The 10 Best Ecuador TV Series You Should Watch

The 10 Best Ecuador TV Series You Should Watch. You should check out these Ecuador TV Series. These Ecuador TV Series will give you a lot of fun and practice.


Ecuador TV Series

1. Amas de casa desesperadas (TV Series 2008)

Ecuador TV Series

Director: Matías Bertilotti

The show commences with the enigmatic suicide of Alicia Arizmendi, a housewife, on a serene day in the suburbs, situated on Manzanares Street. Alicia, who serves as the narrator of the show from the afterlife, had four acquaintances.

Regina Sotomayor, a seemingly perfect mother of two teenagers who is struggling to salvage her marriage; Leonor Guerrero, a mother of four whose husband is frequently away on business.

Susana Martinez, a divorced mother in search of love, discovers it in the form of her new neighbor, Miguel Santini, who harbors a secret of his own; and Gabriela Solís, a materialistic ex-runway model who cheats on her spouse.

While endeavoring to be good wives and mothers, the four friends also strive to unravel the reason behind their friend’s suicide.

The discovery of a blackmail note among Alicia’s possessions, a therapy session tape in which she confesses her real name was Angela, and her widowed husband’s peculiar behavior, all contribute to the mystery surrounding their deceased friend. – Ecuador TV Series

2. 3 Familias (TV Series 2014)

Ecuador TV Series

Director: Luis Aguirre

Despite their significant differences, the Del Pedregal Barroso, Mejorada Lezama, and Barrio Bravo families are content in their marriages. They share a deep love and mutual respect for one another, possessing everything they need except for the house of their dreams.

Like many Mexicans, they yearn for the ideal and personal abode. Bela Barroso, recently widowed, must confront her new status as the “new poor” and hopes for a miracle to remedy her shameful situation.

She will remarry Gonzalo Adolfo Del Pedregal, a newly arrived businessman in the city who conceals a dark secret. Meanwhile, at Marisa’s urging, Goyo Enhanced has accumulated more debt than ever and is on the verge of collapse. Lastly, Chabela and Chacho Bravo, after living a lavish lifestyle, must return to live near their mother-in-law’s house.

Chayanne and Fer, the sons of Chacho and Gonzalo Adolfo, respectively, will star in an intense but impossible love story. The families will attempt to separate them at all costs, leading to a comical war between the two households. – Ecuador TV Series

3. El Secreto de Toño Palomino (TV Series 2008)

Ecuador TV Series

Director: Andrea González

There, Toño will meet Angélica, the daughter-in-law of the owner, Pablo Izurieta, and the wife of Paul. Their marriage is not going well and Toño becomes her confidant.

However, secrets are not only those that she hides but also those that are hidden from him, such as those of Camila, his daughter from a secret relationship, whose existence Toño is unaware of. With adolescent audacity, Camila sets out to find her unknown father.

Upon meeting, father and daughter begin to live together in a small apartment within a small residence that Toño shares with his mother Chelita, and his brother Luis. Fernanda, Camila’s mother, opposes this and therefore Toño needs to maintain his job stability to demonstrate financial solvency.

This unexpected circumstance frustrates his original plan to leave the bakery once his television mission is accomplished.

The biggest problem is that Camila does not know that her father is gay during work hours. When Toño finally tells the truth to Angélica and they seem to have the opportunity to be together, the presence of Carla, Pablo’s niece, will once again separate the couple. – Ecuador TV Series

4. Calle 7 Ecuador (TV Series 2012)

Ecuador TV Series

Calle 7 Ecuador was a television program in Ecuador that aired on TC Televisión every Monday to Friday at 6 p.m. The show was last co-hosted by Ronald Farina and Jaime Arellano and featured two teams of young adult contenders who engaged in distinctive challenges and performing arts to vie for a grand prize at the culmination of the competition. – Ecuador TV Series

5. Sharon La Hechicera (TV Series 2018)

Ecuador TV Series

Director: Peki Andino

The telenovela portrays the life of Ecuadorian singer Edith Bermeo, whose stage name was Sharon la Hechicera, and addresses themes such as sexism and gender-based violence. Its first season premiered, replacing the fourth season of the telenovela 3 Familias, and concluded on December 17 of the same year. – Ecuador TV Series


6. Así Pasa (TV Series 2013)

Ecuador TV Series

Director: Catrina Tala

The plot revolves around the funeral home “Al Hoyo,” where Eduardo Bayas is the sales manager. He started as a salesman and was later promoted to the position of coordinator of the area. The funeral home is responsible for fulfilling the deceased’s last wishes.

