Top 10 Greatest Kuwait Animation Movies of All Time

Top 10 Greatest Kuwait Animation Movies of All Time. You should check out these Kuwait Animation Movies. These Kuwait Animation Movies will give you a lot of fun and practice.


Kuwait Animation Movies

1. Liyana (2017)

Kuwait Animation Movies

Director: Amanda Kopp

A group of five Swazi children have crafted a distinctive African narrative centered around a young girl embarking on a dangerous mission to rescue her twin brothers. Drawing from their collective imaginations, these orphaned youths have woven a tale of resilience, drawing inspiration from both their personal struggles and their aspirations for a brighter future. Their animated fairytale defies traditional genre conventions, blending elements of collaborative storytelling with poetic and observational documentary segments. Through their creative efforts, these children have crafted a celebration of the power of collective imagination and the enduring spirit of human perseverance. – Kuwait Animation Movies

2. Kahlil Gibran’s The Prophet (2014)

Kuwait Animation Movies

Director: Paul Brizzi

Mustafa, a renowned poet and artist, finds himself exiled and under house arrest due to his political activism. Accompanied by his maid, Kamila, and her daughter, Almitra, the group must navigate their way back home while avoiding detection from the authorities who fear that Mustafa’s words could incite rebellion. As they make their way back, Halim, a soldier tasked with guarding Mustafa, develops a secret infatuation for Kamila. Meanwhile, Almitra, still reeling from the loss of her father, has stopped speaking and has taken to stealing from local businesses. Her only companions are the seagulls, with whom she seems to have a unique ability to communicate through bird-like noises. – Kuwait Animation Movies

3. Sea Level (2011)

Kuwait Animation Movies

Director: Aun Hoe Goh

The juvenile bamboo shark, known as Pup, has encountered a group of human poachers who are unlawfully raiding his reef for eggs. In a valiant effort to safeguard his kin, Pup ventures out of the ocean and into the hazardous domain of humans. Alongside his companions, Pup had been frolicking in the ocean until they stumbled upon a cluster of egg sacs. Witnessing the theft of these eggs has prompted Pup to take action and demonstrate that he is capable of protecting his family, despite his diminutive size. – Kuwait Animation Movies

4. Birds Like Us (2017)

Kuwait Animation Movies

Director: Amela Ćuhara

The inhabitants of Birdabad have come to accept the egg-eating tyranny of Kondor and his carrion crew as a necessary evil in a world plagued by Horror. They unconsciously trade their eggs for fruit in a boisterous daily ritual centered around the massive Egguilibrium machine, which is tended to by the silent owl, Hasan.

Hupu, a charismatic and impulsive young bird, disrupts the established order by challenging Kondor with the help of her partner, Hasan, and a magical seed that saves her egg from a gruesome fate.

The resulting chaos leads to Hupu, Hasan, Kondor, and a small agitator named Mi being expelled from Birdabad and thrown into the clutches of the Horror during a frantic pursuit.

This unlikely group, filled with fear, confusion, and homicidal rage towards one another, reluctantly teams up with a peculiar guide who offers to help them return home in exchange for their assistance in reaching the Sun. Only Hupu is aware of the guide’s blindness.

As they journey from a bustling metropolis to the peak of a volcano, down the treacherous slope of a glacier, and across the vast, empty sea, our unconventional heroes are constantly pursued by the Horror. They resort to cheating, lying, and betraying each other in their efforts to survive.

Eventually, they are forced to put aside their differences and work together to overcome their fear of Horror and achieve a joyful resolution that is marked by a series of amusing and terrifying adventures. – Kuwait Animation Movies

5. Bombay Rose (2019)

Kuwait Animation Movies

Director: Gitanjali Rao

The burgeoning romance between two individuals with aspirations is challenged by their obligations and religious disparities amidst the hustle and bustle of a captivating and intricate metropolis. Salim, an orphan who is now responsible for his own welfare, lost his parents during a conflict.

Kamala, a young flower vendor who practices Hinduism, and Salim, a Muslim, develop an affectionate bond when they encounter each other for the first time in a marketplace in the vibrant city of Bombay. – Kuwait Animation Movies


6. A Visit from Mascot Verse (2022)

Kuwait Animation Movies

Director: Ahmed Al Baker

This excursion entails a journey to the Mascot-verse, a realm fashioned by human imagination and aspirations that coexists alongside our own reality and serves as the birthplace of all Mascots. – Kuwait Animation Movies

7. Waves 98 (2015)

Kuwait Animation Movies

Director: Ely Dagher

Omar’s exploration leads him to the epicenter of the city, as he becomes disillusioned with the segregated suburbs of Beirut. He eventually becomes disoriented and struggles to preserve his connections and sense of belonging, as he is engulfed in a realm that is both proximate and distant from his actuality. – Kuwait Animation Movies

8. The Unlucky Hamster (2019)

Kuwait Animation Movies

Director: Abdulaziz Khashabi

The tale of a hamster who patiently waited in a pet store in the hope that one day someone would take him home. Before someone approaches him and decides to buy him, many people pass by his small tank without recognizing him. A person approaches Fluffy, a charming little hamster in a pet store, and decides to buy him, turning his hope of a new home into a nightmare. – Kuwait Animation Movies

9. Hope (2020)

Kuwait Animation Movies

Director: Abdulla Al-Janahi

The journey of Aqua, a newborn sea turtle, is the subject of the short film “HOPE”. He encounters numerous challenges on his voyage, including pollution caused by people and other predators. By applying his intellect and courage, he overcomes each challenge until he reaches his goal. Before diving into the water, he sees a scene that would change his life, yet he valiantly overcomes it and develops as a person. – Kuwait Animation Movies

10. 1001 Days (2017)

Kuwait Animation Movies

Director: Aisha Al-Jaidah

A brave woman who protected her female townspeople from their king’s terrible wrath. The little-known tale of Sheherezade, a brave female storyteller who shielded her female townspeople from their king’s terrible wrath. – Kuwait Animation Movies