Top 30 Greatest Monaco Movies of All Time

Top 30 Greatest Monaco Movies of All Time. You should check out these Monaco Movies. These Monaco Movies will give you a lot of fun and practice.


Monaco Movies

1. Weekend of a Champion (1972)

Monaco Movies

Director: Roman Polanski

Renowned filmmaker Roman Polanski accompanied world champion driver Jackie Stewart over a weekend as he endeavored to secure victory in the 1971 Monaco Grand Prix. This unique experience provided an exceptional opportunity to observe the life of an exceptionally talented athlete at the pinnacle of his abilities. – Monaco Movies

2. Lagerfeld Confidential (2007)

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Director: Rodolphe Marconi

This documentary takes a look at the life and times of the infamous fashion designer. Lagerfeld talks about his wild childhood in Germany, and how he came to know he was gay when he was 13.

When he was 18, he moved to Paris to start his career as a fashion designer. He talks about his work and opinions on everything from fashion to literature, and he’s constantly jetting off to his many homes, where he shows off his designs and does photo shoots, all while being followed by Nicole Kidman. – Monaco Movies

3. Bay of Angels (1963)

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Director: Jacques Demy

The 1964 French film “Jackie” has not been theatrically released in the United States since. Written and directed by Jean-Luc Godard, the film stars Jeanne Moreau as Jackie, an obsessive gambler who is in love with Claude Mann, a bank clerk, while on vacation in Nice.

Initially, the two companions use each other for good luck; however, what happens when the luck runs out and the love is lost? Varda has lovingly restored the film to its original glory. – Monaco Movies

4. Enemies of Women (1923)

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Director: Alan Crosland

Alicia, an adventurous young woman, has the opportunity to make a friend with a Russian prince, with whom she absconds to France. They live together happily until the Prince notices her with their infant son and, unaware of his presence, mistakenly assumes he is a young woman’s lover and abandons her.

He and his companions form a group known as the ‘Enemies of Women’ and vow to have no more to do with her. Eventually, circumstances bring Alicia and the Prince together and they find contentment. – Monaco Movies

5. Heartbreaker (2010)

Monaco Movies

Director: Pascal Chaumeil

The majority of the story takes place in Monaco, where Alex, played by Romain Duris, runs a catering business with his sister, Mélanie, played by Julie Ferrier, and her husband, Marc, played by François Damiens.

Their specialty is the breaking up of relationships, but only when the woman is not “consciously unhappy”. The trio employs intricate, customized, and sometimes expensive methods to trick the women into falling in love with Alex.

Once the women fall in love with Alex, he tells them that they have brought him back to life, but it is already too late for them. The women are likely to leave their relationships to find a man who makes them feel the same way Alex does.

A wealthy man, played by Jacques Frantz, who is both a florist and a gangster, enlists their services to prevent the marriage of his daughter, played by Vanessa Paradis, to Jonathan, an Englishman, whom he disapproves of.

The main obstacle is that they have only ten days before the wedding. Furthermore, the situation is complicated as, after extensive research, it appears that the couple is truly in love and perfect for each other. – Monaco Movies

6. Strike It Rich (1990)

Monaco Movies

Director: James Scott

A humble accountant for a large corporation embarks on a romantic honeymoon with his fiancée in Monte Carlo, even though the cost of the trip is prohibitive. However, the accountant is soon consumed by a passion for gambling. – Monaco Movies

7. Mare Nostrum (1926)

Monaco Movies

Director: Rex Ingram

When Ulysses is a kid growing up in Spain, he’s surrounded by stories about the sea from his uncle, Triton. He’s especially interested in his uncle’s claim that he once saw Amphitrite, the goddess of the sea.

Ulysses’ lawyer dad wants him to become a sailor, but when World War I breaks out, he’s in for a world-class payday. He uses his savings to buy a modern freighter called Mare Nostrum and starts to thrive. Eventually, though, he’s forced to sell it to his wife Cinta for their son, Esteban. – Monaco Movies

8. Those Daring Young Men in Their Jaunty Jalopies (1969)

Monaco Movies

Director: Ken Annakin

The Monte Carlo Rally in the 1920s was packed with competitors from around the world. British, Italian, French, and German drivers find that their biggest challenge is from Chester Schofield from the US, who won half of an auto factory in a game of poker with the late baron’s dad, the late baron Terry-Thomas.

