The 20 Best Nepali Movies You Should Watch

The 20 Best Nepali Movies You Should Watch. You should check out these Nepali Movies. These Nepali Movies will give you a lot of fun and practice.


Nepali Movies

1. The Black Hen (2015)

The 20 Best Nepali Movies You Should Watch

Director: Min Bham

The connection and love they share for a hen, whose eggs just could help Prakash’s struggling family, nevertheless binds them together. The boy’s friends scramble to raise money to repurchase the bird when the boy’s father sells it.

In the year 2001, a brief cease-fire provides a small, war-torn village in Northern Nepal with a much-needed break, much to the delight of the locals. Two young close friends, Prakash and Kiran, are beginning to notice the shift in the atmosphere.

Despite their differences in caste and social credo, they continue to be inseparable and raise a hen that Prakash received from his sister to make money by selling her eggs. The hen vanishes, though. They set out to find it, oblivious to the tyranny that the tenuous peace would bring. – Nepali Movies

2. Kabaddi (2014)

The 20 Best Nepali Movies You Should Watch

Director: Ram Babu Gurung

Kazi, a young guy from Mustang, Nepal, who failed the third grade, has a dream to wed Maiyya, his maternal uncle’s daughter, by any means necessary. High school student Maiyya, on the other hand, is irritated by his idiocy.

Kazi is often disappointed by Maiyya’s rejection, yet it never discourages him. He ultimately resolves to wed Maiyya through a capture marriage, which is against the law but is still used by some ethnic communities in Mustang, with the help of his two boyhood pals Beekay and Chantal.

Maiyya elopes with a guest named “Bibek” to track down her long-lost father and carry on with her studies in Kathmandu. Angered by her abduction, Kazi travels to Kathmandu to look for Maiyya but ends up becoming caught up in a plot involving the city.

Bibek reveals himself to be a broken man seeking retribution against Maiyya’s father. Despite Kazi’s success in bringing Maiyya safely home, their love story remains dormant while Maiyya attends high school and Kazi waits outside the school as per usual with a bouquet. – Nepali Movies

3. Talakjung vs Tulke (2014)

The 20 Best Nepali Movies You Should Watch

Director: Nischal Basnet

The protagonist of the tale is a regular villager who lives in a mountain village in Nepal. a person who is constantly made fun of by those close to him while attempting to recover his former aristocratic identity. Tulke is a simple laborer who cries out for acceptance and respect.

The story occurs during the Nepalese Civil War. An armed struggle between Maoist insurgents and government forces took place in Nepal during the Nepalese Civil War. The Communist Party of Nepal declared war to depose the monarchy in Nepal and install a People’s Republic.

The Comprehensive Peace Accord was signed to bring it to an end. More than 16,000 people died in Nepal’s ten-year civil war, and both the insurgents and the security forces were charged with grave human rights abuses such as murder, rape, torture, and disappearances. – Nepali Movies

4. Loot (2012)

The 20 Best Nepali Movies You Should Watch

Director: Nischal Basnet

Four disgruntled men look for quick cash under the direction of a man with a “master plan” to rob a bank. The city of Kathmandu is rife with poverty, but one guy, Haku Kale, has a fantastic idea for how he and his companions may escape it.

After searching for others who are experiencing hardship in Kathmandu, Haku Kale gathers the other four persons. After assembling them, he explains the bank robbery plan and gets their consent to become rich. – Nepali Movies

5. Red Monsoon (2014)

The 20 Best Nepali Movies You Should Watch

Director: Eelum Dixit

The residents of the Kathmandu Valley wait for the rains while they look for relief through kindness, empathy, deceit, and subterfuge. Karuna finds it difficult to accept that her husband Krishna is looking for fulfillment in another person’s embrace, and when her friend Anushka proposes it, she pushes back.

Chetana reaches out for Krishna’s outstretched hand as she struggles with her grief. In the streets and courtyards of Patan town, a fully modern drama is being played out against the chaotic backdrop of the venerable Machhendranath festival.

We get a glimpse of a changing society through the characters, where people are forced to fend for themselves amid the anonymity of the city.

As the protagonists attempt to adjust to new circumstances, some with a concern for ethics and some without, the movie is rife with the anxiety of uncertainty brought on by a struggling economy, the rage of youth, and the bewilderment of seniors.

At the very end, after Chetana and Karuna have made their own decisions, here is where Krishna finds himself. Despite the possibility-filled atmosphere, Red Monsoon does not experience any rain. – Nepali Movies

6. Pashupati Prasad (2016)

The 20 Best Nepali Movies You Should Watch

Director: Dipendra K. Khanal

Pashuati, a guy, travels to Kathmandu to pay back his father’s creditors. While there, he finds Pashupatinath and takes refuge there from the dangers of Kathmandu.

