Top 10 Greatest Lithuania Animation Movies of All Time

Top 10 Greatest Lithuania Animation Movies of All Time. You should check out these Lithuania Animation Movies. These Lithuania Animation Movies will give you a lot of fun and practice.


Lithuania Animation Movies

1. Matilda ir atsargine galva (2020)

Lithuania Animation Movies

Director: Ignas Meilunas

This is the story of a girl who wanted to be smarter than everyone else. When she couldn’t keep everything she’d learned in one head anymore, her mom bought her a new one. She thought two heads were better than one.

But she started to get confused about which head to wear and soon lost the other one. It’s hard to say what would have happened if a ball had come through her window, a ball that would have changed Matilda’s life forever. – Lithuania Animation Movies

2. Aurora’s Sunrise (2022)

Lithuania Animation Movies

Director: Inna Sahakyan

The story of a woman who survived the Armenian Genocide and became a silent film star is almost impossible to fathom. After the loss of her family, the escape from slavery, and the greed of Hollywood, she travels far and wide to tell the story of the Genocide.

Aurora was born to a wealthy family in eastern Anatolia. Her father was killed and her family was sent on death marches where most of her relatives perished. She was sold into the Turkish harem and from there she escaped.

She first fled to St. Petersburg in Russia and then to New York where her biography became something of a success, a book was published and a movie was made about the Genocide in which she played the main role. – Lithuania Animation Movies

3. The Juggler (2018)

Lithuania Animation Movies

Director: Skirma Jakaite

We inhabit the same home, but in different dwellings, occupations, circumstances, beliefs, and imaginations, each in its own niche, deceiving ourselves that the universe is unified and existing. – Lithuania Animation Movies

4. Last Stop Is The Moon (2017)

Lithuania Animation Movies

Director: Birute Sodeikaite

The story follows a young girl as she struggles to accept her illness. She imagines her illness as a lion and herself as a unicorn and goes through various stages of acceptance. – Lithuania Animation Movies

5. The Golden Horse (2014)

Lithuania Animation Movies

Director: Reinis Kalnaellis

After seven years of being held captive, Princess Sun’s story comes to a happy ending when a daring hero saves her and wins her hand in marriage and the crown.

The Black Mother had Princess Sun locked up in an ice coffin on the top of a hill, and the Kingdom was in a state of darkness, tears, and despair.

Evil was taking over the place, and the King had a special announcement: the man who saved the Princess would be allowed to marry her! Young men tried their best to save her, but there was only one man with an open heart who could stand up to the evil. – Lithuania Animation Movies


6. Snow Shelter (2020)

Lithuania Animation Movies

Director: Valentas Askinis

In a war-ravaged, modern-day city, it is the dead of winter. It has been several years since the destruction of the city, and it is gradually being rebuilt. A young man of thirty is living in a squatted apartment with a large group of foreigners.

He is struggling to survive and to find some measure of solace in this harsh environment. One night, he almost sets fire to the apartment in an effort to get a better night’s sleep. Unfortunately, his roommates begin to despise him, and he is forced to seek shelter elsewhere. – Lithuania Animation Movies

7. Waltz with Bashir (2008)

Lithuania Animation Movies

Director: Ari Folman

During a casual evening at a local bar, a former acquaintance confides in director Ari about a recurring nightmare involving a relentless pursuit by 26 ferocious canines.

This haunting dream persists each night, with the same number of menacing beasts in pursuit. After some discussion, the two men surmise that this nightmare may be linked to their shared experience in the Israeli Army during the first Lebanon War in the early 1980s.

To Ari’s surprise, he realizes that he has no recollection of this period in his life. Intrigued by this enigma, he resolves to seek out and interview old friends and comrades from around the world in order to uncover the truth about that time and himself. As Ari delves deeper into the mystery, surreal images begin to emerge from his memory. – Lithuania Animation Movies

8. Kahlil Gibran’s The Prophet (2014)

Lithuania Animation Movies

Director: Roger Allers

The story is set in Lebanon during the Ottoman Empire, where Kamila, a widowed mother, serves as a housekeeper for Mustafa, a foreign poet, painter, and political activist who is under house arrest. Mustafa is under the watchful eye of Halim, a soldier who secretly harbors feelings for Kamila.

Kamila’s daughter, Almitra, has become mute after her father’s death and has resorted to stealing from local merchants, causing trouble. Her only companions are seagulls, with whom she communicates through birdlike noises.

When the Sergeant arrives to inform Mustafa that he is now free and must leave for his home country by the end of the day, Halim escorts him to the ship. During this time, Mustafa engages in conversations with Kamila, Almitra, Halim, and the townspeople, who view him as a hero.

The discussions range from topics such as freedom, parenthood, marriage, work, love, and good and evil, with each director bringing their unique style to the film. – Lithuania Animation Movies

9. The Elephant King (2017)

Lithuania Animation Movies

Director: Hadi Mohammadian

The leader of a group of savage wildlife hunters seeks to infiltrate the land of Ivory, the home of elephants, with the intention of hunting these majestic creatures for sale to the king. Despite the elephants’ celebration of the birth of the king’s son, Shadphant, his obesity proves to be a source of disappointment and difficulty. However, the attack on the island brings him closer to the hearts of all. – Lithuania Animation Movies

10. Alephia 2053 (2021)

Lithuania Animation

Director: Jorj Abou Mhaya

Alephia 2053 narrates the tale of three individuals who find themselves in a race against time and each other to confront the origin of a cyberattack that has penetrated the most impregnable surveillance systems of the most autocratic regime ever known. – Lithuania Animation Movies