed by Korean crime gangs. The gangs tell him a story about a pagoda, where weapons are forbidden, and guarded by highly trained martial artists, who are safeguarding something (unidentified in any surviving materials) stored on its highest level.

The leader of the gang demands that Hai Tien be part of a team whose mission is to retrieve the item. This team will be the second to attempt this task, as the previous attempt with a different group had not been successful.

When Hai declines, his younger sibling and brother are abducted, compelling him to take part. Hai and the other four martial artists (James Tien, played by Tien) then ascend a five-story pagoda, each facing a different obstacle on each level. The pagoda is located at the Songnisan National Park in South Korea. – Macau Movies

5. Days of Being Wild (1990)

Macau Movies

Director: Wong Kar-wai

The film is set in 1960 and focuses on Yuddy, a young, attractive boy, who is told by the alcoholic ex-pregnant woman who had raised him that his birth mother is not his biological mother. To protect him, she declines to reveal his true birth mother’s name.

This shocks Yuddy to the core, causing a chain reaction of conflicting feelings. Two women are unlucky enough to fall in love with Yuddy. Su Lizhen, a quiet girl who works in the sports arena, is in love with him, while Mimi, a glamorous showgirl, is also in love with him.

Yuddy, perhaps due to his ongoing Oedipal problems, allows the two women to compete for his affection, unwilling or unable to make a decision.

Lizhen eventually confides her affection to a police officer named Tide, and he falls in love with her, while Zeb, a friend of Yuddy’s, falls in love with Mimi. Yuddy later learns of the whereabouts of his biological mother and travels to the Philippines. – Macau Movies

6. Skiptrace (2016)

Macau Movies

Director: Renny Harlin

Nine long years after the untimely death of his best friend, Hong Kong police detective Bennie Chan is still on a wild goose chase to uncover the criminal mastermind known only as the “Matador”. Nothing has changed, and his primary suspect, the corrupt entrepreneur Victor Wong, is above all legally protected.

When Samantha, his deceased partner’s only daughter, has a run-in with the mafia, Bennie has no choice but to enlist the help of an unlikely ally: American gambler Conor Watts, who is also in deep trouble with the Russian mob. – Macau Movies

7. Solitary Man (2009)

Macau Movies

Director: Brian Koppelman

Ben Kalman is nearing the end of his life. His heart condition has worsened, his marriage has ended, he has lost a substantial sum of money due to being found to be improperly utilizing his East Coast car dealership, and he has been engaging in casual sex with a variety of women, with the youngest being the most frequent.

He has chosen his current partner, Jordan, as his girlfriend’s father can assist him in acquiring a new auto dealership, and Jordan has invited him to accompany her daughter Allyson, age 18, on a college visit to a Boston University campus. His inappropriate behavior has hurt his love life, financial situation, and relationship with his daughter, as well as his grandson. – Macau Movies

8. The Thieves (2012)

Macau Movies

Director: Choi Dong-hoon

Popeye and his team of thieves travel to Macao on a job to let the dust settle from their most recent robbery. The mastermind behind this venture is Popeye’s ex-partner, Macao Park, who had escaped with 68 kg of gold on their last mission together.

Macao Park had also brought in Chinese thieves, but what they did not know was what Macao Park had planned for each of them. Popeye’s plan quickly unravels when he brings in Pepsi, a clever safe-keeper and Macao Park’s ex-flame, to settle an old score.

At the center of the robbery is a twenty million dollar diamond, known as the ‘Tear Of the Sun’, which had been stored safely in a casino and had been brought there to sell by a well-known Chinese fence. As they worked together to steal the diamond, they each had their plans to keep it for themselves. Ultimately, the outcome of the robbery would depend on who would be the victor. – Macau Movies

9. The White Countess (2005)

Macau Movies

Director: James Ivory

The novel is set in the year 1936, at the crossroads of the world, Shanghai. It follows the story of the Russian Countess, Sofia, whose family has been left stateless by the Revolution. Struggling to provide for herself and her family, Sofia works as a bar dancer and taxi dancer.

She meets Jackson, a blind ex-diplomat, who has opened an elegant bar called The White Countess, and their unlikely friendship develops. Unfortunately, their romance is cut short when Shanghai falls to the Japanese invaders. – Macau Movies

10. Love Is a Many-Splendored Thing (1955)

Directors: Henry King,

Set in Hong Kong in 1949, the story follows Mark Elliott, an American journalist covering the ongoing Chinese Civil War. After separating from his wife during a court-martial, he is introduced to Dr. Han Suyin, a widowed doctor from mainland China. The two fall in love, but are met with disapproval from Han’s family and his friends due to their interracial relationship. – Macau Movies


11. The Eight Immortals Restaurant: The Untold Story (1993)

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Director: Herman Yau

When decomposed human remains are found on a beach, police are called in to investigate. Upon further investigation, they are led to the Eight Immortals Restaurant, where the proprietor, Wong Chi Hang, is believed to be the perpetrator.

However, Wong claims to own the restaurant without any proof, leading one of his inept colleagues to suspect that Wong may have more to offer than he is willing to admit.

