Top 30 Greatest Nicaragua Movies of All Time

Top 30 Greatest Nicaragua Movies of All Time. You should check out these Nicaragua Movies. These Nicaragua Movies will give you a lot of fun and practice.


Nicaragua Movies

1. Daughter of Rage (2022)

Nicaragua Movies

Director: Laura Baumeister de Montis

Maria and her mom Lilibeth are 11 years old and living on the edge of a volcano. They can barely afford to live on their own, but they’ve got each other. When Lilibeth’s debt and vulnerability get too much for her, she takes off in the middle of the night with Maria, hoping to find a better life for them.

They find a job, but it’s in Nicaragua’s biggest landfill, where the police often raid the sweatshops. Maria has no one to look after her, and her mom keeps popping up in her dreams like a wildcat. – Nicaragua Movies

2. La Yuma (2009)

Nicaragua Movies

Director: István Szabó

This movie follows the story of a Jewish family in Hungary over the course of three generations. From humble beginnings, they rose to a position of power and wealth in the decaying Austrian Empire.

The family’s patriarch becomes a well-known judge but is faced with a dilemma when his government encourages anti-Jewish persecution. His son turns to Christianity to make a name for himself as a great fencer and Olympian, but he finds himself caught up in a holocaust.

Eventually, his grandson, who has gone through a lot, from war to revolution to loss and betrayal, comes to understand that his true faith must be with himself and his family. – Nicaragua Movies

3. Alsino and the Condor (1982)

Nicaragua Movies

Director: Miguel Littin

Alsino is a 12-year-old kid who lives with his grandma in a remote part of Nicaragua. When a US advisor tells the army to set up a staging area near the boy’s village, Alsino gets caught up in the conflict between the rebels and the government.

He tries to act like a kid, climbs trees with his girlfriend, looks through his grandpa’s trunk of stuff, and tries to fly. He goes into town to buy a saddle, drinks his first drink, and gets seduced by a brothel, but the war is all around him.

The American advisor takes him on a helicopter ride, but Alsino isn’t impressed. His soldiers’ cruelty makes him start to sympathize with the rebels, and when an army attack backfires, Alsino is totally sucked into the conflict. – Nicaragua Movies

4. Big Brother Volcano (2017)

Nicaragua Movies

Director: Paul Briganti

When Alan’s wife balks at a last-minute attempt to save the marriage, he’s joined by Mike, his overprotective brother, on a road trip to Nicaragua’s Mercado Village, a trendy resort for US tourists.

As soon as they get settled in, Alan meets Barbara, an ex-pat American who helped found Mercado Village a few years ago as a dream come true for artists and freaks. As his relationship with Barbara develops, so does his relationship with Mike. – Nicaragua Movies

5. Las Sandinistas! (2018)

Nicaragua Movies

Director: Jenny Murray

A pivotal event in Nicaraguan history was marked by the emergence of a group of women who defied societal norms to lead rebel forces in battle and revolutionize the country with revolutionary social reforms during the 1979 Sandinista Revolution, followed by the subsequent US-sponsored Contra War.

After the end of the wars, these women faced renewed marginalization from their male peers. Thirty-five years later, in the midst of the highest levels of violence faced by women in Nicaragua, these same women are once again taking to the streets to spearhead popular movements for social justice and democracy. – Nicaragua Movies

6. The Naked Screen (2014)

Nicaragua Movies

Director: Florence Jaugey

Alex records an intimate encounter with his girlfriend, Esperanza, and she pleads with him to delete the footage. After he loses the phone and the video is posted online, the entire community becomes involved in their lives. – Nicaragua Movies

7. Paying the Price for Peace (2018)

Nicaragua Movies

Director: Bo Boudart

A veteran of the Vietnam War, S. Brian Willson, has sacrificed his life for the cause of peace by drawing attention to the United States government’s disregard for international law through incessant unlawful wars. – Nicaragua Movies

8. The Ghost of War (1988)

Nicaragua Movies

Director: Ramiro Lacayo-Deshon

The story follows a young dancer (Reynaldo) from a resort town on Nicaragua’s Caribbean coast, who abandons his career to join the country’s struggle against the Contras, a group of guerrillas backed by the United States.