However, due to the chaotic nature of its employees, Stalyn and Yulexi, get into various conflicts and routinely visit clinics to find new clients for the funeral home, in addition to always getting on their boss’s nerves.

Eduardo is a newlywed with Deby and must also deal with the deteriorating state of the condominium where he lives, where the floor owner is Goliat, who is in love with Elvira, Eduardo’s neighbor, with whom he always has conflicts.

The first season ends with Elvira leaving Goliat at the altar and Eduardo and Deby close to signing the divorce papers. In the second season, nothing is the same as before.

Two years have passed, and Eduardo now owns his own funeral home, where Yulexi has been promoted to the position of Stalyn’s eternal companion.

However, Yulexi returns to her position when Feolipe arrives, who assumes the position of funeral home manager as the company’s accountant.

Personally, Eduardo has had a complicated year with his wife Deby, and they are about to sign the divorce papers, while Stalyn and Yulexi’s peace is disrupted by the arrival of Mama Rosa, Stalyn’s mother, who moves in with the eccentric funeral home salespeople. – Ecuador TV Series

7. Los Hijos de Don Juan (TV Series 2015)

Ecuador TV Series

Director: Manuel Arias

The series centers around Francisco, Gonzalo, Salvador, and Mauricio, who are all siblings and have recently discovered their familial ties following the death of their father.

Despite nearly three decades passing since their birth, the four men have only just learned of their shared parentage, as their father was a notorious womanizer who never acknowledged their existence.

In his passing, each of the brothers inherits the management of various premises within a shopping center.

Alongside Sammy Silva, the adopted daughter of the late Don Juan, the five siblings are compelled to coexist and collaborate in their new roles. This dynamic sets the stage for a tale of humor, love, and complications, both among themselves and with the employees of the shopping center. – Ecuador TV Series

8. MasterChef Ecuador (TV Series 2019)

Ecuador TV Series

Director: Rodolfo Hoyos

MasterChef Ecuador is the Ecuadorian iteration of the renowned MasterChef culinary competition, originally conceived by Franc Roddam and broadcasted in over 145 nations.

The reality television show is helmed by the accomplished actress Erika Vélez across all its formats, while the esteemed panel of judges, comprising Carolina Sánchez, Jorge Rausch, Enrique Sampere, and Irene González, evaluate the contestants’ culinary creations. The grand prize for the competition amounts to USD 20,000. – Ecuador TV Series

9. El Club de la Mañana (TV Series 2018)

Ecuador TV Series

Director: Mariano Barroso

Justo Gil, a migrant, arrives in the vibrant city of Barcelona during the 1960s, a time of unprecedented freedom and opportunity amidst Franco’s oppressive regime.

Despite his lack of resources, Justo’s charismatic personality enables him to socialize with the youth of the gauche divine. However, unforeseen circumstances led him to become an informant for the Franco-political police.

This compelling narrative is based on the award-winning novel El día de mañana by Ignacio Martínez de Pisón and follows the story of Justo Gil and his love interest, Carmen Roman, an aspiring actress.

As Justo becomes embroiled in a dark network of espionage, the series explores the transformative impact of a generation that changed everything. – Ecuador TV Series

10. Las Zuquillo (TV Series 2005)

Ecuador TV Series

Director: Pablo Cevallos

This series chronicles the daily lives of four saleswomen from the lower echelons of society, who are employed at the bustling “Lucila Zuquillo” market in Quito. It portrays their journey towards forging a strong bond of friendship, as they navigate through various challenges and obstacles together. While they offer unwavering support to one another, they also find themselves embroiled in occasional conflicts and predicaments. – Ecuador TV Series