Top 10 Best Austrian Empire Movies of All Time

Top 10 Best Austrian Empire Movies of All Time. You should check out these Austrian Empire Movies. These Austrian Empire Movies will give you a lot of fun and practice.


1. Sissi – The Young Empress (1956)

Top 10 Best Austrian Empire Movies of All Time

Director: Ernst Marischka

Sissi gets used to her new life as an empress, but it’s not easy living with her mom. Archduke Sophie is always trying to control everything, and she’s not only trying to control the emperor’s reign, but she’s also trying to control his family life.

When her first baby is born, Sophie wants to take the baby away from her because she thinks she’s too young and doesn’t have the qualifications to raise it. Sophie also thinks Sissi should be with her husband while the emperor is traveling around the realm.

When things get heated up, Sissi decides to leave Vienna and go back to her parents in Bavaria. She hides the truth, but she tells her dad that she can’t live with Sophie’s criticism and oppression. Franz Joseph comes to her rescue and finally, she decides to come back to Vienna. – Austrian Empire Movies

2. The Secret of Mayerling (1949)

Top 10 Best Austrian Empire Movies of All Time

Director: Jean Delannoy

Rodolphe, Archduke of Habsburg, and his consort, Maria Vetsera, were discovered dead. Rodolphe’s remains were secretly returned to his residence in Hofburg while Marie’s remains were hastily buried in a crypt. – Austrian Empire Movies

3. Mayerling (1936)

Top 10 Best Austrian Empire Movies of All Time

Director: Anatole Litvak

Protests in Vienna are causing a stir, and Crown Prince Rudolph is caught up in it. His father, Emperor Franz Joseph, wants him to marry and settle down, but Rudolph doesn’t want to. After five years, he’s become a playboy, and on his wedding day, he falls in love with Baroness Maria Vetero.

This movie follows the love story between Princess Maria and Crown Prince Rudolph of Austria, who is the only heir to Franz Josef of Austria-Hungary.

He’s trapped in an abusive marriage with a Belgian princess, and he’s looking for a way out. He meets the beautiful Maria, and the two start a scandalous romance. Even when the Emperor tries to stop them, they won’t give up on each other. – Austrian Empire Movies

4. Sissi – Fateful Years of an Empress (1957)

Top 10 Best Austrian Empire Movies of All Time

Director: Ernst Marischka

The story follows the journey of the Austrian Empress Elisabeth, known as Sissi, as she enjoys traveling to Hungary. Initially, she welcomes the politically beneficial relationship between the Count and Sissi, but when the Count confesses his infatuation, Sissi returns to Vienna, fearing that the relationship will become too close.

During her stay in Hungary, she is exposed to the harsh court life of Vienna, where Franz Josef is constantly at his desk and Sophie, her domineering mother, is constantly interfering in the raising of her daughter.

Sissi eventually decides to return to Hungary, where she meets Franz, who has been coming to bring her back. The couple decide to go on a vacation to Bad Ischl, but Sissi is taken ill and diagnosed with a potentially fatal tuberculosis.

On the advice of her doctors, Franz Josef is forced to allow his mother to take custody of his daughter. Desperately in need of psychosomatic therapy, Sissi’s mother, Ludovika, lovingly treats her illness and restores her vitality by taking her for peaceful walks. – Austrian Empire Movies

5. The Century of the Self (TV Series 2002)

Top 10 Best Austrian Empire Movies of All Time

Director: Adam Curtis

The Rise of Psychoanalysis as a Powerful Power for Governments and Corporations. A Comprehensive Investigation into the Rise of Psychoanalysis As a Powerful Power For Governments and Corporations and How It Later Helped Influence Contemporary Society of Lifestyles and Marketing.


6. Sunshine (1999)

Top 10 Best Austrian Empire Movies of All Time

Director: István Szabó

The narrative follows the three successive generations of the Sonnenschein family, a Hungarian Jewish-immigrant family that originated from the time when Hungary was part of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire, adopted the name Sors to survive the occupation of the country by the Nazis, and now confront the consequences of the post-war communist regime. – Austrian Empire Movies

7. The Ship Sails On (1983)

Top 10 Best Austrian Empire Movies of All Time

Director: Federico Fellini

The film begins with a scene set in July 1914, shortly before the cruise vessel Gloria N. departs from Naples Harbour. The opening is presented in a sepia tone, as if the film were being filmed at the time, with only the sound of the projector running.

As the scene progresses, the sepia gradually changes to full color, allowing the audience to hear the dialogue of the characters.

The narrator, Orlando (an Italian journalist), speaks directly to the camera, informing the audience that the cruise to Naples is a funeral journey to spread the ashes of Edmea Tetua, a renowned opera singer, near Erimo Island, where she was born. Tetra is widely regarded as the greatest female vocalist of all time and is renowned for her divine voice. – Austrian Empire Movies

8. Mayerling (1968)

Top 10 Best Austrian Empire Movies of All Time

Director: Terence Young

Crown Prince Rudolph of Austria had a falling out with his father (Emperor Franz Joseph I) and his mother (Empress Elisabeth) over the progressive policies of the empire. He begins to feel that he was born at a time when the people of the empire do not agree with social reform, and the Prince of Wales (Edward VII of Britain) visits Vienna to provide comic relief.

A popular rebellion breaks out in Hungary, and Rudolph pleads with his father (Francis Joseph) to tolerate it, but nothing is done. In Vienna, Rudolph finds a way out of his unhappy marriage with his wife (Stéphanie) by seducing the Baroness Maria (Baroness Vetsera).

Franz Joseph I dispatches his son to oversee military training and sends Maria to Venice, and when the couple return to Vienna, their death at Mayerling (the imperial family’s hunting lodge) is shrouded in secrecy. The film’s ending suggests that they committed suicide after deciding that they could no longer live without love or the prospect of peace. – Austrian Empire Movies

9. Fall of Eagles (TV Series 1974)

Top 10 Best Austrian Empire Movies of All Time

Director: David Cunliffe

The series chronicles the final years of three great realms that were brought to their knees by events of history. Each realm featured an eagle as its emblem. The overarching theme of the series is the consequences of centuries of oppressive rule, with little social reform, and the devastating consequences of the First World War that led to revolutionary movements.

10. Sunset (2018)

Top 10 Best Austrian Empire Movies of All Time

Director: László Nemes

The story takes place in 1913, when a young girl moves to Budapest, hoping to find employment in the famous hat shop that was once owned by her late parents. Discovering that she may have an older brother, she searches the streets for him. – Austrian Empire Movies

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