Top 10 Greatest Kuwait TV Series of All Time

Top 10 Greatest Kuwait TV Series of All Time. You should check out these Kuwait TV Series. These Kuwait TV Series will give you a lot of fun and practice.


1. The Exchange (TV Series 2023)

Kuwait TV Series

Director: Jasem Al-Muhanna

Taking place in Kuwait during the year 1987, this narrative follows the journey of two women as they navigate the male-dominated environment of the Kuwait Stock Exchange. Their endeavors unfold against the backdrop of the imminent invasion of the country by Saddam Hussein. There are discussions between women about femininity and matrimony. Men are shown to be openly staring at women and making suggestive remarks about (and directly addressed to) Farida or Munira in the workplace. – Kuwait TV Series

2. Fath Al-Andalus (TV Series 2022)

Kuwait TV Series

Director: Mohamed Sami El Anzi

The series tells the story of Tariq Bin Ziyad, the leader of the Umayyad army, and his conquests in Tangier and Ceuta, as well as in Andalusia, culminating in his famous confrontation with his commander, Musa Bin Nusair.

The series opens with scenes of the conquering leaders’ training in martial arts, physical skills, and spirit of fighting and teamwork, conducted by their sheik Abu Basir, who was one of Uqba Bin Nafi’s soldiers and fought alongside him in his campaigns in opening Africa.

Then we enter the Muslim city of Tangier, the day of its capture in 89 AH, under the leadership of Prince Musa Bin Naseer and the conquerors, with Moses addressing the people that they have come with goodness, security, justice, and mercy, and that every citizen will deliver their property and exercise their religion as they want, and that the markets will be close to people to make them feel sincere Muslims. – Kuwait TV Series

3. Juman (TV Series 2019)

Kuwait TV Series

Director: Soukayna Ziada

This Middle Eastern show is all about two people falling in love and getting married, even though their families are against it. It’s all about the pressures of family and how they don’t understand each other.

Jumaan (Juman) and Hisham (Hisham) are the two main characters, and they fall in love, even though their personalities are totally opposite. Jumaan is a loving and caring husband, while Hisham is the domineering and short-tempered one.

You’d think that by the end of the series, Hisham would learn how to be kind to Jumaan and respect his decisions, but they show Jumaan changing his ways according to Hisham’s wishes, which is really sad. They’re glorifying the power of the husband. – Kuwait TV Series

4. In The Bosom of a Thorn (TV Series 2019)

Kuwait TV Series

Director: Ibrahim Al Harby

A young woman returns home after being separated from her mother as an infant during the Kuwaiti invasion. After the Kuwaiti invasion, a woman’s infant daughter is separated from her. Now her daughter returns home years later.

Layla Abdullah stars as a young woman who returns home after being separated from her mother during the Kuwaiti invasion in the year 2019. The title role is played by Layla Abdullah while supporting roles are played by Ibrahim Al-hajji and Elham al Fadalah. – Kuwait TV Series

5. Melh Wa Samra (TV Series 2023)

Kuwait TV Series

Director: Huda Husain

Huda Hussain is a nurse who lives a normal life, both professionally and with her family. Things take a turn for the better when Ikhlas comes knocking at her door as a lawyer.

As usual, Huda Hussain brings us on a rollercoaster ride of emotions through her brilliant performance. The show is great, the performance, the script and the issues discussed are worth watching.

The nurse, Hind, is living a perfect life, both professionally and with her family. But when she meets the lawyer, Ikhlas, things take a turn for the worse. – Kuwait TV Series


Kuwait TV Series

6. Kaf Wa Dofouf (TV Series 2021)

Kuwait TV Series

Director: Mounir Al Zaabi

Narratively, the story takes place in the 1980s when Salima, the leader of a women’s group, is forced to leave her job after her husband passes away. She suffers from auditory hallucinations and believes that a jinn is chasing her, which puts her and her family’s lives in danger. – Kuwait TV Series

7. Dofaat Al Qahira (TV Series 2019)

Kuwait TV Series

Director: Ali Al Ali

This narrative follows the journey of a select few Kuwaiti students who, in 1956, began their studies in Egypt. As a group of women, they journeyed to Cairo to attend school, embarking on a romantic and self-reflection journey. – Kuwait TV Series

8. The Cage (TV Series 2022)

Kuwait TV Series

Director: Jasem Al-Muhanna

The series, which debuted on Netflix on Friday, chronicles the journey of a counselor who works with a couple to foster better communication and understanding between them in an effort to salvage their marriage. Meanwhile, marriage counselor attempts to persuade their struggling clients to abstain from divorce while simultaneously dealing with their own romantic issues. – Kuwait TV Series

9. Devil’s Advocate (TV Series 2023)

Kuwait TV Series

Director: Essam Abdel Hamid

A lawyer in Kuwait City has defied public opinion by defending a footballer accused of the murder of his wife. The incident occurred after a woman was killed and the footballer’s husband was named as the sole suspect.

The lawyer had to take legal action to defend the footballer, which was costly in terms of their personal finances. It is highly improbable that the footballer would be arrested or even detained for the murder in a system such as Kuwait’s, as there was no proof against him and, even if there were, the evidence would have been lost due to the captain’s position as the leader of the local football club. – Kuwait TV Series

10. I Have A Script (TV Series 2019)

Kuwait TV Series

Director: Tom Logan

Following the passing of a beloved individual, a woman pursues her literary aspirations through the production of television scripts. After losing a beloved family member, a woman pursues her love of writing by writing TV scripts. – Kuwait TV Series