The 10 Best Vietnam Animation Movies of All Time

The 10 Best Vietnam Animation Movies of All Time. You should check out these Vietnam Animation Movies. These Vietnam Animation Movies will give you a lot of fun and practice.


Vietnam Animation Movies

1. Binh Ngo Dai Chien (2020)

Vietnam Animation

Director: Ky The Vinh

The battle between the Ming Empire army under Wang Tong and the Lam Son rebels under Le Loi, known as Tot Dong – Chuc Dong, took place in 1426. The House of Ho disintegrated in 1407 after the captivity of Emperor Ho Quy Ly and his sons. Dai Viet was swiftly subdued by Ming forces. On the one hand, Zhang Fu brutally put down protests.

Huang Fu, on the other side, practiced cultural appropriation by instructing Jiaozhi people to mistreat Jiaoshi people. Jiaoshi people had just two options under Zhang Fu and Huang Fu: surrender or perish. However, after Zhang Fu and Huang Fu, respectively, returned to China, the Ming garrison forces began to experience internal strife, which gave Lam Son revolutionaries the chance to tip the balance in their favor. – Vietnam Animation

2. Monta in the Odd Galaxy (2019)

Vietnam Animation

Director: Phi Phi Anh Nguyen

The story began in the heavenly Cosmic Kitchen, where Monta served as the Supreme Chef’s assistant and assisted in the creation of planets and stars in the chef’s magnificent celestial oven. However, Monta accidentally added too much fish sauce.

When he tried to create his own planet before he was ready, causing the oven to blow up and scatter hundreds of strange worlds around the cosmos in a “Big Bang”-like an explosion. Then, Monta must assemble his buddies Maika, Wood, Sharkira, Banana, and Wally to go to strange places and solve the strangest issues. – Vietnam Animation

3. Soon There Will Be Rain (1959)

Vietnam Animation

Director: Vladimir Polkovnikov

There was a time when some creatures inhabited our world instead of people. The elderly Drought and the heavenly monarch Gromzey enjoyed playing chess together. However, she found it uninteresting to play for nothing. She also recommended that Gromzey play on the water.

Without a second thought, he accepted, losing all brooks, rivers, lakes, waterfalls, and even swamps with puddles in a single day. The animals panicked and started planning their next course of action since they knew that without water, everything would die. They decided to approach the celestial monarch and beg for compassion. – Vietnam Animation

4. My Chau-Trong Thuy (2013)

Vietnam Animation

Director: Ngoc Tuan Pham

The movie, which is based on a true story, uses the romance between My Chau and Trong Thuy to decry violence and celebrate peaceful ambitions. – Vietnam Animation

5. U Linh Tich Ky: Bot Than Ky (2022)

Vietnam Animation

Director: Leo Dinh

This is a tale about the creatures that live in the spirit world. The Tiny Bloody Frog and the Rocky Dog were two examples of these species. Before a noise exploded from the shadows, it had been a calm night in the town. The small Bloody Frog was being pursued by the Rocky Dog.

They dashed through the town’s streets, rousing everyone who was dozing off and disturbing those who were awake from their late-night supper. The Frog and the Dog raced each other around the streets as heads turned and windows opened before ultimately breaking inside Uncle Pig Chef’s restaurant.

Spirits of every kind were gathered around the table, licking their lips in anticipation of his legendary stew. It was a fantastic dinner made with ingredients from all around the spirit world, including watercress from the Falls of Tears, boar meat from the Lonely Isles, and ghost cabbage from the Fields of Sunshine.

Even though everyone at the table was riveted to the chef, it only took them a moment to lose interest as they watched him prepare the meal when the Tiny Frog suddenly rushed across the table, leaping from plate to plate and tipping goblets of wine and tankards of beer. A short while later, the Rocky Dog dashed over and slammed the same plates into the wooden floor. – Vietnam Animation


6. Cau Be Manocanh (2017)

Vietnam Animation

Director: La Ngoc Hung

The plot of MNC Boy is about finding priceless items that are vanishing into oblivion. All things are abandonable, save for our emotions. – Vietnam Animation

7. 37Degrees – Vietnam – (2019)

Vietnam Animation

Director: Marie Tricart

An animated travel notebook called 37Degrees invites viewers to join in on a wild voyage around the globe. Marie and Guillaume are traversing the globe in combination. Prepare yourself for their first independent film as you explore the planet in a novel way. – Vietnam Animation

8. Red River (2012)

Vietnam Animation

Director: François Leroy

Three young boys who had just moved to Hanoi from their hometown were experiencing its early hours. A young police officer and a street seller cross their path as they round the Long Bien Bridge, which connects the city with the countryside. – Vietnam Animation

9. Nguoi Con Cua Rông (2010)

Vietnam Animation

Director: Pham Minh Tri

Ly Cong Uan is a very mischievous young man who loves his hometown, village, instructors, father, and friends. He is also brilliant and stronger than most people. The narrative transports readers into Ly Cong Uan’s physical and digital worlds as he searches for his real father.

King Ly Thai To, the first ruler to establish the Ly dynasty, moved the capital from Hoa Lu to Dai La and established the Ly dynasty, descended from those two dads, Ly Cong Uan, who was a wise and honorable man. The Vietnamese people are blessed greatly by the name Thang Long. – Vietnam Animation

10. The Silver iOn Squad (2018)

Vietnam Animation


The plot centers on three young superheroes as they battle alien bad guys.​ Young viewers responded favorably to the cartoon series after it debuted. After having unexpected encounters with aliens, three young children developed special superpowers and engaged in the fight to defend the entire world. – Vietnam Animation