Top 10 Greatest Baden Movies of All Time

Top 10 Greatest Baden Movies of All Time. You should check out these Baden Movies. These Baden Movies will give you a lot of fun and practice.


Baden Movies

1. 28 Days Later (2002)

Baden Movies

Director: Danny Boyle

This is a story about a virus that gets released into the UK after an infected chimp escapes from a lab in Cambridge. It spreads quickly and turns into an epidemic, causing a social breakdown.

28 days after the first outbreak, Jim, a bike courier who was in an accident and went into a coma before the virus hit, wakes up in St Thomas’s Hospital in London.

The hospital is empty and full of signs of disaster. Jim gets attacked by infected people but is saved by two other survivors, Selena and Mark, who are still alive.

At Jim’s urging, they go to his parents’ place in Deptford, only to find out they had died by suicide. Later that night, Mark cuts himself with infected blood, which makes Selena kill him before he changes. – Baden Movies

2. A Dangerous Method (2011)

Baden Movies

Director: David Cronenberg

Sabina is suffering from a severe case of hysteria and has been admitted to the hospital by Dr. Carl Jung. Dr. Jung has started using some of his patients’ experiences with Sigmund Freud.

Sabina’s psychological issues stem from her childhood and her abusive father. She’s very smart and wants to become a doctor, and eventually, she becomes a psychiatrist.

Jung is married and he and Sabina fall in love. They have a father-and-son relationship, with the young Jung seen as the successor of Freud. But there’s a big difference between them when Jung tells Sabina that psychoanalysis can’t help her with her problems. – Baden Movies

3. Free Fall (2013)

Baden Movies

Director: Stephan Lacant

A police officer who is about to become a father finds himself falling in love with a gay colleague and his life begins to unravel. With a promising career and a newborn baby on the horizon, Mark’s life appears to be headed in the right direction until he meets Kay, a fellow cop.

During their daily jogs, Mark experiences a newfound sense of freedom and efficiency, as well as a newfound understanding of what it is to love another man.

As he struggles to reconcile his newfound feelings for Kay with his commitment to his family, Mark’s life becomes increasingly chaotic.

His life begins to spiral out of control, and he realizes that, no matter how hard he tries, he will never be able to make everyone happy, not even himself. – Baden Movies

4. On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (1969)

Baden Movies

Director: Peter R. Hunt

The film begins with Bond and Moneypenny meeting at the headquarters of MI6, located in London under the name of Universal Exports, to discuss the whereabouts of James Bond.

As Bond is driving on a rural coast road in Portugal, he is accosted by a woman in a Mercedes Cougar, which she drives away in.

The woman then drives to a beach and attempts to drown in the ocean. Bond then pulls her back, and is ambushed by a group of criminals, whom he manages to defeat in a close-quarters battle. As he looks back at the woman, he notices her driving away in the Mercedes Cougar. – Baden Movies

5. Moon 44 (1990)

Baden Movies

Director: Roland Emmerich

The story follows an unconventional corporate agent who recruits a motley crew of criminals and tech gurus to form a helicopter defense unit tasked with protecting a mining station located on a distant moon.

Earth’s mineral resources have been depleted, and there have been space battles for the remaining deposits on other worlds and satellites. In this case, one of the larger mining companies has lost most of its mineral moons, except one, and many of its fully automated mining robots are going missing on their way home.

Since no one else is interested in the job, prisoners are sent as a last-ditch effort to protect the mining station, including internal affairs agent, Felix Stone, who is assigned to find out where the expensive robots are being kept. In an environment of intrigue, fear, and hate, Stone infiltrates the fronts of competing groups and finds the perpetrator of sabotage. – Baden Movies


6. A Gschicht über d’Lieb (2019)

Baden Movies

Director: Peter Evers

A German farmer’s children are faced with a difficult situation when the son refuses to accept the family’s expectations of him taking over the farm. The protagonist, Gregor, lives with his mother, sister, and father in the town of Sankt Petra, Baden-Vorpommern.

His father owns a farm there, and he is expected to assume control of the business at a later date. However, Gregor has other aspirations, such as the establishment of a gas station along the main highway.

To make this dream a reality, he requires financial support from his father. Under certain circumstances, the father is willing to compromise and accept the wishes of the only son. However, his condition tests the relationship between Gregor and his sister, Maria. – Baden Movies

7. Salting the Battlefield (2014)

Baden Movies

Director: David Hare

Johnny Worricker is an MI5 officer on the run with his ex-girlfriend Margot Tyrell. They’re on the run across Europe, but Worricker knows the only way to get out of trouble is to come home and face off against his enemy, the Prime Minister.

The third part of the Johnny Worricker spy trilogy is called Salting the Battlefield and it follows them as they make their way around Europe, trying to stay ahead of the security forces and a revengeful Prime Minister.

They’re constantly being monitored, their families and friends are being followed, and they’re running out of money, so they need to do something to get to the end. – Baden Movies

8. The Red Baron (2008)

Baden Movies

Director: Nikolai Müllerschön

Manfred is a German fighter ace who was known as the Red Baron by both his friends and enemies. He was the most feared and famous pilot of the German Air Force during World War I.

He and his buddies saw air battles as sporting, technical, and honest, disregarding the cruelty of the war. But when he fell in love with his nurse, Käte, he realized he was being used for propaganda.

He was torn between his distaste for the war and the responsibility of his fighter wing, so he decided to fly again. – Baden Movies

9. Four Minutes (2006)

Director: Chris Kraus

This story follows an elderly piano teacher who teaches a young prisoner at a women’s prison. The older Krueger is teaching some prisoners and the guard, Mütze, how to play the piano.

When she spots the rebellious and aggressive Jenny von Loeben playing the piano, she sees her potential and offers her a teaching job for a competition. Jenny was abused as a kid and abused again when she was in her teens, and she was in prison for killing and beheading a man.

During the time they spend together getting ready for the exhibition, the Krueger reveals secrets about her love life during World War II, while Jenny gets four minutes of fame and recognition for her talent. – Baden Movies

10. Anatomy (2000)

Baden Movies

Director: Stefan Ruzowitzky

The story follows a young medical student, Paula Henning, who begins a summer course at the prestigious Heidelberg University Medical School.

David is at the dissection table, having met Paula on the train the day before. Something is amiss. Paula, a medical student, has won a place at an elite medical school in Heidelberg, Germany.

When David, the young man she had met on the train, shows up on her medical table, she begins an investigation into the mysterious circumstances of his death, uncovering a sinister plot orchestrated by a secret Antihippocratic society operating within the medical school. – Baden Movies