He’s entered the race to get revenge and get back the half he lost. The international cast of characters seems to reflect their misfortunes. Major Digby Dawlish from the British Army and Lieutenant Kit Barrington from the British Army, who have entered to protect the British Empire, are driving an odd car with all sorts of strange stuff on it.

Italian cops Angelo Pincelli and Mario Agosti are chasing three French ladies, led by Mireille Darc. And the German entry is made up of a bunch of convicts with stolen gems. – Monaco Movies

9. Priceless (2006)

Monaco Movies

Director: Pierre Salvadori

Jean, a timid waiter working at a luxury hotel, is seduced by the beautiful and mysterious fortune hunter, Irene, who mistakes him for a young millionaire. On her birthday in Biarritz, with her elderly carer, Irene sneaks downstairs to the hotel bar, where Jean falls asleep on her, and she mistakes him for a well-well-healed guest, encouraging him to take her up to the royal suite for the night.

A year later, the same thing happens again, but this time, Irene’s lover finds out and repudiates her. Even though she knows Jean is a poor barman, this does not stop her from continuing her luxurious lifestyle until his money runs out.

He soon finds himself involved in Irene’s business with the older and more worldly-minded Madeleine, although Irene also dates a new man, the two of them remain in close contact. – Monaco Movies

10. Son of the Pink Panther (1993)

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Director: Blake Edwards

Princess Jasmine of Lugash is taken by terrorists in French territorial waters near the port of Nice. The kidnappers, led by Hans, want her father to step down and let her stepmother’s lover (a general with terrorist connections to an enemy kingdom) take the throne.

Police Commissioner Dreyfus investigates the princess’ disappearance in the south of France. He runs into Hans and Gambrelli, a local gendarmes, who opens the back door of the kidnappers’ van and sees Princess, who he thinks is their driver’s sister, on the way to the hospital. – Monaco Movies

11. Sleeper (1973)

Monaco Movies

Director: Woody Allen

Miles Monroe, played by Woody Allen, is a jazz musician who runs a health-food store called Happy Carrot in Greenwich Village, New York. In 1973, he goes to the hospital for a routine operation that goes wrong and he’s sent to a cryopreservation for 200 years.

Two scientists in the year 2173 (Bartlett Robinson & Mary Gregory) tried to revive him. They’re part of an underground rebellion against the police state that the US has become since Albert Shanker got his hands on a nuclear warhead.

The government is run by a dictator called “The Leader” and they’re about to launch a secret project called the Aries Project. The rebels want to use him as a spy to get in and stop it because he’s the only one in the dystopian society who doesn’t have a biometric identity. – Monaco Movies

12. The Good Thief (2002)

Monaco Movies

Director: Neil Jordan

The plot of the film follows a man who arrives in Monte Carlo shortly after the conclusion of World War II. He lodges in a luxurious hotel and pays with cash, enjoying the luxurious lifestyle of the city.

He gambles at a casino and is seduced by a glamorous French woman, only to be discovered by a tattooed numeral on his arm. This reveals him to be a survivor of Nazi concentration camps, and the story then shifts to Berlin, where he is exposed as a successful counterfeiter of money and passports.

The man is captured by the police and imprisoned in various camps, including a labor camp and the Mauthausen concentration camp, where he attempts to conceal his identity to protect himself and his family from the harsh conditions of the camp. To gain protection from the guards, he attempts to paint portraits of them in exchange for additional food rations. – Monaco Movies

13. The Counterfeiters (2007)

Monaco Movies

Director: Stefan Ruzowitzky

During the Nazi era in Berlin, Salomon Sorowitsch pursues an illicit lifestyle of playing cards, drinking alcohol, and seducing women. After being arrested and confined to a concentration camp, Salomon demonstrates remarkable abilities and is transferred to an improved camp. Picked for his exceptional ability, Salomon is coerced into creating counterfeit foreign currency. – Monaco Movies

14. Once Upon a Crime… (1992)

Monaco Movies

Director: Eugene Levy

The movie follows a bunch of couples in Monte Carlo who are all trying to make it big in the world of gambling. Augie and his wife Elena are trying to get a business deal going, while Neil and his wife Marilyn are trying to buy some fancy designer clothes.

