Top 10 Greatest Kyrgyzstan TV Series of All Time

Top 10 Greatest Kyrgyzstan TV Series of All Time. You should check out these Kyrgyzstan TV Series. These Kyrgyzstan TV Series will give you a lot of fun and practice.


Kyrgyzstan TV Series

1. Catherine the Great (TV Series 2019)

Kyrgyzstan TV Series

Director: Colin Bucksey

The series is a historical and satirical black comedy-drama that follows Catherine the Great as she goes from being an outsider to having the longest reign of any woman in Russian history.

The fictional television series centers on the conspiracy to assassinate Catherine’s evil and dangerous husband and depicts Catherine in her childhood and marriage to Russian Emperor Peter III.

When a royal woman marries an emperor and moves to rural Russia in the 18th century, she is forced to decide between her happiness and the destiny of Russia. – Kyrgyzstan TV Series

2. Better Than Us (TV Series 2018)

Kyrgyzstan TV Series

Director: Andrey

An advanced robot that is wanted by a firm, homicide investigators, and terrorists is acquired by a family that is ready to disintegrate. Robots are an everyday part of life in 2029; they act as personal drivers, security guards, and even lovers.

The majority of the time, “Bots” are essentially mindless machines that perform menial chores, but gradually they learn to have emotions. A group of rebels known as “The Liquidators” reject robot society and are willing to use human blood to defeat the machines.

When AI bots get advanced enough to the point where they can feel and “think,” a battle between terrorist, corporate, and rebel forces over a particular bot develops quickly in Russia. – Kyrgyzstan TV Series

3. To the Lake (TV Series 2019)

Kyrgyzstan TV Series

Director: Pavel Kostomarov

Moscow turns into a city of the dead due to an unknown infection. Those that are still uninfected are frantically competing for food and gasoline because there is no electricity and money has lost all of its value. With the woman he loves and her autistic kid, the main character, Sergei, lives outside of the city. There is still safety.

Despite her hatred for Sergei, he hurries to Moscow to save his ex-wife and their children. These people, who never thought they’d live together again, must put the past behind them and go on an arduous, perilous voyage up north in search of a remote hunting lodge on a barren island.

A family drama set amid a catastrophe is The Outbreak. It is one of the earliest post-apocalyptic television programs in Russia and is based on Yana Vagner’s best-selling novel Vongozero, which has been published in eleven languages. – Kyrgyzstan TV Series

4. Gold Diggers (TV Series 2019)

Kyrgyzstan TV Series

Director: Konstantin Bogomolov

Set in the opulent social elite society of Russia, where money rules everything. Until a dramatic change of events, Marina Levkoeva seemed to have it all as a socialite and the mistress of a successful businessman. Our days in Moscow. The metropolis of extravagant luxury and passion, beautiful ladies and affluent men, social gatherings, and risky intrigues.

The chief social matchmaker deftly links the attractive girls to safe hands as they dream of entering the world of glamour, flowing silks, and brilliant jewelry. A mysterious and horrible tragedy will completely alter Dasha’s plans for a new, better life after she moves to the city from the provinces. – Kyrgyzstan TV Series

5. The Method (TV Series 2015)

Kyrgyzstan TV Series

Director: Yuriy Bykov

A young, aspirational law enforcement graduate is overjoyed when her hero hires her as a trainee. But his approaches aren’t at all what she had anticipated. The main character is an amazing and enigmatic individual who excels as an inspector. Rodion typically works alone to maintain the mystery of his novel approach.

Esenya Steklova, a recent graduate, is delighted to begin her internship with the illustrious investigator, but she had no idea what difficulties she would experience while working with Rodion. Together, they look into some of the most heinous acts committed in Russian criminal history.

A mentally sick, sociopath investigator takes on a young female trainee to teach her how to investigate crimes, particularly those that are more horrifying, serial, unsolved, and complex.

A universe where crime, morality, law, and death coexist with many types of interpersonal connections and teachings about love, hate, friendship, forgiveness, decisions, and murder. – Kyrgyzstan TV Series


6. Law of the Lawless (TV Series 2002)

Kyrgyzstan TV Series

Director: Aleksey Sidorov

The most formidable gang in Moscow was created by a group of four childhood friends known as Brigada. They first conducted business together, but an unexpected murder caused them to become a gang. There is no turning back now that their lives are in danger. – Kyrgyzstan TV Series

7. Sniffer (TV Series 2013)

Kyrgyzstan TV Series

Director: Artyom Litvinenko

The Sniffer, the main character of the show, is a man with an exceptionally acute sense of smell who uses it to look into crimes by identifying minute amounts of different substances. Alongside him at work is Viktor Lebedev, an agent with the Special Bureau of Investigations and a buddy from their youth. He is known as the Sniffer.

He would prefer to remain to himself and is the proud owner of a keen sense of smell. He also knows things about you that you don’t. Don’t mistrust his remarkable abilities—he’ll find a needle in a haystack and sniff out the truth from you! His sense of smell, however, is both a blessing and a curse. – Kyrgyzstan TV Series

8. Catherine the Great (TV Series 2019)

Kyrgyzstan TV Series

Director: Igor Zaytsev

The history of Catherine the Great starts with her arrival in Russia as the spouse of the Russian prince apparent. The early years of the famous Russian empress served as a prologue to her ascent to power. Get ready to experience her first 20 years in Russia, which were filled with court intrigues, power conflicts, and unconditional love for her nation.

The first episode of the series takes place when Catherine the Great ascended to the throne when she was in her early thirties. She is, however, portrayed in the series as an older woman in her sixties. Helen Mirren is a talented actress, but she ought to have been chosen to play the elder Catherine in the upcoming seasons of the show. – Kyrgyzstan TV Series

9. Happy Together (TV series 2006)

Kyrgyzstan TV Series

Director: Aleksandr Anurov

The Bukins reside in a box on the top level of a small building instead of a home, while the Stepanovs/Polenos reside in the box next to theirs.

The layout of the Bukins’ flat resembles that of the Bundys’ home, except for the absence of a cellar, the absence of a backdoor, the garage being in a separate building rather than next to the house, and the use of a balcony in place of the garden before the start of the series.

The Bukins’ apartment is a mess because of unfinished repairs to the house, and in the early episodes of the show, a poorly located work site outside allowed people—as well as Baron, the family dog—to enter and exit the apartment through the balcony. – Kyrgyzstan TV Series

10. Sparta (TV Series 2018)

Kyrgyzstan TV Series

Director: Egor Baranov

A seasoned investigator is drawn into the world of a high-stakes virtual reality game while looking into the inexplicable death of a teacher. Sparta is an unstructured game, life will change as a result of playing the game because the virtual world has invaded borders and become a regular part of our lives. – Kyrgyzstan TV Series