The 10 Best Guatemala TV Series You Should Watch

The 10 Best Guatemala TV Series You Should Watch. You should check out these Guatemala TV Series. These Guatemala TV Series will give you a lot of fun and practice.


Guatemala TV Series

1. The Project: Guatemala (TV Series 2013)

Guatemala TV Series

Director: Greg Donis

Nine affluent individuals, who were unaware of what was to come, believed they had enrolled in a luxurious escapade. However, they were in for an unforgettable encounter. The Project chronicles their expedition to an underprivileged nation to assist those in dire need. Nevertheless, the arduous labor, cramped living quarters, and demanding foreign surroundings could pose physical, mental, and emotional challenges, and not everyone may emerge unscathed. – Guatemala TV Series

2. Las Pupusas (TV Series 2022)

Guatemala TV Series

Director: Héctor Mojica

This miniseries presents an exploration of a renowned Salvadoran culinary masterpiece, featuring a narrative that encompasses techniques, variety, benevolence, and unwavering affection while offering a gastronomic encounter and a glimpse into cultural heritage. Immerse yourself in a journey that delves into the realms of science, tradition, fashion, and life, all while celebrating the communal enjoyment of a divinely bestowed delight. – Guatemala TV Series

3. Borderland (TV Series 2014)

Guatemala TV Series

Director: Darren Foster

The documentary delves into the perils faced by immigrants attempting to cross the United States-Mexico border by following the footsteps of three individuals who lost their lives in the process. To accomplish this, six American individuals were selected to retrace the paths of the deceased.

The group began their journey on the U.S. side, where they embedded themselves with law enforcement and Arizona ranchers to gain insight into migrant routes. Subsequently, they split into three pairs and traveled to Mexico and Central America to learn about the people.

The sextet was instructed to use any means necessary, including rafts and cargo trains, to return to the U.S. alongside actual emigrants, replicating the fatal journeys of their assigned subjects.

The six Americans hail from diverse backgrounds, including a Senate aide, a farmer, a retired Marine, and a street artist, each with their unique perspectives on immigration. – Guatemala TV Series

4. Gargoyles (TV series 1994)

Guatemala TV Series

Director: Dennis Woodyard

A millennium ago, the prevailing forces were superstition and the sword, resulting in a period of obscurity and trepidation. This era was characterized by the presence of gargoyles, who were stone statues by day and warriors by night.

Despite having pledged to safeguard humans, they were betrayed and subjected to a thousand-year spell that rendered them motionless. Presently, in Manhattan, the spell has been lifted, and they have been revived. As defenders of the night, they are the gargoyles. – Guatemala TV Series

5. Survivor (TV Series 2000)

Guatemala TV Series

Director: Michael Simon

A reality television program entails a group of participants who are marooned in a secluded area with minimal resources. The ultimate victor of this competition is awarded a grand prize of one million dollars. – Guatemala TV Series


6. The New Adventures of Tarzan (TV Series 1935)

Guatemala TV Series

Director: Edward Kull

The narrative centers around several plot points that bring the characters together in their quest for the Guatemalan idol, known as The Green Goddess. Tarzan’s friend D’Arnot has crash-landed in the region and is being held captive by a lost tribe of jungle natives.

Major Martling is leading an expedition to locate the legendary artifact, which contains a powerful explosives formula. Ula Vale embarks on her mission to recover the idol in honor of her deceased fiancé, who perished during a previous expedition to retrieve it for its archaeological value.

Meanwhile, Raglan has been dispatched by Hiram Powers, Ula’s attorney, to pilfer the valuable idol for himself. In addition to the explosives formula, the idol also contains a fortune in precious jewels. – Guatemala TV Series

7. The Juror (film 1996)

Guatemala TV Series

Director: Brian Gibson

Annie Laird is a skilled sculptor residing in New York with her son, Oliver. She holds a day job as a data entry clerk. Annie is appointed as a juror in the trial of Louie Boffano, a notorious mafia boss accused of orchestrating the murder of Salvatore Riggio.

Mark Cordell purchases some of Annie’s artwork and proceeds to court her with lavish dinners. However, Annie soon discovers that Mark is, in fact, “The Teacher”, Boffano’s enforcer and the true perpetrator of Riggio’s murder.

Mark threatens Annie, warning her to persuade the jury to acquit Boffano, or else she and her son will face dire consequences. – Guatemala TV Series

8. Lost Treasures of the Maya Snake Kings (TV Series 2018)

Guatemala TV Series

Director: Laura Balfour

The Central American jungle represents a significant frontier in the field of archaeology. Through decades of diligent research, the ancient Maya civilization has been gradually uncovered. However, a groundbreaking development in technology is poised to revolutionize the field, as the largest aerial LIDAR survey in the history of archaeology is currently exposing a vast and intricate civilization for the first time. – Guatemala TV Series

9. Naked and Marooned with Ed Stafford (TV Series 2013)

Guatemala TV Series

Director: Ed Stafford

Ed Stafford produces and stars in a series wherein he embarks on expeditions to remote locations across the globe for ten days each, to test his ability to survive in complete isolation without clothing, sustenance, or equipment.

His sole possessions include a camera, an emergency satellite phone, and a medical kit for emergencies. Stafford’s ultimate aim is to not only endure but also flourish in these challenging circumstances. – Guatemala TV Series

10. La Ley del Corazón (TV Series 2016)

Guatemala TV Series

Director: Ana Paula Zamudio

The series is set in a highly successful law firm that specializes in family law, with a focus on separation cases and other family and relationship conflicts.

Pablo Domínguez, a partner at Cabal-Ortega-Domínguez and Associates, is currently experiencing a challenging period in his life due to his separation from his wife, Jimena. During this time, he unexpectedly meets his colleague, Julia Escallón, who is preparing to marry Camilo Borrero.

However, a twist of fate alters Julia’s life and brings her closer to Pablo. The show centers around the love triangle between Julia, Pablo, and Camilo, as well as the ups and downs in the romantic lives of the other lawyers in the firm. Often, their personal lives are reflected in the legal cases they are handling. – Guatemala TV Series