Top 10 Greatest Mecklenburg Movies of All Time

Top 10 Greatest Mecklenburg Movies of All Time. You should check out these Mecklenburg Movies. These Mecklenburg Movies will give you a lot of fun and practice.


Mecklenburg Movies

1. Peas at 5:30 (2004)

Mecklenburg Movies

Director: Lars Büchel

The story follows a film director who is accidentally blinded and has to relearn how to live without sight. He is aided by a blind woman who is assigned to accompany him on a humorous and romantic journey that will have a profound impact on both of their lives. – Mecklenburg Movies

2. Liebe mit 16 (1974)

Mecklenburg Movies

Director: Herrmann Zschoche

Ina does not pay much attention to Matti, however, the two adolescent girls fall in love during their dance lessons and start their first romantic relationship. The parents are displeased with this development and attempt to stop their children from associating with each other. Nevertheless, Ina continues to meet Matti secretly, and the couple’s first sexual encounter elicits mixed reactions from Ina. – Mecklenburg Movies

3. Heute sterben immer nur die anderen (1991)

Mecklenburg Movies

Director: Siegfried Kühn

Maria informs her former co-worker, Hanna, of her recent cancer surgery and the fact that she is now cancer-free. However, shortly thereafter, she experiences a relapse of the disease.

The doctors think that Hanna should be informed of the true nature of her illness, and Hanna agrees to this. In Maria’s case, this is the start of a series of long, tortuous weeks, during which she is forced to come to terms with the fact that she has a limited amount of time remaining to live.

Meanwhile, Hanna must decide how to help her friend to pass away; a decision that she finds to be an almost unbearable choice, but one that she makes and lives through to the end. – Mecklenburg Movies

4. Anderst schön (2015)

Mecklenburg Movies

Director: Bartosz Werner

Roger has his little world, where he loves his apartment, loves animals, and has a new job every day. He’s a caretaker in Schwerin district just before it’s being torn down.

People from the GDR, geniuses, artists, neo-Nazis, doner kebabs, and a mom who was not afraid of alcohol all live in his little world. Roger does little jobs for everyone, and he has a big heart. He’s a dreamer, and he has an eye for beauty and a big dream: falling in love.

When Ellen from Berlin moved in with her daughter Jill, he found the girl of his dreams. But he doesn’t know what to do to make himself happy, so he tries to do small things to charm Ellen. Boldly sticking to his imagination isn’t his strong point – especially not when his mum wants to tell him what to do. – Mecklenburg Movies

5. GG 19 – Eine Reise durch Deutschland in 19 Artikeln (2007)

Mecklenburg Movies

Director: Marcel Ahrens

A movie about Germany that takes you on a journey through 19 articles. It’s like a short story that turns the basic rights of Germany into an emotional journey. It’s not like it’s didactic or edifying – it’s always about the experience.

You’re sent on an exciting tour of Germany with funny, dramatic, and even absurd stories that are forced on the characters. It’s like an experiment, one movie with 19 stages – an adventure for everyone, and a whole new experience with your own home country and Germany. – Mecklenburg Movies


6. Gritta of the Rats’ Castle (1985)

Mecklenburg Movies

Director: Jürgen Brauer

The story follows the protagonist, Gritta, as she attempts to escape her abusive father, a failed inventor. When Gritta’s new stepmother attempts to place her in a convent, she uncovers a series of sinister secrets within the institution. – Mecklenburg Movies

7. Prora (2012)

Mecklenburg Movies

Director: Stéphane Riethauser

The story of Jan, a 17-year-old German teenager, and Matthieu, an 18-year-old French macho womanizer, is set on Rügen Island near the Baltic Sea. After a night of drinking at a local club, Matthieu and Jan decide to go for a walk on the beach at the crack of dawn.

What starts as a harmless game quickly turns into a heated confrontation, with Matthieu taking his friend into the abandoned building and making fun of the German past.

After chasing Matthieu through the hallways, Jan suddenly kisses him on the lips and the two friends engage in an erotic game that threatens their friendship. Confused by their feelings, Jan tries to escape but gets lost in the maze of rooms and corridors, and a fight breaks out, leaving Jan alone and hurt.

After a few days, they meet up again at the beach. It’s a journey of self-discovery, an exploration of male adolescence, and a tender tale of love and friendship. – Mecklenburg Movies

8. The Peppercorns and the Secret of the Deep Sea (2020)

Mecklenburg Movies

Director: Christian Theede

The Peppercorns are an all-encompassing group of five teenage companions who come together to uncover the identity of the perpetrator of the abduction of a missing marine scientist who has uncovered a method of eliminating plastic debris from the ocean. – Mecklenburg Movies

9. The Legend of Rita (2000)

Mecklenburg Movies

Director: Volker Schlöndorff

The true story of West German terrorist Rita Vogt, who escapes to East Germany with help from the Stasi in the 1970s. She hides from the revolution and takes on a new identity with the East German secret service, but she’s always worried about her cover being blown, which it does after the reunification of Germany. – Mecklenburg Movies

10. Wunderkinder (2011)

Mecklenburg Movies

Director: Marcus Otto Rosenmuller

This story follows three Jewish kids who are both talented musicians and a German girl who loves the same music. They have a special bond that transcends their differences in religion and nationality. But when Germany and Russia joined the war, their hopes for the future took a huge hit.

The story takes place in the Soviet Union in 1941, before and after the German invasion, and it’s about how the kids and their families cope with the death threats that war brings. – Mecklenburg Movies