Wartime scenes are interwoven with dance scenes, with one of the most notable being a break-dancing performance at a nightclub. Despite the political nature of the story, this Spanish language war drama also has a romantic angle. – Nicaragua Movies

9. Odorico, Hazte Santo (2016)

Nicaragua Movies

Director: Roger Mantica

D’Andrea, an Italian priest, arrived in Nicaragua as a Franciscan missionary in 1953, and his life is credited with having a lasting impact on the country’s civil war-ravaged economy, as well as influencing the peace process. Today, he is celebrated as a Saint by thousands of worshipers. – Nicaragua Movies

10. Cinema Alcázar (1998)

Nicaragua Movies

Director: Florence Jaugey

When Rosa arrived, the building had just been destroyed by an earthquake, and it was a total shambles. People said it was a movie theater, but Rosa had never seen a movie in her life, even though she had been living here for years. There’s so much going on in this place that it’s almost impossible for Rosa to keep up. – Nicaragua Movies

11. Sandra’s Revolution (2015)

Nicaragua Movies

Director: Renelinda Arana

Sandra Arana was living a life of luxury and wealth in Nicaragua, a country she loved very much. But in 1979 the Sandinistas took over the country and changed everything. The post-revolutionary uncertainty forced her and her kids to leave Nicaragua. Now, facing the challenges of living in a new country, she’s having to rebuild herself. – Nicaragua Movies

12. Sunflowers of Nicaragua (2017)

Nicaragua Movies

Director: Florence Jaugey

The film follows 16 female sex workers who have been appointed judicial aides by Nicaragua’s Supreme Court to mediate conflicts arising from their work. This is the first time globally that sex workers have been appointed to this position.

The film follows some of these women as they engage in their mediation work as well as in the activities they support through their organization, Girasoles, (Sunflowers), to gain recognition and rules for autonomous sex work in Nicaragua. – Nicaragua Movies

13. Heiress of the Wind (2017)

Nicaragua Movies

Director: Gloria Carrión Fonseca

The protagonist, Gloria, is the daughter of revolutionary Sandinista parents, who were fighting to free Nicaragua from dictatorship in 1979. The family’s struggle ultimately led to the nation’s descent into a civil war.

Throughout the novel, Gloria’s reflections lead to an exploration of the themes of torture, tragedy, and the power of parental love in a world where the greater good is always at the forefront. – Nicaragua Movies

14. Peas at 5:30 (2004)

Nicaragua Movies

Director: Lars Büchel

The story follows a film director who is accidentally blinded and has to relearn how to live without sight. He is aided by a blind woman who is assigned to accompany him on a humorous and romantic journey that will have a profound impact on both of their lives. – Nicaragua Movies

15. Bosawas: Semillero De Vida (2015)

Nicaragua Movies

Director: Morena Guadalupe Espinoza

The Mayangnas and the Miskitos adopted organic cocoa cultivation. This changes their lives and contributes to climate change mitigation in the second-largest biosphere reserve the North of the Amazon. – Nicaragua Movies


16. Cafe Chavalos: Overcoming the Streets (2008)

Nicaragua Movies

Director: Alberto J. Chamorro

Granada, the oldest city in Nicaragua, is characterized by unemployment, poverty, and violence, despite its picturesque coastal environment and colonial architecture. It is one of the most impoverished cities in Central America, with 80% of its population living on less than one dollar a day.

The city’s streets are lined with children who have fallen victim to crime or drug addiction, the drug of choice being, due to its cost-effectiveness and accessibility, glue-smelling. Without access to education, basic job skills, or employment opportunities, these children face a lack of options and a lack of hope. – Nicaragua Movies

17. El panel del suicidio (2011)

Nicaragua Movies

Director: Roger Mantica

The protagonist of the show, Saul, attempts to commit suicide but is unable to do so due to his lack of courage. He then joins the cast of the popular reality series, “El panel del suicidio”, in order to enlist their assistance at the end of his miserable life. – Nicaragua Movies

18. Thank You, Surf Again (2015)

Nicaragua Movies

Director: Frank Sun

The film showcases the efforts of the non-profit organization Surf For Life, which travels to impoverished coastal communities with teams of volunteers to build and complete high schools in Nicaragua and provide relief services in the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan.

The film challenges the notion of surfers as “self-serving thrill seekers” and profiles a number of surfers who are actively engaged in community development in the countries they visit.

The film is a testament to the growing volunteer ethic in international travel and serves as a reminder for travelers to broaden their cultural experiences by volunteering at their destinations.

The film is shot with professional surfers, Chadd Konig, Holly Beck, and the Surf For Life team, as well as other surf-focused organizations, embarking on education, clean water, and relief programs around the developing world. – Nicaragua Movies

19. Hasta Con las Uñas: Mujeres Cineastas de Nicaragua (2016)

Nicaragua Movies

Director: Tania Romero

This documentary talks about how women filmmakers have been instrumental in keeping this art form alive in Nicaragua, and how they’ve been passionate about bringing people together to make things happen since the collapse of INCINE – the only film business that ever existed in Nicaragua. – Nicaragua Movies