One of the couples is Julian Peters, who met Phoebe in Rome. He’s trying to get his wife back, and he’s selling and buying the dog back.

Then, the rich lady, Madame Van Dougan, is found murdered, and all the couples start to look shady, Inspector Bonnard has to figure out what’s going on. During the movie, Augie gets back into gambling, Elena starts having an affair, and Julian sells the dog. – Monaco Movies

15. To Catch a Thief (1955)

Monaco Movies

Director: Alfred Hitchcock

Robie, a retired jewel thief, is suspected by the French Riviera police of a series of jewel thefts. When the police come to his villa on the hilltop to question him, Robie escapes their clutches and stumbles upon a restaurant owned by Bertani, a member of Robie’s former gang.

The staff of the restaurant are members of the old gang who were paroled for their roles in the French Resistance in World War II and are angry with Robie as they are all suspected of being the new Cat as long as the old one is active.

As the police approach the restaurant, Robie is accompanied by Danielle, a young woman who is in love with him, and he forms a friendship with her.

Robie dedicates himself to proving his innocence by enlisting the assistance of H.H. Hughson, an insurance man, who reluctantly provides a list of individuals who currently reside on the Riviera and possess the most expensive jewelry, with the American tourists Jessie Stevens and her daughter Frances at the top of the list. – Monaco Movies


16. The Red Shoes (1948)

Monaco Movies

Director: Michael Powell

During a performance of Heart of Fire, a ballet score composed by his music teacher, Professor Palmer, at Covent Garden’s Opera House, Julian Craster, a music student, is present to hear the score.

At the same time, Victoria ‘Vicky’ Page, an unknown young dancer from an upper-class family, is with her aunt Lady Neston, who is also present. As the performance progresses, Julian becomes aware that the music is one of his own.

After the ballet, Professor Palmer is invited to an after-performance party at the residence of Lady Neston, in which he also requests the presence of the Ballet’s impresario, Boris Lermont.

Yulian leaves the performance in a state of disbelief, believing that his professor has plagiarised his music. Vicky and Lermontov subsequently meet and invite her to attend a rehearsal of the ballet company. – Monaco Movies

17. Borg vs. McEnroe (2017)

Monaco Movies

Director: Janus Metz

Björn Borg is a disciplined Swedish tennis player who is preparing for Wimbledon in 1980. He is ranked number one in the world and is looking to become the first man to win Wimbledon five times in a row.

His fiancée, Mariana, is not comfortable with his celebrity status, and he is struggling to control his emotions. At the age of 15, he was suspended from playing tennis due to his violent outbursts.

This prompts retired Davis Cup captain, Lennart Bergelsen, to become his coach, who recognizes his potential and his unique backhand. Bergelin encourages him to embrace his emotions and use them to his advantage. – Monaco Movies

18. Wimbledon (2004)

Monaco Movies

Director: Richard Loncraine

Peter Colt is a thirty-year-old English professional tennis player whose world ranking has fallen from 11th place to 119th. He believes he has never had to struggle for anything because his wealthy but close-knit family has provided him with the financial means to study and pursue his tennis dreams.

He jokes with his sparring partner, the German-born pro-turned-world-ranked player, who is in a similar situation. Colt believes it’s time to admit that he’s too old to keep up with the younger, fitter men (or even boys) in the game.

After a final at Wimbledon, he plans to take a position with the elite tennis club. But then, by chance, he meets American rising star Lizzie Bracey, who falls madly in love with him. – Monaco Movies

19. Hostel: Part II (2007)

Monaco Movies

Director: Eli Roth

After what happened in the Hostel in 2005, Paxton was suffering from PTSD and living apart from his girlfriend Stephanie. After a fight where Stephanie said Paxton was being too intense and unbearable, Paxton’s headless body was found in their kitchen and an unmarked box with Paxton’s head in it was delivered to the Elite Hunting boss, Sasha.

