The 20 Best New Zealand Animation Movies of All Time

The 20 Best New Zealand Animation Movies of All Time. You should check out these New Zealand Animation Movies. These New Zealand Animation Movies will give you a lot of fun and practice.


New Zealand Animation Movies

1. The Adventures of Tintin (2011)

New Zealand Animation Movies

Director: Steven Spielberg

After purchasing a model ship called the Unicorn for one pound from a market vendor, Tintin is initially perplexed as to why the evil Mr. Sakharine is so eager to purchase it from him. He resorts to murder and kidnaps Tintin, along with his wonderful dog Snowy, to take him along with his gang as they travel to Morocco on an old cargo ship.

The crew of the ship, led by the inebriated Captain Haddock, has been persuaded by Sakharine to rise in revolt. However, Tintin, Snowy, and Haddock escape and make it to Morocco, where they find refuge at the sheik’s court and a model of the Unicorn.

Haddock explains to Tintin that more than three hundred years ago, Sir Francis Haddock was forced to scuttle the original Unicorn after being attacked by a pirate forebear of Sakharine. Despite this, Sir Francis Haddock was able to save his treasure and leave directions for its location in three different scrolls that were all hidden in replicas of the Unicorn.

The villain plans to obtain the third using the glass-shattering top Cs of operatic soprano the Milanese Nightingale, who already has one each for Tintin and Sakharine. Our young hero, his dog, and the captain must stop Sakharine from getting all three scrolls to fulfill the prophecy that only the last of the Haddocks can uncover the location of the riches. – New Zealand Animation Movies

2. Yogi Bear (2010)

New Zealand Animation Movies

Director: Eric Brevig

Aside from Yogi’s shenanigans, Head Ranger Smith faithfully manages Jellystone Natural Park with the help of trainee ranger Jones, a simpleton who wants real labor and not just folding maps and tidying up.

Jones is a boy scout. Mayor Brown, however, accepts his sycophantic chief of staff’s suggestion to rezone the park and sell it as farmland because he needs money to cover the budget deficit and sway voters to run for governor.

If the park experiences a deficit, as it has every year before, it is permissible under city ordinances. The Rangers and Bears struggle to produce a budget surplus in the final week of the fiscal year. They are joined by nature documentary filmmaker Rachel, who turns out to be a good fit for Smith. – New Zealand Animation Movies

3. Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa (2008)

New Zealand Animation Movies

Director: Tom McGrath

The remaining stranded animals on Madagascar, including Gloria the Hippo, Marty the Zebra, Melman the Giraffe, and Alex the Lion, begin to leave the island. After spending so much time at the Central Park Zoo, Alex finds it difficult to communicate with his family when they meet him in the African wilderness.

The same foursome of New Yorkers—Alex, the self-absorbed lion; Marty, the upbeat zebra; Melman, the hypochondriac giraffe; and Gloria, the curvy hippo—board a dilapidated cargo jet with some new pals to get back to their beloved Central Park Zoo.

This time, however, the group crashes and lands on the open plains of the vast African savannah, marooned in a memorable but all-too-familiar location where the memories flood in and everyone has the opportunity to widen his horizons. – New Zealand Animation Movies

4. Mosley (2019)

New Zealand Animation Movies

Director: Kirby Atkins

A group of beings called “thoriphants” rebel against their existence of servitude and set out on a perilous quest to locate the legendary city of Uprights. Mosley sets off on an epic quest to join them in this heartwarming and entertaining adventure after learning that he is a member of a brave tribe of two-legged giants. Mosley is keen to show that he is more than simply a farm animal. – New Zealand Animation Movies

5. Footrot Flats: The Dog’s Tale (1986)

New Zealand Animation Movies

Director: Murray Ball

The story revolves around sheep and cattle farmer Wal Footrot and his border collie sheepdog named Dog and is set in a rural area outside the fictional New Zealand town of Raupo. Assisting Wal on his farm, Footrot Flats, are his neighbor Cooch Windgrass, a child from the neighborhood named Rangi Jones, and Wal’s niece Pongo Footrot.