20. Volar en línea recta (2013)

Nicaragua Movies

Director: Douglas Cushnie

A young couple from a rural village in the northern part of Nicaragua meet up for a short time in the capital city. One is a University student and the other is a college dropout. They have a misunderstanding about a motorcycle, resulting in a minor incident in their otherwise mundane daily life. – Nicaragua Movies

21. Sonata inconclusa… (2011)

Nicaragua Movies

Director: Ramiro Lacayo-Deshon

This documentary chronicles the day-to-day life of a young and influential poet who is now suffering from schizophrenia and oblivion. – Nicaragua Movies

22. American Made (2017)

Director: Doug Liman

Barry Seal, a commercial jet pilot from the city of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, was recruited by Monty Schafer, a CIA case officer, in the 1980s. Schafer requests Seal to fly a small, fast twin-engine Aerostar 600 aircraft over Central America for the CIA on clandestine reconnaissance missions.

The aircraft is equipped with advanced aerial surveillance cameras, and Seal tells his wife Lucy that he is still employed by TWA. During one of the missions, Seal is picked up by the Medellin Cartel and asked to fly cocaine back to the United States, which he does.

He then begins to transport the drugs to Louisiana, delivering them by airdrop rather than landing at an airport, in order to avoid detection by the DEA.

To avoid detection by the authorities, Seal moves his family to Mena, Arkansas and his wife adjusts to the wealth he has acquired in his new life. Mena gradually became a hub for the United States’ cocaine trafficking. – Nicaragua Movies

23. Stars at Noon (2022)

Director: Claire Denis

The plot follows a young American journalist who is stranded in Nicaragua during the present day and falls in love with a mysterious Englishman who appears to be her best hope of escape. However, she soon realizes that he may be more at risk than she is. Unlike the novel, which takes place during the Nicaragua Revolution, the film is set during the present day of the pandemic. – Nicaragua Movies

24. Walker (1987)

Director: Alex Cox

The Untouchables is a non-traditional novel about the life of American mercenary leader William Walker, who became the President of Nicaragua in the mid-nineteenth century. The story begins with the arrival of William Walker and his team of American mercenaries in Nicaragua, intent on establishing a new government through a coup d’etat. The entire operation is funded by an American billionaire who has a vested interest in Nicaragua. – Nicaragua Movies

25. Ballad of the Little Soldier (1984)

Director: Werner Herzog

Clinton is determined to apprehend the perpetrator responsible for his brother’s untimely demise. In pursuit of this objective, he solicits the assistance of Nadine, a high-end escort. However, Clinton and Nadine become embroiled in a scheme to illicitly transport firearms to the Contra rebels in Nicaragua. – Nicaragua Movies

26. The Lost Platoon (1990)

Director: David A. Prior

The story follows an American journalist, a veteran of World War II, who travels to Nicaragua to cover the civil war. During his travels, he encounters four soldiers, all of whom he realizes are also veterans of World War II. However, they do not appear to be as old as he. Upon further investigation, he discovers that they are vampires and that the government general in charge of their division is a vampire. – Nicaragua Movies

27. Hand Rolled (2019)

Director: Jesse Mariut

When things cooled down between Cuba and the US, Castro started to nationalize some of Cuba’s biggest industries, and one of them was the high-end tobacco industry.

A lot of Cuban families who used to grow tobacco in Cuba were wiped out and had to move to the U.S., Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic, or Honduras to start all over again.

In Hand Rolled, we follow these families as they struggle to rebuild themselves in shaky economies all over Latin America over the decades. – Nicaragua Movies

28. Clinton and Nadine (1988)

Director: Jerry Schatzberg

Clinton seeks the assistance of Nadine, a high-end escort, in his quest to uncover the identity of his sibling’s killer. In the course of their investigation, they become embroiled in a complex scheme involving the illicit trafficking of firearms with the perilous Contra factions in Nicaragua. – Nicaragua Movies

29. Under Fire (1983)

Director: Roger Spottiswoode

When relations between Cuba and the United States cooled, Castro began to nationalize Cuba’s largest industries, one of which was the high-quality tobacco industry. Many Cuban families who grew tobacco in Cuba were forced to emigrate to the United States, Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic, or even Honduras to start anew. In the pages of Hand Rolled over the decades, we followed these families as they tried to rebuild themselves in struggling economies across Latin America. – Nicaragua Movies

30. When Two Worlds Collide (2016)

Director: Heidi Brandenburg

The main driving force behind this initiative is Albert Pizango, one of Peru’s most prominent proponents of indigenous Amazonian self-determination, who took on the role of Chairperson of AIDESEP, the umbrella organization for the development of the Peruvian rainforest.

Pizango implemented a stringent policy that necessitated the government to completely repeal laws passed without consultation of indigenous peoples, after which the relevant negotiations could commence. – Nicaragua Movies