As the investigation progresses, the police are presented with a missing persons case in which the man who used to run the restaurant and his family have disappeared. The only person who knows what happened to the family is Wong.

Wong may also be responsible for the disappearance of employees, and what the police must uncover is an unlikely horror they could not have anticipated, of a more dangerous individual capable of committing even more heinous acts in the one area that no one had even considered. – Macau Movies

12. Exiled (2006)

Macau Movies

Director: Johnnie To

The year is 1998 and the setting is Macao. Every living person was eager to capitalize on the opportunity to make a quick profit before the end of the Portuguese colony and the beginning of a new era of Chinese rule. The hardened hitmen wonder where their journey will take them.

In this situation, two Hong Kong hitmen are sent to eliminate a disgruntled member who is attempting to reform with the help of his wife and infant child. However, they are soon faced with a dilemma as two of their ex-colleagues also appear, determined to foil them at all costs. – Macau Movies

13. Vengeance (2009)

Macau Movies

Director: Johnnie To

In Macao, a family is ambushed by three assassins, resulting in the death of the wife and the injury of the daughter. The daughter’s father, Francis Costello, a French chef, travels to Macao to visit her in the hospital and steals the photographs of her family from the police department to avenge her death.

However, Costello is ambushed by Kwai, Chu, and Fat Lok, three independent hitmen who are under the control of the notorious gangster George Fung, at his hotel.

Costello hires the trio to track down the killers who murdered his daughter’s family, and they locate the assassins in Hong Kong and travel to the city to kill them. However, they are surprised to discover who ordered the family’s murder. – Macau Movies

14. Young and Dangerous (1996)

Macau Movies

Director: Andrew Lau

Nam begins his professional life in Hong Kong by opening a bar in the city of Wanchai and continues to ascend the ranks of the renowned Hung Hing Gang. His close friend Chicken is sent to Taiwan by Lui, the leader of San Luen, to work for him.

Chicken falls in love with the aging Lui’s lover, Ting Jiu. Upon his arrival in Hong Kong, Chicken finds Nam engaged in a battle with his long-time rival Fai Fat, and Lui appears to him, asking for a half-interest in the new Macao casino owned by Hung Hing. – Macau Movies

15. The Man from Macau (2014)

Macau Movies

Director: Wong Jing

The plot commences with a petty criminal, Cool, whose half-brother, a secret police officer, is killed by Ko, the leader of a criminal gambling organization. Cool enlists the assistance of Ken, a renowned gambler and casino security expert, to confront Ko. – Macau Movies

16. Macao (1952)

Macau Movies

Director: Josef von Sternberg

The plot follows a seductive nightclub singer, a male companion who has traveled to various exotic ports, and a sales representative who meet on board a boat on the forty-five-five-minute journey between Hong Kong and Macao.

Upon arrival in Macao, the singer is promptly employed by a wealthy American expat who operates the largest casino in the city and has a successful business of transforming hot jewelry into money. Her new employer mistakenly believes one of her traveling companions is a police officer. – Macau Movies

17. Helios (2015)

Macau Movies

Director: Kim-ching Luk

A highly destructive nuclear device, DC8, is successfully stolen from the Republic of South Korea by an unscrupulous criminal, Chang Chen, and his partner, Janice Man.

As the weapon is likely to be transferred to Hong Kong, Chief Lee of the Territory’s Counterterrorism Response Unit assembles a team, which includes Police Officer Fan, to handle the crisis.

Lee enlists the services of Physics Professor Siu as an advisor and is assisted by South Korean weapon specialists Choi and Pok. However, the ever-evolving criminal mastermind Helios is always able to outwit Lee. – Macau Movies

18. Fulltime Killer (2001)

Macau Movies

Director: Wai Ka-fai

For many years, professional killer O has lived a solitary life of murder and solitude, which is exacerbated by the death of his beloved Nancy. However, his life begins to unfold when he encounters the innocent Chin, who has been hired to clean his residence.

However, soon, the flashy and irresponsible Tok appears in Chin’s life to uncover O’s identity and take his place as the leading sharpshooter in the game. – Macau Movies

19. A Man, a Woman and a Bank (1979)

Director: Noel Black

The plot involves two novice bank robbers in Vancouver, Canada. A photographer takes a photograph of one of the robbers while he is transporting the bank building’s plans. The robber then forms an intimate relationship with the photographer, attempting to obtain the photos.

The thieves’ plan consists of one of them entering the bank building in the evening, while the other is in a van using a computer to open the building’s door.

The final stage of the robbery involves transferring the stolen funds to a cargo ship waiting at the docks, which will then be transported to a money laundering facility in Macao. – Macau Movies

20. Tricheurs (1984)

Director: Barbet Schroeder

The protagonist, Elric, is a compulsive gambler who moves from one casino to another, indulging in a degenerate form of roulettes, which he finds to be a source of both intense pleasure and despair. His meeting with the protagonist, Suzie, brings his life into disarray, but rather than curing his pathological urge to gamble, it causes Suzie to succumb to the same compulsion. As prisoners of their fate, the pair embark on a perilous journey into the world of professional hustlers. – Macau Movies