Top 10 Best Antigua and Barbuda TV Series of All Time

Top 10 Best Antigua and Barbuda TV Series of All Time. You should check out these Antigua and Barbuda TV Series. These Antigua and Barbuda TV Series will give you a lot of fun and practice.


Antigua and Barbuda TV Series

1. The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (TV Series 1984)

Antigua and Barbuda TV Series

Stars: Jeremy Brett, David Burke

Back in the late 1800s, in London, the famous consulting detective, Sherlock Holmes, and his friend, Dr. Watson, were on a mission to solve a crime in Bohemia.

The case was full of mysteries, like who the mysterious Irene Adler was, what kind of chalk drawings were of dancing men, who the corrupt individual was, what happened to the missing naval treaty, who was the mysterious companion of a lonely cyclist, the danger of a band of speckled people, and why a blue carbuncle was found in a goose’s crop.

Holmes used his amazing powers of sight, deduction, and knowledge of the facts to solve the case, which would have been impossible for most other detectives to do. Dr. Watson was a huge help in the investigation. – Antigua and Barbuda TV Series

2. Crown Court (TV Series 1972)

Antigua and Barbuda TV Series

Stars: Joseph Berry, Richard Colson

Crown Court is a legal drama set in the fictional city of Fulchester, where a typical court case typically takes place over three afternoons. Each episode is composed of two 25-minute parts, with the prosecution presenting their case in the first two and the defense presenting theirs in the third, though there were some later episodes of a shorter duration.

Unlike other legal dramas, Crown Court focuses on cases from a neutral point of view, with the action limited to the courtroom and occasional scenes of people waiting outside. The actors play the roles of the participants in the case, while the jury is made up of members of the local Granada Television franchise, who have been chosen from the electoral register to serve on the jury.

The verdict is solely determined by the jury, and according to contemporary production publicity, two endings have been written and rehearsed to accommodate the independent decision of the jury, which is the first time it is delivered in the program. – Antigua and Barbuda TV Series

3. Coronation Street (TV Series 1960)

Antigua and Barbuda TV Series

Stars: Helen Worth, Barbara Knox

Coronation Street has explored a wide range of topical topics, including rape, male and marital rape, historic sexual abuse, teenage pregnancy, gender identity, racism, coercion, cancer, homophobia, domestic violence, child abuse, grooming, and suicide. – Antigua and Barbuda TV Series

4. Réquiem por Granada (TV Series 1991)

Antigua and Barbuda TV Series

Stars: Manuel Bandera, Delia Boccardo

Granada, the capital of the Kingdom of Spain, is one of the oldest and most complex kingdoms in the world. It has been ruled by the Islamic faith for eight centuries, and during that time, its arts, science, and culture flourished to a level comparable to that of Greece, Egypt, or the Roman Empire.

Today, the kingdom is surrounded by Christian crusaders and the intrigues, adventures, and battles that define Boabdil’s life as the last ruler of the Kingdom of Granada center around the intrigues of the late emir, Muley Hassan.

He falls in love with the Christian princess, Isabella, and has a run-in with King Catcos, who is delighted with the arrival of the daring adventurer, Col. – Antigua and Barbuda TV Series

5. Sam (TV Series 1973)

Antigua and Barbuda TV Series

Stars: Alethea Charlton, James Hazeldine

The show is set in the real world and centers around Sam’s childhood at Featherstone. Originally set in the coal fields of Yorkshire in the interwar era, the series later moved to the present day. Interior scenes are shot at Granada’s studios in Manchester and many exterior scenes are shot in the Lancashire countryside. – Antigua and Barbuda TV Series


6. Hard Times (TV Series 1977)

Antigua and Barbuda TV Series

Stars: Timothy West, Rosalie Crutchley

Hard Times is different from the rest of Dickens’ novels in several ways. It is the shortest of his novels, only a quarter the length of the novels immediately preceding and following it. Unlike all of his other novels, Hard Times has no preface and no illustrations.

It is also the only one of his novels that does not take place in London. Instead, the story takes place in a Victorian mill town in the North of England, a place that looks a bit like Manchester, but on a much smaller scale. Thomas Gradgrind is a wealthy retired merchant who lives in this industrial city.

He is a firm believer in rationalism, selfishness, and facts. He teaches these values to his two oldest children, Louise and Tom. – Antigua and Barbuda TV Series

7. The Last Train (TV Series 1999)

Antigua and Barbuda TV Series

Stars: Christopher Fulford, Dinita Gohil

A diverse ensemble of characters, including a law enforcement officer, a con artist, a mother, a daughter, and a scientist, are involved in a railway accident that results in the release of cryogenic gas in their cabins. Upon waking, the group embarks on a captivating journey through a ravaged landscape, on their way to the Ark, encounter other survivors whose motivations range from friendly to hostile. – Antigua and Barbuda TV Series

8. The Owl Service (TV Series 1969)

Antigua and Barbuda TV Series

Stars: Dorothy Edwards, Gillian Hills

Alison, a young woman who has recently suffered the death of her parent, goes to stay with her stepbrother in a tranquil villa in the Welsh valleys owned by a relative for the summer. While there, she notices a scratching noise coming from the house’s roof.

Upon further investigation, she discovers a set of antique dinner plates decorated with a floral owl pattern in the attic.

This discovery prompts her to ponder the relationship between the plates, a mysterious gardener, an exasperated housekeeper, and a story of a former village magician who created a woman from flowers and then transformed her into an owl after she had been unfaithful. – Antigua and Barbuda TV Series

9. A Family at War (TV Series 1970)

Antigua and Barbuda TV Series

Stars: Colin Douglas, Barbara Flynn

The story follows the Ashton family, a lower-class family living in Liverpool during World War II, as they struggle with life on the frontlines. – Antigua and Barbuda TV Series

10. Cribb (TV Series 1980)

Antigua and Barbuda TV Series

Stars: Alan Dobie, William Simons

During the Victorian era, the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) of Scotland Yard was responsible for investigating the cases of Detective Sergeant Cribb. – Antigua and Barbuda TV Series