Top 10 Greatest Kenya Animation Movies of All Time

Top 10 Greatest Kenya Animation Movies of All Time. You should check out these Kyrgyzstan TV Series. These Kyrgyzstan TV Series will give you a lot of fun and practice.


Kenya Animation Movies

1. TeraStorm (2022)

Kenya Animation

Director: Andrew Kaggia

KifaruTek, a military arms manufacturer specializing in advanced warfare, finds an ancient artifact and begins to study it with the help of its chief scientist and founder, Victor Thimba.

Using its mysterious energy, they launch a covert operation known as “Project Lightstorm,” a program that produces advanced weapons and military technology for the world’s leading governments. The facility is ambushed by a mysterious attacker who steals the artifact from the facility, leaving a trail of injured soldiers behind.

The attacker then escapes to Mamba Forest where he uses the artifact to revive an old wizard demigod, “Eli-Ra”. A team of mercenaries is sent to Mamba Forest to get the relic, a mission that proves to be a mistake as a fiery rage wipes out the entire group. Eli-Ra then travels to the city, where he triggers a series of disastrous global events, followed by a warning that all world leaders should surrender to him. – Kenya Animation

2. The Legend of Ngong Hills (2012)

Kenya Animation

Director: Kwame Nyong’o

This narrative is derived from a traditional Maasai folktale. The Jungle Monster launches an assault on a Kenyan village but subsequently develops an affection for a young woman from the same community. – Kenya Animation

3. Condorito: The Movie (2017)

Kenya Animation

Director: Alex Orrelle

Mollusk-like extraterrestrial beings utilized their hypnotic amulets to subjugate entire planets. However, during the pre-Columbian era, an anthropomorphic condor managed to steal the amulet, thereby de-hypnotizing the populace and compelling the mollusk-like aliens to retreat to their own planet with a vow to return.

The Condor and his companions then concealed the amulet in a temple located deep within the Mexican jungle. Over time, the Condor sired several offspring. In a recent football match held in Pelotillehue City, Condorito and his teammates emerged victorious over the Buenas Peras team.

However, during an interview with reporters, Condorito was caught flirting and was subsequently electrocuted by Yayita. Following this incident, he departed with Pepe Cortisona to purchase a hot air balloon in honor of Yayita’s mother Tremebunda’s birthday. – Kenya Animation

4. The Wolf House (2018)

Kenya Animation

Director: Cristóbal León

The Wolf House is a film that draws inspiration from a real-life incident, in which a young German girl named Maria, imprisoned in Colonia, was punished for freeing her two beloved pigs. As she escapes with her “children,” Maria stumbles upon a supernaturally sentient home that possesses the ability to reveal the horrific history of Colonia Dignidad.

The story is narrated by Maria, a young woman who finds refuge in a home located in southern Chile after fleeing from a remote and secretive colony in central Chile during the early 20th century. Colonia Dignidad was known for its delicious honey, but rumors of atrocities committed within the fortified limits of the commune were rampant in the surrounding settlements.

The colony was founded and ruled by Paul Schäfer, a former Nazi, who exercised totalitarian control over its inhabitants. Schäfer’s regime included personal involvement in atrocities committed against the children of Colonia, as well as politically sanctioned torture on behalf of Augusto Pinochet’s military government. The Wolf House sheds light on the dark history of Colonia Dignidad and the atrocities committed under Schäfer’s rule. – Kenya Animation

5. Los Huesos (2021)

Kenya Animation

Director: Cristóbal León

The movie depicts a young woman executing a ritual exorcism to rid Chile of its feudal past. The ghosts of two cursed Secretaries of State are summoned amid a dance of bones, organs, and body parts. A girl performs a ritual to rid the kingdom of Chile of its feudal past using human corpses and the spirits of two damned Secretaries of State. – Kenya Animation


6. 31 Minutos: La Película (2008)

Kenya Animation

Director: Pedro Peirano

A unique creature known as the Blonde Buffalo makes an escape raft attempt on a distant island but is halted by Cachirula, the island’s owner, and Wool Star, her helper. Cachirula laments the fact that the exotic animals she keeps on the island dislike her and that Juan, the most priceless of all the animals, is still missing. A smuggler shows up to comfort Cachirula. He assures her that he will bring her the last Juan who is still alive. – Kenya Animation

7. Beast (2021)

Kenya Animation

Director: Hugo Covarrubias

Ingrid was employed by the Chilean Intelligence Directorate (DINA). Through her interactions with her body, her dog, her worries, and her frustrations, a disturbing mental breakdown is revealed, both in her personal life and in the wider context of the nation.

Our exploration delves into the somber existence of a detached and enigmatic woman, whose mundane routine unfolds against the backdrop of Augusto Pinochet’s authoritarian military regime.

The stoic woman commutes to work, frequents a mysterious residence, engages with her German Shepherd, and frets over her weight. However, as her story unfolds, a harrowing portrait emerges, shedding light on the devastating impact of unpunished crimes and horrific tragedies that have left a nation in ruins. – Kenya Animation

8. Nahuel and the Magic Book (2020)

Kenya Animation

Director: Germán Acuña

The inquisitive Nahuel is terrified of the ocean. He eventually came across a strange book that appears to hold the key to solving his problem. He is unaware that the book is magical and that Kalku, an aspirant warlock, is pursuing it. – Kenya Animation

9. Mirageman (2006)

Kenya Animation

Director: Ernesto Díaz Espinoza

A bouncer with a tumultuous past and proficient fighting abilities resolves to adopt the persona of a superhero. Three years ago, Maco’s family suffered a devastating assault resulting in the loss of his parents, the brutalization of his youngest sibling, and Maco’s near-fatal injuries.

In response, Maco has dedicated himself to rigorous physical conditioning, training, and an unwavering commitment to martial arts. Regrettably, the traumatic events have left Maco’s brother institutionalized in a mental health facility. – Kenya Animation

10. Castores. La invasión del fin del mundo (2015)

Kenya Animation

Director: Nicolas Iacouzzi

The Canadian beaver, introduced to Patagonia in the 1950s, has proliferated alarmingly throughout the Andean region, resulting in the decimation of historic forests and the endangerment of the delicate ecosystem.

This invasive species has left a devastating legacy in Patagonia, prompting a critical examination of the situation. The island of Tierra del Fuego has fallen prey to the beaver invaders from Canada, marking one of the most ill-fated attempts to manipulate the environment for human benefit.

The introduction of this species in 1946 has led to a population explosion, with numbers soaring from the original twenty to over 150,000. The proliferation of these beavers poses a grave threat to the island’s indigenous fauna, as well as potentially to the entire South American continent. – Kenya Animation