Top 10 Greatest Zambia Movies of All Time

Top 10 Greatest Zambia Movies of All Time. You should check out these Zambia Movies. These Zambia Movies will give you a lot of fun and practice.


Zambia Movies

1. Can You See Us? (2022)

Zambia Movies

Director: Kenny Mumba

He was rejected by his dad when he was born, and now he’s dealing with bullying, tragedy, and guarded hope as he comes of age with his albinism. – Zambia Movies

2. The Grass Is Singing (1981)

Zambia Movies

Director: Michael Raeburn

The Grass Is Singing is a novel by Doris Lessing, set in the 1940s. The main character is an American city girl who moves from the United States to her husband’s failing farm in South Africa’s colonial province of Southern Rhodesia.

Unhappy and out of control, she begins an affair with the family’s black servant, leading to tragedy. The novel is set in South Africa in the 1940s, where the main character, an American woman, moves to South Africa with her soon-to-be husband, who is a failed farmer.

She gives up all the luxuries of a cosmopolitan life and begins to suffer from a breakdown in her mental health. She also finds herself involved in a sexual relationship with the family’s black servant. – Zambia Movies

3. Luthando (2023)

Zambia Movies

Director: Michael Tembo

Luthando, a courageous and talented young man who bears a strong resemblance to his great-grandfather, finds himself in a difficult situation after being accused of treason by two brothers, Chiti and Nkole.

The two brothers had conspired to break a long-standing rule established by the great King Kalusha Ndlumba to avoid conflict, and Nkole had agreed to change his family name from Ndulumba to Ndalu to protect his family from any potential challenge to the throne.

However, this all came to a sudden halt when Nkole accidentally killed his brother during a training session, leading to Nkole’s son, Simba, accusing him of treason and resulting in Simba’s death in front of Luthando, whom he had grown up with as his best friend.

After the palace guards had attacked his mother, who later passed away, and Simba had tried to force his hand in marriage to his fiancé, the young man was found guilty of treason. – Zambia Movies

4. Family Slavery (2018)

Zambia Movies

Director: Matilda Muchindu

We catch a glimpse of the sun, trees, and rocks of nature. We then zoom in on a huge field filled with grass, cows, goats, pigs, and more. The camera then fades in on a village called Chisaaka, which is full of activity. We see people swimming in the rivers, bathing babies, and women pounding corn and selling chickens in the pounds. The farmers are getting ready for the rainy season and their big farm. – Zambia Movies

5. Scars of A Mother (2020)

Zambia Movies

Director: Emeka Hill Umeasor

This story is based on a book called ‘Being a Single Mother’ by Matilda Muchindu. It’s about single parenthood and all the struggles women face to save their kids and make the world a better place. It’s about Chisomo, a woman whose life is full of ups and downs, and she’s stuck in the middle of it all. She has to make sacrifices to make sure her kids are happy and healthy. – Zambia Movies


6. Jomako Black Democracy (2018)

Zambia Movies

Director: Chewe Musonda

An artist incites the local population to join him in his campaign for the voice of the people to bring about genuine democracy. However, he is sentenced to imprisonment for his actions. – Zambia Movies

7. Maria Kristu (2021)

Zambia Movies

Director: Paul Wilo

At the age of sixteen, Buumba finds herself in a situation where she is forced to reject the standards and beliefs of the Mary Kristu Church to achieve her freedom. – Zambia Movies

8. The Borderline (2019)

Zambia Movies

Director: Peter Langmead

Commissioner Hama contemplates his losses, with an alleged rape being the trigger for the events that follow. The brothers traverse the bush and contemplate their survival from the use of police firearms, with Hama reflecting on a prior but unrelated incident.

Before this, Faustino had visited Wakuda, a witch doctor, to become wealthy by the power of the devil, and this is when Hama, now a Private Investigator, is first encountered.

The two brothers are found in a bar at home, with Hama having a dream of a gunfight on the beach and the brothers discussing whether to make a gem deal or to poach, both of which they believe to be more dangerous.

Enya calls Harry Hama’s office, informing him that Mulenga has been stabbed, and Hama, Bupe, Enya, and Enya’s childhood sweetheart are all invited to a picnic on the beach. Upon arrival, Hama interviews Enya, interviews his wife, Jane, and picks up the body of Mulenga. – Zambia Movies

9. Afilika (2022)

Director: Harleylee Mwewa Kaoma

Praskovia is dispatched to Afilika village after having been informed of the village’s wealth. As the most educated man in the village, Hapuunda is assigned to manage the visitors by providing them with an understanding of the culture, food, beliefs, and methods of survival of the inhabitants of Afilika village.

Annoushka establishes a system by providing Education, Religion, and Health services to the village via Praskovia and the three brothers, Walter and Antonio, to facilitate the villagers’ access to the village’s riches. – Zambia Movies

10. Undi (2021)

Zambia Movies

Director: Vanessa Tolino

The story follows Undi and his fiancée, Judith, as they embark on a romantic weekend getaway with Undi’s best friend, known as Kunda, and his female companion. The two companions enjoy a romantic getaway, until Undi inadvertently uncovers Kunda and Judith in the woods, leading to a conflict between the two couples and their struggle to maintain their respective relationships. – Zambia Movies