The Murphy family, made up of father Irish and his two sons Spit and Hunk, threatens Wal and Cooch by attempting to seize Cooch’s deer and stag. The dog is stampeded into a sheep dip and begins to drown when the Murphys buzz Wal’s shearing shed from their “deer slayer” chopper.

This starts a flashback sequence in which Dog remembers seeing his future sweetheart Jess for the first time and being given to Wal by Aunt Dolly as a puppy. – New Zealand Animation Movies

6. Krogzilla (2020)

New Zealand Animation Movies

Director: Mike Brown

Krogzilla befriends Marcus, a coworker at Big Dogs, a fast food establishment known for its hotdogs. In this episode, Cory Edwards attempted to mock fast food, calling Big Dogs “the dumbest, most hideous idea” he could come up with.

With the repulsive toppings available at Big Dogs, he ridiculed the genuine fast food establishments’ shoddy attempts at variety. After finishing the show, he regretted not including a lengthy menu with all of the topping suggestions. – New Zealand Animation Movies

7. Darkwing Duck: Prison Break (2020)

New Zealand Animation Movies

Director: Mike Mozart

This movie was based on Aaron Sparrow’s book Three Issues and David Zucker, Jim Abrahams, and Jerry Zucker’s Paramount film from the 1980s. Megavolt and Darkwing Duck take over the St. Canard Parade in April 2020. Megavolt was defeated in St. Canard Prison.

Negaduck rules the prison until Darkwing is imprisoned When Darkwing is imprisoned, Negaduck takes control of the prison. However, Darkwing is freed by Darkwing and his friends. And Conquers Bad Guys in Jail. Launchpad is watching Derp Derfson wrap up his television report on the prison crisis.

Drake, who is unaware that Mortimer has assisted Fluffy in escaping from prison, tells Gosalyn that he believes Mortimer will likely stay away from villainy in the future. – New Zealand Animation Movies

8. Shihad: Beautiful Machine (2012)

New Zealand Animation Movies

Director: Sam Peacocke

This theatrically published documentary details the highs and lows of one of Aotearoa’s longest-lasting rock bands over 23 years, including personal struggles, an early tragedy, loving local fans, album sales of 250,000, attempts to break into the US, and an agonizing name change.

Sam Peacocke, an award-winning director, increased the story’s focus to include the band’s family and friends in addition to the music to appeal to a wider audience. – New Zealand Animation Movies

9. The Chucklewood Critters: A Chucklewood Halloween (2020)

New Zealand Animation Movies

Director: Bill Hutten

Halloween is celebrated on October 31 in Chucklewood Valley by Buttons, Rusty, and The Chucklewood Family. Buttons the Bear, Bearbette the Bear, Bluebell the Rabbit, Franklin the Owl, and Rusty the Fox These adorable creatures are constantly looking for an exciting adventure, but most of the time adventure finds them!

The Chucklewood crew learns priceless lessons as they mature and engage in new situations, including actions that speak louder than words, good deeds that come back to you, truth is the fact – not conjecture, and collaboration is the most effective method to complete a task. The best part is that learning these things is entertaining in addition to being healthy. – New Zealand Animation Movies

10. 37Degrees – Vietnam – (2019)

New Zealand Animation Movies

Director: Guillaume Renier

An animated travel notebook invites viewers to join in on a wild voyage around the globe. Marie and Guillaume are exploring the world to produce a vibrant 4K road movie while combining live-action, illustration, and 2D animation. Prepare to experience the globe in a novel way. – New Zealand Animation Movies


New Zealand Animation Series

11. Jane and the Dragon (2005)

New Zealand Animation Series

Director: Mike Fallows

The chamberlain’s daughter of King Caradoc aspires to become a knight. Jane might get her chance when the neighborhood Dragon abducts Prince Cuthbert.