Beth and Whitney are American art students in Rome, and Axelle, the nude model they’re sketching, convinces them to go on a luxury spa holiday in Slovakia. They stay at a hostel where the receptionist secretly posts their passport photos on an auction site.

After winning bids for Whitney and Beth, Stuart, their best friend, arrives in Slovakia. Later that night, Beth finds out that she’s inherited a ton of money from her mom, and Stuart goes to the harvest festival with her.

At the festival, Stuart notices that Beth looks a lot like her, and then Stuart goes up to her and the two have a chat, even though it’s weird. Roman invites Lorna to go for a boat ride and then kidnaps her. – Monaco Movies

20. Grand Prix (1966)

Monaco Movies

Director: John Frankenheimer

Pete Aron, an American Grand Prix driver, is expelled from his Jordan-Brim racing team following a collision at Monaco which resulted in the injury of his British team-mate, Stoddard; while Stoddard recuperates, Aron switches to the Japanese team, Yamura, and forms a romantic relationship with his ex-wife. – Monaco Movies

21. Monte Carlo (2011)

Director: Thomas Bezucha

Prepare to embark on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure in Monte Carlo, starring Selena Gomez (as Ramona) and Beezus (as Beezus). The series follows Grace, a bubbly, outgoing high school graduate, as she embarks on a Parisian getaway with her friend Emma (played by Katie Cassidy) and step-sister Meg (played by Leighton Meester). However, just when the girls think their journey is at an impasse, their excitable tour guide abandons them. – Monaco Movies

22. I Spy (2002)

Director: Betty Thomas

Gundars is backing middleweight world champion Kelly Robinson in his next fight as a way to raise money for the plane auction. The BNS got in touch with Robinson and he’s been set up as a civilian to cover Scott’s mission.

They’ll travel to Budapest together and Scott plans to sneak into Gundars’ place during the pre-fight party. He’ll give Robinson a gadget that lets him see what Scott sees, and when they get to Budapest, he kidnaps Robinson as a test for the BNS.

He doesn’t tell them who he is (in fact, he just forgets Scott’s name) and at the party, he swaps out Gundars’ pen for one with a tracking device and then fights his European opponent in the party’s ring as a distraction.

Scott pretends to be part of Robinson’s team sneaks into Gundars’ office and hacks into his computer. When he shows up, Robinson surprises him and sets off the alarm. They both run into a sewer and escape. – Monaco Movies

23. Never Say Never Again (1983)

Director: Irvin Kershner

After James Bond, an MI6 agent, fails a training drill, his boss M orders him to go to a health clinic near London to get fit. During his stay, Bond sees Fatima Blush, a mysterious nurse, brutally beaten by a patient in a room near the clinic.

The patient’s face is covered in bandages, and after Blush has finished her beating, Bond watches as the patient uses a machine to scan his eye. Blush spots Bond and sends an assassin called Lippe to take him out in the clinic’s gym. Bond fights with Lippe and ends up killing him in a fight that destroys a lot of the clinic’s stuff, and M has to pay for the damages and puts Bond out of action. – Monaco Movies

24. Swordfish (2001)

Director: Dominic Sena

The perpetrator of the cyber-hacking incident, Stanley Jobson, is a convicted criminal who gained notoriety after infecting the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI) Carnivore computer program with a malicious software program.

Stanley Jobson is currently on parole and is prohibited from accessing the Internet and computers, while his former wife, Melissa Jobson, a recovering alcoholic and semi-professional pornographic actress, has filed for a court order of protection against him, prohibiting him from contacting his only surviving daughter, Holly Jobson. – Monaco Movies

25. The Jewel of the Nile (1985)

Director: Lewis Teague

The long-standing relationship between Joan Wilder, played by Kathleen Turner, and her paramour, Jack Colton, played by Michael Douglas, has reached the end of its rope. Unsatisfied with her progress as a writer, Wilder returns to New York City, while Colton decides to embark on a round-the-world journey on his yacht, “Angelina”.

