Top 10 Greatest Western Sahara Movies of All Time

Top 10 Greatest Western Sahara Movies of All Time. You should check out these Western Sahara Movies. These Western Sahara Movies will give you a lot of fun and practice.


Western Sahara Movies

1. Timbuktu (2014)

Western Sahara Movies

Director: Abderrahmane Sissako

A pastoralist and his family living in the Timbuktu dunes experience a sudden disruption to their tranquil life, which has been largely unaffected by the Jihadists’ attempts to impose their religious beliefs.

In the city, the people are suffering from a reign of terror, with music, laughter, smoking, and even football being prohibited. The women are reduced to shadows, but they are fighting back with courage. The new improvised courts are issuing increasingly grotesque verdicts.

Kidane, a cattle herder, and his family are spared the chaos that is engulfing the city. However, their lives are about to be drastically altered. – Western Sahara Movies

2. The Unknown Saint (2019)

Western Sahara Movies

Director: Alaa Eddine Aljem

A criminal returns to a fake grave years later and finds that it’s been turned into a shrine to some mysterious saint and a bustling village. Just before he’s caught by the cops, the thief buries a bag of money in the grave. After being out of jail for years, he comes back to get the bag and finds a shrine to some unknown saint built right on top of his treasure, and a whole new village built around it. – Western Sahara Movies

3. Greed in the Sun (1964)

Western Sahara Movies

Director: Henri Verneuil

Castagliano, a ruthless trucker who runs a trans-Saharan transport business, assigns his brand new truck and its mysterious shipment to his newest hire, John Steiner, much to the chagrin of the seasoned driver, Rocco.

With his close-knit circle of companions and long-distance truck drivers, including Hervé, known as “Bumpkin” and Mitch, Steiner prepares for the arduous journey through the arid and barren Sahara; however, his truck is absent.

Rocco is now behind the wheel, accompanied by his glamorous girlfriend, Pepa, who is determined to make a name for herself in the limelight, as Steiner and Hervé race against time to retrieve the unknown cargo. – Western Sahara Movies

4. Ya bon les blancs (1988)

Western Sahara Movies

Director: Marco Ferreri

Angeles Azules, a humanitarian aid expedition led by the Blue Angels, a group of twelve Europeans, and six trucks filled with supplies to alleviate hunger in sub-Saharan Africa, are making their way across the continent.

However, due to a series of difficulties encountered by the team, disorganization begins to take over the convoy. One by one, members of the group succumb to their own petty, selfish impulses, such as violence, power, and nostalgia.

When one of the trucks malfunctions, Michele and Nadia are forced to wait at a nearby oasis for spare parts. However, a hungry local tribe accosts them, and the tribe’s leader utters a speech they do not comprehend, followed by a grotesque purification ritual. – Western Sahara Movies

5. Battalion to My Beat (2016)

Western Sahara Movies

Director: Eimi Imanishi

Mariam, who imagines herself to be the desert’s Jeanne d’Arc, flees the Western Sahara refugee camps in Algiers to free her country from the occupation. – Western Sahara Movies


6. Territoire perdu (2011)

Western Sahara Movies

Director: Pierre-Yves Vandeweerd

This film tells the story of the escape, the exile, the endless wait, and the lives of those who have been arrested and persecuted on either side of the barrier that separates Morocco from its people. It’s about the Sahrawis, their country, and how they’ve been caught in a trap. – Western Sahara Movies

7. 3 Stolen Cameras (2017)

Western Sahara Movies

Director: Mariem Hassan

The members of Equipe Media, a video activist group, are fighting to keep their cameras, which they use to document the human rights violations of the Moroccan kingdoms in Africa’s last colony – Western Sahara.

Reporters are not allowed to enter the territory, and the only pictures that make it out are the ones that Equipe Media can film secretly, hiding on rooftops and risking serious repercussions.

They document police and military assaults on peaceful demonstrations, as well as accounts of violence Sahrawis face in their daily lives. This is a tale of breaking absolute censorship with one-of-a-kind footage from a region where the authorities have imposed a near-total media blockade. – Western Sahara Movies

8. Abdala/Lafdal (2016)

Western Sahara Movies

Director: Albert Kuhn

This interview was recorded at a time when Western Sahara and Morocco were in a state of conflict. It explores various perspectives on the conflict, with an emphasis on the legitimacy or otherwise of the use of force. – Western Sahara Movies

9. In the Devil’s Garden (2018)

Western Sahara Movies

Director: Pavel Borecký

This sensory ethnographic film will challenge viewers to contemplate the triviality of displacement, confinement, and exploitation in a hidden region of the world. The film begins in a makeshift market in Algiers, where the audience is immersed in the rhythms of feeding and waiting, as they become familiar with the faces of the goats and camels that are Arab men’s oldest companions. As the film progresses, the desert becomes a sacrificial altar, revealing its sinister geopolitical secrets. – Western Sahara Movies

10. Sahara no se vende (2007)

Western Sahara Movies

Director: Joaquín Calderón

The film follows three friends as they embark on a journey of self-discovery amid the chaos and destruction of the Hammada refugee camp in south Algeria, where seventeen young refugees have been waiting for thirty-three years.

Through the lens of their photography workshop, they witness the plight of the refugees, who are on the brink of despair and are ready to resume their armed struggle against Moroccan forces.

Their journey is accompanied by dynamic, fresh editing, rhythms, and well-crafted songs from renowned international artists, all of which provide a glimpse into the forgotten lives of the Sahrawi people, a nation with a future that has been locked in conflict for more than three decades. – Western Sahara Movies