The opening theme song’s history explains that Jane was being trained to be a lady-in-waiting but had always wanted to be a knight. Jane goes out to kill the dragon when it kidnaps the prince.

The king appoints Jane as a knight apprentice once she returns with the prince. The dragon and Jane end up becoming close friends. In the series, more information about this early journey is never given. – New Zealand Animation Series

12. The Barefoot Bandits (2016– )

New Zealand Animation Series

Director: Tim Evans

The unassuming island of Ngaro has long been home to several mysteries, yet its peaceful residents have mainly been unaware of this fact.

That is, until Tane, Fridge, and Riley, who go by the name of The Barefoot Bandits, decide to delve deeper into the island’s mysteries. The unassuming island of Ngaro has long been home to several mysteries, yet its peaceful residents have mainly been unaware of this fact. – New Zealand Animation Series

13. Bro’Town (2004)

New Zealand Animation Series

Director: Ali Ekeroma Cowley

The schoolboy misadventures of Vale, Valea, Sione, Mack, and Jeff da Maori are chronicled in bro’Town, a proudly suburban, non-PC parody, about five Auckland youngsters growing up in the big scary metropolis. – New Zealand Animation Series

14. Milly, Molly (2008)

New Zealand Animation Series

Director: David Evans

A small, unidentified town in the countryside is home to best friends Milly and Molly, who come from various ethnic backgrounds. The sisters and all of their friends go on new experiences every day that teach them important truths about life. – New Zealand Animation Series

15. Book Hungry Bears (2020)

New Zealand Animation Series

Director: Tim Gaul

In pursuit of a decent book to read, Crystal, Boomer Melody, Scout, and the other bears explore their world of paper crafts. The Bears of Book Hungry love to share books. Each episode sets them on a quest through their lovely papercraft world to find a book they can share, collecting books that flit and flutter like birds among the trees. – New Zealand Animation Series

16. Darwin and Newts (2018)

New Zealand Animation Series

Director: Rathan Sam George

Darwin and Newts, two Maori siblings from New Zealand, play outside and enjoy imaginary adventures. Two twins named Darwin and Newts explore the natural wonders of their amazing New Zealand environment while learning about and experimenting with early scientific concepts. – New Zealand Animation Series

17. Rainbocorns (2018)

Director: Noel Yang

Dazzle, Gigi, Loco, Scruff, Hopcorn, and Pixelle are eager for adventures in Rainboville, a wonderful community tucked away in the Bubblegum Pink Sky, having emerged from their rainbow eggs, and share their special power from their sparkly stomach hearts. – New Zealand Animation Series

18. Beached Az (2009)

New Zealand Animation Series

Director: Nicholas Boshier

The Adventures of Beached Az, the tale of a defenseless beached whale and a variety of local New Zealand species who cross his path with good intentions but no resolve, begin when a whale wakes up stranded on a beach in New Zealand. – New Zealand Animation Series

19. Tales of Nai Nai (2019)

New Zealand Animation Series

Director: Becky Kuek

Maggie and Michael, two Kiwi twins, go to Asia with their dog Baobao on wonderful adventures thanks to their grandmother’s fantastic tales. Together they learn about bravery, that they are stronger together, and that things aren’t always as straightforward as they would like them to be.

They make new friends—and sometimes enemies—along the road. Most importantly, students discover more about Asia’s beauty, wonder, and diversity as well as their origins. – New Zealand Animation Series

20. Oscar & Friends (1996)

New Zealand Animation Series

Director: Cameron Chittock

The program follows Oscar, a little kid of seven, as he embarks on various adventures with his imaginary pals. Bugsy, a bright green, mischievous coward with bug eyes, and Doris, a brave, eccentric girl, and Oscar’s confidante, are there to save him and lend a hand in this dream world of his.

The main plot of Oscar and Buddies involves a 7-year-old child and his two imaginary buddies getting into all kinds of fictitious trouble both in and outside of their immediate neighborhood. – New Zealand Animation Series