During a book signing event, Wilder is approached by Omar Khalifa, a glamorous Arab ruler, who requests her assistance in writing his biography. Despite Jack’s objections, Wilder agrees to accompany him. Later, Ralph, played by Danny DeVito, a con artist from their previous Colombia adventure, appears and demands that Jack hand over the stone he and Joan had found.

Tarak, an Arabic, then informs Jack of Omar’s intentions, claiming that he holds the Jewel of the Nile; however, before Tarak has finished his explanation, Angelina detonates from a bomb planted by one of his men. With Ralph’s help, Wilder and Omar can locate the jewel. – Monaco Movies

26. Fifty Shades Freed (2018)

Director: James Foley

Christian and Anastasia, newlyweds, are forced to interrupt their honeymoon to return home after receiving a report of a burglary at their corporate headquarters. Computer files were stolen, and security camera footage revealed the culprit to be Jack Hyde (played by Eric Johnson), Ana’s ex-boss who had been dismissed for sexual assault.

In the meantime, Ana is presented to her new team of personal security guards. Christian surprised Ana with a new home and hired Gia Matteo, an attractive architect, to renovate it. Ana is displeased with Gia’s flirting with Christian in her presence and privately threatens to terminate Gia if she persists, prompting her to cease. – Monaco Movies

27. GoldenEye (1995)

Director: Martin Campbell

James Bond, an operative of the British Secret Intelligence Service (MI6), infiltrated a chemical weapons facility in the former Soviet Union (now the Russian Federation) known as Arkangel. After being captured and killed by Arkady Ourumov (a commanding officer of the facility), Bond destroyed the site and escaped.

Nine years later, Bond returned to the Soviet Union after the collapse of the communist regime and attempted to stop Xenia (Zoila) Onatopp (a member of the crime syndicate known as the Janus) from hijacking an aircraft belonging to the military demonstration at Monte Carlo. However, he was unsuccessful.

Upon his return to London, Bond directed MI6 staff to monitor an incident at Severnaya in Siberia, where the stolen helicopter had been detected by a radar facility. Subsequently, an electromagnetic pulse blast was detonated, destroying the site and the Russian fighter aircraft and damaging some of the satellite systems located in orbit above. – Monaco Movies

28. Ocean’s Twelve (2004)

Director: Steven Soderbergh

Steppenwolf’s three Mother Boxes were used millennia ago to attempt a power grab by his hordes of Parademons. This power grab was eventually foiled by a concerted effort between the Olympian Gods and Amazons and Atlanteans, as well as humanity and other alien entities.

The mother boxes were subsequently separated and concealed in various places. In the present day, mankind is still in mourning for two years following Superman’s death, which caused the Mother Boxes to reactivate and thus Steppenwolf to return to Earth.

His stated goal is to collect the boxes to create “The Unity”, a power grab that will decimate Earth’s natural environment and reshape it by his homeworld. – Monaco Movies

29. Justice League (2017)

Director: Zack Snyder

Terry found all 11 of Danny Ocean’s gang and demanded they give him back the $160 million he’d stolen from his casinos, plus interest. He gave Danny’s gang two weeks to come up with the money. They were short by half, so they decided to stage a robbery in Amsterdam to avoid any trouble with the U.S. police. They got a tip from Matsui about where the first stock certificate was, but after a bunch of tricks, they found out the document had already been stolen by the notorious Night Fox. – Monaco Movies

30. Iron Man 2 (2010)

Director: Jon Favreau

In Russia, it’s all over the news that Tony Stark has revealed who he is and that he’s Iron Man. This is all caught on camera by Ivan Vank, who just lost his dad Anton Vank, who used to be an employee of Stark Industries. Ivan sees this and starts to build a tiny arc reactor just like Iron Man’s.

After six months, he’s become a media star and refuses to give up his suits to the state. To carry on his dad Howard’s legacy, he reinstates the Iron Man Expo in Flushing Meadows-Corona Park in New York. – Monaco Movies