The 10 Best Guinea-Bissau Movies You Should Watch

The 10 Best Guinea-Bissau Movies You should Watch. You should check out these Guinea-Bissau Movies. These Guinea-Bissau Movies will give you a lot of fun and practice.


Guinea-Bissau Movies

1. Beyond: An African Surf Documentary (2017)

Guinea-Bissau Movies

Director: Mario Hainzl

Surfers live differently on each continent: Europe, Africa, and Africa. Beyond – An African Surf Documentary visits locals’ homes, frequents their favorite surf areas, and looks into their surfing lifestyles.

The documentary visits residents’ houses, sees their favorite surf areas, and looks into their surfing lives as it travels throughout the coasts of Morocco, Western Sahara, Mauritania, Senegal, and Gambia.

A 110-minute serial Odyssee on a continent that was the result of three months of filming has the potential to become the next great thing in surfing. – Guinea-Bissau Movies

2. Those Whom Death Refused (1988)

Guinea-Bissau Movies

Director: Flora Gomes

The tale of a woman who, while the battle for independence is in progress, travels the nation looking for her rebel husband. She eventually locates him and saves his life.

When peace does come, they will have to re-learn how to live together and in a wrecked world. – Guinea-Bissau Movies

3. Po di Sangui (1996)

Guinea-Bissau Movies

Director: Flora Gomes

This film, a partnership between European and African nations, is claimed to be one of the most intricate, high tech films in African cinema. It is done in the form of an African folk story.

Beautifully captured and packed with archetypal characters to provide a beautiful view of nature’s retaliation against those who would abuse her.

It takes place in the woodland village of Amanha Lundju, where the planting of a tree marks the occasion of a child’s birth. The trees are seen as twin spiritual beings. But the voracious state cuts down many more for firewood and lumber for every tree that is planted. – Guinea-Bissau Movies

4. The Thorn of the Rose (2013)

Guinea-Bissau Movies

Director: Filipe Henriques

The dark secrets of Rosa, a stunning but enigmatic lady with whom prosecuting attorney David Lunga falls in love, overwhelm his achievements.

What secrets does she hold back? As the grisly details emerge, David confronts his own demons and is driven to establish his innocence, restore his name, and—most importantly—clear his conscience. – Guinea-Bissau Movies

5. Calling Cabral (2022)

Guinea-Bissau Movies

Director: Welket Bungué

Guinean mysticism, simultaneity poetry, and Amlcar Cabral’s voice of resistance and introspection all influence “Calling Cabral.” It pierces the layers of language and behavior to celebrate the historical and intergenerational complexity that inhabits Guinea-Bissau.

It does this between the hustle and bustle of a New Year’s Eve spent in the Bijagó Islands and the discovery of a feeling that is renewed with the reunion of people and places. – Guinea-Bissau Movies


6. Spell Reel (2017)

Guinea-Bissau Movies

Director: Filipa César

Filipa César directs his attention to Guinea-Bissau, where militant film proponents documented the independence movement and its early years at the beginning of the 1970s. – Guinea-Bissau Movies

7. Water to Tabato (2014)

Guinea-Bissau Movies

Director: Paulo Carneiro

Paulo Carneiro left as the assistant director for a film crew working on a project on the West African coast in the middle of the summer of 2011. He unintentionally ended up making his own movie there—a report on a ship that was sinking off the coast of Guinea-Bissau while he was on board.

The digital camera captures the increasing panic on board the ship as it becomes stranded in the ocean during a night. Passengers can be seen in shaky interview footage transitioning from initial indifference to tense worry and then smoothly to dread for their lives. The movie’s ever-increasing pace reflects the mounting stress on board. – Guinea-Bissau Movies

8. Xime (1994)

Guinea-Bissau Movies

Director: Sana Na N’Hada

The story of Iala, whose control over his two boys, Raul and Bedan, is shaken, is told in the movie. Raul has moved away to attend a seminary in a large city, where he has secretly joined the liberation movement. Bedan, the younger son, is defying every custom he can think of while also showing interest in the young bride-to-be of his father. – Guinea-Bissau Movies

9. Our Madness (2018)

Guinea-Bissau Movies

Director: João Viana

In a psychiatric facility in Mozambique, Lucy is a patient. She fantasizes of her young son Hanic and her husband Pak, a combat soldier. Her own bed is a peculiar musical instrument that plays in the background.

The hospital staff are drawn in by Lucy’s musical prowess. When Rosa, an evangelical priest from Radio Mozambique, hears Luc’s song being broadcast on the radio one day, she goes to the hospital to listen to it. Lucy utilizes the priest’s visit as a chance to leave the hospital. – Guinea-Bissau Movies

10. Hepicat (2010)

Guinea-Bissau Movies

Director: Nuno Portugal

Hepicat is a drama and family film from 2010 that was made in Guinea-Bissau. A movie about how two universes are incommensurable. A young woman tries to assist a Senegalese immigrant who encounters issues with local authorities in Portugal.- Guinea-Bissau Movies