To raise money to pay off his father’s debt, Pashupati Prasad travels to Kathmandu. He struggles to survive in the Capital. His MBA Til Bahadur Baniya disputes that he initially recognized him. Later, with Til Bahadur’s assistance, he secures employment. – Nepali Movies

7. Kagbeni (2008)

The 20 Best Nepali Movies You Should Watch

Director: Bhusan Dahal

Krishna visits the village of Kagbeni after spending time in Malaysia to meet Ramesh, a friend from his youth who owns a tiny liquor store. Krishna advises Ramesh to ship his alcohol to the town so it can be sold for a higher price.

Krishna follows Ramesh as he says he’s heading to the nearby village of Marpha to meet his aunt Amo. They spend the night in a cave on their way to Marpha. Soon a strange hermit appears. The blanket that Krishna brought for Amo is given to him.

In exchange, the hermit gives him a monkey’s paw that he believes has magical properties. The hermit warns that while the paw can grant its owner’s wish, it has the potential to cause a major catastrophe if it is used by someone else.

They encounter Pema, a girl, as they are returning from Marpha. Krishna gives Pema a picture of the woman his parents are helping him get married. Pema informs them that the woman in the picture is Tara and that another man is also interested in marrying her. – Nepali Movies

8. Highway (2012)

The 20 Best Nepali Movies You Should Watch

Director: Coke Daniels

Highway examines five separate relationship tales that get interwoven on an unfortunate bus ride from eastern Nepal to the capital Kathmandu, against the backdrop of the new culture of bandhs that routinely immobilize post-conflict Nepal.

The movie examines the psychological and spiritual bandhs that many Nepalese deal with as it follows the passengers, all of whom urgently need to travel somewhere else, as they wait for a resolution to the combustible strike that is closing the only road that can be used. – Nepali Movies

9. Kusume Rumal (1985)

The 20 Best Nepali Movies You Should Watch

Director: Prashant Rasaily

A journey of a vocalist who was fatherless and lived in abject poverty. Given the situation he was in, his prospects of realizing his dream of becoming a singer were limited to none.

But he overcame all of the challenges and rose to prominence as one of Nepal’s best vocalists, only to discover that fate had other plans for him. He was forced to choose between his life and his mouth because of a rapidly expanding tumor in his tongue.

His two boys continue Bhakta’s sorrowful musical journey from the point where he left it. Along with his wife, sons, daughter-in-law, and grandchild, he continues to reside in Kathmandu. – Nepali Movies

10. Basanti (2000)

Nepali Movies

Director: Neer Shah

The film explains the love story of Basanti, a palace maid, and Gagan Singh Bhandari, a Nepalese General, and Kaji. The film also shows the cold-blooded murder of Mathabar Singh Thapa, the first titled Prime Minister of Nepal. The film ends with the tragic incident of the Kot massacre upon which Jang Bahadur Kunwar rises as Prime Minister of Nepal. – Nepali Movies


11. Chino (1991)

Nepali Movies

Director: Tulsi Ghimire

The bad guy is released from prison for four years. Laxmi, who married and had two children while he was in jail, is then sought after by the man. Rate discovers her and confronts her at Laxmi’s home during a Tihar party. After a violent argument, Rate murders Laxmi’s husband.

Laxmi leaves and takes her two kids and sets the house on fire. One of the kids gets thrown into the river as they run from Rate. Rate believes Laxmi drowned while trying to escape in the River. Later, Bau locates Rate’s son and brings him to Gumba to see if he is still alive.

The youngster is saved after a series of rites are performed over him by the monk in Gumba. Bau chooses to adopt the child since no one wants to take it in. However, Bau’s girlfriend opposes him adopting the child, leading to their breakup. Laxmi goes back to her house to pick up her husband’s ashes. She decides to wait till Rate is slain before carrying out her husband’s final rites. – Nepali Movies

12. Aama (1964)

Nepali Movies

Director: Hira Singh Khatri

Alcoholic Harka Bahadur beats his wife brutally. After learning that his house is about to be repossessed due to missed loan payments, Harka Bahadur commits his wife to stop drinking. Later that day, he returns home intoxicated and begins to abuse his wife before being struck by lightning and passing away.

Man Bahadur, the late Harka’s son, departs from home to enlist in the military. After serving for two years in a foreign army, Man returns home a few years later but is unable to locate his mother.

Man chooses to leave Nepal after learning of his mother’s passing, but his neighbors encourage him to stay and help the locals, claiming that “serving the motherland is equally virtuous as serving a mother.” Man Bahadur claims he will stay in Nepal to support the expanding prosperity of his nation. – Nepali Movies

13. Darpan Chhaya (2001)

Nepali Movies

Director: Tulsi Ghimire

Abhi and Raj, two college students who are best friends, are the focus of the movie. Because Abhi is blind, Raj looks after him. Abhi befriends newcomer Smriti, but Raj and Smriti don’t get along well at first. The girls perform a practical joke on the boys at a college picnic by hiding their clothes.

The boys use leaves to cover themselves, but things go wrong when they have allergies. The college’s head of administration reprimands Smriti for injuring Raj, their best basketball player.

Smriti offers him an apology, and soon Raj and Smriti become good friends as well. Abhi and Raj both begin to develop feelings for Smriti over time. Smriti rejects Abhi’s proposal and tells him she loves Raj as she leaves his home in astonishment. – Nepali Movies

14. Batch No.16 (2011)

Nepali Movies

Director: Pitamber Pandey

Police officers Ram and Guru have consistently shown that are reliable and competent. Guru chooses to sacrifice an essential purpose to obtain a sizable sum of cash when the opportunity to make a quick buck presents itself as being too attractive to pass up.

Ram, who was attempting to save his friend from making a costly error, stole the money and fled, but the police believed he had betrayed his nation. Guru is hot on Ram’s tail as he fights to establish his innocence and defend his family while also attempting to reclaim what he believes is rightly his. – Nepali Movies

15. Mero Euta Saathi Cha (2009)

Nepali Movies

Director: Sudarshan Thapa

The memory of Jay, Shikha’s childhood buddy, serves as the starting point for the story’s scenario. Shikha is the daughter of a high school principal. The location of the high school is on Jay’s family land.

The principal is given a warning by attorney Bikram Thapa to pay the rent or leave the property where a resort will be built. Shikha travels to Jay’s hometown to ask for assistance. After the passing of his parents, Jay, the property’s heir, is raised by his grandparents.

He exploits his fortune because he is a rich person. He skips class one day, and while riding his bike, another bike rider wearing a black helmet challenges him. He advances in front of him and blocks his path. He admits that Nepal Police chased the person in the black helmet for robbery. – Nepali Movies

16. Numafung (2001)

Nepali Movies

Director: Nabin Subba

Numa is a regular village girl who resides with her parents, grandmother, and younger sister and is still single. Ojahang to Numa’s house along with his family and friends to propose to her.

Numa’s father responds that they can take his daughter if they can meet his demand because he is not happy with the amount of money they have offered.

To uphold their reputation, Ojahang’s uncle agrees to complete Numa’s father’s demand, and he sends Ojahang with another man to fetch the necessary funds back from home. As soon as they return with the cash, Ojahang’s uncle offers the cash to Numa’s father and they both accept the bargain. – Nepali Movies

17. Muna Madan (2003)

Nepali Movies

Director: Gyanendra Bahadur Deuja

The movie is Based on Nepal’s most well-known epic poem, an epic tragedy. A lower-class worker named Madan is compelled by hardship and rising debt to leave his lonely mother and his beloved wife, Muna, and move to Lhasa, Tibet. However, he experiences tragedy on the way home. – Nepali Movies

18. Apabad (2012)

Nepali Movies

Director: Subash Koirala

The movie tells the story of Suyog’s encounter with and experiences on a remote island when he tries to flee his unfortunate fate. Suyog decides to terminate his misery after facing disappointments even before beginning his career.

But death betrays him, and he ends up on a deserted island where he must struggle to survive. Sunanda, on the other hand, is Suyog’s companion in need. However, as the woman reads the boy’s private diary after the alleged passing of her companion, the sympathy changes into love.

The sea waves carry the main character to an unfamiliar island, where he battles valiantly to survive. He overcomes his loneliness and discovers a method to leave the deserted area. – Nepali Movies

19. Jhola (2013)

Nepali Movies

Director: Yadav Kumar Bhattarai

A young woman named Kanchi was once wed to an elderly guy who was 40 years older than Garima. Kanchi’s hubby is currently suffering from old age and eventually passes away.

Now, by societal custom and law, Kanchi was required to travel to Sati, where she was to commit herself alongside the body of her late husband. However, luck is on her side, and she makes it through. She begins residing in a nearby jungle cave.

Ghanashyam explores the bush because he feels lonely without his devoted mother and discovers her hidden in a cave. Even though Kanchi and her son are reunited, they are unable to remain in the same community because the people there would murder the ladies even though they had managed to survive Sati in some way. – Nepali Movies

20. Prem Pinda (1995)

Nepali Movies

Director: Yadav Kharel

The narrated footage of the General’s palace opens the film and provides a brief overview of the customs prevalent during the period. In the next scenario, a brother brings his sister to the general’s mansion to work as a maid in exchange.

The sister is an anxious, loudmouthed girl from an ordinary village. After that, Kesari takes care of her and instructs her in the fundamentals of the new palace way of life. General later gives her the name Sabita.

She picks things up quickly and is fascinated by the lifestyles of the palace; she gives her all to win the General’s favor at every opportunity. She receives specialized dance training because she is the General’s favorite. – Nepali Movies